New Products

Epoxy Mold Compound

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A semiconductor packaging material, Hysol GR9810 is an epoxy molding compound for SiP-on-laminate applications. The compound is for use as an overmold on various laminated-based molded array packages, including SiP and flip chip array packages that have been underfilled conventionally. The product's flat nature allows all the package to be processed in a non-warped state, minimizing subsequent manufacturing steps, and potentially resulting in higher end-of-the-line yields. The epoxy mold features numerous characteristics, including ultra-low warpage, the ability to underfill small ICs and passive components and adhesion to various laminate substrates. Also, the compound is non-antimony/non-bromine/non-phosphorous, and is capable of reaching JEDEC Level II requirements (substrate dependent) at 260°C reflow temperature. Henkel Loctite Corp., Industry, Calif.,

Wafer Backgrinding System

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3M wafer support system is designed for ultra-thin wafer backgrinding, and is an alternate to the conventional tape process for backgrinding. Capable of producing wafers as thin as 20 µm, the system's approach enables semiconductor manufacturers to use existing grinding equipment to produce thinner wafers at faster grinding speeds, and with increased yields. The support system's equipment includes a wafer mounter to attach the wafer to the glass plate with liquid adhesive, a wafer demounter to separate the glass and adhesive from the wafer after the backgrinding process and a glass cleaner/coater. It also includes consumable materials: ultra-clean UV curable spin-on adhesive and a light-to-heat conversion coating. This layer allows the adhesive to separate from the glass after the backgrinding process. 3M Electronics Markets Materials Div., 3M, St. Paul, Minn.,

Platform-based Placement Machine

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Genesis Lightning combines the throughput of the company's rotary Lightning head with the flexibility and component handling range of the Genesis platform. Each Lightning head features a radial array of 30 modular, individually controlled spindles. With two heads on the Genesis platform, the configuration can drive placement rates to 54,000 cph. It also supports component pre-orientation and on-the-head rejection for small parts, increasing throughput and productivity. The platform offers various enhancements that maintain commonality with other company platform equipment. Enhancements include improved feeder interfaces that feature three-point mountings; a new Magellan camera system that offers a wider field of view and higher resolution; multi-color/angle illumination that optimizes fiducial capture; and a dual-drive linear motor positioning mechanism that delivers positioning speed accuracy. Universal Instruments Corp., Binghamton, N.Y.,

Backside Wafer Processing

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The company developed a high-throughput backside wafer coating process, hosted on a mass imaging platform, and capable of surpassing the ±12.5-µm total thickness variation (TVV) required by many wafer processing specialists. The process is compatible with underfill or adhesive-type coatings, typically applied at 50-µm thickness to the backside of semiconductor wafers, preceding singulation. Also, the process is compatible with the company's metal stencil and emulsion screen technologies. Metal stencils allows materials with larger filler particles to be applied with a smooth surface finish, while mesh stencils enable other materials to be deposited accurately at high speed. The capabilities of both the machine and the stencil technology achieve control over the print thickness, ensuring uniformity at high production volumes. DEK International GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland,

Online Dicing Blade Selection Software

Hub blade online software designed for faster and simpler blade selection has been introduced. Using Blade PRO software, process engineers can enter supply-specific manufacturing process parameters and required blade features to identify the best blade for the highest productivity and yield. The Web-based software is available free to the company's blade customers, and will be updated constantly with new blade data. Benefits of the online software include that customers can design and generate samples from personal computers, and they can access the Blade PRO account from any computer with an Internet connection. The software processes any customer data, including copper, low-k dielectric and higher I/O densities, to automatically select the best performing blade to allow for higher dicing throughput. Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc., Willow Grove, Pa.,


This company developed an improved method for applying solder ball reinforcement material to semiconductor packages that can eliminate the need for dispensing secondary underfill in PCB assembly. Using this method, DispenseJet DJ-9000 shoots a fluid stream of underfill adhesives as small as 100 µm wide between the balls on CSPs and other BGA packages during the semiconductor packaging process. Jetting the underfill prior to board assembly without contaminating the solder balls results in packages with improved reliability without the cost of traditional underfilling. Asymtek, Carlsbad, Calif.,

Macrodefect Inspection System

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WaferView 320 Turbot macrodefect inspection system can improve yields by offering ultra-high throughput inspection of the front, back and edge of wafers for lithography issues, and can provide manufacturers the opportunity to rework and recover more wafers before undergoing irreversible processing steps. Each of the dual inspection modules can scan independently and simultaneously the front surface of a 300-mm wafer for defects 20 µm and larger in approximately 30 sec. The system's ReviewScope drives to the defect location identified by an i-Mod system for efficient analysis, eliminating transportation and queuing delays between separate standalone inspection and review tools that typically can exceed 30 min. with 300-mm automation. It also can create and optimize inspection recipes for i-Mod systems, allowing track equipment to run interrupted, and to serve as a backup tool during i-Mod maintenance. Rudolph Technologies Inc., Flanders, N.J.,

Flip Chip Bonder

A high-speed flip chip bonder, FCX501 is designed for the mass production of high-frequency electronics devices. The system is capable of ultrasonic and thermosonic flip chip bonding processes that create a nonmetallic bond with high thermal and electrical conductivity. The system can handle various interconnect technologies and die/substrate combinations. Additional benefits include 3,600 uph throughput, 0.5- to 10-mm-sq. die size and a small footprint. Panasonic Factory Automation, Elgin, Ill.,


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New Products

Compiled by Laureen Belleville

Pumping modules

The Modular Syringe Pump Components (MPC) enable OEMs and others to incorporate high-quality pumping modules into products. The MPCs are supported with software, electronic diagrams and engineering phone support. According to the company, users can build prototype systems or test pumping functions without sacrificing the quality of the pumping mechanism. Three modules are offered: Microliter delivery, Milliliter delivery and High Force delivery. Harvard Bioscience Inc. Holliston, MA

Edgeless mops

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The patent-pending Enhanced Ribbed Edgeless Mop features ribbed, twisted strands made from a continuous tube of 100-percent polyester fabric. The Wide Tube Edgeless Mop features flat, wide strands that allow for larger cleaning coverage. Textured headbands on both new mops provide extra abrasion resistance for tough cleaning tasks. Laundered and packaged in the company's ISO Class 4 cleanroom, the mops are designed for general lab and process area cleaning. The company claims that the mops are ideal for ISO Class 3 cleanrooms and less-critical environments and are compatible with a range of solvents and chemicals. The products are available validated sterile per AAMI/ISO Guidelines to a 10-6 SAL Contec Inc. Spartanburg, S.C.

Turbo pumps

The TPH 1201 turbo pump provides high-capacity pumping—1200 l/s for N2 and Ar throughput of 22 mbar l/s. The TPH 2303 provides a combination of H2 pumping at 1900 l/s and heavy gas throughput at 2750 sccm/mbar l/s for nitrogen. Both are standard turbo pumps with no drag stages to clog with particles. However, the advanced rotor design allows for backing pressures in the mbar range. According to the company, these specifications make both pumps suited to fast and void-free deposition in HDP-CVD and ALD wafer processing. Users can customize their vacuum processes with plug-and-play capability by adding pump peripherals that meet specific vacuum applications. Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc. Nashua, NH

Inventory management software

FastPic4 software improves order picking accuracy and speed in cleanroom manufacturing applications. The software manages multiple work zones, including shelving and rack, pick-to-light, carousels and Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs). Dynamic imaging enables the user to see and zoom in on actual pictures of inventory items to verify parts for picking accuracy. Features such as barcode scanning, bulk storage management, paper pick lists, pick banding, continuous batch picking and myriad supervisory reports and options are also available. FastPic Systems Westbrook, ME

Antibacterial lotion

Fresh Cleanse antibacterial soap/lotion reportedly continues to protect skin for hours after use. The product was developed under FDA protocols 21CFR333 and fills the need for a non-toxic, non-staining, highly efficacious antibacterial lotion that does not dry the skin, as do alcohol products. The lotion also contains emollients and botanical oils to soften and smooth skin. According to the company, numerous studies indicate that the product is 99.9 percent effective in removing the most virulent bacteria such as MRSA and VRE. Removal occurs in about 15 seconds of exposure and does not rely on alcohol, PNX and Triclosan. ElectroClean Products Woburn, MA

Portable instruments

A number of professional-grade handheld and portable instruments are offered for detection and measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for a variety of applications. The 2020Pro is a portable and ergonomically designed instrument that provides onsite, rapid VOC detection in air, water and soil. The MicroFID is a small, lightweight data logging flame ionization monitor. Designed for field use, Voyager is a portable gas chromatograph for on-site identification of common VOCs in air, water and soil. The PetroPro gas chromatograph weighs less than 15 pounds and can analyze benzene in less than one minute down to low parts per billion levels. Photovac Inc. Waltham, MA

EMI filters

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The MC12 and MZ12 families of filters are designed for use in a number of industrial applications ranging from process control to medical equipment. The MC12 filters provide low-frequency noise attenuation, and the MZ12 filters reduce input pulses. Both series accept a single-phase voltage of 250VAC and are available in 6-, 10-, 16-, 20- and 30-amp ratings. They also can be specified with the standard 1-milliamp or low 10-microamp leakage current option for use in medical applications. Lambda San Diego, CA

Vibration isolation work surface

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Vibration-damping tabletops, benchtop platforms and breadboards are available with more mounting holes, tapped at _inch intervals in rows 1-inch apart (_-20 or M6 thread). Designated MaxxAlign, this design reportedly provides greater precision for mounting vibration-sensitive instruments. This option to the standard pattern of holes tapped on 1-inch centers enables users to take advantage of the company's Spillpruf technology. Stainless-steel models meet Class 1 cleanroom standards, while others are built for Class 10 or 100. Any model can be equipped with a variety of tabletops, with or without mounting holes. Kinetic Systems Inc. Boston, MA

Dry vacuum pumps

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The ESR (Energy Saving Roots) Series is a multistage lobe design engineered for applications in clean and medium duty processes such as load lock, SEM, PVD, ashing, ion implantation and etch. The series covers a pumping speed range of from 46 to 706 CFM. The main pump is constructed of NiResist, a solid cast material known for its superior corrosion resistance. The ESR Series pumps represent a 60-percent reduction in space and power savings compared to the A-series and UERR models. Ebara Technologies Inc. Sacramento, CA

Panel controllers

The K1 Series temperature controller is designed to be customized for seamless integration into OEM equipment such as chambers, chillers, dryers and process equipment. The product offers temperature control that incorporates electronic assemblies, which mount behind a panel, and are accessed via a custom overlay designed by the OEM. The K1A, K1B, K1D and K1E offer a two-board electronic platform (CPU plus display) from which customization can begin. Eurotherm Leesburg, VA


The SystemSure II instrument for ATP bioluminescence hygiene testing weighs 260 g and measures 17 x 17 x 3 cm. The unit can detect ATP down to one femtomole. It's menu-driven operation from the keyboard reportedly is simple to operate and can store up to 500 results. Programmable pass/fail levels are included in the system's internal software. Data is easily downloaded to Microsoft Excel. The product is designed to be used with the Ultrasnap ATP swab. Hardy Diagnostics Santa Maria, CA

Stainless-steel water monitor enclosure

A stainless-steel enclosure for the company's Ultra DI products (which measure particles in ultrapure water systems down to 0.03 micron) includes a dual air filtration system, one of which is a HEPA filter. The combination of filters creates the equivalent of a sub-10,000 Class environment inside the enclosure. The clean environment ensures longer laser lifetime, improves reliability and eliminates premature laser failures due to particle contamination. Particle Measuring Systems Boulder, CO

Leak detector

The OS-250 overflow/spill sensor detects leaks and spills around sensitive equipment, such as microscopes, HPLCs, low-pressure columns and cell perfusion systems. In the event of a spill, the integrated, switched power controller can be used to turn off pumps, perfusion systems or any item that is plugged into the controller. According to the manufacturer, when installed, the OS-250 can respond to as little as a few drops of most liquids. The system features disposable, moisture-sensitive mats, audible and visual alarms, eight-amp switched power supply and rapid response to liquid exposure shut-off capability. Harvard Bioscience Inc. Holliston, MA

Contamination detector

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The Milliflex Rapid Microbiology Detection System and AutoSpray Station provides rapid detection, response and resolution of microbial contamination in manufacturing processes. Based on Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence technology, the system can detect and count viable microorganisms down to one colony forming unit (CFU). The detection system uses pre-sterilized, disposable Milliflex filter units for sample preparation. The Milliflex AutoSpray station delivers a uniform application of bioluminescent reagents in 90 seconds. A self-priming micropump ensures that a precise volume of preprogrammed reagent is dispensed. The self-cleaning unit completes its cleaning protocol in five minutes. Millipore Corporation Billerica, MA

Gas analyzer

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The BTU 1000 basic portable gas analyzer is intended for servicing and maintenance purposes of HVAC professionals. The unit analyzes one or two gases (O2 or CO) and calculates CO2. It features a draft and differential pressure meter, a seven-inch removable flue gas probe, a built-in impact printer and an LCD four-line display. E Instruments Group Langhorne, PA

Iron meter

The splashproof, handheld Ferrometer 1000 accurately determines total iron content in water. The product uses the industry standard 1,10 phenanthroline test and is capable of dissolving colloidal and particulate iron to give a true measure of the total iron content. It tests iron in the range of 0-5.00mg/l with a resolution of 0.01mg/l. After adding the test reagents to the sample and development of the color, the sample tube is placed in the meter and a single button pressed. The reading is then displayed on a 10mm LCD screen. Palintest USA Erlanger, KY

Storage cabinets

Constructed with 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel and finished with white, baked enamel, the Series 91SC storage cabinet provides a clean and highly durable storage unit for cleanroom applications. The company claims that the heavy-gauge steel construction will not crack or harbor contamination. The cabinet comes with five solid shelves in four standard sizes, with custom sizes available. Clean Air Products Minneapolis, MN

Bag unloader

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Used with the company's range of compressed air-powered vacuum conveyors, the PIAB Bulk Bag Unloader eliminates dust contamination during material handling processes. With the bulk bag elevated above the station, the spout of the bag is attached (before it is untied) to an inflatable seal providing for a dust-free connection. Features of the unit include all contact surfaces in 316SS, easy disassembly with no tools needed and portability. The product is 100-percent pneumatically operated. For more challenging conveying applications, the company offers custom-engineering solutions. PIAB Vacuum Conveyors Hingham, MA

Critical cleaning

The Rippey Microclean F2 PVA product line addresses critical cleaning applications for semiconductor and rigid disk media manufacturers. According to the manufacturer, this material is compatible with the industry-standard chemistries utilized in these manufacturing operations. The product is manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies with computer-controlled processes for environmental, contamination and process control. Physical properties include an advanced open cell structure that reduces microscratching and decreases brush loading effects. Rippey Corporation El Dorado Hills, CA

Plant optimization

The K-TOPS simulation tool can be used to analyze and optimize biopharmaceutical processes and facilities at any project stage to provide solutions to process or facility issues. Simulation results can be modified and refined as more information becomes available. The software can be used to optimize a new facility, expand an existing facility or compare the feasibility of a new facility versus expansion of an existing one. Users can de-bottleneck facilities and maximize capacity. Alfa Laval Biokinetics Inc. Philadelphia, PA


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