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This year’s Contamination Control Technology (CCT) Conference & Exhibition promises to be a fantastic event. Here is a sampling of the companies, exhibits and demonstrations you can expect to see in Boston this March.

223 Lake Drive
Newark, DE 19702
Tel: 302-292-8888
Fax: 302-292-8468
Website: www.accugenix.com
Booth 619

Representatives: David Shelep, National Sales Director; Michael Anderson M (ASCP), Account Manager; Jackie Scialabba MLT, MT (ASCP), Account Manager; Jeffrey A. Pierce, Account Manager

Accugenix is a leading North American cGMP-compliant contract laboratory specializing in identification and
characterization of microorganisms. Accugenix uses the latest advances in DNA sequencing and molecular techniques to provide their clients with the most accurate, rapid
and cost-effective identifications possible. Their extensive microorganism database is geared towards environmental isolates commonly found in pharmaceutical and
biotechnology manufacturing, but among others, they also serve cosmetic, chemical, food and public health
microbiologists. Customer needs are a priority for
Accugenix. They offer identifications based on the
turnaround time required by the customer. Working with genetic-based techniques, Accugenix can offer results
in as little as one day and up to twenty-eight days. They can also work with a very small amount of organism as well
as with nonviable organisms. This is one of the advantages of employing genetic-based identification techniques.
Accugenix provides their customers with extensive
reports detailing phylogenetic information about the
microorganisms. They also offer educational seminars
on genetic-based identification techniques, strain
characterization and the advantages of outsourcing
microbial identifications. Genetic-based identifications are not new to Accugenix; they have been performing and perfecting them for years. Consider Accugenix for all
your bacterial, yeast and mold identifications.

AdvanceTEC LLC
485 Southlake Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23236
Tel: 804-378-1550
Fax: 804-378-4055
Booth # 625

AdvanceTEC has designed and constructed over 500,000 sq. ft. of cleanroom space-from Class 1 to 100,000. In
addition to construction services, AdvanceTEC has an
extensive resume in process tool installation, cleanroom retrofit projects and sustaining work contracts. They serve individual owner requirements, from assistance in upfront design as part of a design/build team with General
Contractors and Engineering Firms, to construction and
incorporating value engineering and constructability reviews early in the project schedule. AdvanceTEC can help you identify and analyze your needs, then design, manage
and construct a facility that meets them. The result is a ready-to-operate cleanroom that’s not only on time and on budget, but on target-fulfilling your highest expectations. AdvanceTEC holds General Contractor licenses in most eastern U.S. states.

Air Filtration Management Inc.
P.O. Box 269
Bethlehem, PA 1801-0269
Tel: 610-867-3869
Fax: 610-867-3871

Booth # 609

Air Filtration Management, Inc. is a NEBB Certified, Independent Testing and Certification Agency Serving the Life Sciences and Microelectronics Industries since 1988. AFM specializes in the testing, balancing, and certification of cleanrooms, laminar flow clean benches, HEPA filtered equipment, biological safety cabinets and fume hoods. They offer you the benefits of a full-service company while their independence assures you a nonbiased evaluation of operational performance levels. Thoroughly trained technicians conduct cleanroom and equipment operational performance evaluations using IEST Recommended Practices, ISO Standards, NEBB Standards, NSF and ASHRAE Specifications as well as their own AFM Procedural Standards. Their professional experience and expertise provide the foundation from which they build to offer immediate solutions to problems that may arise during the evaluation process, affording your project a smooth and efficient completion. Attention to detail has led AFM to develop a certification program which offers individualized performance evaluations tailored to your unique requirements including such specific services as precision filter integrity testing using a fully computerized robotic scan and a filter challenge employing PSL Spheres. No matter what degree of sophistication your project dictates, AFM’s certification program is always backed by explicit test report documentation. Their innovative style of presenting the test data through Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) resultsin a clear and concise report produced in a timely manner. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled them to develop a list of customers with cleanrooms of diverse size, configuration, and cleanliness classification in all types of industries.

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Air Liquide – Balazs

Analytical Services
46409 Landing Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: 510-657-0600
Fax: 510-657-2292
Booth # 409

Balazs, a worldwide analytical service provider, can identify and quantify contaminants and their sources in Cleanroom Air, Components, Materials, Ultrapure, City and Recycle Water, Chemicals, Gases, Processing tools, Wafers, Carriers and Thin/Thick Films. As an ISO 9001 (2000) & 17025 accredited laboratory, Balazs can analyze everything contained or processed in cleanrooms to ensure process quality control and eliminate elemental and molecular contamination. They can provide 3- to 5-day turnaround with low-level detection limits on the following techniques: ICP-MS, ICP-AES, IC, SEM EDS, SARIS, VPD ICP-MS, ATD GC-MS, Wafer outgassing, FTIR, RAMAN, TGA, Dynamic Headspace, Air testing/sampling, Dynamic Leaching, Thin Film Analysis.

ARAMARK Cleanroom Services
7650 Grant Street
Burr Ridge, IL 60521
Tel: 630-455-5459
Fax: 630-455-5450

Booth # 516

At ARAMARK Cleanroom Services, their understanding of high technology manufacturing has made them a leading supplier of reusable and disposable cleanroom garments worldwide. They offer a complete line of state-of-the-art static dissipative garments, barrier apparel, sterile garments and cleanroom application accessories designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. The CleanTrak™ merchandise control system gives ARAMARK custodial control and allows them to provide garment-tracking capabilities required by the cleanroom community. This unique barcode system gives the necessary information to allow users to locate their garments 24/7, curtailing losses and saving money; track the wear-history of each garment from start to finish; and easily access garment information online. ARAMARK’s cleanroom garments meet ISO 2000 standards and all of their processing facilities are ISO 9001 certified. ARAMARK has as its customer base nineteen of the top twenty Pharmaceutical Companies, ensuring a high degree of comfort that ARAMARK is a quality leader. They take pride in the knowledge that they are committed to this industry long term. From innovations such as CleanTrak to the extensive investments they have made in their facilities, ARAMARK continues to look for ways to be a better partner to their valued customers.

Asiatic Fiber Corporation
11F, No. 166, Sec 2, Fu Hsing Road
Taipei 00106
Tel: (011) 886-2-2708-2136
Fax: (011) 886-2-2708-2139
Booth # 412

Asiatic Fiber Corporation, established in 1973, is known as a leading producer of cleanroom products such as cleanroom fabric, low voltage fabric, cuffs, tape and ribbon, Velcro, wrist strips, heel grounders, sewing thread, shoes, socks, mask fabric, gloves and wipers. They also provide a selection of ESD products such as fabric, buckles, insoles, shoes and shoe soles, antiradiation mesh, mask fabric, conductive brushes, and seat cover fabric. EMI products include fabric and tape.

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Atomizing Systems, Inc.
1 Hollywood Avenue, Bldg 1
Hohokus, NJ 07423
Tel: 201-447-1222
Fax: 201-447-6932
Booth # 525

Representative: Michael Elkas

Atomizing Systems provides high-pressure water fog systems using ultrapure water for controlling humidity in cleanroom environments at ±1 percent accuracy without compressed air. The proportionally controlled, multistage fogging system can inject 1 to 12 GPM (as required) with .75 to 10 horsepower with soft-start, variable frequency technology. The low-noise, low-RPM direct-drive fog systems offer redundant systems for any cleanroom environment with minimal vibration utilizing inertia bases where required. The guaranteed nonwearing Cold Fog nozzles feature laser-drilled, ruby-orifices with tolerances to ± .0004 for consistent water flow from every nozzle. Cold Fog systems use small diameter, 1/2” O.D., specially cleaned, 316 type stainless-steel nozzle lines within air handlers for minimal air flow disruption. Large compressed air piping is eliminated when high-pressure fog is utilized in new construction or retrofits, and compressor costs for energy, maintenance and air filtration are eliminated. Pumps can be centrally located and multiple zones can be easily and accurately controlled from a single high-pressure pump station.

Bellcomb Technologies
5001 Boone Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55428
Tel: 763-537-0200
Fax: 763-201-6594
Booth # 710

Bellcomb Technologies specializes in custom, lightweight, composite panels. Core materials include aluminum, plastic, and kraft honeycombs, as well as an assortment of structural foams. Various finishes are available, including ESD, white, black, primed and anodized. Other capabilities include custom sizing, CNC machining, internal framing, and the application of inserts and connectors for attachments.

Bioscience International, Inc.
11607 Magruder Lane
Rockville, MD 20852
Tel: (301) 230-0072
Fax: (301) 230-1418
Booth # 509

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Biotest Diagnostics
66 Ford Road
Denville, NJ 07834
Tel: 973-625-1300
Fax: 973-625-9454
Booth # 713

Biotest Diagnostics Corporation offers the HYCON System-a complete line of environmental monitoring products including airborne particle counters, microbial air samplers, agar strips and HYCON Contact Slides for use in a wide range of contamination control applications. The APC brand of Airborne Particle Counters features battery-operated handheld and portable instruments that are used for the accurate detection of particulate contamination. The APC handheld instruments can measure four particle size ranges simultaneously: 0.3, 0.5, 1.0 and 5.0 mm and features include user-friendly control panel, programmable count and hold times and two concentration modes. The APC Portables can measure six size ranges simultaneously down to 0.2 mm at one cubic foot per minute flow rate (28.3 L/min). The APC Portable performs ISO 14644 and FS 209E calculations. Easy to use software is included and facility-monitoring software is also available. Biotest offers four RCS Centrifugal air samplers to meet your microbial contamination control needs: the Standard RCS, RCS Plus, RCS High Flow and the newest addition, the RCS Isolator, designed for use in cleanrooms and isolators. The RCS Isolator samples 100 liters of air per minute and is controlled via remote keypad or by remote control. It features an integrated rechargeable battery and the airflow is contained inside the instrument housing. With the use of Biotest HYCON agar strips, results will be reliable and accurate every time. HYCON Contact Slides are used to enumerate microorganisms on surfaces, including equipment, floors, ventilation shafts, and personnel. A flexible culture media carrier ensures contact with curved or irregular surfaces. Self-contained packaging reduces risk of contamination, facilitates storage, and provides for simple transportation and incubation of the product.

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Blue Thunder Technologies
11B Pasco Drive
East Windsor, CT 06088
Tel: 860-370-9829
Fax: 860-627-8370
Booth # 520

Blue Thunder Technologies provides wiping products for use in Class 1 cleanrooms and higher. These wipes are extremely low in particle generation and nonvolatile residue. Virtually any size, shape, or packaging is available. These wiping products are made from highly engineered fabrics that include, nonwovens, interlocking polyester monofilament knits, and mercerized cotton. Blue Thunder Technologies also provides custom-made products and a complete list of consumable items used in any clean environment. Some of these products include disposable gloves, garments, headwear and footwear, tackified mats, presaturated wipes, cleaning chemicals, cleanroom mops, and ESD products. The dramatic growth of Blue Thunder Technologies can be attributed to high quality, outstanding service, innovation, and fair prices. One of the newest innovations is a product line of presaturated wipes that features user-friendly containers and wipes that have four clean-cut edges. This is seen as an improvement over wipes that are packaged in round canisters that typically have long stringy fibers due to perforations and pouches with adhesive-b


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