Regardless of the classification level of the surrounding environment or cleanliness of the equipment, if the process gases or chemistry introduced into the process are contaminated, so will be the product. This month’s product spotlight examines some of the latest liquid and gas delivery system products, services and technologies available to prevent this from happening.

Mass flow controller

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Mykrolis Corp. offers its IntelliFlow® 3XP Digital Mass Flow Controller (MFC), the third generation of IntelliFlow Digital MFCs that uniquely integrates several Mykrolis gas-delivery core technologies into a single, modular solution for advanced semiconductor processing. IntelliFlow 3XP delivers extreme performance for key attributes such as accuracy, response time, control range, pressure insensitivity, and programmability to enable superior yield on next-generation etch, deposition and thermal processes. This product also offers a unique, modular solution by providing options for integrated pressure transducers, displays, and UHP contamination control, which can lower gas-system cost and size while simultaneously improving quality, simplifying maintenance, and increasing tool uptime. IntelliFlow 3XP will continue to incorporate industry-leading IntelliFlow software for user-configurable gases and ranges, diagnostics, and graphical user interfaces.

Mykrolis Corporation
Billerica, Mass.

Orbital welding products

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Swagelok Company offers two new additions to its orbital welding system-the 8HPH series high-performance weld head, capable of performing up to 60 welds per hour, and the M100 high-purity orbital welding power supply for cleanroom applications. The robust gear train design of the high-performance weld head features all metal components in the heat-affected zone, which reduces wear, enabling a MTTM (mean-time-to-maintenance) of up to 10,000 welds. The new weld head is compatible with all D75 and newer Swagelok orbital welding power supplies and features a stable benchtop design, ergonomic opposing handle, and offset tungsten electrode for visual alignment. Collets for the high-performance weld head are available for outside tube diameters ranging from 1/8 to 1/2 inch (3 to 12 mm). To reduce cleanroom contamination, the M100 high-purity orbital welding power supply features a HEPA 0.3-μm filter over the exhaust fan and an internal thermal printer equipped with special nonshedding paper. The new power supply has a smooth, white powder-coated exterior for easy cleaning.

Swagelok Company
Solon, Ohio

Valve manifold controllers

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Applied Energy Systems, Inc., a specialist in the design and manufacturing of ultrahigh-purity gas systems for the semiconductor and related markets, is pleased to offer the new Millennium Line of Valve Manifold Controllers designed to provide safety, purity and convenience of operation when distributing Hazardous Production Gases to multiple points of use. Valve status, sensor status, and delivery pressure are displayed for each gas stick. Global valve and sensor status are also displayed for easy and straightforward analysis of system status. A standard Ethernet connection allows for remote inquiries on the status of all stick and global parameters. Both semiautomatic and fully automatic manifolds and controllers are available in 4-, 6- and 8-line configurations.

Applied Energy Systems, Inc.
Malvern, Pa.

On-site fluorine generator

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BOC Edwards has introduced the Generation-F™ 1600, a large-capacity on-site fluorine generator designed to support fluorine plasma cleaning of LCD tool platforms. The system integrates on-demand electrolytic fluorine production with purification and compression in a compact, ventilated enclosure. Output is rated at 1600 liters per hour and delivers up to 65 kg of high-purity fluorine per day to the process tool. The Generation-F 1600 is designed to lower cost of ownership, when compared to NF3, for large-scale CVD chamber cleaning applications common to LCD manufacture. Development of the new on-site fluorine generation system follows the successful launch of the Generation-F 80 and Generation-F 400 systems, the first commercial on-site fluorine generators specifically designed for the CVD chamber cleaning market. These two systems deliver up to 3.2 kg and 16 kg of high-purity fluorine per day, respectively.

BOC Edwards
Wilmington, Mass.

Gas distribution system

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General Air Corporation’s latest high-purity gas distribution system contains six channels of flow and can be manufactured with as many channels as needed, with accordance to customer specifications. Custom gas panel fabrication is available to meet the following specifications: ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanroom fabrication and packaging; orbital component welding or surface mount technology; DI water rinsing and cleaning; helium leak testing; material lot control and labeling system; CAD for design of gas delivery system; electropolished gas lines (5 – 10 rma. max, or with accordance to customer specifications); and system certification.

General Air Corporation
Chatsworth, Calif.

Gas purification system

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The Aeronex® EPSTM Epitaxial Gas Purification System from Mykrolis Corporation provides users with a single purification solution for all gases used in the Low Temperature Epitaxy and MOCVD (Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition) processes. All functions, such as conditioning and purging, are completely automated, requiring minimal user interface and providing maximum reliability while reducing cost of ownership. With the configured-to-order EPS, all purifiers used in a process are integrated into a single electronically controlled cabinet with a touch-screen interface. The patented automated conditioning procedure minimizes expensive dopant gas consumption and decreases conditioning time, which is necessary because purifiers used in low-percentage dopant blends often need to be conditioned when the tool is idle for short periods of time. The EPS system enables rapid conditioning and makes the purification of dopant blends practical in a manufacturing environment, allowing for improved throughput and reduced cost of ownership. The EPS allows for the supply of unpurified process gas or a complete system purge during purifier change-out, conditioning, or minor servicing. A purified nitrogen purge gas line simplifies purifier change-out while minimizing line and component corrosion, and an optional dopant dilution manifold allows for the control of various dopant levels. The SEMI S2 certified system offers improved safety by placing all purifiers in a single location and, as a result of regenerable purifiers, there is no waste management.

Mykrolis Corporation
Billerica, Mass.

Gas flow calibrator

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The Cal=Trak SL-800 primary standard gas flow calibrator offers a standardized accuracy of ±0.15 percent. The dimensionally-based primary accuracy of the Cal=Trak is superior to pressure-based secondary methods and is backed by a rigorous uncertainty analysis. Field-rugged, it is used in the manufacture, inspection, validation and recalibration of mass flow controllers, flow meters and many other varieties of flow equipment in the 5 sccm to 50 slpm range. The broad turndown ratio of the SL-800 allows three interchangeable flow cells to cover this range, minimizing initial investment and maintenance costs. The modular nature allows a user to begin with one flow cell and then add the other cells as resources allow. The Cal=Trak SL-800 offers data logging, digital communications, interval operation and many other productivity‑enhancing features. It is well-suited for applications in the metrology, semiconductor, analytical, medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Sierra Instruments, Inc.
Monterey, Calif.


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