Modular Cleanrooms

Compiled by Sue Forsyth

Modular hardwall and softwall cleanrooms can be found in industries ranging from precision manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical and biological to semiconductor, aerospace and food processing. The modular approach offers a number of advantages, not the least of which is flexibility. Three main benefits are the ability to customize work areas without a large capital expenditure; the ability to accommodate product changes, process changes, equipment changes and site changes; and the ability to accommodate tight installation schedules. Here we offer a selection of modular cleanroom products from a variety of suppliers.

Vertical-flow hardwall cleanrooms

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The series 558 vertical-flow hardwall modular cleanrooms are available in Class 100 to Class 10 and combine functionality and flexibility. Manufactured from heavy-duty 16 gauge cold-rolled steel with a white baked enamel or powder coat finish, each unit includes full-ceiling HEPA filter coverage with plenum sections that provide uniform filtered laminar air flow to clean areas, with filtered air going to 100 percent of the available ceiling surface. It uses sidewall blower cabinets to blow air into the upper filter plenums. Sidewall panels contain start/disconnect, wall receptacles, pre-filters and optional cooling coils. Units may be serviced from inside or outside the cleanroom. Series 558 motors are efficient, belt-driven, three-phase, 1725 RPM open drip-proof units with pre-lubricated ball bearings and 1.15 service factor. Multiple voltages are available. Clean Air Products Minneapolis, MN

Wall, ceiling accessories

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This expanded wall and ceiling system requires no additional machining of the aluminum profiles. Both the new wall and ceiling profiles feature closed 10-mm slots; and new spring-loaded clamping profiles are used for easy, economical attachment of surface elements and other accessories. A T-connector for the profile allows users to create closed frames that are simple to disassemble and reuse or reconfigure. Users select from glass, wood, plastic, or steel for the surface elements, infill panels and doors. Rooms can be designed to accommodate customer-specific requirements regarding fire protection class, noise protection and cleaning options. Studs on the ceiling profiles are provided for surface elements, lights, sprinklers, ventilation systems or fan filter units for cleanrooms. Smooth profile surfaces and internal (concealed) connection technology fulfill typical cleanroom criteria (ISO 2 purity class) because they prevent turbulence and particle traps. This system can withstand high mechanical loads and provide a range of application possibilities, including self-supporting ceilings. In addition to simple partitioning walls in offices, users can easily set up enclosures in factories, such as training rooms, “clean” assembly environments, or even an attractive exhibition area. Bosch Rexroth Buchanan, MI

Aluminum frame system

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The VFCS-3 rigid wall clear acrylic cleanroom system has panels made from anodized aluminum frames with a latching system that makes it simple to attach panels and offers a quick, economical cleanroom set up. The Liberty MAX8000 fan filter module delivers 99.99 percent efficiency on particles of 0.3 micron and larger with a standard HEPA filter. The system can be fully operational in a few hours and supports Class 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000. Available in configurations from 4x4x8 to 18x28x8, the company also can quote and supply custom designs. Liberty Industries Inc. East Berlin, CT

Enclosure system

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AirLock enclosure systems combine modularity and structural integrity to achieve a broad range of cleanroom configurations, design flexibility and environmental adaptability. They can be easily erected, relocated or reconfigured as the user's conditions dictate. RPA Corona, CA

Steel-paneled cleanroom

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The company's modular cleanrooms, Precis-Air (HVAC) systems and key components such as hermetic doors, windows, covings and pressurization units are compliant and even exceed the latest regulatory industry standards and guidelines. The cleanrooms feature a sleek surface finish with steel panels engineered to withstand the weight of air treatment system and maintenance personnel. Services are built into each panel for easy connection and quick installation. Pre-engineered, pre-assembled, pre-started, factory tested and validation ready, the Precis–Air system is available in a closed or open architecture format. Two systems are available: one central system for all cleanrooms and one independent system that offers better environmental control to avoid cross-contamination. Mecart Inc. Québec, Canada

Sterile compounding

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The Microsphere is a microenvironment designed to meet USP requirements for sterile compounding. There is no cleanroom to build and no gowning required. It is ISO Class 4 and meets USP 797 and other regulations. The physical barrier between products and operators makes it safe to use. The microenvironment is easy to operate, install and maintain and can be custom-designed. IsoTech Design St. Laurent, Québec, Canada

Modular enclosures

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AirLock modular enclosures latch together, making it easy to add, change or reconfigure as requirements evolve. Specialized wall materials—from soft vinyl (including non-outgassing and anti-static) to durable lightweight aluminum panels—are available. AirLock's modular design allows cleanrooms to be assembled, expanded, customized or disassembled quickly and easily with a few simple tools. Simplex Isolation Systems Inc. Fontana, CA

Explosion-proof cleanrooms

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These softwall and modular hardwall cleanrooms are built to Class 1, Division 1 specifications for use in the presence of potentially explosive or flammable dusts and fumes. Constructed of epoxy painted steel and stainless steel, they are available in Class 10 to Class 100,000. Custom sizes and specifications can be built upon request. Atmos-Tech Industries Ocean, NJ

Hardwall cleanroom systems

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The Legend cleanroom systems are adaptable hardwall cleanroom systems that offer immediate solutions that get you up and running right away, while still allowing expansion and modification whenever your needs change. The cleanroom systems are designed as Once Thru or Recirculation Types, or modular walls can be incorporated into the design of your host building. Clean Rooms International Inc. Grand Rapids, MI

Anodized hardwall cleanroom

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These hardwall cleanrooms feature anodized aluminum framework with clear acrylic panes. The doors are storefront type, with positive seal gaskets and sweeps. The JazzFM fan filter module is used to supply HEPA filtered air to the unit. Cleanroom light fixtures illuminate the environment. Each enclosure is fully assembled and tested in the company's plant prior to knockdown and crating. The products are available in virtually any size and with a large array of options such as integrated pass throughs and ULPA filtration to meet your cleanliness needs. Ultrapure Technology Inc. Suwanee, GA

Hardwall cleanrooms

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The company's Six-Step Solution allows customers to focus on maximizing functionality within the cleanroom, while minimizing costs. Specializing in designing/installing small to mid-sized cleanrooms and labs for both new projects and renovating existing rooms/facilities, the company is involved from the beginning to end of the project, including design, installation and certification. LM Air Technology Inc. Rahway, NJ

Pre-fabricated cleanrooms

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The company's 2-inch and 3-inch thick pre-fabricated modular cleanroom systems provide flexible hardwall solutions for most cleanroom configurations and classes. The framing system is a clear anodized aluminum or factory painted finish that interlocks with 2- or 3-inch thick modular panels and also acts as an electrical/data raceway. The non-progressive modular system is made to be integrated with existing construction, new free-standing construction or the company's premium “storage-style” structural frame. Both systems are designed to be easily fitted with all other cleanroom elements like suspended ceilings, HEPA filtration, door systems, and exhaust systems and are easily expanded and modified. Through-the-wall penetrations and bulkhead applications are easily installed and neatly trimmed in aluminum framing. The modular panels are made in a range of material finishes to meet the requirements of many processes, including bio-pharmaceutical, medical devices and electronic/semiconductor applications. American Cleanroom Systems Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Modular wall panels

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Designers, builders and end user clientele can order pre-fabricated, modular wall panels with factory-installed items, including sealed, double-pane windows, low-level air return grills, flush-mounted duplex electrical receptacles, telecom/ data ports, fire alarm pull station boxes and a variety of optional features that will enable the user to customize a cleanroom for specific process requirements. Clean Air Technology Inc. Canton, MI

Powder containment room

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This Powder Containment Room combines many benefits of a modular cleanroom and a biological safety cabinet, including a filtration system that maintains cleanliness levels to Class 100 (ISO 5). Its large size accommodates one or many people and allows easy access to bulky packaging or analytical instrumentation—an advantage over sealed containment chambers with limited space and a restricted human interface. A versatile CleanZone bio-protection system draws air away from personnel into HEPA or ULPA filters positioned directly behind a processing zone. Filtered air is forced into the room from a roof-mounted external manifold into ceiling filters above the work area. This localized circulation of filtered air protects personnel against harmful powders while providing a continuous wash of filtered air to the processing zone to ensure product integrity. Terra Universal Anaheim, CA


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