Calibration Software Enhancement

Now incorporating a Port Mapping feature, SussCal 6 calibration software provides fully automated multiport calibration for RF and microwave wafer-level test systems. In a multiport setup, the possible number of connections between the probes and the vector network analyzer (VNA) increases exponentially with the number of ports. Port Mapping allows the user to select the calibration method. A powerful algorithm calculates the possible configurations of connections to the VNA and the necessary through-standards to complete the calibration. By selecting options from SussCal 6’s intuitive graphical user interface, the user is able to change how the ports are mapped to the VNA or which type of through-standards is used. Together with a semiautomatic or fully automated probe system, SussCal 6 can automate the entire calibration procedure, reducing error risk and increasing measurement accuracy. SUSS MicroTec AG, Munich, Germany, www.suss.com.

No-clean Solder Paste

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A lead-free, no-clean solder paste that promotes wetting and minimizes defects with tin/silver/copper alloy soldering, the F640 Series offers a wide process window and compensates for process variations in printing, component placement, and soldering. Offering minimal slumping and optimal print-to-print consistency, the F640 Series can also be reflowed in air or nitrogen environments. Heraeus Circuit Materials Division, West Conshohocken, PA, www.4cmd.com.

Injection-molding Elastomer

Optically clear and injection-moldable, LSR-9562-30 is a 2-part, high-viscosity elastomer ideal for use in injection molding of clear silicone parts and potting and encapsulating applications because of its glob-top-like consistency. It is designed to protect electronic components and assemblies against shock, vibration, moisture, dust, chemicals, and other environmental hazards. The product has a refractive index of 1.5, and is provided in packaging ranging from 50-ml kits to drum kits. NuSil Technology, Carpinteria, CA, www.nusil.com.

Water-soluble Solder Paste

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ALPHA WS-809 delivers print volume consistency down to 12-mil circles while offering stencil-life and response-to-pause demands for water-soluble paste. It meets IPC 7095 Class III requirements for resistance to voids using either soak or straight-ramp reflow profiles, and expands the water-soluble cleaning process window. Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials, Jersey City, NJ, www.cooksonelectronics.com.

Conductive Adhesive Film

The CF-3350 high-strength, lead-free, and electrically and thermally conductive adhesive film suits such thermal transfer assemblies as bonding heatsinks to PCBs, attaching lids, or sealing hermetic packages. This adhesive film eliminates voids and electrical discontinuities with its uniform bond line, exceeding thermal and mechanical performance of pressure-sensitive tapes. Thermal conductivity is 7.0 W/mK, and low flow characteristics allow it to avoid contamination of adjacent components. It retains its 3,000-psi adhesive strength over time, whereas traditional screws and clips may back out or lose tension. It can cure as low as 125ºC, and can be die- or laser-cut to create custom preforms to suit specific applications. Emerson & Cuming, Billerica, MA, www.emersoncuming.com.

Lean Selective Soldering

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The GoSelective systems meet the lean production trend, which makes modern factories more flexible and profitable. The GoSelective-1 consists of one process module – the in-and out-feed is made by using either a rotary table (stand-alone-version) or roller conveyor system for inline integration. The GoSelective-2 is provided with two process modules – an inline conveyor system transports the assemblies through the preheat station before they are taken over by the gripper to be fluxed and soldered. The two X and Y axes with servomotors work with ±0.1-mm repeatability. The gripper is installed at the Z axis and is provided with a pneumatic tilting and rotation function, enabling exactly defined peel-off for high soldering quality. On both versions, the fluxing system is equipped with a micro-drop fluxer. SEHO USA, Ashland, VA, www.seho.de.

Testing Capability

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This enhanced capability tests live QFPs during Machine Capability Analysis (MCA) testing; an objective evaluation methodology that uses special vision algorithms, accurate glass plates, and components to independently measure Cp and Cpk indices on production equipment. It verifies that an assembly machine is performing to the manufacturer’s original specifications and makes necessary corrective adjustments. Software operates the measurement equipment and provides statistical, specification-based results on machine quality performance. Certification reports validate performance, allowing users to improve product quality and optimize performance for increased manufacturing profitability. QFP components are not harmed during testing, and can be returned to parts inventories for assembly after passing capability inspection. CeTaQ Americas, Hudson, NH, www.cetaq-americas.com.


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