Unotron introduces SpillSeal washable computer keyboards

WESTWOOD, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 19, 2005– Recognizing that harmful bacteria can survive as long as 24 hours on computer keyboards and that the average office desktop has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, Unotron announced today the availability of SpillSeal computer keyboards. Unotron’s patented technology seals and protects keyboards from liquid or airborne penetration, protecting against the spread of infection.

“Affordably priced, Unotron’s SpillSeal keyboards are easy to clean and disinfect using commercial or hospital-grade cleansers,” says Marc Cisneros, chief operating officer at Unotron, international manufacturers and marketers of high quality, washable data input and security devices. “In multi-user environments and high-traffic sites like hospitals, schools, hotels, business, healthcare and government offices, SpillSeal maximizes user safety and minimizes risk.”

A recent study, conducted at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and reported at a meeting of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, found that keyboards can contaminate the fingers – bare or gloved – of a nurse or doctor, who could then transfer bacteria to patients. The study also documented that touching a keyboard even one time was enough to transmit bacteria. (

“With the advent of bedside computers, hospital settings are especially vulnerable,” continues Cisneros, “but classroom, office, and even household computer keyboards are also breeding grounds of potential contamination.”

The first nationwide study measuring normal bacterial levels inside offices revealed that keyboards are among the top five most germ-contaminated spots tested. Study coordinator Dr. Charles Gerber, “germ guru” microbiologist at the University of Arizona, reported that keyboards are dirtier than toilet seats, requiring disinfecting or sanitizing to attack most bacteria or viruses. (

As opposed to standard or spill-resistant keyboards, SpillSeal’s rugged technology addresses these dangers. Inside standard computer keyboards are upturned domes underneath each key, either set in a rubber mat or single and loose. When a key is pressed, the dome under it presses down and makes the electrical contact to produce a letter. Liquids – including cleansers – can easily pass through these keys and damage the keyboard.

“In contrast, Unotron’s patented design, manufacturing and assembly cover the way that each dome is welded into its key assembly, sealing it against liquid entering the keyboard,” says Cisneros.

He contends that SpillSeal keyboards render spill-resistant keyboards obsolete. “If a spill is small enough not to flood the keys, a spill-resistant keyboard may possibly save a keyboard,” says Cisneros, “but that keyboard will never perform properly again, because it will remain sticky unless washed.”

Furthermore, Cisneros points out that because keys are individually sealed units, Unotron’s keyboards permit each key to fully travel and respond. “This allows standard touch-type response and flexible key layout not offered by keyboards which are sealed in a single casing and are cumbersome to operate.”


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