SYNOVA introduces its 300 mm (12″) wafers Laser Dicing System, LDS 300 A

Synova’s 300 mm Laser Dicing System LDS 300 A is able to handle 12-inch wafers. Since the thin wafer penetrates into the 300 mm wafer production, Synova has seen the need to develop a laser-dicer based on the experience of the field-proven 200 mm tool.

Contrary to conventional dry laser cutting or blade saws, the water jet guided laser avoids any heat damage, any cracking allowing very high fracture strength. The application of protective coatings is not needed more; the wafer surface is free of any contamination. The integrated laser (fiber laser) is maintenance-free; the resulting running costs are very low. Its throughput is also significantly high, since its unprecedented speed can reach 300 mm/s for thin Si-wafers. The process provides parallel and narrow cuts with width from 25 microns to 50 microns. With the water jet guided laser, there is no cutting limitation in wafer thickness. The capability to cut in any direction is also very attractive.

The Laser-Microjet allows outstanding results in cutting, but it can be applied as well for drilling, scribing, grooving, edge grinding, thinning, or marking processes on wafers.

The LDS 300 is a cassette-to-cassette machine including fast quality check (control of kerf width, position and roughness). Its applications in the semiconductor sector are wide: low-k wafers, Gallium Arsenide wafers, solar cells, power semiconductors, multi-project wafers, thin wafers, etc.

The LDS 300 is delivered with full service and technical support, such as assistance during start phase of production, support on parameter optimization for any kind of application and material.


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