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Air Filtration Management, Inc.

P.O. Box 269
Bethlehem, PA 18016-0269
Tel: (610) 867-3869
Fax: (610) 867-3871
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.airfiltrationmgmt.com
Booth # 518

Air Filtration Management, Inc. is a NEBB-certified Independent Testing and Certification Agency serving the life-sciences and microelectronics industries since 1988. AFM specializes in the testing, balancing and certification of cleanrooms, laminar-flow clean benches, HEPA-filtered equipment, biological safety cabinets and fume hoods. Thoroughly trained technicians conduct cleanroom and equipment operational performance evaluations using IEST-recommended practices, ISO standards, NEBB standards, NSF and ASHRAE specifications, as well as AFM’s own procedural standards. Attention to detail has led AFM to develop a certification program that offers individualized performance evaluations tailored to your unique requirements, including such specific services as precision filter integrity testing using a fully computerized robotic scan, and a filter challenge employing PSL spheres. No matter what degree of sophistication your project dictates, AFM’s certification program is always backed by explicit test-report documentation. The company’s innovative style of presenting the test data through computer-aided drafting (CAD) results in a clear and concise report produced in a timely manner. AFM’s commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled them to develop a list of customers with cleanrooms of diverse size, configuration, and cleanliness classification in all types of industries.

American Air Filter (AAF) International

10300 Ormsby Park Place, Suite 600
Louisville, KY 40232
Tel: (502) 637-0320
Fax: (502) 637-0321
Web: www.aafintl.com
Booth # 513

AAF International is a name recognized globally for quality, expertise and innovation in the cleanroom industry. As a leader in filtration products, AAF understands the critical requirements of cleanroom applications. AAF supplies the industry with AstroCel II plenum filters, e-PTFE filters, ™-ducted modules, grid systems, fan filter modules, and accessory items.

ARAMARK Cleanroom Services

2300 Warrenville Road
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Tel: (630) 271-2056
Web: www.aramark-cleanroom.com
Booth # 506

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ARAMARK Cleanroom Services is pleased to participate in CCT 2006. Over the last six months, ARAMARK has expanded its cleanroom-garment processing services to include a new state-of-the-art Class 100 (ISO Class 5) facility in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. This location also includes gamma-sterilization garment capabilities, and joins ARAMARK’s already registered cleanroom laundry facilities in Chicago, Los Angeles, Scranton, Pa., and Toronto, Ontario. The expansion increases ARAMARK’s ability to service the cleanroom garment needs of its international customers, and represents another chapter in the exciting growth of ARAMARK Cleanroom Services and the value it provides its clients. The 28,000-square-foot building includes 3000 square feet of Class 100 cleanroom capabilities, 5200 square feet of classified and non-classified cleanroom area, a conditioned water system that utilizes RODI, independent back-up water storage tanks, and a backup power-generation station. The company is excited to demonstrate and share information on several new services and products, including: CleanTrak, a state-of-the-art garment tracking technology that allows customers to access their account and view real-time data, as well as the history and location of every garment in their inventory 24/7; Starshield™ fabric, which is manufactured exclusively for ARAMARK and is designed to the same exacting standards as the company’s other stock fabrics. As a leader in the cleanroom garment industry, ARAMARK Cleanroom Services provides full-service processing centers specializing in nonsterile and sterile cleanroom garments for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and microelectronics industries. Its efforts concentrate on the cleaning, care and handling of cleanroom apparel on a rental basis, as well as offering a complete line of disposable supplies required to operate a cleanroom or controlled environment.

Balazs Analytical Services

46409 Landing Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: (510) 657-0600
Fax: (510) 657-2292
Web: www.balazs.com
Booth # 415

Balazs Analytical Services, certified as ISO 17025 and 9001, provides services and expertise to identify and quantify contaminants and their sources for a wide range of industries ,including: semiconductor, disk drive, electronics, nanotechnology, biomedical, biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical, power and others. Utilization of Balazs Analytical Services will result in improved product yield, product quality and assurance of personnel safety by identifying and eliminating elemental and molecular contamination. With an extensive library of methods and a wide range of technically advanced analytical equipment and experienced personnel, Balazs tests for trace-level metals, ions, particles and organics. Sample sources include air and gas; production equipment and components; ultrapure water, source water and process chemicals; and thin films and bare wafers. The company also provides RoHS environmental-compliance testing, which is becoming the worldwide standard for all electrical equipment components. Balazs is dedicated to providing rapid turnaround time for quality analytical results. When required, Balazs is able to provide results in less than eight hours for certain samples, with standard two- to five-day turnaround on most other techniques. A partial listing of the company’s instrumentation includes: ICP-MS, ICP-AES, IC, SEM EDS, SARIS, VPD ICP-MS, ATD GC-MS, wafer outgassing, FTIR, RAMAN, TGA, dynamic headspace, air testing/sampling, dynamic leaching, and thin-film analysis.

BioProcess International

One Research Drive, Suite 400A
P.O. Box 770
Westborough, MA 01581
Tel: (508) 614-1226
Fax: (508) 616-5533
Web: www.bioprocessintl.com
Booth # 311

BioProcess International provides the biotechnology industry with peer-reviewed editorial necessary to successfully drive products through the biopharmaceutical, biovaccine and biodiagnostic development process. The publication’s BPA-audited circulation consists of 30,025 middle to upper managers working in all phases of the biotherapeutic development in the U.S., Europe and Canada.

Bioscience International

11333 Woodglen Drive
Rockville, MD 20852
Tel: (301) 231-7400
Fax: (301) 231-7277
Web: www.biosci-intl.com
Booth # 306

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At this year’s event, Bioscience International will feature its two newest SAS viable air monitors. The SAS Duo samples 360 liters per minute, and the SAS isolator model has been specifically designed for usage in VHP environments. SAS allows use of standard contact plates and Petri plates, and complies with all the newest ISO and EU guidelines for environmental monitoring.

Blue Thunder Technologies

11B Pasco Drive
East Windsor, CT 06088
Tel: (860) 370-9828
Fax: (860) 627-8370
Web: www.bluethundertech.com
Booth # 424

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Blue Thunder Technologies is a manufacturer of wiping products for use in Class 1 (ISO Class 3) cleanrooms and higher. These wipes are extremely low in particle generation, and nonvolatile residue. Virtually any size, shape or packaging is available. These wiping products are made from highly engineered fabrics that include nonwovens, interlocking monofilament knits and mercerized cotton. The company also provides custom-made products and a complete list of consumable items used in any clean environment. Some of these products include disposable gloves, garments, headwear and footwear, tackified mats, presaturated wipes, cleaning chemicals, cleanroom mops and ESD products. Blue Thunder Technologies provides consumable products to many industries, including microelectronics, surface mount, pharmaceutical, biomedical, automotive and many more. The company’s dramatic growth throughout the world can be attributed to high quality, outstanding service, innovation and fair prices.

Containment Technologies Group, Inc.

5460 Victory Drive, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Tel: (317) 713-8200
Fax: (317) 713-8201
Web: www.containmenttechnologies.com
Booth # 214

Containment Technologies Group, Inc. is a woman-owned small business that strives to deliver the best products and services by understanding its clients’ needs and developing the best ergonomic solutions to meet those needs. The company’s products for pharmacy include the MIC Single, MIC Duel and MIC TPN. Each workstation has been independently validated for compliance with regulatory requirements. The MIC workstations offer a safe and effective means of compounding sterile products.

CleanRooms Group

98 Spit Brook Road
Nashua, NH 03062
Tel: (603) 891-0123
Fax: (603) 892-9200
Web: www.cleanrooms.com
Booth # 627

For more than a decade, CleanRooms events in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Puerto Rico have been at the forefront in developing and providing annual conferences, tutorials, special training seminars and major international exhibitions for the contamination-control industry. With conference programs organized by the editors of CleanRooms magazine, CleanRooms events focus on all aspects of the biotech, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other emerging industrial markets that are integrating clean manufacturing. These forums are where local, regional and global industry leaders come for state-of-the-art information and to exchange ideas that directly affect their industries.

Contec, Inc.

525 Locust Grove
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Tel: (864) 503-8333
Fax: (864) 503-8444
Web: www.contecinc.com
Booth # 400

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For a new twist on traditional cleanroom mopping hardware, look to Contec. New and improved fully autoclavable mop heads, telescoping handles and expandable bucket systems allow for more flexibility than ever before. Head frames are available for all sizes of VertiKlean® Mops and styles of Edgeless® Mops. Contec’s stainless-steel bucket system easily expands with your growing needs, with no need for extra hardware, and it’s ideal for use in life sciences, microelectronics, semiconductor or any critical manufacturing environment. It offers maximum flexibility and can be used with two or three buckets depending on your in-house protocols. Interchangeable mop-head frames are fully autoclavable and feature a capped end and a quick-connect feature that allows for easy attachment to compatible handles. Mop handles are also fully autoclavable, and they’re available in lightweight anodized aluminum or durable electropolished stainless steel. Mop handles are compatible with all sizes of Contec’s interchangeable mop-head frames. Contec, Inc., an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, is a leading manufacturer of contamination-control products for critical-manufacturing environments worldwide. Contec’s extensive product line for cleanrooms includes knitted, woven and nonwoven wipers, presaturated wipers, sterile and nonsterile wipers, mopping systems, wall-washing systems, undergloves, sponges and swabs. The company’s ISO registration ensures customers of consistent quality products-from development to delivery.


3175 MacArthur Boulevard
Northbrook, IL 60062
Tel: (847) 562-4910
Fax: (847) 562-4917
Web: www.dynacodoor.com
Booth # 525

DYNACO, a world leader in high-speed-door technology offers a user-friendly, high-speed door with a unique soft-bottom edge that provides unmatched safety and positive, tight sealing. The company’s doors are self-reinserting, requiring almost no human intervention to reset or restart operation, and are designed to operate under positive or negative pressure up to 27 lbs./ft.2. DYNACO’s cleanroom door is rated for inside environments, Class 10,000 to 100,000 (ISO Class 7 to 8). This revolutionary, safe and well sealing design, and the use of high-quality components, make it an incredible, reliable door that increases energy efficiency and operation productivity.

ebm-papst, Inc.

100 Hyde Road
Farmington, CT 060334
Tel: (860) 674-1515
Fax: (860) 674-8536
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.ebmpapst.us
Booth # 219

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ebm-papst offers the largest inventory of high-quality fans, blowers and air movers. For over 40 years, the company’s unique product range has made it a world market leader in motors and fans. At CleanRooms 2006, ebm-papst will show a range of EC centrifugal fan modules. EC fans are quiet, highly energy efficient and will save you money. The product range includes 10-inch to 25-inch fan diameters with airflows up to 7800 cfm. EC fan modules for 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ fan filter units have a terminal box for AC-power connection, BUS communication and integrated status LEDs. Larger modules for air-handling units reach static pressures over 4 inches w.g. The company’s new-generation, handheld control terminal for the CBC series provides simple means of individual motor-speed control and diagnostics of fan filter modules, individually and in groups. No additional BUS hardware is needed for installations with less than 32 fan motors. LISA5 is ebm-papst’s new Windows®-based management software for larger EC fan quantities or for closed-loop process-control applications. ebm-papst operates globally, with organizations in over 40 countries.

Fab-Tech, Inc.

480 Hercules Drive
Colchester, VT 05446
Tel: 802-655-8800
Fax: 802-655-8804
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.fabtechinc.com
Booth # 407

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PermaShield Pipe (PSP®) is a robust, corrosive-fume exhaust system combining the strength and versatility of stainless steel with the superior corrosion resistance of a fluoropolymer coating. Fab-Tech has perfected the process of bonding ETFE, a highly rated material for chemical resistance initially developed over a decade ago for the semiconductor industry, onto a substrate of noncombustible stainless steel. Used exclusively in the semiconductor industry since its introduction in 1993, PSP® has since risen to preeminent status, thus attracting the attention of other major industries, including life sciences and pharmaceutical, as well as pulp and paper, chemical processing, metals mining, petrochemical, and hazardous-waste disposal. When it comes to containing aggressive and potentially harmful fumes and chemicals, more and more engineers are discovering the many benefits of PermaShield Pipe. PSP is a fully engineered, modular, fume-exhaust system. It’s available in a wide range of standard fittings, from 2-inch up to 120-inch diameter: straight duct, tees, elbows, offsets, taps, reducers and control devices. Rounding out the product mix is an array of innovative accessory fittings to provide a system greater than the sum of its parts.

Fisher Container Corp.

1111 Busch Parkway
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Tel: (847) 541-0000
Fax: (847) 541-0075
Web: www.fishercontainer.com
Booth # 301

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Fisher Container Corp., established in 1969, has been manufacturing certified cleanroom bags, sheeting and pouches for over 20 years. With its extensive, diversified line of cleanroom packaging and distribution in over 40 countries, Fisher has earned an excellent reputation for providing materials of the highest quality to market leaders in the pharmaceutical, medical device, sterilization, aerospace, semiconductor, biotech, electronic, cleanroom disposable and cleanroom garment industries. Fisher Container Corp. takes pride in what it does, and this pride is reflected in everything from product quality to competitive prices and unmatched customer service. Fisher Container was the first cleanroom bag manufacturer to receive the ISO 9001:2000 certification, which includes printed cleanroom packaging materials. Fisher Container’s diverse cleanroom product line includes: barrier pouches, chevron pouches, breather bags, tyvek header bags, antistat bags, cleanroom tubing, cleanroom sheeting, dispenser pouches and packs, cleanroom shrink film and much more. Fisher also has a complete cleanroom stock bag and tube program, and the capability of printing up to eight colors. Fisher’s manufacturing environment is ISO Class 4 (Class 10), and the company was NASA-certified in 1988. Fisher Container has great strength in design and development, and welcomes your inquiries, large and small.

Fisher Safety, a division of Fisher Scientific International

2000 Park Lane Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
Tel: (800) 772-6733
Fax: (800) 772-7702
Web: www.fishersafety.com
Booth # 200

As one of the nation’s leading distributors of controlled environments, occupational health and safety, and disaster preparedness products and services, Fisher Safety is equipped to provide you with the information and products you need to protect your business interests proactively rather than reactively. Fisher Safety carries thousands of products supplied by the world’s most respected manufacturers in the industry. With its complete line of products, its training curriculum, both online and on-site, and its knowledgeable sales force and customer service representatives, Fisher Safety can be the total solution provider for the cleanroom needs of nearly any industry or application. In conjunction with its sister division ,Fisher Scientific (the world’s leading distributor of research products), Fisher Safety can address the needs of your research labs, production facilities, fabrication areas, and maintenance, grounds and security departments. For access to the totality of the products and services offered by Fisher Safety, plus a variety of helpful links to regulatory agencies and controlled-environment product manufacturers, visit the company’s Web site. Fisher Safety field representatives can help generate cost-effective solutions by being on-hand to understand the needs and challenges of your company. Representatives at Fisher customer service centers answer the toll-free phone and fax lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For all your Cleanroom needs, choose Fisher Safety.

Hach Ultra Analytics

481 California Avenue
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Tel: (541) 472-6500
Fax: (541) 479-3057
Web: www.hachultra.com
Booth # 207

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Hach Ultra designs, manufactures and services Anatel, HIAC, HYT, Met One and Orbisphere brand products. Formed through the merger of Anatel, Orbisphere and Pacific Scientific Instruments, Hach Ultra provides advanced laboratory and process instrumentation for critical measurements in air, liquid and gas. The company’s products serve customers in the pharmaceutical, electronic, fluid power, nuclear power and beverage industries whose processes require high yields, consistency, compliance, reliability and exceptional quality. The Met One 3400 Series 50 or 28.3 L/min (1.77 or 1.0 cfm) portable particle counters offer faster sampling and reduced technician time. With a sensitivity of 0.3 to 25 microns and Long Life Laser™ technology, the 3400 reliably performs, verifying critical processes and environments, including cleanrooms. Truly portable, the 3400 weighs 7.35 kg (16.2 lbs.) and includes strategically placed handles. USB ports conveniently permit download to a PC or flash drive. For life-science environments, the 3400’s stainless-steel construction and unobstructed surface permit quick wipe-downs. Use with PortAll Version 2 software for Life Science to support 21CFR Part 11 compliance, remote scheduling and data download.

Kanomax USA, Inc.

P.O. Box 372
219 Route 206
Andover, NJ 07821
Tel: (800) 247-8887
Fax: (973) 786-7586
Web: www.kanomax-usa.com
Booth # 325

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Be sure to visit the Kanomax USA booth for a demonstration of the ultimate in handheld particle-measurement devices. The Model 3886 and 3887 handheld particle counters set the standard for quality, performance and versatility. These compact instruments exceed the requirements for many industrial and indoor environmental monitoring applications, including cleanrooms, fume hoods, spray booths, filtration tests, and many more. Utilizing a laser-based measurement platform and 0.1 cfm flow rate, both models conform to ISO 14644 recommendations for the specification of air cleanliness and determination of particle concentrations. With the Model 3886, five channels can be monitored simultaneously for 0.3 μm, 0.5 μm, 1.0 μm, 3.0 μm and 5.0 μm particle sizes, and 0.3 μm, 0.5 μm and 5.0 μm particle sizes for the Model 3887. In addition, optional probes add temperature/humidity and air velocity measurement capability to the Model 3886. The Kanomax Cleanroom Monitoring System (CRMS), featuring the Model 3714 and 3715 Laser Particle Sensors, is equally impressive. This full-featured continuous monitoring system simultaneously measures particle contaminant (0.3 μm to 5.0 μm), temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure and air velocity, all in conformance to ISO 14644. Rack-mountable hardware, custom software, and worldwide support round out the ultimate in cleanroom monitoring systems.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

3041 Orchard Parkway
San Jose, CA 95134
Tel: (408) 228-9200
Fax: (408) 228-9225
Web: www.golighthouse.com
Booth # 507

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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is a leading supplier of real-time contamination-monitoring systems, instruments and software. With superior software design, data integration ability and worldwide support offices, Lighthouse provides customers with contamination monitoring solutions, allowing them to maintain high product yields through continuously monitoring conditions that could have an adverse effect on their products. Parameters that can be monitored include particle counts, airborne molecular contamination, ESD, temperature/humidity, liquid particle counts, total organic carbon monitoring and more. Lighthouse manufactures a complete line of handheld, portable and remote particle counters that lead the industry in quality, accuracy and technology. New products on display at CCT 2006 will include: Lighthouse SOLAIR 3200+, a high-flow airborne-particle counter (2 cfm or 50 LPM); Lighthouse Handheld 3016, a six-channel handheld that measures particle counts, temperature, relative humidity and other environmental parameters; LMS Express RT real-time facility monitoring software; and LMS facility monitoring software.

Lymtech Scientific

60 Depot Street
Chicopee, MA 01014
Tel: (800) 628-8606
Fax: (413) 592-4112
Web: www.lymtech.com
Booth # 501

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Certain critical environments require wet cleaning with a highly critical wipe. Lymtech Scientific has incorporated its top-of-the-line, laundered Purity Wipes® and a unique bucket-dispensing system. LYMSAT® is ideal for use in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and electronics applications. It is safe, with no in-plant mixing or open containers, and is economical, eliminating external solvent containers and handling. Other dispensing choices included: resealable pouch, center-feed canisters, and individually wrapped foil packs.

Microbiology International

5108 Pegasus Court, Suite A
Frederick, MD 21704
Tel: (301) 662-6835
Fax: (301) 662-8096
Web: www.microbiology-intl.com
Booth # 218

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Microbiology International is committed to providing laboratories with the most innovative automation equipment and carries a number of products with specific applications for contamination control. The company currently offers a double-door (pass-through) autoclave, the D2D, for cleanrooms in laboratories and production facilities as a sterilization and double-door lock, separating sterile and nonsterile areas. The autoclaves are specially designed for gas-tight fitting to separating walls. The ProtoCOL automated colony counter offers the highest standards in enumeration of filters for water and air samples, and general bacterial enumeration. Microbiology International will also be exhibiting the Sartorius MD8 AirScan for air-quality testing in cleanrooms and isolators. This air sampler utilizes the gelatin membrane filter method, which is the only method boasting a 99.9 percent retention rating as well as the ability to reliably capture airborne viruses. Stop by to see these products and find out how they can improve your laboratory processes.

Micronova Manufacturing, Inc.

3431 West Lomita Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90505-5010
Tel: (310) 784-6990
Fax: (310) 784-6980
Web: www.micronova-mfg.com
Booth # 412

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Securing the glove to the garment is an important aspect of gowning-whether to protect personnel or the integrity of the product. Micronova’s pre-cut adhesive strips are a simple, efficient way of effecting a secure seal. The linered polyethylene strips are packaged two per pack. Unlike more-aggressive industrial options, which can leave tacky adhesive residue or rip garments and gloves, the low-tack adhesive on Micronova’s polyethylene strips secures the tape but removes cleanly after use. Available in 2” and 3” widths x 18”, the Sleeve Seal Cuff Strips are also available irradiated. The cleanliness and chemical resistance of the materials lend the product to gowning protocols for biotechnology sites through to food production and first-responder applications. Sleeve Seal Cuff Strips are the most recent addition to Micronova’s range of cleanroom polyethylene, vinyl and specialty tapes. Also from Micronova, the SilSat polyester wipe is impregnated with a blend of medical-grade silicon and IPA. This lubricated wipe does away with the need to use spray lubricants in sensitive and controlled environments. Originally designed as a mold-release agent within medical device and injection molding facilities, this wipe is an obvious choice for maintaining fill lines and other equipment in pharmaceutical production and aseptic areas. The low-profile package is double-bagged and irradiated for stringent processing areas. SilSat will lubricate gaskets and seals in isolators, refrigerators and cabinets in processing and support areas. Micronova carries several other pre-sat wiper options-including NovaHol and MegaClean-for specific cleaning challenges.

Molecular Epidemiology, Inc.

15300 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155
Tel: (206) 306-8882
Fax: (206) 306-8883
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.molecularepi.com
Booth # 225

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MEI, Inc. provides accurate, rapid, cost-effective microbial genetic identification, differentiation and contamination tracking services to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, where safety, traceability and minimizing economic loss are critical. Fungi, bacteria, yeast and mycoplasma are definitively identified by the company’s unique approach, combining powerful genetic techniques (DNA sequencing, PCR) with verification by classic phenotypic microbiology methods. Subtyping (DNA fingerprinting) methods further differentiate between closely related isolates, enabling effective microbial contamination tracking. Environmental monitoring, validation, long-term project support and consulting services are also available.

Nilfisk-Advance America

300 Technology Drive
Malvern, PA 19355
Tel: (610) 647-6420
Fax: (610) 647-6427
Web: www.nilfisk-advance.com
Booth # 410

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Nilfisk-Advance America helps customers meet their individual cleaning requirements and challenges with an extensive range of high-performance vacuum cleaners. From its Malvern, Pa., headquarters, Nilfisk-Advance America provides industrial vacuums for heavy-duty applications that require maximum suction power, and specialty vacuums for clean applications that demand “absolute” air purity and facility cleanliness. The company’s Nilfisk and CFM brand vacuums are equipped with ergonomic and user-friendly features and exceptionally efficient filtration systems, ensuring dust- and debris-free facilities in a variety of manufacturing industries including food, electronics, chemical/pharmaceutical, metalworking, and powder coating. At this year’s CleanRooms CCT conference, Nilfisk will be showcasing three of its top-performing vacuums for cleanroom applications: the versatile Nilfisk CWR 75SS, the GM 80CR and its newly launched IVT Safe-Pak vacuum. These machines safely collect powders, liquids, chemicals, allergens, and more in pharmaceutical cleanrooms (down to Class 10/ISO Class 4), manufacturing facilities, and other areas where contamination control is critical. These vacuums enable plant and cleanroom workers to efficiently perform a variety of cleaning tasks-including general maintenance, spillage removal, and wet/dry collection-with a single, high-efficiency machine.

Oak Technical LLC

4835 Darrow Road
Stow, OH 44224
Tel: (330) 342-9800
Fax: (330) 342-9877
Web: www.oakgloves.com
Booth # 524

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Recently, Oak Technical LLC built upon its long tradition of industry-leading innovation and precision with an aggressive commitment to investing capital in order to improve product offering and service capabilities. For instance, Oak now offers nitrile, latex, and knitted disposable gloves-the first in a series of product introductions that will continue through 2006. Oak has also expanded internationally, with Oak Manufacturing in Shijiazhuang, China. The alliance provides joint marketing, sales, manufacturing and technical support. Headquartered in Stow, Ohio, with a manufacturing plant in Tullahoma, Tennessee, Oak also has manufacturing alliances in Mexico, Malaysia and Korea. When it comes to controlled environments, Oak has many products designed to increase cleanroom efficiency and capabilities. Its critical-environment gloves adhere to exacting parameters to minimize particulate contamination and maximize protection. Other innovations include: Oaklite, a 12-inch, white, nitrile, 4-mil, powder-free, rolled-cuff, Class 10 (ISO Class 4 / M1.5) glove with fingertip texture, dedicated for use in cleanroom applications and hard-drive/disk-drive manufacturing; and the Oaktec adhesive contamination-control mat, which is specifically designed to reduce footborne dust and particulates from entering the cleanroom. The mat is recommended for all controlled environments.

Particle Measuring Systems

5475 Airport Boulevard
Boulder, CO 80301
Tel: (303) 443-7100
Fax: (303) 449-6870
Web: www.pmeasuring.com
Booth # 419

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Particle Measuring Systems has been a leader in microcontamination monitoring for over 33 years. PMS combines high-performance instrumentation with unrivaled application expertise to solve the problems of pharmaceutical, semiconductor and high-tech manufacturers. For the pharmaceutical industry, the company offers monitors and counters that meet FDA and EC GMP requirements, and for high-tech industries, PMS now offers molecular contamination monitors for air and surfaces, in addition to a complete particle counter line. The company also offers microcontamination services and equipment rentals, as well as CEU-accredited educational seminars. Visit the PMS booth for a demonstration of the company’s newest release, the Handilaz Mini, an ergonomically designed, simple-to-use handheld that counts particles as small as 0.3 micron. Designed to be the most cost-effective, quality handheld on the market, it retains the reliability and accuracy you count on from Particle Measuring Systems. Ask about the LASAIR II 350L/550L, which meets GMP requirements in only 20 minutes. The software walks the user through the process of EU GMP sampling, and then automatically generates a final report. The 550L retains all the features that have made the LASAIR II the world’s best-selling, most complete, portable particle counter.

Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.

301 North Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
Tel: (336) 510-8000
Fax: (336) 510-8003
Web: www.precisionfabrics.com
Booth # 318

Integrity 1800 has been the standard of performance for pharmaceutical cleanrooms for a decade and still today continues to prove its value at many prominent manufacturers worldwide. Integrity 1800 provides triple-barrier performance to protect both your products and your people. Features include: high filtration efficiency, from a fabric pore size of only 3 μm; fluid protection, from an extremely durable fluorochemical fabric treatment; and antimicrobial properties, from the proven performance of AEGIS MicrobeShield®. Integrity fabrics are woven and finished in the U.S. to be lightweight and comfortable. An extremely small pore size prohibits particulates from penetrating through Integrity fabrics in either direction. Unlike many single-use products, Integrity fabrics allow water vapor to easily pass through, thereby reducing uncomfortable humidity buildup inside the garment. The fluorochemical treatment helps prevent liquids, which may carry active bacteria, from penetrating the fabric and entering the work environment. The AEGIS MicrobeShield inhibits the growth of a wide range of bacteria on the fabric, thereby reducing the bioburden on the garment. Integrity 1800 fabrics incorporate ESD-conductive yarns that can withstand hundreds of launderings to provide an ecologically and economically safe solution for your cleanroom. Garments constructed from Integrity 1800 are available from many top-quality laundries and manufacturers throughout the world. The Integrity Barrier family of fabrics is produced in the U.S. by Precision Fabrics Group ,Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance specialty fabrics.

Purus International, Inc.

44909 Golf Center Parkway, Suite 6
Indio, CA 92201
Tel: (760) 775-4500
Fax: (760) 775-5575
Web: www.purusint.com
Booth # 302

Purus International is a global leader in contamination-control matting. The Purus Mat and the Purus IntroMat offer superior quality, consistency and manufacturing excellence. The Purus mat utilizes the latest technological innovations in its ISO 9000 manufacturing for a top-performing product and trouble-free operations. The Purus mat is offered in a wide variety of sizes, colors and configurations as well as custom variations. The IntroMat comes mounted to a ridged, nonskid frame, and is ideal for use in areas of rough or uneven flooring or in industrial areas where gross contamination control is required. Purus also offers a complete line of cleanroom paper produced with new nonlatex binding technology. It is the highest quality cleanroom paper available today, with ultralow particles and extractables. It is offered in various sizes, weights and colors.

Quality Air Control

288 Littleton Road
Westford, MA 01886
Tel: (978) 589-3814
Fax: (978) 589-9687
Web: www.qac.com
Booth # 314

Quality Air Control has experience in providing mechanical systems for many industries, with quality designs and installations. These industries have become so sophisticated that average contractors do not have the experience to meet the protocols mandated by GMPs and the FDA. Your project will benefit from less stress and more planning with Quality Air Control on the construction team. When your project requires partners who react fast with preconstruction services, budgeting, schedules and value engineering, Quality Air Control makes a good team member. Call on Quality Air Control for its expertise in most areas of the high-tech industry, including: pharmaceutical plants, biotech facilities, electronics and industrial cleanrooms.

SMRT Architecture Engineering Planning

144 Fore Street
Portland, ME 04101
Tel: (207) 772-3846
Fax: (207) 772-1070
Web: www.smrtinc.com
Booth # 512

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SMRT is a 60-person firm specializing in the design of cleanroom spaces for clients throughout New England. Our staff includes mechanical, electrical, structural, fire protection and plumbing engineers, architects, landscape architects and interior designers, with offices in Maine, New Hampshire and New York. SMRT’s design work has ranged from Class 100,000 to Class 1 (ISO Class 3 to 8) cleanrooms and includes projects for semiconductor, bioscience, pharmaceutical, higher education and healthcare facilities. Some clients include: Anadigics, BAE Systems, Binax, Control Delivery Systems, DayStar, Fairchild Semiconductor, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, IDEXX Laboratories, Lonza Biologics, Nanosys, National Semiconductor, New Chapter, Olin Microelectronics, Poland Spring, Raytheon, Sensor Research, Sims Intertech, Stocker Yale, Taconic Farms, Texas Instruments and The Jackson Laboratory. The company has extensive experience with designing sophisticated facilities for both research and industry. The ultimate measure of SMRT’s success is your positive return on investment through the design of state-of-the-art facilities.

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7504 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63133
Tel: (314) 290-4793
Fax: (314) 290-4630
Web: www.steris.com
Booth # 514

STERIS Corp. has provided contamination-control and sterilization solutions for pharmaceutical and industrial applications since 1996. STERIS utilizes a variety of sterilization methods to fulfill customers’ needs, including steam, ethylene oxide and other liquid chemistries. The company’s Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP®) technology combines tremendous efficacy and material compatibility with manageable capital and engineering requirements. These systems provide effective decontamination over a wide range of environmental organisms-at very low concentrations. In addition, well designed VHP systems provide fast, residue-free and environmentally friendly decontamination methods for your cleanroom applications. STERIS also offers a full line of sterilants, disinfectants and alcohols suitable for use in your cleanroom. The sporicidal Spor-Klenz® product family is formulated for the sterilization and disinfection of hard surfaces. For phenolic disinfectants, STERIS offers both low- and high-pH products in sterile, nonsterile and unit-dose packages. In addition, the company’s quaternary disinfectants offer one-step cleaning and broad-spectrum bactericidal activity. Along with sterile and nonsterile isopropyl alcohols, the complete line of STERIS products can be the foundation of your contamination-control program.

Techniglove International

22607 East La Palma Avenue, #409
Yorba Linda, CA 92887
Tel: (877) 648-7453
Fax: (714) 692-5024
Web: www.techniglove.com
Booth # 300

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Techniglove International is a leading manufacturer of disposable gloves designed for use in critical Class 10 (ISO Class 4), sterile, controlled and industrial environments. Techniglove’s unique products are critical components of the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and industrial marketplace. The company’s exclusive family of products include: Class 10 nitrile gloves in three colors (green, blue and white); the Technipak-a PVC dispenser box of powder-free nitrile gloves suitable for use in cleanrooms, science labs and pharmaceutical manufacturing; and the TechniTote, a plastic clamshell dispenser of Class 100 nitrile gloves for use in applications requiring a portable clean dispenser. Techniglove’s manufacturing plant and Class 10 Cleanroom packaging facility are ISO-certified and provide microbiological controls to ensure high-quality gloves with low endotoxins and pyrogen-free Class 10 nitrile gloves.

Tiger-Vac, Inc.

14 Healey Avenue
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Tel: (518) 561-6992
Fax: (518) 561-7081
Web: www.tiger-vac.com
Booth # 319

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Tiger-Vac is a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners for controlled environments and hazardous locations. The company’s cleanroom vacuum cleaners are certified for ISO Class 4 environments, and its product line features HEPA (efficiency of 99.99 percent on 0.3 micron) and ULPA filtration (efficiency of 99.999 percent on 0.12 micron) to maintain the highest standards in cleanliness. Tiger-Vac’s products are available in air-powered as well as electric versions, ranging from portable and central systems, intermittent and continuous duty. Unique features include: stainless steel 316, wet and dry recovery, autoclavability, activated carbon filtration for the absorption of toxic vapors and odors, explosion-proof design, potent compound recovery, and a wide assortment of ESD-safe tools and accessories.

Total Source Manufacturing

1445 Engineer Street
Vista, CA 92085
Tel: (888) 460-4440
Fax: (888) 966-5550
Web: www.tsmfg.com
Booth # 411

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Total Source, a leading manufacturer of cleanroom consumables, is introducing a new material to its disposable cleanroom garment line. Produced from the same spun-bound polyolefin material used in established products and name brands in the cleanroom industry, MPC is an exciting new alternative to the products that you have used for years. A highly breathable barrier material, MPC is an ideal alternative to other high-cost barrier garments. Soft yet durable, it provides all of the benefits of comfort and functionality to clients looking for an economical and practical everyday solution. Total Source will be debuting its MPC line at CleanRooms CCT 2006 in a diverse series of products to meet your everyday needs. Coveralls, frocks, sleeves, shoe covers and more made from MPC will be displayed and demonstrated at the Total Source exhibit. With factories worldwide, Total Source responds quickly to market changes in the cleanroom industry. Ordering from the factory has never been easier thanks to Total Source’s excellent customer support system, and U.S. warehouse stock is ready for shipment.

TSI Incorporated

500 Cardigan Road
Shoreview, MN 55126
Tel: (651) 483-0900
Fax: (651) 490-3824
Web: www.tsi.com
Booth # 414

TSI Incorporated is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of innovative instruments for productivity, quality assurance, and the safety, comfort and health of individuals. As a leader in the markets it serves, TSI has a wide range of measurement solutions for ventilation, airflow, comfort, air quality, pressure management, filtration and particle sampling. Founded in 1961, TSI is headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., with additional offices in Europe and Asia. Please stop by the company’s booth and see what’s new.

UniClean Cleanroom Services

8 Industrial Park Drive
Nashua, NH 03062
Tel: (603) 888-1200
Fax: (603) 888-0668
Web: www.uniclean.com
Booth # 324

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UniClean Cleanroom Services is an industry leader providing garment services and related products to the biotech, pharmaceutical, electronics, semiconductor, and other cleanroom and controlled-environment industries. UniClean also offers cleaning and maintenance of all levels of cleanrooms. Its programs are ISO 9001: 2000 registered and follow guidance that has been established by regulatory bodies in every industry it serves. The company provides sterile, nonsterile and BSL garment services that can be tailored to a client’s specific needs. All of UniClean’s rental programs include turnkey management of garments and related accessories, with proactive administrative and garment maintenance functions, all while minimizing up-front investment and inventory headaches. For those who prefer to own their garments, UniClean offers professional processing on a per-piece basis. Sterile programs provide garments that are free from viable organisms and particulate matter via a combination of cleanroom processing and gamma radiation. UniClean also has a certified program designed to safely handle garments used in biosafety facilities. The company also stocks a complete line of consumable products, including gloves, shoe covers, facemasks and tacky mats available for quick delivery, as well as a complete line of cleanroom equipment, including work surfaces, shelving, chairs, rack systems, mirrors, dispensers and more.

Veltek Associates, Inc.

15 Lee Boulevard
Malvern, PA 19355-1234
Tel: (610) 644-8335
Fax: (610) 644-8336
Web: www.sterile.com
Booth # 401

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Veltek Associates, Inc. (VAI) is an EPA- and FDA-registered manufacturing facility located in Malvern, Penn. The company focuses on identification and control of contamination in classified areas, and produces a complete range of sterile pharmaceutical-grade disinfectants, sporicides, lubricants and buffer solutions; Aseptic-Cleanse sterile IPA and hand sanitizer and hands-free dispensers; environmental monitoring systems; and Core2Clean Spray/Mop/Fog Systems. VAI is a global leader in the supply of sterile chemicals and environmental monitoring systems for the Class 100 to 100,000 (ISO Class 5 to 8) pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Its technical service department is equipped to answer the most detailed of questions regarding your needs for sterilization, decontamination and environmental monitoring. VAI Labs (the company’s testing division) was designed to provide microbiological testing services ranging from the identification of microorganisms to antimicrobial effectiveness studies to prove the effectiveness of selected disinfectants. VAI has recently completed its new 180,000-square-foot facility, which will allow for years of growth and expansion. It houses all of VAI’s divisions-Sterile Chemical Manufacturing Division, Environmental Control Monitoring Division, Disposable Products Manufacturing Division and VAI Labs-and its main warehouse. In addition to the Malvern location, VAI can service the industry through its 120 worldwide distributors.


7011 F. Albert Pick Road
Greensboro, NC 27408
Tel: (336) 931-5010
Fax: (336) 931-5092
Web: www.ziehl-abegg.us
Booth # 323

There’s always something more waiting for you at Ziehl-Abegg. More service, more competence, more experience, more dedication. As a trend-setter in the fan sector and as one of the leading system suppliers of drive technology, Ziehl-Abegg offers innovative, complete solutions from one source. The company can advise you and support you right from the start and through all phases of your project. Its wide product range provides solutions for the most varied application fields: fans for heating and refrigeration engineering; cleanroom; agricultural and railroad engineering, etc.; drive technology for elevators; medical technology; offshore engineering, and much more. Companies around the world have relied on Ziehl-Abegg’s service and quality for years and have profited from the direct, personal customer support at the same time.

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