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Compiled by Angela Godwin

Electromagnetic flow meter

KROHNE, Inc. has introduced the BATCHCONTROL electromagnetic flow meter for volumetric filling applications. The meter is ideal for the batching and dosing of electrically conductive liquids and pastes in the pharmaceutical industry, as it features an integrated control module and CAN open-based network communication. The 3A-certified BATCHCONTROL and its pulse output equivalent, BATCHFLUX, has a compact design ideal for tight space requirements. These meters include a unique ceramic liner to meet the demands of cleaning in place (CIP) and steaming in place (SIP) processes. Enhancing accuracy, the ceramic liner ensures dimensional stability across the entire operational temperature range. The electronics are completely potted to ensure integrity during wash-down procedures.
Peabody, MA

Motorized impeller

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Continental Fan’s XR Motorized Impeller is a precision-balanced air-moving device that features superior performance and compact design. It is ideally suited to applications where space is limited. The unique coupling of the motor and impeller minimizes space requirements and provides for vibration-free operation. By combining the efficiency of a backward-curved airfoil impeller with the advanced technology of an external rotor motor, new standards for air performance and sound levels have been achieved. Suitable for either supply or exhaust applications, the impeller is a quiet and efficient fan package, and it’s completely speed-controllable. Both motor and impeller are located directly in the air stream, where the impeller acts as a rotating “heat sink” with excellent heat dissipation and efficient motor cooling. Near-zero speeds can be achieved using solid-state speed controls. Applications include cleanroom modules, heat exchangers, air filtration, fume hoods, pharmaceutical equipment, and more.
Continental Fan
Buffalo, NY

Cleanroom vacuum

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Pharmaceutical and chemical companies today face complex contamination-control and cleaning challenges within their cleanrooms. In response to these customer needs, Nilfisk-Advance America will introduce its new compact IVT 1000 CR Cleanroom Vacuum. Available with optional Safe-Pak technology-a revolutionary new safe-change system for ultra-secure hazardous material removal-this vacuum addresses the cleanliness and hygiene standards required in cleanrooms in a compact machine without sacrificing ease of use or worker comfort. Equipped with an ULPA exhaust filter as standard, the IVT 1000 CR is also extremely quiet, compact, and easy to maneuver. Like the trolley and all accessories, it is autoclavable for simple and convenient cleaning. With locking clamps to ensure the airtight sealing of the collection can, this product can also be used in conjunction with Nilfisk’s Safe-Pak technology. This system, which is transparent for efficient monitoring, is designed to collect sub-micron particles and retain them in a disposable HEPA-filtered container, protecting the vacuum from contamination as well as providing a safe and easy means of disposing the collected waste.
Nilfisk-Advance America
Malvern, PA

Chair configuration tool

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BioFit Engineered Products introduces the seating industry’s first online Build Your Own Chair Configurator for designing ergonomic chairs to meet customer specifications for cleanrooms, static-control situations, and combination cleanroom/static-control applications. Visitors to the BioFit Web site can use the tool to assemble chairs that meet their specific needs. Customers can see how different chair components and options would look and perform in their particular applications. After a new chair is configured online, a customer can e-mail the result to BioFit for a price quote within one working day. The Build Your Own Chair Configurator covers hundreds of ergonomic chairs available in the company’s Ship Now! quick-ship program. Customers can select a performance package for a cleanroom or static-control/ESD application, an upholstery material for the seat and backrest, the type of chair base and the seat-height adjustment range. Basic chair models also can be customized with a choice of backrests, seats, armrests, ergonomic controls, foot rings, casters or glides, and metal finishes.
BioFit Engineered Products
Waterville, OH

Meissner disposable biocontainer system

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Meissner has announced the availability of its DPS™ (Disposable Processing System) for biopharmaceutical fluid handling. The single-use filter-biocontainer system is composed of a flexible, medical-grade plastic biocontainer, tubing, connectors, and a Meissner filter device. The assemblies are gamma-irradiated for immediate use, and their single-use disposability reduces the need for SIP/CIP requirements and validation. The system is customizable to the end user’s specific processing requirements, and the assemblies can be used for sterile filling, dispensing, mixing, storage, and transport of biopharmaceutical solutions. The assemblies allow greater flexibility in scale-up or scale-down of a process, offer more efficient use of manufacturing and storage space, and significantly reduce preparation time prior to system operation.
Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.
Camarillo, CA

Modular hardwall cleanrooms

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Clean Air Products introduces Series 560 Vertical Flow Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms. These prefabricated, easy-to-assemble cleanrooms allow for future expansion and offer a viable alternative to costly conventional cleanroom construction. The pre-engineered, freestanding rooms require only a solid, level floor for support. Sections may be removed or reconfigured for a process change or for relocation to another facility. Floors may be solid or raised. A variety of sizes are available, providing a high degree of flexibility for individual requirements. The units are made with heavy-gage steel panels screwed and welded together to create modular sections. The sections are further equipped with braces to ensure strength and eliminate harmonic vibration. These cleanrooms utilize a full HEPA-filter ceiling bank to ensure an even airflow, which greatly reduces air turbulences and eddy air currents, providing uniform laminar airflow throughout. The Series 560 incorporates the HEPA-N-Seal double-gasket seal to achieve a no-leak ceiling system. This system keeps the primary HEPA filter high-pressure seal under a negative-pressure to prevent gasket seal leaks. This negative pressure seal prevents leaks-which can occur over time in both clamped and liquid-gel systems-from entering the cleanroom.
Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

Chart recorders

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Dickson has introduced its new TH8 line of 8-inch Temperature/Humidity Chart Recorders and the new KT8 line of K-Thermocouple Remote Sensing 8-inch Chart Recorders. The chart recorders have a number of added design features for durability and practicality in industrial settings-from high-quality metal components to smaller footprint designs, to larger charts for readability, and more. Benefits of the new TH8 and KT8 designs, especially important to most chemical and industrial processes, include: a compact and durable enclosure that is 41 percent smaller than previous models; standardized and easily replaced K-thermocouple remote probes (in the KT8 models); large digital displays viewable from a distance of 20 feet; audio and visual alarms; large 8-inch charts providing 84 percent more readable area than 6-inch designs; remote probes ideal for tight locations, cleanrooms, or incubators; dew point recording and display; and flip-up pen arm for easy chart and pen changes.
Dickson Company
Addison, IL

Specimen transport bags

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Qosina is adding a two-part, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) specimen transport bag to its inventory. This specimen bag is leak resistant with two separate pockets usable for samples and documentation. The 6- by 9-inch (15.3 cm by 23 cm) bag features a fold-over Adhesive Ribbon™ seal, creating a solid tamper-evident visual seal across both sections of the bag to keep employees and contents safe from contamination. The bags are available with custom absorbent inserts, and printing and sizing options.
Edgewood, NY

Laser vibrometer

MetroLaser, Inc. has recently unveiled the VibroMet 500V, a single-beam laser Doppler vibrometer offering improved non-contact vibration measurement. The instrument provides more sensitive vibration measurement over a wider dynamic measurement range, now starting at 2 microns per second, for measuring vibration velocities to 1 meter per second, up from 0.7 meters per second. In addition to these improvements, the new system has a visible red laser beam for easier point and measure operation. The laser is collimated, so there is no need to adjust a focusing lens. A high-coherence, solid-state laser diode ensures that the system receives strong signals at distances of up to 5 meters. The instrument features a robust, field-tested design that can be used in harsh and outdoor environments. It is ideal for quality assurance, product optimization, and other applications that require measuring vibration without touching the object being measured. Industries served include automotive, aerospace, computers, acoustics, and many others.
MetroLaser, Inc.
Irvine, CA

Ultrasonic flow meters

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The Dynasonics division of Racine Federated, Inc. has developed a new generation of Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters that will take installation and operational simplicity to a new level. Intelligent software algorithms operating within the Series DFX Flow Meter monitor incoming signal quality and flow-meter performance-both during initial start-up and continuously during operation-making automatic adjustments to nullify changing liquid conditions. The result is a product that can be taken out of the shipping box and be accurately and reliably measuring flow within a couple of minutes, without special tools, training, or specialized computer software. Features include: NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure; field-replaceable, isolated output modules; large-character, backlit LCD; auto-ranging rate display; and impedance-matched ultrasonic transducer connections. The DFX contains a digital mixer circuit that is highly immune to measurement errors caused by electrical noise and other ultrasonic products, ensuring stable and reliable measurements. The clamp-on pipe transducer is rated to NEMA 6P (IP68), temperatures up to 400°F (200°C), and can be located up to 1000 feet from the DFX display enclosure. An insertion probe transducer is available for installation on pipe systems that do not permit ultrasound penetration. The system can measure flow on pipe sizes larger than 1/8 inch [3 mm] and flow rates from 0.15 to greater than 30 FPS [0.05 to 9+ MPS]. It is a cost-effective, non-intrusive solution to measuring flow in full pipes carrying liquids with useful sonic reflectors (particles greater than 35 microns) such as sludges, slurries, emulsions, dispersions, and pulps.
Dynasonics, a division of Racine Federated, Inc.
Racine, WI

Polyimide material

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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has developed Meldin 7001 polyimide for parts and shapes for use in the semiconductor industry. Key advances in North America and Asia have been made in Meldin replacement rings for the AMAT P-5000 etch machine, which is used in the production of microchips. Offering a performance and economical solution, the Meldin 7001 has high heat resistance, up 600°F, excellent machinability, high purity, and is available in stock shapes for machining or custom-molded components, making it ideal for this application.
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Aurora, OH

Support racks

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The Commercial Products division of Branson Ultrasonics Corp. has announced the introduction of support racks for the bottom of the ultrasonic tank. Parts baskets are required to suspend items in the solution, but baskets are not practical for all ultrasonic cleaning applications. The support racks provide a stable, flat surface upon which parts, fixtures, or containers may be placed. Their open design with integral rubberized “feet” will not inhibit chemistry circulation or ultrasonic energy. Racks are also useful as countertop support racks following cleaning or processing. They hold containers or components off the table to facilitate air circulation and drying. A complete range of sizes is provided to access the full volume of your tank. The support racks feature stainless construction for chemical compatibility, an electro-welded design for durability, and an electro-polished finish for cleanliness. Racks are for use with 0.5-gallon up to 5.5-gallon units.
Branson Ultrasonics
Danbury, CT

Stainless-steel gages

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Dwyer Instruments, Inc. has announced the release of its new Series SGD stainless-steel gages. These gages have dual English/metric scales with 1.6 percent full-scale accuracy, and are available in 2.5-inch dial sizes. Units are designed with 304 SS housings and 316 SS wetted parts for excellent chemical compatibility. A wide selection of ranges is available, from full vacuum to 15,000 psi. These durable gages can withstand ambient temperatures up to 149°F (65°C) and process temperatures up to 518°F (270°C). The Series SGD gages are easily liquid-filled in the field without the need for a separate kit.
Dwyer Instruments
Michigan City, IN

Mass spectrometer for RGA

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ULVAC Technologies, Inc. has introduced the Qulee quadrupole mass spectrometer with integrated measurement display and control electronics. Designed primarily for end users, this compact, lightweight mass spectrometer is suitable for OEM use as well. The Qulee features a removable front-end electronics package that permits easy and cost-effective replacement of the quadrupole analyzer. With the electronics removed, the analyzer head can be baked at temperatures of up to 250°C. An integrated control display on the electronics box eliminates the need for a PC to operate the unit. One-touch control displays the partial pressure readout of He, H2O, N2, O2, O2/N2 ratio, and a user-selectable channel from mass 1 to 50 amu. Useful for leak detection and system monitoring, the built-in setpoints with serial I/O remote control, RS232C and 485 outputs, and easy-to-use software enable the spectrometer to also be used for residual gas analysis (RGA) and process gas monitoring in PVD systems. A maximum operating pressure of 2 Pa can eliminate the need for differential pumping, and the minimum detectable partial pressure is 1 x 1010 Pa.
Methuen, MA

Cleanroom workstation

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Kinetic Systems, Inc. has introduced the 9600 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation designed specifically for use in cleanrooms. The workstation is constructed of stainless steel, using cylindrical, welded braces for maximum rigidity, minimum flat surfaces, and easy wipe-down. An enclosed isolation module, stainless-steel valves, and vented exhaust keep the workstation compliant with Class 1 and 10 [ISO Class 3 and 4] cleanroom standards. The unit is available with a choice of finishes: electropolish for Class 1 compatibility or clear passivate for Class 10. The workstation features low natural frequencies and high isolation efficiencies. It also features a dual-chamber compressed-air system that provides high-performance vibration damping and maintains a preset “zero deflection” level to compensate for load changes. Tables are available up to 36 inches deep and 60 inches wide. Accessories, such as guard rails, fixed or sliding shelves, and monitor supports, are available for specific applications.
Kinetic Systems, Inc.
Boston, MA

PES membrane

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Millipore recently announced that its Millipore Express® Plus membrane is now available in cut-disk format for use in reusable filter holders. This membrane consists of polyethersulfone (PES) and provides ultra-fast filtration of tissue culture media, additives, buffers, and other aqueous solutions. The membrane provides fast filtration with low protein binding and is available as 25 mm and 47 mm cut disks with 0.22 μm and 0.45 μm pore sizes.
Millipore Corp.
Billerica, MA.

Dust containment cabinets

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Clean Air Products introduces Series 1522 Inflow Dust Containment Cabinets. These cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and styles, with a painted-steel finish that’s compatible with all typical cleanroom environments. Dust containment cabinets provide an effective solution for mailroom protection, hazardous materials, and biosafety applications. The system draws air into wall-mounted filters, where it is filtered and discharged back into the work space. Prior to the HEPA-filtering stage, there are two stages of prefiltering, the second of which can be an optional charcoal filter. The prefilter is made of disposable, non-woven, framed fiberglass media, with a nominal efficiency of 40 percent. The HEPA system consists of two parts: the absolute HEPA filter and a flexible duct to form a modular component. The company’s HEPA filters meet Mil Standard 282 and are tested for leakage for 99.99 percent removal of all particulate contaminants greater than 0.3 μm. Additional features and benefits include an acrylic hood for durability and long life, and minimal required maintenance for continuous optimum performance.
Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

Rigid cell filters

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D-Mark, Inc. introduces new OdorGuard® Rigid Cell Filters offering extended surface chemical filtration. These self-supporting rigid box filters are ideal for pharmaceutical, microelectronic, and cleanroom applications, in addition to traditional HVAC installations. The filters are available utilizing granular activated carbon or a 50/50 blend of carbon and activated alumina impregnated with 5 percent potassium permanganate (KmnO4). This blend of adsorbents will remove a wide range of odors, VOCs, and light gases, including ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide. The OdorGuard 12-inch, deep-pleated filters provide 7 lbs. of GAC or 8.6 lbs. of 50/50 adsorbent blend in a 24- by 24- by 12-inch dimension. Galvanized steel frames resist corrosion in moist, humid conditions, and are available with or without a header and in either standard HVAC or custom sizes.
D-Mark, Inc.
Chesterfield, MI

Sanitary coolers

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Carltex, Inc. has introduced a new line of Sanitary Sample Coolers specifically designed for the safe taking of samples for chemistry/TOC, conductivity, and microbiological studies from steam or heated water systems. These coolers are specifically designed to be used in pharmaceutical plants and cleanrooms. They are constructed of bright, polished 316L stainless steel, and include a bracket for wall mounting. The sample enters the top of the cooler and flows downward through the self-draining coils of electropolished, seamless stainless steel. Available both fixed or portable, these coolers can be steam-sterilized or depyrogenated using a hot-air process.
Carltex, Inc.
Greenlawn, NY

Cartridge pump seal

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Flowserve Corp. has announced the launch of the Flowserve GCX single mechanical cartridge seal. The GCX is specifically designed for ANSI and DIN pump services, where the pumps and seals are required to operate in multiple chemical environments without chemical compatibility change-outs. This seal is ideally suited for intermediate and batch chemical processes in short-run chemical plants and in multiple-campaign specialty chemical and pharmaceutical plants using solvents and steam for decontamination. Built with durable metals to withstand corrosion and harsh chemical conditions, the GCX features alloy C-276 bellows, 316 stainless-steel components, and flexible graphite foil secondary seals. The metallurgical components in the GCX also enable it to operate in a wider temperature range than elastomer-based seals. The GCX provides sealing for tough multiple-exposure applications dynamically, statically, and during process changeover in chemical pumps from a variety of manufacturers. With no dynamic O-ring, the stationary bellows design of the GCX avoids seal hang-up in coking applications. Its canned sleeve design prevents installation damage to its silicon carbide rotor, which is held in compression with a graphite foil secondary seal for maximum chemical compatibility. Standard operating limits for the GCX include pressures between 0 and 200 psig (0 to 13.8 bar), temperatures between -40° and +400°F (-40° to +204°C), and speeds up to 15.2 m/s (3000 fpm). The GCX is available in eight standard inch sizes (1.125 to 2.625 inches) and six standard metric sizes (33 to 65 mm).
Flowserve Corp.
Dallas, TX


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