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Compiled by Laureen Bellville

Cooling fan

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Designed for quiet and rapid heat dissipation, the MNC cooling fan features the MF mixed-flow impeller, incorporating an adjustable blade geometry to provide a range of performance options. The product has 'non-stall' airflow properties and non-overloading absorbed power characteristics. The cooling fans have medium-pressure capabilities and are available in nine sizes that can produce airflows to 20,000 cfm. Custom mounting arms and special designs are available.
Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.
Buffalo, NY

Fluoropolymer diaphragm valve

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Now available with a multi-turn, manually adjustable actuator for precise flow control, the DRP series ultra-high-purity fluoropolymer diaphragm valves meet or exceed SEMI Standard F57-0301 for ultra-high-purity polymer system components. Applications include aggressive CMP slurry, acid, chemical, and ultra-high-purity DI water delivery systems. According to the manufacturer, a hemispherical valve cavity and unique diaphragm shape enable rapid and thorough cleaning of all wetted surfaces. The valves are also available with polypropylene pneumatic or quarter-turn manual actuators.
Swagelok Company
Solon, OH

Hydride abatement material

Developed through a joint alliance with ATMI Inc., ULTIMA-Sorbä employs the newest dry abatement technology to abate MOCVD process gases, especially arsine and phosphine. According to the company, the product combines two special materials to optimize scrubbing capacity and efficiency, while reducing system heat generation. Together, these materials are designed to chemically remove hydride gases at room temperature as well as deliver 3 to 5 times larger capacity than conventional dry abatement media.
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.
Parsippany, NJ

Sanitizing pretreatment packs

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Designed to automate the sanitization process for the Elix and RiOs water purification systems, the Progard TL1 and Progard TL2 sanitizing pretreatment packs expedite the reverse osmosis (RO) cartridge cleaning process. A built-in sanitization agent dissolves upon the consumables' installation to clean the RO cartridge located downstream of the Progard pack. The cleaning agent automatically exits the system via the drain. As a result, the sanitization pretreatment pack ensures convenient and proper RO maintenance during each regular pack replacement. Upon completion of the cleaning process, the water purification system returns to production mode without intervention.
Millipore Corporation
Billerica, MA

Gas monitor

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Featuring a sophisticated electronic “brain” built directly into the sensor electronics, the AirCheck Advantage Extractive Gas Monitor provides reliable surveillance against hazardous gas leaks and releases while reducing calibration and maintenance time and labor. Available for ammonia, chlorine, fluorine, HCl, HF, hydrides and other toxic and/or corrosive gases, the product is capable of monitoring locations up to 100 feet away. Standard features include a local digital display, 4-20 mA analog output and renewable, plug-in sensor.
PureAire Monitoring Systems Inc.
Lake Zurich, IL

Dew point monitor

Designed for monitoring the dew point of medical gases, breathing and compressed air, model AMM-15 has a large digital display and dew point range from -40° F to +80° F. Accuracy is specified as up to +/-2° F, useable pressure to 175 psig and test temperature from 0° F to +200° F. A built-in data logger stores close to 3,000 readings and may be uploaded to any PC via an RS-232 port. An analog output enables monitoring of parameter variations. Industrial applications include plastic resin dryers, pneumatic tools and paint spraying.
OHMIC Instruments Co.
Easton, MD

PES filter

Millipore Express SHF hydrophilic 0.2-µm filters are design to provide superior flux, high sterility assurance and broad chemical compatibility with a range of buffer chemistries (pH 1-14), including acids and sodium hydroxide. The polyethersulfone (PES) filter is used for the filtration of buffers, pH adjusters and other clean aqueous intermediate process solutions. According to the company, the filters let biopharmaceutical manufacturers either reduce filtration area while maintaining the same batch volume or double output capacity without increasing filtration area requirements.
Billerica, MA

Six-axis robot

The six-axis robot will offer the same Epson RC+ software and Epson RC520 PC-based controller provided on the Epson Scara robots and Epson EZ modules. According to the manufacturer, companies will be able to build entire factories using just one easy-to-use controls platform for a variety of applications and robot types. Additionally, companies can increase the power and flexibility of their six-axis robots by adding ActiveX controls, conveyor tracking, Ethernet I/O, force-sensing, security/audit log and vision guidance capabilities.
Epson Robots
Carson, CA

IR thermometer

The waterproof ThermoTrace Infrared Thermometer can be washed and sanitized, and operates under water. It functions in either normal (press the measure button) or continuous reading mode (not necessary to hold down the button). Alarm points can be set for high and low temperature limits, and a memory function holds 99 points of temperature data. Optical features include a 15:1 field of view and laser sighting of an object as small as 2.66-in in size at 1 meter. The product is designed for instant, non-contact surface temperature measurement, and can be used to read temperatures of moving parts or to check surfaces in hard-to-reach places.
Pleasanton, CA

Gas sensors

The 420 Series remote gas monitoring transmitters use patented sensors that are highly specific, fast-responding, poison-resistant and are unaffected by moisture or temperature changes. The stand-alone sensors are available for ammonia, hydrocarbons, freons, ethylene oxides, hydrogen, combustibles, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and numerous other gases. Detect gases in the low ppm, high ppm or %LEL levels without sensor damage.
CEA Instruments Inc.
Emerson, NJ

Parts testing station

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The Surfex-100 is an integrated testing station that measures the particle levels on complex parts. The product combines ultrasonic extraction, particle measurement, high-purity fluidics, and automated software control. According to the manufacturer, the Surfex-100 system will lower parts testing costs by increasing sample throughput up to tenfold over traditional manual methods. Highly reliable data with low sample-to-sample variation, says the company, is ensured by establishing accurate particle baseline levels. A variety of particle counter sensitivities and ultrasonic frequencies are available.
Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, CO

Drug processing technology

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Mustang chromatography speeds production of antisense drugs (which inhibit the production of faulty proteins responsible for causing cancer, AIDS-related afflictions, ..and cardiovascular diseases) by removing high levels of impurities during drug processing. According to the manufacturer, this membrane-based method provides a tenfold increase in antisense drug production speeds compared to standard column chromatography. Also, Mustang chromatography's large pore size and configuration enable it to separate more impurities and achieve purity levels of up to 95 percent, and it eliminates the need for organic solvents.
Pall Corporation
East Hills, NY

Disposable collection container

A disposable, HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner collection container, Safe-Pak enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to safely collect, handle, and dispose of potent compounds. When integrated with the company's CFM 3156 or 3306 vacuum cleaners, the container enables users to continuously collect materials, which are retained within the HEPA-filtered unit. When the unit is full, the user disposes of the entire container, thereby eliminating the risks of contamination and exposure.
Nilfisk-Advance America
Malvern, PA

FOUP cleaner

The automated Process One FX30 cleaning system is designed to reduce FOUP contamination from human interaction and has robotic controls that transport FOUPs through the cleaning process. The robot and cleaning system sit inside an individual cleanroom environment to prevent contamination throughout the process.
Chaska, MN

Ionizer controller

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The Equilibrion Model CTC037 maintains balance of an ionizer within +/-1V or better, even in the presence of static charges. According to the manufacturer, it integrates seamlessly with virtually all available single or multiple-fan DC ionizers equipped with a BNC or RJ-11 control jack. The microprocessor-controlled unit automatically adjusts its parameters to the optimal performance with a particular ionizer. Built-in indication of balance and decay enable the product to monitor ionization performance even if the ionizer does not have control capability.
Credence Technologies
Soquel, CA

Filtration labels

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Peel and stick labels on filtration products ensure process efficiency and simplify the documentation process. The labels are being launched as part of a series of quality and security enhancements developed by the company to help customers eliminate documentation errors, enhance security and sterility assurance, and improve productivity. The labels eliminate the need to manually transcribe each catalog and lot number for documentation and tracking.
Millipore Corp.
Billerica, MA

Cleanroom vacuums

The Omega series cleanroom vacuums come standard with a HEPA cartridge filter (optional ULPA cartridge filter), 10-foot ESD-safe hose, 16-inch ESD-safe rubber flexible gooseneck and power cord to clean sensitive manufacturing equipment, electronics, cabinets, computers and copy machines. With the standard non-ESD 5.5-inch utility brush, larger areas such as floors, raised floors and tabletops can be cleaned. Additionally the vacuums are EMI/RFI filtered. Optional equipment includes a backpack and an accessory kit.
Atrix International
Burnsville, MN

Biopharm fittings

Biopharm fittings are inspected in accordance with ASME-BPE standards by an independent third-party inspection company before shipment. This service is designed to help end-users reduce time and costs related to on-site conformance inspection and validation process delays. All inspected fittings are permanently marked with lot numbers and individually bagged for shipment with material certification and third-party inspection documentation.
Swagelok Company
Solon, OH

Clean bench

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Series 201 horizontal flow clean benches are factory tested to efficiently remove 99.99 percent of particle contaminants 0.3 µm and larger, and meet or exceed ISO Class 5 cleanroom conditions. The benches feature wrap-around construction with white Vinclad steel for resistance to abrasion, corrosion, stains, chemicals, and general wear. According to the manufacturer, the cabinet is designed to maximize useable work space, while assuring clean laminar airflow through the work area by eliminating turbulence and back currents.
Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

Adjustable platform

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With its height-adjustable work surface, the Series 6500 combines versatility and flexibility to provide an ergonomically designed and safe work center. Workers can adjust the height at any time using a hand crank or motorized drive mechanism. The work surface features a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds (500 pounds for the hand-crank series), and a height adjustment range of 15.5 inches. It will support a variety of work surface sizes from 18×36 inches to 48×96 inches. Supporting frames can be rea- or center-justified.
Burlington, Ontario

Optical particle counter

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The HSLIS series of in-situ liquid optical particle counters comes with Ethernet capability, which, according to the company, can lower overall costs by using existing Ethernet networks to control and monitor multiple particle counters. Also new is a Hitachi diode laser, which increases the laser life as well as provides improved mechanical stability and a lower operating temperature for the laser. Sizing thresholds for the product family start at 0.05 µm for DI water and 0.06 µm for process chemicals. The monitors are available with four sizing channels and can be integrated into a facility monitoring system for continuous monitoring.
Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, CO


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