iMAPS 2005 products

Assembly Cell

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The Integrated Process Assembly Cell (IPAC) is a continuously configurable, modular platform that mixes high-volume SMT manufacturing with advanced microelectronics in one machine. Four modules configure for die attach/flip chip, dispenser, chipshooter, and odd-form components. Its <1-m footprint allows it to fit into small spaces. It can handle back-end assembly markets such as SiP and 3-D assembly. The dispensing configuration handles underfill, dam and fill, flux spray, solder paste, thermal compounds, die attach adhesive, and sealants using the appropriate pump, piston, auger, or jet. Die attach/flip chip configuration features include capability for die placement accuracy down to 10 µm, dual-lane and dual-gantry design up to 5,000 uph, 300-mm WDE, tape-and-reel and direct-die feeding supply options, and precision mount-force control. Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Elgin, Ill.,

Wafer Prober

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The BlueRay semiautomatic wafer prober incorporates Z-axis accuracy and communication for high-speed testing of optoelectronic devices. It guarantees repeatable electric contact with the device under test (DUT), reducing pad damage and eliminating probe-mark inspections. It optimizes communication between the prober and the controller to provide a fast cycle time. Because it is semiautomatic, it allows manufacturers to automate test processes. SUSS MicroTec AG, Munich, Germany,

Work Cell

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The MRSI-M5 5-µm work cell provides advanced solutions for complex epoxy die attach, eutectic, and flip chip bonding for microwave modules, RF circuits, MEMS, advanced semiconductor packages, multi-chip modules, hybrid devices, and photonic packages. Its entire base is formed of a cast polymer composite engineered for its thermal stability and vibration-dampening properties. A large work area accommodates a eutectic stage, 60 waffle packs, 10 tape feeders, and a conveyor. Its material handling conveyor operates in-line or cassette-to-cassette. “Feather-touch” force control, combined with closed-loop force feedback, provides the ability to handle delicate devices, such as GaAs and InP, without damage to internal die features. 360º orientation and pattern matching enables vision processing for challenging die and substrate materials. Newport Corp., North Billerica, Mass.,

Dispensing System

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The Spectrum S-820 Series system offers dispensing for batch production, such as jetting underfill for flip chips and chip scale packages. With Fluidmove for Windows XP software, the dispensing programs and processes port directly to the in-line Axiom systems. Clear front, top, and side panels facilitate viewing while dispensing and help to access parts in the dispense area. A built-in vertical syringe holder provides a queue for thawing material prior to production. It integrates with most jets, pumps, and valves, including the DispenseJet DJ-9000 and Heli-flow DV-7000 valve. Asymtek, Carlsbad, Calif.,

Bond Tester

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The Series 4000HS measures solder-bond reliability without applying force. It performs both 4-m/s shear pull and 1.3-m/s cold bump pull (CBP) with industry-standard jaw technology. High-bandwidth force measurement transducers and an air-bearing, frictionless intelligent load cartridge system provide shear height control. Features include built-in automatic safety guards with interlocks and an on-board results package, including Stats, CpK, and some SPC functions. Dage Precision Industries Inc., Fremont, Calif.,

Test and Burn-in Socket

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The Textool BGA open-top socket with 1.0-mm pitch uses modular, injection-molded bodies and stamp-and-form contacts for high-end logic, PBGA, MCM, and SiP devices. This Type III socket is designed for burn-in of BGA packages up to 47.5 mm2 and lead counts to 2025. A nest-comb design allows full matrix array applications with minimal Z-axis warp. A Micro-wiping contact scrubs device leads, removing the oxide layer from solder balls and contaminants from the contact surface. 3M Electronics, Austin, Texas,


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