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Temperature sensor

Changes in temperature can affect processes in semiconductor and microelectronics cleanrooms, and this invention is a temperature-sensing device that monitors fluctuations.

The device has an element made of an insulating capsule (A) and lead wires (B). The element has a platinum sensor coil (C) that is sealed and suspended within a glass cover (D). The device also includes a covering tube (E) that surrounds the insulating capsule and sensor element. Air holes (F, G) allow ambient air to flow through the housing.

Patent number: 6,712,507 B2
Date granted: March 30, 2004
Inventors: Jae Chan Park, Deck Gyu Park, Jong Han Kim, and Byung Chan Lee, of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suwon, Korea).

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Cleanroom escalator

In a cleanroom having a number of floors at different levels, an escalator (A) is disposed between these floors (B) for transporting products (C) between the floors. A self-propelled vehicle (D) is used for transporting products between. The self-propelled vehicle and product are loaded on a step (E) of the escalator. The vehicle and the product are held on the step by a holding section (F). The holding section assists loading of the vehicle onto the escalator through the product in the vicinity of an entrance gate of the escalator, and assists unloading of the vehicle from the escalator in the vicinity of an exit gate.

Patent number: 6,705,450 B2
Date granted: March 16, 2004
Inventor: Koji Eguchi, of Renesas Technology Corp. (Tokyo)

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