New Products

Die Sorter

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Easyline 8031T sorts onto carrier or surf tapes for wafer-level packaging, chip-on-board, and flip-chip-on-board. Processors, power LEDs, power diodes, and other devices for processing on surface mount machines can be sorted into different bin code qualities with the wafer-mapping option. An integrated post-placement inspection and bad die remover ensures that the specified number of dice per lot is processed. Dice can be placed either directly onto a tape or flipped in the die flipper. A mouse click facilitates changeover between flip/non-flip processes. Based upon a high-speed, air-bearing, die pick-and-place system, it provides placement accuracy and productivity in the 150- and 200-mm markets. A closed-loop, linear-motor pick head provides synchronous die ejection without any needle marks on the die backside. An EIA 481-compliant tape feeder with constant pressure sealing aligns the tape smoothly at placement position. Front access to all major systems simplifies operation with a 1-m2 footprint. Alphasem AG, Berg, Switzerland,

Viscosity Management

Viscosity Control System provides continuous viscosity management to maintain consistent delivery of temperature-responsive conformal coating fluids. A heated, recirculating fluid circuit with close-range temperature monitoring keeps the coating process consistent and stable. Solvent usage may be reduced, resulting in less VOC emissions. An option for the company’s Century Series Conformal Coating platform, fluid delivery is monitored closely and maintained at set parameters. When loading a batch of fluid in a coating system, the system brings the fluid up to optimal coating temperature. Fluid is recirculated past strategically located temperature probes that control the temperature to within 1ºC. Safety is designed into the system by using components that meet the most stringent standards for use around volatile materials. Asymtek, Carlsbad, Calif.,

3-D X-ray

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ClearVue 3-D X-ray imaging technology detects PCB solder and production defects by using its patented off-center tomosynthesis imaging method, making it ideal for densely packed single- or double-sided boards that use BGA-style components, and for problematic loss of electrical or optical access. ClearVue operates using a stationary x-ray source and detector, and does not require complex or rotating mechanical parts, resulting in lower false call rates and improved reliability, repeatability, and cycle times. Teradyne Inc., North Reading, Mass.,

Test Platform

The SiPFLOW test platform integrates a small footprint, low power consumption, high-bandwidth operation via a wide bus interface, and the SiPLINK testing architecture. The 166-MHz IT16M32SD and the 100-MHz IT16M32SDL I.P. products are high-speed and low-power (1.8V CMOS), DRAM designs. Both designs incorporate this company’s design-for-test technology using voltage-induced burn-in emulation technology. The SiPFLOW platform provides a cost-effective and reliable methodology for SiP optimized solutions in multimedia cell phones, consumer audio/video portables, digital displays, and micro-hard-drive storage devices. Inapac Technology Inc., San Jose, Calif.,

Ball Bonder

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Maxum ultra ball bonder can process stacked die, multi-tier, low-k, ultra-fine-pitch, long- and low-loop shapes, and other complex packaging applications. A new bond force control system with piezo sensor technology allows for increased bond-head velocities, without increasing tool impact force. Its microprocessor control system provides fast processing power and PC-style USB functionality, facilitating software and data handling. An enhanced wire feed/tensioning system reduces friction on the wire feed path for looping consistency at higher speeds. Accuracy is ±2.5 µm for 35-µm-pitch production. Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc., Willow Grove, Pa.,

Transceiver IC

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The AMIS-42665’s high-speed, single-chip transceiver combines operation to 1 Mbaud with a low-current standby mode and a bus-initiated wake-up capability. Suitable for 12- and 24-V automotive applications, the transceiver is fully ISO 11898-2- and ISO 11898-5- compliant. High tolerance to EMI and an ESD rat-ing of ±8 kV eliminates the need for additional filtering and protection. Remote wake-up can be initiated either locally or via the CAN bus, depending on specific application requirements. The device integrates into a miniature, “green” SOIC 150-8 package to provide an interface between a CAN controller and a physical bus. AMI Semiconductor, Pocatello, Idaho,

– Lee Mather


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A collection of the newest contamination-control products on the market.

EnviroTrans monitoring kit

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EnviroTrans monitoring kit
The EnviroTrans environmental monitoring kit is intended for environmental sterility monitoring within a pharmaceutical cleanroom. The kit contains a 15- x 75-mm tube with 3 mls of sterile deionized water with an attached Dacron swab, and a 15- x 75-mm tube with 5 mls of D/E neutralizing broth. A total of five tests can be performed from each kit. All of the tubes are packaged in a disposable carrying tray, are triple-bagged and irradiated for complete sterility.

Hardy Diagnostics
Santa Maria, Calif.

Mobile computer workstation

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This mobile computer workstation features the company’s QuadTruss open-wire design for 25 percent greater shelf strength, while also reducing moisture and dust build-up. The workstations are useful for a variety of work environments, including material handling, electronic assembly, cleanroom manufacturing and healthcare facilities. Workstation dimensions are 24” wide x 24” long x 55” high with shelves adjustable on 1-inch increments for added flexibility. A swivel mouse pad holder mounts on the operator’s right or left. Other options include a keyboard drawer, antistatic drag chain, and a choice of decorative, swivel, or swivel/brake casters. The workstations are available in chrome or stainless-steel finishes.

Eagle MHC
Clayton, Del.

Hot pick module

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The IC hot pick module for FastPic Systems’ inventory control software reduces response time for priority orders while improving employee productivity and throughput in cleanroom manufacturing operations. The functionality of the IC software allows organizations to suspend current order-picking operations with a click of a button to process last-minute orders and meet immediate shipping requirements, adding flexibility and increasing customer satisfaction. Once an individual “hot” order is complete, the current order can be resumed where it left off with no interruption in continuity.

FastPic Systems
Westbrook, Maine

Sanitary temperature sensors

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The Series D sanitary temperature probes are useful for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The company offers a variety of clean-in-place sanitary connections most commonly used in processes where corrosion or contamination is a concern. The sensors comply with 3A symbol council authorization #74-00. The sensors are constructed with all 316 stainless-steel wetted parts and are available with polypropylene or stainless-steel heads designed for work wash-down application. The polypropylene heads comply with FDA standards. The sensors offer good shock and vibration resistance.

Dwyer Instruments
Michigan City, Ind.

Work surface systems

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The AdjusTable® work surface systems are useful for the special needs of cleanroom and electronic assembly operations. Their specially engineered “clean” design incorporates stainless-steel components and laminar flow and ESD control. The basic unit begins with a rugged stainless-steel table top, accompanied by chrome or stainless-steel posts plus an optional undershelf that is adjustable on 1-inch increments for easy, level positioning without the use of tools. Users can create any number of custom configurations by adding additional wire or solid stainless-steel undershelves and overshelves. All units feature a solid or perforated stainless-steel work surface, available in brushed or electropolished finish. Users can select an H-frame or C-frame base combination, with or without a wire undershelf. Regardless of the configuration, the units are designed to optimize laminar flow and electrostatic dissipation, thereby promoting clean production or assembly operations.

Eagle MHC
Clayton, Del.

Fume extractor

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This standard extraction arm is a “no frills” product designed for your basic needs. The arm is available for wall mounting in 7-foot or 10-foot lengths. An optional damper is offered as an accessory. Features include a flange type of hood for optimal capture efficiency and a main integrated wall bracket complete with hose connection bend designed for 180° rotation. The internal support linkage is based on company technology that guarantees quality and longevity.

Nederman, Inc.
Westland, Mich.

Active shelving

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Active shelving is a surface treatment in the form of a coating that will kill bacteria in contact with the surface, killing 99 percent within 24 hours. The coating’s active element is a silver-based agent captured in a nonorganic matrix and is applied only after the shelf has been prepared and phosphated to ensure a good bond onto the metal. The use of “hot dip” techniques also ensures full coverage and the thick coating smoothes out sharp details and acute internal corners, providing an easy-to-wipe, clean surface that is resistant to dirt. In the event of coating damage, protection is still provided as the treatment permeates the coating. In tests, the coating has been found to be resistant to abrasion, impact, corrosion, graffiti, chemicals and UV. The tests also established no degradation through detergent washing with no reduction of tint, gloss or mechanical properties after 1,500 cycles. Active was found to be thermally resistant at 130°C.

Bedford & Soar Ltd.
Slough, United Kingdom

Gas flow calibrator

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The Cal=Trak SL-800 primary standard gas flow calibrator offers a standardized accuracy of ±0.15 percent. The dimensionally-based primary accuracy of the Cal=Trak is superior to pressure-based secondary methods and is backed by a rigorous uncertainty analysis. Field-rugged, it is used in the manufacture, inspection, validation and recalibration of mass flow controllers, flow meters and many other varieties of flow equipment in the 5 sccm to 50 slpm range. The broad turndown ratio of the SL-800 allows three interchangeable flow cells to cover this range, minimizing initial investment and maintenance costs. The modular nature allows a user to begin with one flow cell and then add the other cells as resources allow. The Cal=Trak SL-800 offers data logging, digital communications, interval operation and many other productivity‑enhancing features. It is well-suited for applications in the metrology, semiconductor, analytical, medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Sierra Instruments, Inc.
Monterey, Calif.

Silicone hoses

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The APSM and APSW reinforced silicone hoses have recently undergone changes in construction and now offer improved performance. The hoses are made from platinum-cured, Class VI silicone and offer multi-ply mandrel-wrapped fabric for reinforcement. APSW also contains steel-reinforcing wire for added pressure and vacuum capabilities, plus kink and crush resistance. Both cleanroom‑manufactured hoses are used in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, beverage, cosmetic and fragrance, and chemical industries and for other sanitary applications. The improved products contain a polyester fabric with a different thread count and weave. This makes the hoses more flexible with no loss of their pressure-carrying capabilities. Another improvement to APSW lies within its wire reinforcement. In the previous version of the product, the same gage wire was used for all eight hose sizes. The improved style now uses different gages for different sizes-the larger the hose size, the heavier the wire. APSM and APSW are available in sizes from 1/2” through 4” I.D. APSW is stocked in two types: smooth or convoluted exterior for an improved range of flexibility.

Southampton, Pa.

New-generation filter

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The Ultipleat ME filter increases flow rates nearly 50 percent over conventional filters to improve performance, productivity and yield in high-volume semiconductor etch processing. It will help chipmakers lower their overall manufacturing costs as they increasingly move to smaller, faster chip designs. The filter is engineered to provide the highest flow rates for deep submicron filtration of hydrofluoric acid and buffered-oxide etch recirculation bath processes. It combines the company’s proprietary crescent-shaped design with its asymmetric, nanoporous membrane material, a patented technology that filters impurities down to 50 nm. This complementary technology combination delivers good flow rates with high removal efficiency. The high-flow, hydrophilic filter cartridge is compatible with both ambient temperature buffered-oxide etch bath chemistries and hydrofluoric acid mixtures. The new filter cartridges are available in multiple sizes and grades, all of which offer greater than 99.9 percent removal efficiency.

Pall Corporation
East Hills, N.Y.

Stainless-steel heavy capacity weights

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These stainless-steel heavy capacity weights are useful for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nuclear and fine-chemical industries. The weights are highly stable and resistant to corrosion-ideal for cleanrooms, wash-down environments and as a replacement for cast-iron weights. The weights can be supplied with the company’s NIST-traceable certificate up to 5,000 lbs or with an NVLAP weight calibration certificate for weights up to 3,000 lbs. The tolerances of these weights are adjusted to ANSI/ASTM Class 4, 5, 6 or NIST Class F. The weights are manufactured from a stainless-steel alloy that possesses closely controlled density, low magnetic susceptibility, good stability and resistance to corrosion and handling damage. The weights range from 75 lbs and up, are cylindrical in shape, have a flat, even top surface and have a secure eyebolt on the top center of the weight to allow them to be moved easily with various types of industrial equipment. All of the weights have a two-piece construction that allows the weight to be adjusted.

Thorofare, N.J.

Data analysis, storage and retrieval system

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The FabVision product is a fab-wide data analysis, storage and retrieval system with a fully integrated server, workstation and software package that enables wafer manufacturers to collect, analyze, store and retrieve critical metrology and inspection data from a wide range of production tools distributed throughout the process. It is a real-time, comprehensive system that continuously monitors, reports, issues alerts and manages product quality information. Reports and data are generated and sent automatically worldwide to better manage operations at the fab, process or customer level. With FabVision, wafer manufacturers and wafer reclaim operations have the ability to retain the metrology and inspection data for millions of wafers and to retrieve critical information about those wafers in seconds. The integrated database enables wafer manufacturers to quickly respond to customers’ inquiries about product history and quality. With real-time production information, the FabVision system provides management, engineering and operations with the capability to proactively detect process excursions that can lead to yield loss.

ADE Corporation
Westwood, Mass.

Fermentation systems

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The GEA Diessel series of modular fermentation systems for the biotechnology industries is the result of collaboration between GEA Liquid Processing and GEA Diessel in Europe. The GEA Diessel range is fully automatic in maintaining temperature, pH and agitator speed, and will have several options for nutrient feed and oxygen dispersion. It is equipped with an open architecture control system to give the owner full flexibility in the configuration of the process parameters. The standard range will be available in incremental sizes from 30 L to 1,500 L.

GEA Liquid Processing
Columbia, Md.

Tablet PC docking stand

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The GDS tablet PC stand is a small-footprint, rugged device specifically designed for cleanroom environments. The stand attaches to your cleanroom cart or table and provides ergonomic PC positioning for your cleanroom technicians. The stand is fabricated from precision welded 11- and 16-gauge stainless steel with stainless-steel hardware. Each stand is passivated and flash electropolished ensuring high corrosion resistance. The stands organize the work area by allowing PC accessories to be custom attached to the stand and the shelf providing storage. Tablet PC pivots a full 90° and can be locked into place throughout the travel. The company will customize docking stands to meet your requirements and compatibility with your PC manufacturer.

GDS, Inc.
West Chester, Pa.

Smooth-edge corrugated plastic

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The Milseal 2 patent-pending process seals heavy-duty 8-mm corrugated plastic sheets for lightweight, durable contaminant-free material. It creates a smooth edge that will not cut or scrape hands or scratch parts. This product is a lightweight replacement for wood, metal or corrugated paper and can be used as structural material, partitions, layer pads, liners, dividers and slip-sheets. The sheets will not support mold growth, nor will they emit sulfur or dust particles. This material can also be repeatedly cleaned and sterilized, making it suitable for cleanroom, pharmaceutical, biotech, food manufacturing and storage applications.

Mills Industries, Inc.
Laconia, N.H.

Operator/ground monitor

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The M200 operator and ground monitor presents a low-cost solution for dual-channel operator body voltage and dual-channel ground monitoring based on a digital platform. It is designed to meet the requirements for continuous monitoring and local alarm only. It offers “user programmable” alarm set and zeroing capability and requires no calibration or adjustments. This is a stand-alone product with no data output, but does include discernable audible alarm tones and RED/GREEN LED per channel. The M200 was designed and built specifically to address the monitoring requirements of customers who require sophisticated monitoring in an affordable package with no data output requirements.

Novx Corporation
San Jose, Calif.

Basket air filters

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These basket air filters enhance cooling capability in electronics equipment enclosures by significantly expanding air filter surface area. The design can more than double surface area, extending either inside or outside the enclosure. A one-piece fabricated frame and grid design assures sturdiness in standing up to the high airflow requirements of electronics equipment enclosures. Hexagon, square, rectangle and diamond grid patterns, all achieving approximately 85 percent openness, may be selected. A variety of foam media options are available for integration in the filters, including Quadrafoam. Quadrafoam offers high dust arrestance and low resistance where permanent, cleanable filters are most desirable. NEBS-compliant Quadrafoam air filters are flame retardant and meet UL 94 HF-1 standards for electronics.

Universal Air Filter
Sauget, Ill.

Parts cleanliness testing station

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The Surfex-300 is a parts cleanliness testing station for 300-mm wafer box applications. Large parts such as FOUP, FOSB or reticle pods are quickly tested. Smaller parts can also be tested. The Surfex combines ultrasonic extraction, particle measurement, high-purity fluidics and automated software control to save time and increase throughput when testing the cleanliness of complex parts. It decreases testing costs by reducing sample times to one tenth of traditional manual methods. Test recipes and simple menu-driven software eliminate data variability caused by human error. Highly reliable data with low sample-to-sample variation is ensured by establishing accurate particle baseline levels. Surfex is available with a variety of particle counter sensitivities and ultrasonic frequencies to provide parts cleanliness testing that is customized for applications.

Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, Colo.

Infrared multigas analyzer

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The MGA 3000 advanced infrared multigas analyzer is designed to meet the needs of organizations requiring cost-effective and reliable single- or multiple-gas analysis solutions. The four technologies employed are tested to ensure that the user experiences maximum reliability and accuracy. Up to four gases can be analyzed at any one time with measurement ranges in the low ppm or high 0- to 100-percent volume. The analyzer has the option to upgrade at a later date, which provides a useful solution for single-gas analysis and protects the initial investment. Typical gases include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, sulfur hexafluoride, nitric oxide, nitrous oxide, ammonia, methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, heptane, benzene, toluene, acetone and hydrogen chloride. Oxygen and/or electrochemical sensors can also be installed. Designed for use in hostile or friendly environments, the analyzer maintains high levels of gas selectivity wherever installed. Built-in air pumps can bring the samples to the unit. An optional bench case is available for non-rack mount installations.

CEA Instruments, Inc.
Emerson, N.J.

Vertical flow filter modules

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The Series 116 vertical flow filter modules can install on top of a support frame or be hung below the cleanroom ceiling, drawing air from the room or a return air duct. They are self-contained with filters, lights and blowers. Prefilters may be located on top or at the front of the units. Additional features include a white painted steel shell and speed control.

Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, Minn.

Compound management, logistics

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The FlexiWeigh product family is useful for compound management and logistics applications. Its capabilities include powder dispensing, solvent dispensing, inerting of target containers, capping/uncapping, labeling, sample tracking and weighing. The patented solid dosing head allows accurate and precise dispensing of a variety of powders, with no prior information about the powder and no teaching of the system or method development required. A key element of the platform is the WISC module, which has the ability to combine multiple operations at a single vial position, offering increased throughput and increased confidence in the solutions prepared. The FlexiWeigh 1000 and 2000 workstations are floor-standing, fully enclosed cabinets, equipped with an XYZ robot with rotating arm.

Mettler-Toledo AutoChem, Inc.
Columbia, Md.

Vacuum catalog

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This 2005-2007 vacuum catalog covers the complete range of technology, including equipment for producing, controlling and measuring a vacuum, as well as vacuum accessories and components. For each product, the catalog contains information on the field of application, features, technical data and part numbers. An online version of the catalog is available on the company’s Web site. Products covered in the catalog include turbomolecular, rotary vane, roots, dry and diffusion pumps, vacuum gauges and controllers, helium leak detectors, flanges, feedthroughs and valves.

Pfeiffer Vacuum
Nashua, N.H.


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