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Compiled by Angela Godwin

New, innovative wipers

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Milliken has announced the release of its new wiper innovation, Anticon® with Particle Attraction Technology (PAT). These wipers are not only clean to begin with (exhibiting low fibers and particles), but they provide a differential amount of particle pickup, wipeablility, and particle retention. Testing protocol has produced data that proves these wipers attract 35 times more particles than similar products. These sealed-edge, ISO Class 1-laundered, polyester cleanroom wipers also retain the particles they capture rather than releasing the particles back into the clean environment. PAT wipers minimize any fear or risk of contamination. This wiping technology is available in various fabric bases and weights, works well with solvents, and has been designed utilizing an economical bulk-packaging system. PAT wipers are intended for use in the electronics and life-sciences (pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device) markets and are fit for use in Class 1 to Class 1000 (ISO Class 1 to Class 6) cleanroom environments.

Milliken & Company

LaGrange, GA

Antimicrobial for keyboards and mice

Man & Machine, Inc. (MMI) and Envirosystems recently announced that MMI is the exclusive provider of BioShield 75 for medical keyboards and mice. BioShield 75 is a new patent-protected, EPA-approved coating that has excellent antimicrobial qualities. It destroys microbes by piercing the cell wall and electrocuting the cell at the same time. It destroys harmful bugs with no possibility of resistance. Treating keyboards and mice with BioShield 75 every three months provides an added level of protection.

Man & Machine, Inc.

Landover, MD

Complete line of wipers

Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a complete line of dry, presaturated, and sterile Kimtech Pure* Wipers for all cleanroom environments. The new product line now includes both dry and sterile Kimtech Pure* CL3 Wipers, which can be used for the most critical surface-wiping tasks in ISO Class 3 or higher cleanroom environments. The dry Kimtech Pure* CL3 Wipers are made from 100 percent continuous filament double-knit polyester. These wipers absorb liquids on contact while still delivering the low-particle and extractable levels expected from polyester wipers. The dry wipers are solvent- and abrasion-resistant, have four laser-sealed edges to minimize particle generation, are cleanroom-laundered in water filtered to 0.2 micron to minimize the potential for ion contamination, and are double-bagged to maintain cleanliness. The dry Kimtech Pure* CL3 Sterile Wipers are also recommended for the most critical surface-wiping tasks in ISO Class 3 or higher cleanroom environments where sterility is required. They are 100 percent polyester and solvent- and abrasion-resistant. These sterile wipers absorb liquids on contact while still delivering the low-particle and extractable levels expected from polyester wipers. They are also compliant with AAMI guidelines, gamma irradiated to a 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level (SAL), and cleanroom-laundered, with laser-sealed edges.

The following other offerings complete the Kimtech Pure* Wipers line of products for critical task wiping in cleanrooms: Kimtech Pure* CL4 Wipers (100 percent polypropylene), Kimtech Pure* CL5 Wipers (50 percent rayon/50 percent polyester spunlace blend), Kimtech Pure* CL6 Wipers (55 percent cellulose/45 percent polyester blend), Kimtech Pure* CL5 Sterile Wipers (50 percent rayon/50 percent polyester spunlace blend), Kimtech Pure* CL4 Pre-Saturated Wipers (100 percent polypropylene with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol/30 percent deionized water), and Kimtech Pure* CL4 Sterile Pre-Saturated Wipers (100 percent polypropylene with 70 percent alcohol/30 percent deionized water). Kimtech Pure* Wipers can meet the critical-task needs in a variety of cleanroom environments for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, high-tech, biotechnology, and medical-device industries.

Kimberly-Clark Professional, a division of Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Roswell, GA

Flexible ultrapure water system

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Millipore Corp. has announced the availability of a flexible ultrapure water system that can be placed anywhere in the laboratory. The new Simplicity system is easy to install and produces ultrapure water on demand from pretreated water (Elix® system, distilled, deionized, or reverse osmosis water). Designed for scientists who require less than five liters of ultrapure water per day, the system is suitable for the production of mobile phases for chromatographic separations, preparation of blanks, and standard solutions for spectrophotometry, spectroscopy, or other analytical techniques, as well as buffer preparation for biochemical experiments. The system’s Type I water (18.2 MΩ·cm at 25°C ultrapure water) provides an economical alternative for laboratories currently using bottled water. Also, because the Simplicity system’s water is produced and used at the point of use, the water quality is not subject to contamination from containers or degradation from airborne contaminants.

For sensitive applications, such as HPLC, GC, and TOC analysis, the system’s built-in dual-wavelength UV lamp (185 and 254 nm) reduces organic contaminants to < 5 ppb. In addition, a range of final polishers is available to provide bacteria-free, pyrogen-free, or nuclease-free water, depending on requirements. The Simplicity system fits easily anywhere in the lab, and its integrated, removable reservoir means that no feedwater connection is needed. Maintenance is reduced to changing the SimpliPakTM purification cartridge once or twice a year. Other system features include a design able to accommodate a wide range of laboratory glassware and an intuitive graphic display that clearly shows system parameters such as water quality, reservoir level, and pack replacement information.

Millipore Corp.

Billerica, MA

Spray-cleaning minienvironment

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The CleanStation from PurCO2 integrates CO2 snow cleaning into a minienvironment engineered specifically for precision spray cleaning. Within the generous, illuminated work space, recirculating air is heated, HEPA-filtered, and ionized to help prevent recontamination. Removed contaminants are drawn away from substrates and captured. PurCO2’s unique process provides a variable coaxial jet of dry-ice crystals and a heated, filtered propellant that removes fingerprints, thin films, and particles.

PurCO2, a division of Cool Clean Technologies

Valencia, CA

Mobile decontamination unit

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A new mobile decontamination unit equipped with multipatented, high-output UVC technology is now available from Steril-Aire. The Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS) provides a safe and effective way to decontaminate surfaces infested with mold (such as Stachybotrys and Aspergillus), viruses (colds, flu, SARS, bird or avian flu, and measles), and bacteria (including TB, Legionella, E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, and whooping cough). The user wheels the RIDS unit into the infested area, leaves the room, and turns on the unit remotely, allowing the energy from the high-output UVC EmittersTM to decontaminate walls, tabletops, and other surfaces. A 12- by 12-foot area can typically be decontaminated in approximately 24 hours. Multiple RIDS units may be used to treat larger areas. Steril-Aire UVC technology uses no chemicals, produces no ozone or other toxic contaminants, and minimizes worker exposure during the decontamination process. The high-output UVC energy quickly kills or inactivates microorganisms that contribute to poor IAQ and/or the spread of infectious diseases. The portable RIDS unit is suitable for any type of residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional building. Applications include residential and commercial surface mold remediation; food preparation and processing areas; surface decontamination in hospitals and health-care facilities; and surface treatment in DNA laboratories to prevent cross-contamination.

Steril-Aire, Inc.

Burbank, CA

Waterproof medical keyboard

Man & Machine, Inc. (MMI) has announced the release of the Simply Cool medical keyboard designed to promote infection control and patient safety. The keyboard is designed to be economical, cost-effective, and rugged. To help deter the spread of viruses, germs, and other MRSA pathogens, spraying or immersing the keyboard in a 10 percent bleach solution, alcohol, or other chemical disinfectant may disinfect the Simply Cool keyboard. The keyboard is 100 percent latex-free, and may be effectively used in laboratories and in hospital environments, including nursing stations, ORs, ICUs, clinical areas, and on hospital carts. The keyboard is USB and PS/2 compatible. According to the company, it feels and types like a standard keyboard, but with no cracks or crevices where microbes can hide and grow. The keyboard is available in black and light gray, and is available in 10 foreign languages.

Man & Machine, Inc.

Landover, MD

New Literature


Protein research applications guide

Millipore has announced the availability of the newest edition of its Protein Research Applications Guide, a publication that features the latest tools for purifying, concentrating, and identifying protein samples. The company’s ultra-filtration membranes, blotting membranes, reagents, and disposable devices for protein-sample preparation enable researchers to get the most from their chromatography, electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry systems. The guide now includes: the most complete range of ultra-filtration products for preparing protein samples at almost any volume used in the laboratory, from as small as <0.5 μL up to 10 liters; an expanded selection of tangential flow filtration (TFF) devices; additional information on Milli-Q® high-purity water systems specifically designed for critical life-science applications; new ImmobilonTM Western HRP and AP chemiluminescent substrates; new Centricon® Plus-70 Centrifugal Filters for processing up to 70 mL, as well as the complete line of Amicon® Centrifugal filters; and the new Immobilon-FL Transfer Membrane, which is the first blotting membrane optimized for Western detection using fluorescence. For more information, visit the company’s Web site.

Millipore Corp.

Billerica, MA

Redesigned catalog

Fisher Scientific has announced the release of the newly redesigned 2006/07 Fisher Catalog. This 2600-page hardbound catalog contains more than 44,000 scientific and laboratory products from Fisher and other industry-leading manufacturers. The catalog’s product offering includes names such as Accumet, Pyrex, Fisherbrand, Millipore, and more. The new catalog offers easier-to-read product descriptions, larger images, comparative product tables, enhanced navigational tools such as cross-references to related products, and handy technical reference pages. According to the company, the new edition delivers the latest products used in scientific research in a more functional, contemporary design, making it a better, more user-friendly tool. Copies can be ordered from the company’s Web site.

Fisher Scientific

Pittsburgh, PA

Filtration and separation product catalog

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Millipore Corp. has announced the availability of its multilanguage 2006 Biopharmacuetical Filtration & Separation Product Catalogue on CD-ROM. This electronic catalog contains detailed product information-in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian-for Millipore’s filtration, chromatography, and disposable manufacturing solutions. Designed for ease of use, this tool provides easy navigation by application, process step, or product name, as well as text and catalog-number search capability. For more information or to request a copy, visit

Millipore Corp.

Billerica, MA


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