Electric Aquagenics Unlimited delivers the new advanced C-Series electrolyzed oxidative (EO) empowered water system

LINDON, Utah, June 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Electric Aquagenics Unlimited, Inc. (EAU) announced the introduction of a new version of their Empowered Water Pathogen Intervention System based on substantially larger EO cells. EAU has designated this newly developed intervention system the C-Series. EAU is an innovative technology and life sciences company that specializes in water electrolysis to create non-toxic products that disinfect, sanitize and clean surfaces and foods.

“In February we launched our P-6000 Pathogen Intervention System which allows us to make 6000 gallons per hour of our Empowered Water. Since then, we have made a monumental leap to our fifth generation of cell technology. Where the P-6000 creates 6000 gallons of Empowered Water fluids with 80 cells, the C-Series can now do 8000 gallons with just two of them. Now, we can customize generators by making C-Series cells to produce fluids in increments of 200 gallons per hour. With this advancement, one of our largest cells is capable of generating up to 4000 gallons per hour,” said Doug Kindred, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing for EAU.

Poultry and meat processors use hundreds of thousand of gallons of water per day. EAU now has the ability to empower that water to clean and disinfect without toxicity. Until now, there has been no alternative for the toxic chemicals currently used to meet the stringent demands of government enforced industry standards. With the advent of this high volume scalable technology, EAU can address the demand it garnered from the International Poultry show in Atlanta this past April.

“This is what separates EAU from the rest of the pack,” Gaylord Karren, CEO of EAU, stated. “Our ability to create high volume cleaners and disinfectants allows EAU to place equipment directly on the site of a processor so that the processor can make the Empowered Water fluids as they need them. In addition, the flexibility of our technology allows the processor to tailor the levels of the fluid’s potency for each specific use it has, whether it be for application directly on a carcass or to sanitize the facility’s drains.” Mr. Karren continued, “Empowered Water technology is a ‘plug and play’ type system, which means our machines are placed directly between the municipal water source and the plant. Not only does this cut down on transportation costs, but it negates the issue of on-site chemical storage. With our technology, the biggest worry a plant will have is storing culinary grade salt, undoubtedly a huge advancement for the processors, as well as their communities.”

With water, salt and electricity, EAU simultaneously makes an effective non-toxic disinfectant as well as a cleaner that acts like soap or surfactant. These fluids are then applied in a poultry plant to first clean the chicken carcass and then disinfect it. This extremely effective combination of non-toxic fluids replaces chlorine, quaternary ammoniums, ozone and trisodium phosphates. Because the fluids created by EAU are subject to organics, the need to treat the grey water for chemicals is eliminated, saving the protein processing industries millions in post-process grey water treatment costs. EAU has substantial research and testing data to establish that Empowered Water fluids are significantly more effective than their toxic counterparts. With EAU’s new C-Series intervention system, processors will dramatically increase and aid their operating efficiencies.


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