New Products

Portable instruments

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Photovac offers a number of professional-grade handheld and portable instruments for the detection and measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for a variety of applications. The 2020Pro is a portable and ergonomically designed instrument that provides on-site, rapid VOC detection in air, water and soil. The MicroFID is a small, lightweight data logging flame ionization monitor. Designed for field use, Voyager is a portable gas chromatograph for on-site identification of common VOCs in air, water and soil. The PetroPro gas chromatograph weighs less than 15 pounds and can analyze benzene to low parts per billion levels in less than one minute.
Photovac Inc.
Waltham, Mass.

Syringe sampling system

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The APSS-200 syringe sampling system is designed to size and count suspended particulate matter in a wide range of solutions. This system meets and exceeds all current USP test XXV <788> requirements and is engineered to adapt to future regulatory changes. It also provides pharmaceutical injection monitoring to USP, BP and EP standards. The package consists of an LS-200 syringe sampler, a LiQuilaz volumetric sampler and SamplerSight software, which meets the current FDA 21CFR Part 11 “Electronic Records and Signatures” rulings. APSS-200 is used for small and large volume parenteral sampling.
Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, Colo.

Polyester wipe

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The Sterile AlphaSat 10 with water for injection (WFI) is a sealed-border polyester wiper pre-wetted with 70 percent USP isopropyl alcohol and 30 percent WFI. SterileWipe LP 10 is a 100 percent continuous-filament polyester wiper with thermally sealed borders that have been designed to control particle and fiber contamination. Each case of wipers is triple-bagged and gamma irradiated to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 in accordance with ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137-1994. A lot-specific Certificate of Processing, Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Compliance accompany each case. Sterile AlphaSat 10 with WFI is used to clean critical sterile environments in pharmaceutical aseptic processing areas, biotechnology manufacturing facilities, microbiological laboratories and prep rooms. The product has been developed to clean sterile environments without compromising the sterile nature of those environments.
ITW Texwipe
Mahwah, N.J.

Ball check valves

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These ball check valves provide superior ease of operation in situations where tight shut-off is required. In the event of backflow, shut-off is immediate while a tighter seal is provided for higher reverse flow pressure. These devices are ideal for high-pressure fluids and those that create gummy deposits. Its thick plastic liner construction resists corrosion and potential permeation to maintain purity of fluids. The company offers simple yet reliable ball check valves designed to permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing in highly corrosive or ultra-pure processes. Its technology is beneficial for most one-way directional services and applications and can be installed at any angle or in tight spaces. Its design minimizes end cost by eliminating the need for lined valves, actuators and alternative power sources.
Edlon, Inc.
Avondale, Pa.

Equinox pump

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The Steritest Equinox pump is a liquid transfer pump for sterility testing in laminar flow hoods. The software-controlled peristaltic pump offers the safe, uniform transfer of drug samples from various packaging to testing devices. Optimized for use with the company’s Steritest devices, the pump delivers consistent sterility testing, while reducing overall processing time. The system enables analysts to download custom procedures from a desktop to the pump. In automated mode, the pump will prompt analysts through selected standard operating procedures. The pump speed and related information are also displayed for improved repeatability and reliability. A patented auto-close pump head simplifies operations, which facilitates loading and unloading of the device’s tubing. A built-in timer enables analysts to preset the time required for transferring the desired volume of products and buffers into the canisters. In addition, a patented pressure control system consistently monitors the pressure inside each canister, ensuring that the system is running within acceptable limits at all times. Ergonomically designed, the easy-to-clean pump fits in horizontal and vertical Class A/Class 100 laminar flow hoods. Its profile prevents undesirable air turbulence, eliminating the risk of false positives.
Millipore Corporation
Billerica, Mass.

Coiled FEP tubing

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Coiltef FEP fluoropolymer tubing begins as standard, straight-wall, semi-rigid tubing and is heat-set into a permanent, retractable coil for nearly unlimited flexibility. Typical uses include chemical transfer, laboratory and medical use, food and beverage lines, pure air and water transfer, robotics, adhesives and solvent delivery, and paint spray systems. Fluoropolymer tubing materials (FEP, PTFE and PFA) are often desired because of their combination of physical properties including: chemical, temperature and corrosion resistance; non-stick and non-flammability benefits; good electrical properties; and low gas permeability and chemical inertness. The Coiltef is available in five sizes from 1/16- to 3/8-inch tubing I.D. Standard lengths include 12, 24, 48 and 72 inches, although most any length can be manufactured. Injection-molded fittings made from PFA fluoropolymer are also stocked, allowing for a complete fluoropolymer system. Custom options include PFA formulation Coiltef, colored material, other I.D. sizes and special coil diameters.
New Age Industries, Inc.
Southampton, Pa.

Microbial air sampler

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The Spin Microbial air sampler features portability, accuracy and ease-of-use. The unit spins the petri dish while drawing in air from the environment. This air sampler ensures that the microbial counts are accurate by reducing the probability of two or more particles impacting the plate in the same location, which can result in a falsely lowered microbial count. The unit can be used with a barcode reader for speed, and the results can be printed out on most printers. The air sampler can be fitted with a 100 mm or 60 mm petri dish adapter. The entire unit comes in a rigid hard shell carrying case.Hardy Diagnostics
Santa Maria, Calif.

Inventory management/control software

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The FastPic4 inventory and control software works seamlessly with most ERP systems in conjunction with cleanroom manufacturing storage and retrieval operations. The ERP interface capability helps cleanroom users benefit from real-time inventory status, detailed management reports, increased storage and retrieval throughput and improved picking accuracy without the costs associated with the installation of a warehouse management system. A plug-in standard interface protocol allows users to access ERP systems for inventory and order data. FastPic 4 software manages manual and automated storage and retrieval systems including shelving and rack, pick-to-light, horizontal carousels, and vertical storage devices. The software runs on Windows NT4, 2000 and XP. It supports any TCP/IP network and is SQL/ODBC-enabled for easier, faster database connectivity.
FastPic Systems
Westbrook, Maine

Anti-static jacketing

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The AST wraparound anti-static cable jacket is a carbon loaded, fire-retardant, PVC-coated polyester fabric that combines tough abrasion jacketing with anti-static conductivity. It is ideal for protecting electrical cabling in cleanroom environments from static charge build-up common with plastic insulation materials. A properly grounded AST jacket eliminates static charge build-up and helps prevent damage to static-sensitive electronic devices. This product is capable of withstanding temperatures from -4°F to +212°F and is available in sizes from 3/8-inch diameters and up for both flat and round cable bundles.
The Zippertubing Company
Los Angeles, Calif.

Re-designed Web site

Steril-Aire, Inc. has launched a re-designed Web site that showcases its updated line of UVC emitters for mold and microbial control, enhanced IAQ and energy savings. The site features all-new graphics and a user-friendly navigation system that makes it easy to find products and technical support. Included on the site is complete information on the company’s multi-patented UVC devices. The viewer can access product descriptions, technical background, testimonials, FAQs, and guidelines on commercial, residential, school, health care, food processing and industrial applications.
Steril-Aire, Inc.
Burbank, Calif.

Space-entry monitor

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The Triple Plus + multi-gas monitor simultaneously monitors, displays and alarms for one to four gases using field-interchangeable smart sensors. This monitor also features a built-in electric air pump option or diffusion style. The Triax case and internal construction won’t break if you drop the unit and it floats when needed. The unit is water resistant, dustproof and highly RF shielded. It also features a large, high-contrast display with a bright backlight.
CEA Instruments, Inc.
Emerson, N.J.

Molded petri dish rack

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The Scienceware® Molded 100-mm petri dish rack securely holds up to 42 petri dishes with lids when carrying, incubating or processing samples on the bench top. Up to four loaded racks can be safely stacked together and interlocked to prevent an accidental knock-over. Each rack’s base area is large enough to be very stable but small enough to preserve valuable bench top space and has access slots under the bottom petri dishes for easy removal of a stack of dishes. A large center divider incorporates a carrying handle and provides space for labeling. To maintain sterility and to ensure long term durability, all parts are molded of white polypropylene and are steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F). Racks are shipped flat and assemble easily.
Bel-Art Products, Inc.
Pequannock, N.J.

Ceramic membrane filtration

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The Kerasep ceramic filtration process for food manufacturing begins with ultra-filtration membranes that clarify fermentation broths at the start of the purification phase, which allows for simplification of sub­sequent filtration phases as well as reduction in the amount of effluent produced. The membranes have a pore diameter of between 1 and 100 nanometers, which allows small molecules (e.g., water, salts, sugars) to pass through while matter and molecules with high molar mass are blocked. Kerasep ceramic membranes are also designed for biotechnology and environmental applications, and for the automobile and other industries where treatment of oil waste is required.
Miribel, France

Silicone hose

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The Color Braid silicone hose is a unique advantage for line identification. Incorporated into flexible, braid-reinforced silicone hose, the colored braid material provides an easy-to-see tracer line and offers quick differentiation between lines used for the transfer and processing of fluids, air or granular materials-a benefit for pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, beverage, dairy, soap and cosmetics, chemical, medical and other high-purity applications. The hose begins with a core of low-volatile grade, platinum-cured silicone elastomer. The core material is NSF 51 listed. The hose is available in I.D. sizes from 1/16 to 1 inch. It can be used at a wide range of temperatures (-100°F to +400°F), and it is sterilizable/autoclavable.
Southampton, Pa.

Turbo pumps

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The TPH 1201 and TPH 2301 are based on the TPH 2101 pump. These pumps use the same small envelope, electronics and interfacing as the TPH 2101 and feature an advanced rotor design that improves the pumping performance. Designed for harsh applications, the TPH 1201 contains a combination of high pumping speed for light gases and high throughput for heavy gases. An advanced rotor geometry permits a high foreline tolerance of 0.5 mbar without the need for a drag stage, eliminating the concern of clogging in high-particulate environments. The THP 2301 minimizes the number of pumps required in semiconductor multi-pump chambers, reducing the capital costs and footprint, while increasing safety, uptime and wafer throughput.
Pfeiffer Vacuum North Americ
Milpitas, Calif.

Particle counting manifold system

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The MiniManifold sequence particle counting manifold system is useful for tool monitoring and qualification, mini­environment monitoring, and portable, cart-based monitoring systems. This system allows a single particle counter to monitor up to six locations in a mini­environment or process tool at 0.1 CFM. The MiniManifold consists of a manifold sequencing system with a built-in controller and miniblower for purge flow. The controller communicates with the particle counter that can interface to a computer system or process tool via RS-385/MODBUS communications protocol.
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
San Jose, Calif.

Resin purification service

This resin purification service reduces the level of ionic impurities in a range of polymers. Reductions of up to 95 percent have been achieved, bringing residue levels from a few hundred parts per billion down to several parts per billion. For manufacturers, the service makes it possible to choose from a broader array of materials that meet overall performance criteria. The service can be used on virgin pellets, materials accidentally contaminated by process upsets or improper storage and handling, and regrind that customers want to recover.
PolyClean Technologies, Inc.
Rosenberg, Texas

Decontamination system

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Ultra-DeconDeck’s patented bladder system unfurls for additional containment and prevents the responder from contracting contaminated materials. Designed for use by hazardous materials response units, regional WMD response groups, law enforcement tactical responders and the military, Ultra-DeconDecks set up quickly with no tools required. The system contains 99 gallons of liquid, and can be used as a multi- or single-station field decontamination system.
UltraTech International, Inc.
Jacksonville, Fla.

Molybdate meter

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This meter is useful for the accurate testing of molybdate formulations. Used as a corrosion inhibitor in industrial water treatment, the Molybdate Duo meter makes it easy to test high concentration levels (0-100 mg/l Mo04) as well as trace amounts (as low as 0.10 ppm in the range 0-20 mg/l Mo04), an important test for effluents and industrial discharges. Molybdate-based formulations are used in cooling systems, closed recirculating systems such as water heating systems, and chilled water systems. Low levels of molybdate are also mixed in with other boiler and cooling water products for the determination of levels in a system. The splash-proof Molydate Duo is suitable for bench use in laboratories or for field use by sampling engineers or contractors.
Palintest USA
Erlanger, Ky.

Diaphragm valves

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The M4SI series of reverse seat diaphragm valves are specifically designed for UHP and HP applications. Available in electropolished 316L or 316LVAR material, these valves feature pressure ratings of 125, 290, or 3,500 psi, Cv of 0.2, fully swept flow passages, and certified inboard and cross seat helium leak testing <1X10-9. These high life-cycle valves also boast multiport configurations and manual and pneumatic actuation.
Mt. Pleasant, Pa.

Positive displacement dry pump

XtraDry from Pfeiffer Vacuum is a new positive displacement dry pump technology featuring a simple piston style design, few moving parts to reduce vibrations, and a hydrocarbon-free vacuum. Because XtraDry does not generate particulates, this pump is ideal for use in semiconductor applications, and has shown promise as a replacement for rotary vane pumps where oil-backstreaming has been a concern.
Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.
Nashua, N.H.

UV filtering material

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Clear and Orange Flexible UV Filter Sheets from UV Process Supply offer 98 percent protection against UV radiation. Filter sheets are available in uncut 100-foot rolls, or can be cut to customized lengths, with or without adhesive backing. Rigid UV Filter Sheets offer 100 percent protection against UV radiation below 390 nm, and 98 percent between 390 nm and 400 nm. Made of lightweight shatter-resistant acrylic, these Rigid Filter Sheets can be sawed, drilled and routed, and strongly resist many chemicals including ammonia and dilute acids.
UV Process Supply
Chicago, Ill.

EMI filters

The MC12 and MZ12 families of filters are designed for use in a number of industrial applications ranging from process control to medical equipment. The MC12 filters provide low-frequency noise attenuation, and the MZ12 filters reduce input pulses. Both series accept a single-phase voltage of up to 250VAC and are available in 6-, 10-, 16-, 20- and 30-amp ratings. They can also be specified with the standard 1-milliamp or low 10-microamp leakage current option for use in medical applications.
San Diego, Calif.

High-flow filter

Pall Corporation has announced a new PTFE-based filter for high-flow, high-purity, bulk gas delivery systems. The new High-Flow Emflon Filters enable users to shrink the footprint of their filter systems, resulting in lower capital and operational costs. The High-Flow Emflon Filter is designed for use in the newest generations of display and semiconductor manufacturing facilities, which have a need to filter bulk nitrogen and clean dry air (CDA) at flow rates in excess of 1,700 normal cubic meters per hour (Nm3/h)/1,000 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). The new Emflon filters offer flow rates of up to 6,500 Nm3/h (3,800 SCFM) for a single 1,016-mm /(40-inch) cartridge and a removal rating of 0.003 micron. A single 1,016-mm High-Flow Emflon filter can replace a typical filter system requiring up to 30 standard 254-mm (10-inch) filters.
Pall Corporation
East Hills, N.Y.

Biochromatography software

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Millipore has announced the availability of its Common Control Platform (CCP) Version 6 software which links biochromatography and tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems to a single control and data handling system. This software offers customers advanced security and traceability. The easy-to-use recipe manager ensures that system operators only select from an appropriate pool of recipes, which are set by an administrator and related to the batch in process. Any edits or modifications to a recipe are accompanied with an electronic signature. In addition, the operator’s ID is logged with every event or data point. With automatic and secure data acquisition, CCP v6 software provides an information trail for process review and is compliant with Good Automation Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) and FDA regulation 21CFR Part 11 for electronic records and signatures. CCP v6 software offers reliable and flexible management of the connectivity between diverse biopurification systems. The software monitors process parameters and enables batch reporting. As a result, applications developed in the laboratory can be quickly and easily scaled up. CCP v6 software is compatible with Windows XP and also operates on Windows NT.
Billerica, Mass.

Biodegradable rust preventive

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Cortec Corrosion Research Laboratories has developed BioCorr, a new rust preventive that replaces petroleum-based products. Based on Cortec’s advanced green technology with renewable resources and patented Cortec VpCI technology, BioCorr offers the first complete solution for a biodegradable rust preventive. This product offers up to two years of protection against corrosion during indoor storage. It is non-toxic, VOC-free and replaces hazardous mineral oils and flammable solvents. Its biodegradable formulation does not contain chlorinated compounds, chromates or nitrites. BioCorr is effective for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals including steel, copper and aluminum. It performs well in both ASTM D 1748 (humidity chamber) and ASTM D 4627-86 (cast iron chip test). Applied by dip or spray, BioCorr displaces water and oil from metal surfaces and dries to a virtually invisible film, providing clean protection to parts and enabling a clean workplace.
Cortec Corporation
St. Paul, Minn.

Coved-corner sinks

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A comprehensive line of deep-drawn coved-corner sinks from Eagle MHC combines a highly functional design with corrosion-free construction to optimize sanitation and efficiency in industrial workplace or lab settings. Offered with a choice of one, two, three or four bowl compartments, these sinks feature heavy-gauge stainless steel construction-including the bowls, drainboards and backsplash components. All models are approved by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). The sink bowls for Eagle’s coved-corner sinks feature deep-drawn, one-piece seamless construction, along with a swirl-away drainage design for complete evacuation of water. The standard bowl size (14-inch water level) and shape are ideal for accommodating a wide range of equipment sizes-even those of extremely large diameters and depths. The coved corners prevent spillage and promote cleanliness of the floor area around the sink, while the drainboard’s die-stamped “crease” design enables faster and more complete water drainage. Designed for rugged durability, the sink design includes front-to-back leg braces for added rigidity and elimination of “wobble.” The leg gussets are welded to a die-cut heavy-gauge reinforcing plate to optimize sturdiness. All outside corners of the sink are bull-nosed to eliminate sharp edges and ensure worker safety. All Eagle coved-corner sink models come with a standard 10-inch backsplash element featuring a 1-inch upturn and tile edge for easy installation and “feathering” to any wall-splash surfaces. Custom sink configurations are also available.
Eagle MHC
Clayton, Del.

Temperature and process controllers

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Kaif Digital has announced its wMPC Series controllers which offer up to seven zone controllers in a single wall mount package. These controllers accommodate a universal range of temperature and process inputs, and input type can be individually configured for each zone from the keypad, allowing a single unit to accommodate multiple sensor types (e.g., temperature, pressure, velocity, flow, volume) at the same time. Scaling and offset of current and voltage signals is user-programmable. Multiple display modes allow for a variety of data to be displayed. The large (.8-inch) seven-segment LED display provides easy viewing from a distance. The sealed, lockable enclosure provides protection from dust and moisture. A choice of multiple control modes (On/Off, PID, Heat/Cool) is available. Each zone has its own ramp and soak profile or a manual set point. These controllers are ideal for a full range of applications, from simple to complex processes.
Kaif Digital Corporation
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Portable light carts

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LDPI Lighting has recently expanded its series of portable light carts, which bring an extra light source to industrial or commercial work areas. The LDPI line includes several models: Class I, Div. 1 explosion-proof; Class I, Div. 2 hazardous location; general industrial task light; and inspection light carts for detecting flaws in high quality finishing applications. All carts require either a 120-volt or 277-volt power supply. The carts are available with one, two, three, or four 4-foot fixtures. The standard two-fixture 4-foot cart can be positioned for either vertical or horizontal light mounting. The fixtures are attached to swivel mount brackets, enabling the light source to be aimed in a particular direction. Depending on the model, available options include adjustable tool trays, cord reels, polycarbonate lens, and more.
Eau Claire, Wis.

Web-accessible drawings

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Universal Air Filter Co. has reduced 3D CAD air filter model delivery time to a matter of minutes thanks to industry-first Web-accessible drawings. Now design engineers can download air filter models into all major CAD formats for “can’t miss” fit and tolerance stack-up evaluation. Engineers no longer need to recreate 3D air filter models from scratch, thus eliminating the time consuming process of requesting custom CAD models. Engineers can configure air filters and visualize them from all angles before downloading models into their designs. Web-enabled 3D modeling capability is made possible through the joint efforts of Universal Air Filter Co. and 3D ContentCentral, a cooperative relationship between the 3DpartStream group of the SolidWorks Corporation and leading industrial suppliers. 3D modeling capabilities are available either through Universal’s Web site ( or through SolidWorks’ 3D ContentCentral ( By answering a few specification questions, the design engineer can generate a SolidWorks 3D air filter model that is customized to their equipment needs. Engineers configure the part, download it, and order. 2D drawings are also available for download to support procurement and documentation.
Universal Air Filter Co.
Sauget, Ill.

High-flow plastic and in-line filters

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Industrial Specialties Mfg., Inc., has introduced two new series of high-flow filters ideal for air, liquid or vacuum service. First, the new polypropylene filters, available in black or white, can be disassembled quickly and are easily serviceable by replacing the filter materials. Filters are offered with filtration of 15-, 30-, 70-, 110-, and 170-micron porous disc material. Nylon screen filters are also available. Pressures to 125 psi and temperatures to +140°F can be attained. Buna-N seals are standard with ethylene, propylene, fluoroelastomer or neoprene optional. All materials are NSF-approved. Filters are available with 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-inch female pipe threads. Other thread sizes can be accommodated with adapters. Next, the new series of in-line filters from Industrial Specialties Mfg., Inc., is ideal for a variety of substances, including chemical solutions, ink, water, oil, and alcohol. These filters, molded in polyoxymethylene acetal (POM), are available in 20, 65, 105, 150, and 250 microns, and offer color-coded filter frames to indicate size. These filters are available with 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 barbs; 10-32, 1/4-28 and 1/8 female threads; and 1/16 and 1/8 male threads. Desired ends can be mixed and matched, and the entire filter can also be color-coded if needed.
Industrial Specialties Mfg., Inc.
Englewood, Colo.

Portable contamination monitors

Pall Corporation (NYSE: PLL) is introducing two new portable devices that reliably, simply and quickly measure fluid cleanliness, preventing unnecessary and costly machinery and equipment downtime. The PCM400 Portable Cleanliness Monitor and the PFC400W Portable Particle Counter both provide a simple, convenient way to ensure accurate results. The new Cleanliness Monitor can confirm cleanliness of almost every kind of hydraulic, lube or process fluid, even fluids that are dark, cloudy or contaminated by water or air. The monitor employs a novel design to measure the rate of pressure drop increase across two mesh discs (5 micron and 15 micron) either on-line or off-line. Automatic reversing of the flow path through the meshes provides a self-cleaning mechanism that flushes contaminants from the meshe s and acts to stave off mesh plugging and blockage. The PCM400 also measures fluid temperature and viscosity and has a hand-held, removable display/programmer with a touch screen interface. An optional water sensor can be incorporated for use with mineral-based fluids. The new PFC400W Portable Particle Counter measures the size and quantity of particulate in industrial fluid systems using a laser blockage technology with a water sensor to measure the amount of dissolved moisture in oil, which can help prevent erroneous counts and false positives due to the presence of emulsified or free water droplets. The technology of the PFC400W Portable Particle Counter provides a built-in system check that reduces the potential for inaccurate results. In addition, the counter can be programmed to perform single counts, time counts or continuous counting, and more than 50 sample point profiles can be stored in the unit.

The hand-held display and program can be detached from the unit to download data onto a computer without moving the whole unit. Also included are a temperature sensor, which provides additional supporting data, and a built-in pump for low pressure or bottle sampling.
Pall Corporation
East Hills N.Y.

Portable particle counter

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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has introduced its next generation of airborne particle counters with the release of the new SOLAIR 3200+ and 5200+. These models offer new features, including a true 2.0 CFM (56.6 L/min) particle counter, a volumetric flow control system and a powerful pump that accurately maintains the 2.0 CFM flow rate. These portable particle counters help get cleanroom testing and certification done faster and more accurately. The new, user-friendly graphical user interface makes full use of the 5.7-inch backlit color touch-screen. This new interface enables quick instrument configuration, alphanumeric labeling of locations, and passwords for start-up and configuration. Data may be stored, viewed on screen, thermally printed or easily downloaded. Standard reports include FS-209E, ISO-14644-1, BS-5295 and EC GMP Annex 1. The SOLAIR counts up to six particle sizes, displays counts instantly and stores up to 3,000 records. These units are sensitive to 0.3 µm or 0.5 µm at 2.0 CFM or 50L/min, and the counters are protected by a stainless steel enclosure, a full two-year warranty, and 24-hour worldwide service.
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
San Jose, Calif.

Mini gas leak detector

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The Mini Gas Sniffer from E Instruments is a rugged, compact, ergonomic, and highly sensitive natural gas detector that is widely used throughout the HVAC industry. This leak detector is designed for simplicity and one-hand operation. The unit is equipped with a highly sensitive LED Scale & Beeper to pinpoint small leaks of gaseous hydrocarbons (methane, propane, butane, LPG, etc.) from piping or appliances. Its easy-to-use design features an 8-inch long, flexible probe for inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas, a range of 0 to 640 ppm, a quick response time of less than two seconds, and twenty-five hours of continuous operation. A soft vinyl case and belt support accessories are also available.
E Instruments
Langhorne, Pa.

Modular radiometer

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Steril-Aire, Inc. has introduced a new Modular Radiometer System that provides an affordable, versatile and reliable means for measuring output of ultraviolet-C (UVC) devices. The system includes a separate display, sensor and logic controller, allowing the use of some or all components to fit the needs of the end-user. Applications for the UVC monitoring device include large or critical HVAC installations, and surface disinfection systems in manufacturing cleanrooms and food processing areas. The modular radiometer can measure UVC output in both microwatts/cm2 and in a user-defined pre-set percentage, thereby ensuring change-out of UVC lamps at optimum intervals, for maximum economy with no compromise in performance. NIST (National Institute of Standards Testing) traceable calibration resides within the sensor for ease of calibration. Only the sensor is needed for recalibration service, allowing the rest of the network to remain intact. In addition, the logic controller provides easy-to-read visual indication of relative power and UVC lamp output. It may be used with a portable (hand-held) and/or stationary display module to provide digital readout data of relative or absolute power output of the lamp in microwatts/cm2. The logic controller is easily connected to HVAC building management systems or programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
Steril-Aire, Inc.
Burbank, Calif.


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