New Products

Modular Dispense Pump Cartridge

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MRSI-175Ag epoxy dispenser now features a changeable pump cartridge for increased productivity and ease of use. The modular approach allows the machine to be switched from a die-attach, silver-filled, conductive epoxy application to a flip chip underfill application in just minutes. The updated pump system replaces the pump auger, chamber and dispense needle in a single, modular cartridge that can be removed and stored, even is still partially filled. Cartridge exchange is accomplished without tools, allowing the task to be performed quickly and easily. This technology advanced the utility of the dispenser, enabling it to deliver good results for both conductive epoxy and underfill dispensing applications, with one cartridge change. Newport Corp., Irvine, Calif.,

Wave Solder Flux

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Wave Solder Flux 3592-35 is developed for lead-free wave soldering of mixed-technology and through-hole electronic assemblies. It is a no-clean, halide-free material that provides enhanced heat stability for the higher temperatures required in lead-free wave soldering processes. The solvent-based formulation provides a wide process window and superior hole fill and solderability on all board finishes with minimized solder balling. It can be used with tin/copper, tin/silver/copper, and tin/lead alloys. Indium Corporation of America, Clinton, N.Y,

Reworkable Underfill Encapsulant

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CN-1531, designed for CSP and BGA encapsulation, has a glass transition temperature of 110°C for more severe thermal cycle requirements. Removal of defective CSPs and BGAs is accomplished by heating the component and the underfill encapsulant to 220°C. Residues scrape or brush off with ease, and a viscosity of 5,000 cps at room temperature facilitates dispensing. It is capable of flowing a distance of 18 mm with single-side dispenses in 15 sec. Self-filleting, eliminates seal passes to create complete and symmetrical fillets. It cures in an in-line oven in 5 min. at 165°C. It is suitable for high-volume manufacturing of mobile phones and other handheld devices. Zymet Inc., East Hanover, N.J.,

Dielectric Systems

Gold, silver, and mixed-metal, low-loss 943 Green Tape material systems are available with blendable, embedded resistor compositions, having values of 20 and 200Ω per square. Surface resistor compositions are available with values from 10 to 10 kΩ per square in decade increments. Testing indicates minimal dielectric loss up to 77 GHz, and additional tests are planned for higher frequencies. It is Au- and Ag-compatible, has low TCE, high strength, and low loss at high frequencies. The system is available in 4 thicknesses and is designed for use as an insulating layer in high-frequency applications. DuPont Microcircuit Materials, Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Parallel Seam Sealer

Model 2400e parallel seam sealer incorporates closed-loop, software-controlled, six-axis coordinated motion, 5 lead screws, and a motorized rotary table with an electronic brake. The power supply uses digital signal processing for per-pulse power control. Automation features include pre-seal lid placement inspection with a grey-scale vision system, electrode height control with linear encoder feedback, real-time force and digital power control with package detection, resistance feedback, and on-off determination. It also seals in prototyping or smaller production volumes to include welding or soldering seal-in linear or rotary mode, parts one-up, in-matrix tooling, Auer boats to 12.3 × 5.1 in., and various shaped packages 2 mm2 to 12 × 8 in. Solid State Equipment Corp., Horsham, Penn.,

Flip Chip Bonder

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The 8800 FC Quantum platform enables high throughput in a single machine for various flip chip applications. The bonder's dual bonding system (DBS) executes individual bonding steps in parallel. It consists of 2 flip modules and 2 gantries — each fitted with a bond head and substrate camera, 2 slide fluxers, and 2 upward looking cameras. From one eject position, the tools of 2 flip units pick up the die in turn from a wafer. After the flip process, the die is picked, dipped in the slide fluxer, then measured relative to the tool by the upward looking camera, before being bonded onto the substrate. An “anti-collision arbiter” controls axis movement. The DBS enables the system to achieve up to 10,000 UPH throughput (dry cycle), simultaneously maintain constant, secure process times, and 10 µm at 3 sigma placement accuracy. Datacon North America Inc., Trevose, Pa.,

X-ray Inspection System

XiDAT XD7600 provides for oblique angle views up to 70° for any position 360° around any point of the 18 × 16 in. inspection area. This manipulation allows inspection of all interconnections — ball, bond, and wire — on BGA and CSP devices. The inspector features NT250, a proprietary filament-free x-ray tube that provides feature recognition to 0.25 µm. The tube, coupled with standard active anti-vibration control, provides high-resolution image quality. The machine's operating system incorporates the latest revision of the company's point-and-click x-ray operating system. Dage Precision Industries Inc., Fremont, Calif.,

Cleaning Solvent

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AQUANOX A4520 cleans reflowed no-clean and lead-free flux residues. The cleaner is effective on reflowed solder paste and uncured adhesives. It exceeds current SCAQMD requirements, is effective on solder joints, and shows no negative effect after multiple passes through the cleaning process. The solvent features inhibition technology that protects solder joints and bumps from oxidation. It is designed for use on aqueous batch or in-line spray machines, running clean, and exhibiting no foaming. The solvent is not classified as a corrosive, demonstrates extending tank life, removes gross contamination, is effective on no clean and lead free, and has moderate pH that does not require pretreatment. Kyzen Corp., Nashville, Tenn.,

Temperature Upgrade Option

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The Pyramax 98 solder reflow oven is offered with an optional maximum operating temperature up to 400°C, specifically for lead-free processing. This represents a 75°C temperature increase over its conventional lead solder version. With the introduction of the higher-temperature model, the system can handle lead-free processing with a minimum reflow temperature of 240°C, as well as high lead with a minimum reflow temperature of 360°C. BTU International, North Billerica, Mass.,

Wafer Bumping Solder Paste

SE-CURE 7501 is designed for organic, in situ wafer bumping applications. The printing performance of the material features a stable viscosity over a manufacturing shift down to bump pitches below 125 µm for a consistent printing process module. The paste facilitates a low-cost bumping method, while enabling a high-quality end product. It is available in Sn63Pb37, as well as in low alpha (<0.02 cph/cm2) and ultra-low alpha (<0.002 cph/cm2) emitting Sn63Pb37. The paste also features consistent printing over a manufacturing shift to keep product yields high and costs manageable, printability on wafers of bump pitches below 125 µm, voiding occurrence rates that are consistently below 10%, and post-reflow residues that are stripped with other organic bumping materials. Kester, Des Plaines, Ill.,

Benchtop Dispensing System

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DispenseMate 550 is a compact benchtop dispensing unit that offers advanced capability within a small footprint. Designed for various batch processes, including potting, form-in-place gasketing, solder paste and adhesive dispensing, and rework operations, the system offers a precision motion system with closed-loop brushless DC motors. Additional features include an integrated height sensor, digital gauges, and an optional vision system. The system is available in 2 models with different dispensing areas: the 555 has a dispense area of 525 × 525 mm, and the 553 has 325 × 325 mm. Asymtek, Carlsbad, Calif.,

Flux Cores

The ALPHA Cored Wire series creates consistent flux cores and ensures repeatability with a Cpk rating of 1.826. Available in 10 tin/lead and lead-free alloys, the wire complies with various electronics assembly industry classifications, including J-STD-004, IPC-SF 818, and ISO 12224. The cored wire is created from a layer winding process that ensures consistent and smooth play-out for manual and automatic solder rework. It is packaged in color-coded spools to facilitate identification of the flux chemistry, and thick flanges reduce the risk of wire damage during transit. Color-coded labels also help with product identification by flux type and alloy, and shrink wrap keeps the wire shiny and clean both in transit and during storage. Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials, Jersey City, N.J.,

Flip Chip Bonder

A high-speed flip chip bonder, FCX501 is designed for the mass production of high-frequency electronics devices. The system is capable of ultrasonic and thermosonic flip chip bonding processes that create a nonmetallic bond with high thermal and electrical conductivity. The system can handle various interconnect technologies and die/substrate combinations. Additional benefits include 3,600 uph throughput, 0.5- to 10-mm-sq. die size and a small footprint. Panasonic Factory Automation, Elgin, Ill.,

Laser Fuse Processor

M435 fuse processing system, the next generation of WaferRepair, introduces the company's DVS energy management system that provides a stable, precise laser energy control architecture, which is necessary for processing fuse designs below 2-µm pitch. The system also features a small laser spot size of 1.4 µm, while enabling cuts at a 50,000-Hz rate. The processor combines the system accuracy, small spot size and throughput performance needed to address critical 90- and 70-nm production requirements. GSI Lumonics Inc., Wilmington, Mass.,

Brazed Copper Laminate Packages

A line of brazed copper laminate LDMOS packages are available that allow users to achieve a 16 to 18% improvement in Theta Jc, when compared to traditional CuW heat sinks. The package design provides high flange thermal dissipation, using the robust brazed assembly process. The brazed configuration does not require a change from the preferred Au/Si die-attach process. Ceramic RF power transistor packages are used in the 500-MHz to 3.5-GHz frequency range, and typically are found in cellular/digital base stations, HDTV transmitters, and numerous communication and avionic applications. Kyocera America Inc., San Diego, Calif.,

Automated Gold Wire Bonder

Model 8000 is for complex, precision gold wire bonding applications in which flexibility, ease of programming, and high throughput are needed, such as complex multichip applications, high I/O count devices and gold ball bumping for flip chip. The bonder incorporates a 12 × 6 in. X-Y range linear motor actuated positioner carrying a dual axes voice coil-driven bond head with a rectilinear Z-stroke of 20 mm. The Windows-NT software provides users with a programming environment for multichip, high pin count applications while incorporating many in-process monitoring tools. The large-area positioner enables a 72-sq.-in. work area, allowing large substrates to be bonded in one pass. The work area also accommodates dual handling systems for fast indexing and maximized throughput. Palomar Technologies, Vista, Calif.,

Solderable Polymer Thick Film

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PI-1000 is a screen-printable, directly solderable conductor that reduces manufacturing time and improves electrical and thermal performance of circuit interconnects vs. existing polymer thick films. The formulation develops true, robust metallurgical joints. Instead of relying on passive point-to-point contact, its active combination of continuous, micro-soldered metallic chains and interfaces is interwoven with a tough, thermosetting polymer, yielding electrical, thermal, and mechanical stability. The thick film can be screen printed or dispensed; the cured material requires no etching or post-bake. An additive manufacturing process allows fast cycle times, with no toxic wet chemicals and virtually no unusable waste. The technique eliminates typical copper-bearing acidic byproducts generated during conventional subtractive manufacturing. Dow Corning Corp., Midland, Mich.,

Noncontact Measurement Sensor

This company's noncontact laser-based height measurement system is unaffected by shiny, translucent or multicolored surfaces such as wet epoxies, thick films, and inks. Its DRS digital sensor technology automatically compensates for variations in surface reflectivity, allowing the sensor to deliver accurate readings across a range of objects. The sensor is available with different resolutions and measurement ranges. It also is used on the company's Vantage and CT300 Series metrology systems, which use computer-controlled motion and software to produce high-resolution 2-D profiles and 3-D raster scans, which then produce a 3-D topographical map of microscale objects in applications such as LTCC inspection, solder paste inspection, and others, where objects may be wet, fragile, pliable, or highly contoured. Cyber Technologies USA, Ogdensburg, N.Y.,

Combined Bonder/Tester System

This company offers a combination wire bonder and pull/shear test machine in one chassis. Model 5600 is the tester, while Model 5610 is the ball bonder. Both models can be converted to the other, and both machines offer manual and semiautomatic operation. The machines can be converted from wire bonder to pull test or shear test by simply exchanging the head cartridge. Such exchange features previously have been done on test equipment. With these systems, the wire bond and test capabilities have been blended. This design is a key machine investment for small production, startup companies, and R&D/university environments. It allows for one capital equipment expenditure, conserves valuable lab space, and offers the capability of six technologies: ball bonder, pull tester, die shear tester, ball shear tester, ball bonder and wedge bonder (scheduled for availability in early 2005). F&K Delvotec Inc., Foothill Ranch, Calif.,

Spray Coating

The Gamma resist processing system with AltaSpray coats severe topography and covers sharp edges, while offering high reproducibility, a necessity for volume production in thick-resist wafer bumping and MEMS/MOEMS volume applications. The system uses a spray coating technology that delivers consistent conformal coatings over 90° corners, KOH-etched cavities, V-grooves and lenses. The system can be equipped with modules for spray coating, developing, hard back, HMDS vapor priming, soft bake or cooling, and sender/receiver cassette plates. The fully automated cluster delivers reliable uniform coatings over high topography for wafers up to 200 mm. SUSS MicroTec AG, Munich, Germany,


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New Products

Compiled by Laureen Belleville

Integrated technology systems

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Integrated technology systems for the semiconductor and electronics industries enable precise, accurate and reliable operations and performance of equipment in cleanroom and vacuum settings, according to the company. Applications include pick-and-place operations, wafer inspections and automation tasks. Systems can utilize linear guidance systems, high-efficiency ball and roller screws, linear actuators, precision positioning systems, spindles, advanced seals, specialized radial bearings and magnetic bearings. Electrical controls, accessories and options can be incorporated. SKF USA Inc. Bethlehem, PA

Infrared thermometer

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The ThermoTrace Infrared Thermometer, Model 15030, has been re-engineered for improved accuracy. This unit's accuracy has been validated at +/-2 degrees F (1 degree C) from 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) to 590 degrees F (310 degrees C). DeltaTrak Pleasanton, CA

Sorbent canister

Camsorb sorbent canister systems remove high gas and vapor loads in HVAC systems. They are designed for installation in the company's leak-free housings and frames and can be used for the protection of sensitive materials such a laboratory and museum contents. The rechargeable canisters contain up to 107 pounds of lose-fill sorbent media per 2000 cfm. Coconut shell activated carbon and a variety of specialized sorbents are available. Camfil Farr Riverdale, NJ

Software for ASRS

FastPic WMI (Windows Machine Interface) facilitates integrating automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) equipment into existing cleanroom manufacturing IT architecture by providing a high-level COM interface to the equipment. The software can be used in any Windows development tool capable of communicating with a COM object, such as Visual Basic or Visual C++. It integrates any one or combination of Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), vertical carousels and horizontal carousels with cleanroom host ERP, WMS or LESA systems. FastPic Systems Westbrook, ME

Turbo pumps

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The TMH 261, 521, 1001, 1601 and 2101 turbo pumps are well suited for ion implanters. According to the manufacturer, they have been proven to improve vacuum pump performance by as much as 300 percent. Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc. Nashua, NH

Pure steam

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Vapotron VT generates sterile steam that is free of pyrogenic substances. The manufacturer reports that it is particularly suitable for SIP sterilization, the humidification of cleanrooms and the operation of steam sterilizers. The system, which normally uses purified water, delivers 50 to 5000 kg of ultra-pure steam per hour. The unit has short heat-exchanger tubes with floating integration of the exchanger elements. In the case of problematic feed water, such as that containing large amounts of gas, a membrane degassing stage can be fitted before the generator in order to comply with EN 285 for non-condensable gases. The company also offers the Multitron MT distillation units, which use the Combical concept—a combined cooler and heater that pre-heats the incoming water and ensures optimal utilization of the condensate. Christ Water Technology Group Aesch, Switzerland

Dual-layer filter

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The Protec RM0.5 is designed with an outer layer of glass fiber and an inner layer of hydrophilic PVDF membrane. According to the manufacturer, the prefilter, rated at 0.5 µm, removes particles and reduces bioburden in biological liquids to protect downstream sterile filters. The filter is optimized for the clarification and prefiltration of serum, plasma, tissue and cell culture media, protein solutions, fermentation media and feeds and other viscous biological solutions. All components of the filter cartridge are FDA listed for food contact use in the CFR, Title 21, and the filter cartridges are cleanroom manufactured. Meissner Filtration Products Inc. Camarillo, CA


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Used in cleanrooms, labs and processing operations, the worktables are configured using standard modular components and feature heavy-gauge type 304 stainless-steel construction. The hat channels, legs and gussets also are made of type 304 stainless steel. The company's patented uni-lok leg/gusset design features a two-point welding system, which reportedly eliminates leg wobble and improves table strength and stability. The user can specify height and dimensions of the worktables based on work area layout and available space. Eagle MHC Clayton, DE

Airborne particle counter

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The Lasair II 550L uses a flow rate of 50 LPM to sample one cubic meter in 20 minutes. The software walks the user through the process of EU GMP sampling then automatically generates a full final report. According to the manufacturer, this model retains all the features of the Lasair II. Particle Measuring Systems Boulder, CO

Flow indicator

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The Series SFI-801 Sight Flow Indicator has a clear polycarbonate body that enables 360-degree viewing of the bright-red PBT rotor. The product has a pressure rating of 125 psi (8.62 bar), temperature rating of 130 degrees F (55 degrees C) and chemical compatibility. An optional A-711 output sensor has a VDC output with pulsing for flow totalization and a proportional frequency change for flow rate. Units are intended for water purification, chemical metering, water injection, semiconductor processing and chillers. Dwyer Instruments Inc. Michigan City, IN


A small footprint ionizer for benchtop and in-tool applications, the Local Area Ionizing Blower Model 6432 fulfills static control needs in the IC packaging, marking and insertion markets, or where workstations are susceptible to robotic lock-up. An enhanced version of the blower, Model 6432e, adds the efficiency of process equipment integration with a facility monitoring output connection and operational failure alarm notification. Ion Systems Inc. Berkeley, CA

Gas flow measurement

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The DryCal ML-800 fluid flow measurement system features +/-0.15 percent standardized accuracy. The standard is at once dry (no mercury, oil or soap solution), portable, fast and hands-free. Backed by an uncertainty analysis and inter-lab comparisons, the primary unit is well suited for on-site verifications of flow meters, mass flow controllers and meters, and laminar flow elements as well as other flow control equipment from 5 sccm to 50,000 sccm. Bios International Butler, NJ

Storage and retrieval

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The Shuttle VLM (vertical lift module) utilizes overhead space by scanning the stored item's height every time to store in the least amount of space. The system comprises vertically arranged trays in the front and rear of the unit, an inserter/extractor platform that rides in the center and computerized controls. Available in up to Class 10,000 cleanroom standard, the system delivers stored materials to the operator at an ergonomically correct height for retrieval. An optional wheeled cart that docks to the system's extraction platform enables heavy items to be transported to workstations in a cellular manufacturing or assembly setup. Remstar International Inc. Westbrook, ME

Color-coded relief valves

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The relief pressures on this series of relief valves are identified by the color of the valve. Offered in 1/8 and 1/4 male NPT and 1/8 female thread, the valve housing is molded of PVDF. The internal relief material is nylon with a Buna-N seal. Also available are polypropylene or PVDF bodies and optional Viton seals. Special end sizes also are available. Industrial Specialties Mfg. Inc. Englewood, CO

Drive sockets

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Intended for cleanrooms and sterile production environments, the 3/8-inch drive Deep Sockets are made entirely from stainless steel and are designed for repeated autoclaving. The six-point sockets are 2 1/2-inches in length and are available in sizes from 1/4 inch to 11/16 inch and metric sizes from 6 mm to 19 mm. Manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel and hardened to HRC 44, the sockets are passivated and polished. Steritool Brooklyn, NY

Auto leveling sensor

A wireless, wafer-like device, the WaferSense ALS (Auto Leveling Sensor) is designed to be handled like a 150mm, 200mm or 300mm wafer. The tool can be placed in cassettes, FOUPs, on end effectors, aligners, in load locks and process chambers to quickly ensure that all stations are level and coplanar. Reportedly, the device provides precise pitch and roll measurements—accurate to +/-0.03 degree—that can be logged to relate coplanarity with yield and determine the ideal tool adjustments for best yields. Atmospheric and vacuum compatible, the wireless device does not outgas and has a HEPA filter that contains any particle matter within the sensor. CyberOptics Corp. Beaverton, OR

CO2 analyzer

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The CEA 266 is a wall-mounted infrared CO2 gas analyzer contained in a water- and dust-tight NEMA 4X enclosure with digital display readout. Ranges of 0-2000 ppm, 0-500 ppm, 0-1 percent, 0-2 percent, 0-5 percent, 0-10 percent or 0-20 percent are available. The sample gas is continuously drawn into the unit through a built-in air pump. A self-draining water trap and a dust filter are provided. CEA Instruments Emerson, NJ

Linear motion slide

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The RGS 10000 Slide handles dynamic axial loads up to 100 pounds at speeds of more than 60 ips. According to the manufacturer, it has a unique, compact profile that provides torsional stiffness and stability. The integral mounting base allows support over the entire length of the slide if desired. It comes with a wear-compensating, anti-backlash driven carriage. Applications include CNC routers, industrial packaging, automated cutting and slitting and large X-Y tables. Kerk Motion Products Hollis, NH

Compact desiccator

The Secador Mini Desiccator is used for safe storage of valuable moisture-sensitive chemicals and electronics. The compact footprint and 0.35-cubic foot volume keep a small quantity of needed materials nearby without crowding the benchtop. Also, it can be attached under a shelf with the accessory mounting kit. The cabinet and door are molded of clear plastic. A positive latch on the door locks out humidity, and two loops accept tamper-evident seals for security. Humidity can be monitored with the door-mounted dial hygrometer. Bel-Art Products Inc. Pequannock, NJ

Gas springs

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Well suited for food processing and packaging industries, the Lift-O-Mat INOX stainless steel gas springs reportedly are maintenance free, easy to install and specifically designed for environments requiring total cleanliness. The springs securely hold a door or cabinet in an open or closed position. The gas springs also offer speed-controlled dampening, cushioned end motion, simple mounting, compact size, flat force curve and a wide range of available forces. Stabilus Gastonia, NC

Vacuum conveyor

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In food manufacturing applications, the C-Series of conveyors are ideal for handling ingredients such as cocoa, sugar, vitamins and coffee beans. Powered by pneumatically driven vacuum pumps, the systems transport up to 10-15 tons/hour of powders and granules. The vacuum conveyors are made of stainless steel AISI 316L. The filter design can trap particles down to 0.3 micron and can be equipped with a HEPA filter. The C-21 and C-33 conveyors have been examined and accepted by the USDA and comply with the 3A standard. PIAB USA Inc. Hingham, MA


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The C-CureEdge open-mesh, stainless steel wire belting is designed to increase productivity and enhance safety in the production environment and is suitable for heating, cooling, drying and coating. Reportedly, the closed-loop ends reduce downtime by minimizing conveyor-to-conveyor snags and tangling during shipping, storage, installation, repair and day-to-day operation. Wirebelt Londonderry, NH


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Handsinks featuring Microgard antimicrobial protection offer foodservice operations a second line of defense in battling germs. To provide further protection, the company offers a completely touch-free sink that features an electronic eye faucet for hands-free operation. The adjustable electronic sensor beam activates water flow for instant “on/off” reaction, while an optional separate sensor activates the soap dispenser to deliver a pre-measured amount of soap.Constructed of Type 300 series stainless steel, the handsink features an inverted “V” edge rim to retard spillage plus a deep-drawn bowl to assure complete drainage. Eagle Foodservice Equipment Clayton, DE


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Intended for use in water treatment, the upgraded Swing Check Valve features a top bonnet O-ring seal design, which allows for improved pressure rating performance when using elastomeric seal materials. The product is available in _-inch to 8-inch sizes and is rated for full vacuum service. Asahi/America Inc. Malden, MA

Wire gowning bench

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Gowning benches meet the needs of Class 1 to Class 100,000 cleanroom operations and feature a special wire undershelf for under-the-seat storage of booties and other clothing articles. Available are stainless steel or chrome-plated wire benches featuring a three-sided channel frame and offering 62 percent laminar flow. Also available are models with stainless steel perforated tops. Benches are available in five standard lengths ranging from 36 to 84 inches. Eagle MHC Clayton, DE

Cage creep eliminator

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The Anti-Creep System (ACS) reporedtly eliminates “cage creep” in cross-roller precision rail guides and offers PEEK material as an option. The specialized plastic exhibits low outgassing properties for X/Y positioning applications in vacuum or cleanroom settings. According to the comany, the product keeps cages within cross-roller precision rail guides from migrating, or creeping, which can cause rollers to skid and can increase system friction at the stroke limits. SKF Motion Technologies Bethlehem, PA

Storage cabinet

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Constructed with 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel and finished with white, baked enamel, the Series 91SC storage cabinets provide clean, durable storage for cleanroom applications. According to the company, the heavy-gauge steel construction will not crack or harbor contamination. The series comes with five solid shelves in four standard sizes, with custom sizes available on request. Clean Air Products Minneapolis, MN

Hat liner

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The Economy style 600R liner is made of flame-resistant Sparkguard material. It is designed precisely to provide maximum protection for the head, neck and ears, and it is now available in green. Magid Glove & Safety Chicago, IL

Biohazard lid

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A motion-activated trash bin lid opens automatically so that hands can stay safe from biohazards and other wastes. Infrared sensors detect motion and provide “touchless” opening. The lid closes automatically three seconds after the hand/object is moved from the area. A liner bag holder keeps liners from falling in and prevents liners from sticking out from under the lid. The product is available in 2-, 7- and 12-gallon sizes in a red color with a biohazard label. UltraTech International Inc. Jacksonville, FL


The 1200 l/s TPH 1201 contains the combination of high pumping speed for light gasses and high throughput for heavy gases. An advanced rotor geometry permits a high foreline tolerance of 0.5 mbar without the need for a drag stage, which eliminates the concern of clogging in high particulate environments associated with drag-style pumps, according to the company. Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc. Nashua, NH

Drive sockets

Deisgned for cleanroom and sterile production environments, the new 3/8-inch drive Deep Sockets are made entirely from stainless steel and are designed for repeated autoclaving. Intended for applications that require longer reach and greater internal clearance, the six-point sockets are 2 1/2-inches long and are available in sizes from 1/4-inch to 11/16-inch and from 6mm to 19mm. Manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel and hardened to HRC 44, the sockets are passivated and polished. Steritool Brooklyn, NY

Wheel cleaning device

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The Caster Cleaner enhances a wheel's performance by continually cleaning the wheel, reducing the build-up of dirt, wax and residue that may insulate the wheel from the floor. Reportedly, it also extends the life of conductive wheels to reduce ESD risks caused by ungrounded carts. It provides an additional electrical path from the wheel directly to the stem of the caster, bypassing potentially insulative grease in caster bearings and wheel bushings that may cause an unreliable path to ground. According to the company, the product installs without tools in about five seconds to fully assembled and loaded carts and provides visual indication that the carts are grounded. Static Dynamics Beaverton, OR


Intended for cleanroom and critical environment industries, the Polyurethane glove made from Dow Performance Polymers has been tested for particulates and extractables in accordance with IEST RP-CC-005.2. Intacta 4 and Intacta 5 are specifically designed to provide optimal protection for cleanroom usage, critical environments and fabrication processes. Sizes include small, medium, large, extra-large and extra-extra-large. Clean Room Supply Depot Inc. Fullerton, CA

Laser dicing system

The 300mm laser dicing system LDS 300 can handle 12-inch wafers. The waterjet-guided laser avoids heat damage and cracking, allowing for high fracture strength. Protective coatings are not needed and the wafer surface is free of contamination. According to the manufacturer, the integrated fiber laser is maintenance free, resulting in low operating costs. The process provides parallel and narrow cuts with widths from 25 to 50 microns. Synova SA Ecublens, Switzerland

PES filters

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Millipore Express SHC (Sterilizing grade High Capacity) polyethersulfone (PES) filters are used for processing a variety of process fluids, including cell culture media and media additives, process intermediates and protein-containing solutions. The devices are constructed with asymmetric composite membranes to deliver high permeability. They are available in a variety of filter formats and sizes, including OptiScale small scale disposable screening devices, cartridge filters in sizes from 5 to 30 inches and a range of autoclavable and gamma compatible Opticap XL and XLT disposable capsules. Millipore Corp. Billerica, MA


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