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Ionization bar

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SIMCO, a provider of ionization solutions, introduces patented “Peak Reduction” technology into its high performance scorpION 2 air ionization bar. The scorpION 2 is designed to control electrostatic charge in front-end semiconductor tools, minienvironments, flow hoods and other cleanroom processes. Ease of use, increased performance and reliability characterize this technology. Advantages of Peak Reduction technology include: longer ionization pulse times to improve charge decay times while reducing peak offset voltage swings at the target area; continuous supply of ions, not intermittent, to create an ion-saturated environment and better overall performance; the ability to reduce offset voltage swing in the target area for a given pulse time to meet customer requirements; increased overlap to reduce offset voltage swing and provide the capability to exceed customer specifications. Enhancements to the scorpION 2 also include two-way IR communication and a PC interface for monitoring set-up and diagnostics. Real setting values provide simplified calibration and set-up. The new remote has a multiline display and membrane-switch pad. The sorpION 2 is available with CVD silicon carbide emitters.
Hatfield, Pa.

Containment isolator

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Microfluidics Corporation, in collaboration with Absolute Control Systems, Inc., introduces a containment isolator for use with its existing line of Microfluidizer® processors. The hermetically sealed, stainless-steel containment isolator fully encloses the processor’s high-pressure processing area, so it is safe to mix toxic or potent products. Microfluidizers utilize pressures up to 40,000 psi to process highly stable, immiscible liquid emulsions or solids in liquid suspensions. Using the highest shear rates available, the processors uniformly reduce particles and droplets to submicron sizes in their patented, fixed-geometry interaction chambers. The containment isolator features negative-pressure HEPA filtration to prevent material from entering the operator’s breathing zone. Thanks to a special housing unit, operators can safely replace these filters without exposure to the trapped toxic particles. The containment isolators are available for all Microfluidizer processor models. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is performed at both Microfluidics and Absolute Controls to ensure reliable performance.
Newton, Mass.

Benchtop spectrometer

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PANalytical’s new MiniPal 4 energy-dispersive XRF benchtop spectrometer performs nondestructive analysis of elements from sodium right through to uranium, in concentrations from 100 percent down to ppm levels. The MiniPal 4 offers even greater levels of sensitivity and versatility than its predecessor and features a new silicon drift detector with the highest resolution currently available, ensuring that it demonstrates higher maximum count rates and improved resolution. The instrument’s X-ray tube allows the use of different target materials to avoid possible masking of the sample’s spectrum by the spectrum of the tube. It comes standard with a rhodium target, with chromium, molybdenum and tungsten target materials available as options. The instrument runs on a new version of software for MiniPal spectrometers, which adds considerable flexibility for fast elemental analysis across the full spectrum of the entire periodic table. For incoming inspection or identification of unknown substances, such as metals and its alloys, the MiniPal 4 offers a unique standardless-analysis feature. Based on theoretical models and specially developed algorithms, this allows quick analysis of unknown samples. The MiniPal 4 can analyze a variety of materials in the form of liquids, powders, bulk solids and surface layers. The MiniPal 4 software includes a variety of features that simplify application set-up and data handling, such as recalibration, spectra comparison, robust application defaults and extended calibration options, including a full Fundamental Parameter model and Compton ratio correction. The MiniPal 4 is also easy to operate, requiring no expert knowledge for routine analysis. Also, with a mass of only 28 kg, this is one of the smallest full-function benchtop spectrometers available.
Almelo, Netherlands

Wafer carrier

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Entegris, Inc. has introduced the new high-performance Spectra™ line of 300 mm wafer carriers, which provides a platform for meeting future needs by unifying the microenvironment protection of a Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP). The Spectra wafer carrier also enhances wafer handling with customer upgrades such as multiple means of identification and tracking, purge and conveyor plate options. The Artery™ path to ground on the Spectra wafer carrier links each wafer contact point to the kinematic coupling to dissipate static charge and to eliminate harmful electrical static discharge (ESD). The new Spectra wafer carrier provides superior wafer protection by securely holding up to twenty-six wafers with contact only at their edges, avoiding potential damage caused by contact with the backs of wafers. Its design addresses the industry’s emerging issues such as contamination with reduced line widths, optimal interoperability and future technology needs. The Spectra wafer carrier’s innovative door design features a rotating latch mechanism that reduces friction and allows for seamless equipment interoperability and safe transport. To better protect wafers against foreign particles, the door’s improved airflow technology cleans and dries fast and thoroughly.
Entegris, Inc.
Chaska, Minn.

Corrosion-resistant ball valve

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Designed with aesthetics and safety in mind, the Type 375 True Union Ball Valve from George Fischer, Inc. has an increased breadth of corrosion-resistant materials and sizes. NSF 61-certified in PVC for potable water applications, the valve is also offered in CPVC and now PP-n (natural polypropylene), making it suitable for use in a variety of industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and institutional applications. Ergonomically designed, the valve’s grooved handle and notched union nut make for easy gripping during installation and everyday use. Its floating ball design provides leak-proof closure and the full cross-section means minimal pressure loss. Exhibiting excellent chemical- and corrosion-resistant capabilities, the new valve is pressure-rated up to 225 psi at 68°F, and has a 10,000 cycle life. Other features include a safe-block ball seat and blow-out-proof stem with double stem seals that provide complete operator protection and maintenance-free operation. The valve handle doubles as a spanner wrench to adjust or remove the adjustable seat carrier, providing easy disassembly. Its high-impact vinyl-handle construction provides durable, reliable service under rugged conditions. Stem “flat” indicators allow the operator to determine valve position with just a glance. The Type 375 Valve in PVC and CPVC material is available in sizes from 3/8 inch to 6 inches and comes equipped with threaded- and socket-end connectors (1/2 inch to 2 inches). In PP-n, the valve is available from 20 mm to 90 mm (metric socket) and 1/2 inch to 2 inches (NPT). EPDM and FPM seal kits are now also available for all sizes, and replacement socket- and threaded-end connectors are available for PVC and CPVC. In PVC, the valve meets 12454-B per ASTM D 1784 standards. In CPVC, the valve meets 23447-B per ASTM D 1784.
George Fischer, Inc.
Tustin, Calif.

Photoionization detector

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Photovac, Inc., provider of handheld and portable instruments for detection and measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), has announced the addition of the 2020ppbPRO™ to its family of enhanced photoionization detection instruments. This new instrument is designed to provide indoor air quality specialists as well as other users with the ability to do low parts-per-billion (ppb) VOC analysis with exceptional accuracy and precision. The instrument provides 10 ppb precision across its dynamic range of 0 to 40 ppm, making it ideal for indoor air quality assessments as well as other hazmat, industrial hygiene, and environmental applications where very low detection levels are required. Key new features in the 2020ppbPRO include the use of a new 10.6 eV high-intensity UV lamp with lamp-quality assessment provided at calibration; display readings in ppm, ppb, or mg/m3; an enhanced compound library; user-defined-interval sampling time ranging from 1 to 900 seconds; and an increased alarm sound level of 85 decibels at half a meter. As with Photovac’s other instruments, the 2020ppbPRO includes an enhanced eight-line LCD display so that data can be more easily read and analyzed. Other new features include the use of activated charcoal tubes to provide accurate “clean air” calibration and humidity reduction tubes to allow more accurate sampling in high-humidity environments. Also, compound-specific prefilter tubes are available for single-compound sampling. In addition, the instrument is classified intrinsically safe for use in potentially explosive environments in North America and Europe (ATEX).
Photovac, Inc.
Waltham, Mass.

Pressure transmitter

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In sanitary pressure and level measurement applications, it’s critical that the device adhere to the latest 3A standards for sanitary instrumentation. The Model 363 from Viatran Corporation is a gage and absolute pressure transmitter with a tri-clamp connection. The all-welded, stainless-steel Model 363 provides maximum protection against corrosion and high humidity. The flush diaphragm inhibits bacterial growth and facilitates clean-in-place (CIP) systems. Other features include: flush Hastelloy diaphragm, ranges from 900 in. WC down to 30 in. WC full scale, top-mounted zero and span adjust, 1.5-inch to 2-inch tri-clamp, and optional field calibration. Quick-disconnect tri-clamp connections make the Model 363 ideal for dairy, food and pharmaceutical processing applications where frequent cleaning is required.
Viatran Corporation
Grand Island, N.Y.

Laser particle counter

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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has improved its most sensitive particle counter by adding a built-in thermal printer and user-changeable battery. Now data can be viewed on the unit, logged into a Facility Monitoring System software program, such as LMS RT, or printed directly from the unit on cleanroom-safe thermal paper. The Lighthouse SOLAIR 1100 line of laser particle counters offers the newest and most advanced patented laser design in a portable unit. With a sensitivity of 0.10 micron and a flow rate of 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM), the SOLAIR 1100 line features the long-life Enhanced Active Cavity Laser technology, which provides higher power, purged optics, a better signal-to-noise ratio, and requires less maintenance than conventional laser-based particle counters. Utilizing a large, color, 5.7-inch (14.47 cm) touch screen interface, the SOLAIR 1100+ is simple to configure and operate. The instrument can store a large amount of particle count data from eight channels and data from up to four environmental sensors. The SOLAIR can be used as a portable instrument or integrated with a larger facility monitoring/management system.
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
San Jose, Calif.

Plasma source generator

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MKS Instruments, Inc., provider of process control technologies for improving productivity in semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing processes, has introduced the R*evolution™ remote plasma source for the generation of ultraclean reactive gas species required in the processing of semiconductor wafers. The high performance R*evolution source provides a clean, high-flow supply of atomic/molecular radicals in a compact, self-contained unit designed for easy on-chamber installation and operation. Its high efficiency and design simplicity significantly reduce overall investment and tool operating costs. Based on the proven reliability of MKS’s patented low-field toroidal plasma generator technology, the R*evolution plasma source is a robust plasma generator with fast, reliable plasma ignition that is uniquely suited for many critical semiconductor processes. In high-throughput photoresist stripping, for example, the R*evolution source offers twice the etch rate possible using conventional microwave or ICP generators with no increase in plasma damage, while retaining high accuracy and reproducibility. Within this application, the R*evolution source has demonstrated reductions of 35 to 40 percent in process times and overall improvements in productivity of 10 to 15 percent. Other applications include gate nitridation, oxidation and wafer precleaning.
MKS Instruments, Inc.
Wilmington, Mass.

Cleanroom robots

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KUKA Robotics Corporation, manufacturer of industrial robots, has announced the introduction of a family of cleanroom robots designed for semiconductor manufacturing, test and handling applications. The robots are based on KUKA Robotics’ market-leading industrial robot designs and are designed for wafer and integrated circuit handling as well as other testing, packaging, handling and process applications through the semiconductor manufacturing process. The new 6-axis robot family includes the KUKA KR 3 CR tabletop robot with a 3 kg payload and a 635 mm reach, and the KUKA KR 16 CR robot with a 16 kg payload and a 1,600 mm reach. Each model meets the appropriate ISO and DIN standards for cleanroom operation and is compliant with ISO Class 5 (Class 100).
KUKA Robotics Corporation
Clinton Township, Mich.

Ceiling filter modules

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Clean Air Products introduces Series 109BL Motorized Ceiling Filter Modules. These low-profile units are designed for use in tee-bar ceiling grid systems and allow ease of installation when overhead space is limited. Available in three sizes (2 ft. x 4 ft.; 2 ft. x 3 ft.; 2 ft. x 2 ft.), with a variety filters and other options, the Series 109BL has an integral backward-curved blower/motor assembly for maximum energy efficiency. The aluminum filter frame, prefilter, self-powered blower and HEPA filter module offer simplicity, reliability and quality that make it an excellent value. The units are well suited for cleanrooms of Class 10,000 to Class 10 [ISO Class 7 to Class 4]. Additional features include an all-metal filter housing and 90 ft./min. average face velocity. These units are tested to provide 99.99 percent DOP at 0.3 micron.
Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, Minn.

Powder transfer bag

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As today’s health and safety requirements are getting more stringent and demanding, the Single-Use Contained Powder Transfer Bag is the optimal solution for protecting the operator from the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) or protecting the API from operator-borne contamination. ATMI Packaging’s Contained Powder Transfer Bag has been developed especially for the biopharmaceutical industry for contained transfer of critical active ingredients and intermediates. The specific design of this flexible single-use transfer system allows for easy, safe and clean transfer of API powders and drug substances between different process steps. High containment levels can be met in combination with a split butterfly valve. The bottle-shaped bag has a handle for easy transfer of powders and a PE tri-clamp connector for safe and easy connection. The Contained Powder Transfer Bag significantly reduces production cost and time for cleaning and validation, guarantees 99.9 percent product recovery, and allows for complete visibility through its transparent liner.
ATMI Packaging LifeSciences
Hoegaarden, Belgium

Asymmetric filter for lithography chemistries

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Pall Corporation has introduced its Asymmetric P-Nylon filter to extend 0.02-micron filtration to a broader range of lithography chemistries, including 193 nm and 248 nm photoresists. The asymmetric filter builds on the success of Pall’s standard, 0.02-micron-rated P-Nylon filter, which has been proven to significantly reduce defects in bottom antireflective coating (BARC) lithography chemistries. The new Asymmetric P-Nylon filter is based on Pall’s highly asymmetric membrane pore structure that reduces pressure drop while allowing users to achieve 0.02-micron-level filtration. The Asymmetric P-Nylon filter is naturally hydrophilic, enabling fast start-up and minimal microbubbles. The filter is available in several point-of-use capsules and cartridges, including Pall’s PhotoKleen™ EZD-3 capsule and Falcon filter configurations. The filter is also available in 10-inch lengths for bulk photoresist production.
Pall Corporation
East Hills, N.Y.

Stainless-steel workbench

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The new adjustable-height workbench from Unidex, Inc. is constructed of stainless steel for use in sanitary or corrosive work environments such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing. According to the company, the new stainless-steel AHW Series workbench provides instant adjustment of working height at a lifting speed of up to 4 in./s to accommodate a variety of work positioning requirements and optimum ergonomic working heights for different workers. It features an air/oil hydraulic lift system that provides a full range of height increments within its lift stroke. Model AHW2718 has a lift stroke of 18 inches from 27 to 45 inches high. Model AHW9536 has a lift stroke of 36 inches from 9.5 to 45.5 inches high. The new stainless-steel AWH workbench is designed to function smoothly regardless of uneven weight distribution, and has a load capacity of 500 pounds. A blocking valve provides firm support and serves as a safety back-up by protecting the operator from downward movement in case of air loss. A 30-inch by 60-inch work surface is standard. The workbench can be customized with a wide range of options including: custom sizes and alternative materials of construction (e.g., aluminum ESD); various heights, lift strokes, and load capacities; foot-pedal hydraulic and electric hydraulic models; casters to create a mobile workbench; cabinets, shelves, drawers, hoods, power strips, lights, and air couplings; trunion mounts for work rotation; and standard or custom work-holding fixtures.
Unidex, Inc.
Warsaw, N.Y.

Advanced reticle pod

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Entegris recently introduced its advanced reticle SMIF pod. This next generation 150 mm reticle SMIF pod replaces older pods and is fully compatible with all Single Reticle Pod (SRP) applications, including those applications with pods designed for specific needs. The advanced, new Entegris pod helps improve reticle safety and protect against harmful contaminants. Designed from the ground up to positively impact fab productivity and reduce costs, the SMIF pod offers many advantages in a simple, but reliable design. Some of the key features of the advanced reticle SMIF pod include: complete compatibility and interoperability with all SRP applications-no existing tool set-up changes needed; advanced reticle retainer system provides reduced particle generation, ESD path to ground; simplified snap-fit construction improves reliability; no metal components-thus no reticle scratching, no metal contamination and less maintenance; ESD-safe perimeter door seal reduces field-induced charge potential while providing a sealed environment; through-hole filtering eliminates internal vacuum potential and provides a clean path for pressure equalization; and the pod is designed to be cleaned and dried in automated tools, reducing operator involvement.
Entegris, Inc.
Chaska, Minn.

Defect detection system

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The WaferXam™ system is an advanced darkfield laser scanning system used for the inspection of prime silicon substrates at semiconductor incoming quality control and silicon wafer suppliers. Advanced design rules require real-time measurement for cost-effective process control of newly revealed defects that impact 65 nm device yield. The WaferXam tool features a new system design, utilizing enhancements to ADE’s patented Angle Resolved Scatter architecture, for highly improved defect detection sensitivity and classification performance. Positioned to serve the 45 nm process development market and exceed the requirements for 65 nm wafer production, the flexible WaferXam platform offers a high-sensitivity mode with 33 nm defect detection to meet tightening customer specifications, with production throughputs in excess of fifty 300 mm wafers per hour. New classification algorithms, combined with increased defect sensitivity, result in more yield-killing defects detected and binned in real time for higher yields and faster process feedback. ADE’s proven, superior defect-inspection technology is providing the critical data for fab managers and engineers to better manage their incoming silicon to optimize their device yield performance. ADE’s WaferXam system, for 300 mm and advanced 200 mm wafer production, features non-contaminating edge-grip handling and full factory automation wafer production. WaferXam tools integrate seamlessly with ADE’s new FabVision™ fab-wide data management and yield improvement system.
ADE Corporation
Westwood, Mass.

Sterile sampling scoops

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Sterileware® Sampling Scoops are individually packaged and sterilized, ready for immediate use in critical sampling. Three volume sizes are available to match sampling requirements. The smaller 60 ml (2 oz.) and 125 ml (4 oz.) scoops have a longer handle that increases the distance between the user’s hand and sample. They also have flattened bottoms that hold the scoop upright when filled or empty, allowing them to be used as a weighing boat. All scoops are molded of white, high-impact polystyrene for strength when pushing through dense powders and better visibility of material in the scoop. A certificate of sterilization ensures lot traceability of each case quantity and is available on request.
Bel-Art Products, Inc.
Pequannock, N.J.

Thermoformed plastic packaging

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UFP Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of custom-engineered packaging materials, offers custom thermoformed plastic packaging solutions to medical device and instrumentation manufacturers. Ideal for surgical instruments and medical electronics, UFP’s packaging offers superior product protection, fewer SKUs, lower packaging costs, and flexibility for multiple product packaging. UFP specializes in packaging for Class Three medical devices, providing particulate-free packaging and quality protection for a broad range of medical products. With its vast medical packaging experience and cleanroom facilities, UFP excels in the custom designing, engineering and manufacturing of protective, sterilizable packaging for multiple-barrier medical trays and medical component parts. A wide range of medical-grade materials and thermoforming capabilities enable UFP to offer packaging solutions that meet the most challenging medical design specifications. The use of clear, thermoformed plastics creates a protective plastic shell or rigid blister pack that facilitates item identification and retrieval. By combining thermoformed rigid plastics with die-cut or compression-molded foams, UFP can transform a simple thermoformed tray into a highly protective cushion package that provides both shock and vibration protection, while permitting sterilization for surgical instruments. Engineered foam positioning pieces enable a single tray design to accommodate different products, resulting in fewer packaging SKUs and less inventory. With this concept, UFP can adapt current packaging to future product designs by using a standardized base tray and modified foam inserts, saving time and money. Additionally, a wide variety of foam colors can add a bold, distinctive look to a package, enhancing brand recognition.
UFP Technologies
Georgetown, Mass.

Air ionizer

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The fusION from SIMCO is a bipolar air ionizer capable of controlling electrostatic charge in the local area. Applications for fusION are those found inside process equipment and minienvironments in the semiconductor, flat panel display, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. It is especially well suited for applications with space constraints and low clearance. The fusION delivers powerful electrostatic charge control capability by incorporating miniature power and control circuitry into a compact package. No adjustments or calibration are necessary with SIMCO’s patented autobalancing (DOCC) technology. Simple to install, operate and maintain, the fusION can be mounted in a convenient location adjacent to the static problem. Connect the power supply and it begins to eliminate static charge. This incredibly compact unit can be installed in places where typical ionizer designs do not fit. Multiple units can be linked together from one 24-volt DC power source, allowing five units to be daisy-chained. The fusION is available with tungsten or patented Class 1 cleanroom-grade SiC emitters and is ideal for system integration with the capability to remotely monitor.
Hatfield, Pa.

Temperature control unit

Building on the ten-year history of its high-performing TCU series, BOC Edwards is introducing the iTCU 40/90. This single-channel temperature control unit responds to the needs of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes for precise temperature stability, autotuning to facility conditions, logging of all control parameters, factory connectivity, and ease of use. The easily maintained iTCU 40/90 chiller reliably cools electrostatic chucks, quartz windows, and chamber walls. The use of non-conductive perfluorocarbon coolant eliminates the need for resistivity concerns when used with large plasma or magnetic fields.
BOC Edwards
Wilmington, Mass.

Valve for high-purity applications

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Entegris introduces its 3/4-inch orifice Integra® valve designed to protect and transport valuable slurries, high-purity chemicals and ultrapure water. This innovative valve provides reliable service where space is limited and high flow is required in both CMP and UHP chemical applications. The Integra valve improves fluid-system efficiency by increasing flow capacity, saving valuable space, increasing operator and equipment safety, and reducing preventive maintenance. The Integra valve incorporates the ability to support CMP slurry and high-purity chemical distribution systems in one cost-effective and reliable package. This is accomplished through extensive engineering research, incorporating polymer science expertise, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), numerical software analysis, and rigorous product qualification testing. The end result is valve innovation that provides reliable service and high flow in a small package. Use of tools, such as Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Moldflow™ analysis, enabled the removal of sharp inside corners and optimized the outer radius of the new swept flow path, eliminating dead spots and decreasing pressure loss. These innovations have resulted in increased flow, complete drainability and reduced fluid shear rates that impact slurry health.<
Entegris, Inc.
Chaska, Minn.

Purifier assembly

Pall Corporation has recently introduced a new purification technology to safeguard critical oxygen analyzers used in a number of semiconductor manufacturing processes, including emerging applications. The new Gaskleen®-SP purifier assembly extends the life of oxygen analyzers, helping to boost equipment uptime and ensure long-term analyzer accuracy. Gaskleen-SP purifier assemblies work by removing harmful gaseous impurities that interfere with the electrode material and zirconium oxide (ZrO2) sensor inside the oxygen analyzer. Typically, customers must calibrate these sensors every few months, but Gaskleen-SP purifier assemblies allow users to reduce the number of required calibrations by as much as seven times over a one-year period. The Gaskleen-SP purifier assembly is a unique combination of a metal catalyst and Pall’s Ultramet-L™ stainless-steel-filter technology. The metal catalyst reacts with harmful gaseous contaminants to reduce or eliminate impurities that cause drift in the oxygen analyzer readings and degradation of the electrode performance.
Pall Corporation
East Hills, N.Y.


Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) now available

The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) has announced that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has released ISO/FDIS 14644-3, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments-Part 3: Test methods, which is available from IEST. The new document aims to provide an internationally common basis of measurement and evaluation of cleanroom attributes without impeding the introduction of new technologies. ISO/FDIS 14644-3 specifies performance tests for two types of cleanrooms: those with unidirectional flow and those with non-unidirectional flow, in three possible occupancy states: as-built, at-rest, and operational. The document also identifies recommended types of test equipment to be used when performing the tests. Thirteen different test methods are described in the informative guide, allowing the user to select the appropriate test method and to determine the manner of conducting the test. Many of the test methods covered in ISO/FDIS 14644-3 have been adapted from IEST-RP-CC006.3 and IEST-RP-CC034.2. The document is in balloting by voting nations and, if approved, will be issued as a formal ISO Standard later this year.
Rolling Meadows, Ill.

Filtration product catalog

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Millipore has announced the availability of its electronic 2005 BioPharmaceutical Filtration and Separation Product Catalogue on CD-ROM. This tool includes detailed product information for Millipore’s filtration, chromatography, and disposable manufacturing solutions. Navigating the publication by application, process step, product name, and full-text search is simple. Applications range from cell culture clarification to final fill. Process steps include clarification, prefiltration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, chromatography, viral clearance, and sterile filtration solutions. Currently, the electronic catalog is available in English with multiple languages to follow.
Millipore Corporation
Billerica, Mass.

Modular tubing catalog

This catalog features a modular tubing system including tubes, elbows, laterals, and butterfly and diverter valves, supported by technical drawings and application notes. The new catalog features a variety of new and improved products including the new loose-flange product line, airtight butterfly valves and adjustable elbows. The company’s modular tubing system is used for bulk goods handling and dust/fume/oil mist collection. For these applications, the company’s system meets/exceeds requirements in tightness, stability, shock explosion-proof properties and durability. All components are interchangeable and can be easily assembled and disassembled.
Jacob Tubing
Memphis, Tenn.


Unique leasing opportunity

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A manufacturing facility ideally suited for pharmaceutical, semiconductor and lean manufacturing is available for lease in Ewing, N.J. Features include: 18,000 ft2 of cleanroom space (9,000 ft2, Class 10,000; 9,000 ft2, Class 100,000) expandable to 27,000 ft2 (all mechanicals in place) and HVAC and humidification that is independent from other areas; a light manufacturing area (24,000 ft2, with flexible overhead utilities); four hour-rated chemical and gas storage rooms with rated fixtures; two 280-ton chillers; two Quincy air compressors; a sound-proof vibration testing lab; locker room; ESD flooring throughout; a cafeteria (3,800 ft2) with automatic folding partition for large assemblies; and 364 parking spaces (depending on trucking needs). The fully air-conditioned building is four years old, with decorative masonry and steel construction, 28-foot clear ceiling height, and a high-density E.S.F.R. sprinkler system. This extremely clean facility is an end unit and is minutes from Mercer County Airport, Rt. 1, I-95, Rt. 206, and Rt. 31. It is available December 2005.
Santo V. Sorce
Sorce Companies Sorce Companies
Hackensack, N.J.
(201) 488-4000
[email protected]

Eric Baron
Sorce Companies
Ewing, N.J.
(609) 883-7900
[email protected]


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