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Compiled by Angela Godwin

Containment system for filter change-out

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Pall Corporation is introducing the GBK Containment System, which provides the pharmaceutical industry with an all-in-one, contained glove bag /housing system for filter change-out. The flexible, user-friendly system reduces the risk of cross contamination and shields operators from exposure to harmful compounds when handling APIs during filter change-out procedures. Operators can easily access replacement filters from zippered feed-in sleeves and then remove spent filter cartridges through a feed-out sleeve, using nitrile gloves. The user-friendly system enables trained operators to perform a complete filter cartridge change-out in less than two minutes on average. This system provides a convenient alternative to glove boxes and other bulky isolation systems that can require more costly capital expense and more manufacturing floor space. GBK glove bags are made of antistatic polyurethane with a built-in HEPA filter to prevent condensation. They are available with double-zippered feed-in sleeves for maximum operational flexibility and feature an elastic ring that ensures an effective seal to the housing to prevent airborne particles from escaping. GBK gloves bags are also available with sealed sleeves for more critical applications where additional protection is needed.

Pall Corporation

East Hills, N.Y.

Remote particle counter

Hach Ultra has announced the release of Met One 4500 Series Remote Airborne Particle Counters, offering a minimum sensitivity of 0.3 or 0.5 micron and a flow rate of 2.83 LPM (0.1 CFM). Designed for electronics, life sciences and industrial environments, this particle counter works remotely to monitor cleanrooms, sample inert gases and verify minienvironments. Modbus and pulse communication protocols available for the 4500 make the instrument easy to integrate with an existing FMS. The 4500 Series may also be combined with Ultra Vision Online software to monitor a cleanroom from a single desktop console.

Hach Ultra Analytics

Grants Pass, Oreg.

Polypropylene piping systems

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GF Piping announces on-going, innovative developments to its PROGEF® Natural (natural polypropylene) and Beta (ß) Polypropylene thermoplastic piping systems. The excellent chemical resistance properties of these thermoplastics, even to the lowest pH values, produce high-quality, cost-effective piping solutions for a variety of industries, including institutional, pharmaceutical, biotech and food. While both materials feature excellent chemical resistance and high impact strength, each has unique properties that meet the performance requirements for specific applications. The PROGEF® Natural Polypropylene Piping System is available in sizes from 20 mm to 110 mm (1/2” to 4”) and is designed for use in applications where there is extreme concern about the presence of small beads or crevices in the piping system, such as for WFI and USP purified water distribution systems in life science applications. The system is pressure rated for pipe sizes through 2” (63 mm ) at 150 psi (10 bar) when measured at 68°F (20°C). GF Piping’s Beta (ß) Polypropylene Piping System is available in sizes from 16 mm to 400 mm (3/8” to 16”) and features high stress-crack resistance and an excellent price/performance ratio. The system is pressure rated up to 150 psi (PN 10) at 68°F for pipe sizes through 16” (400 mm). Suitable markets for this material include institutional and pharmaceutical for fluid transport of low-grade DI water, process cooling water, chemical distribution and vacuum applications.

GF Piping

Tustin, Calif.

Video training programs

The ASHP has introduced three new video training programs for the contamination-control industry. Basics of Aseptic Compounding Technique is ASHP’s response to the high demand for a basic how-to demonstration of aseptic technique in the lab. It steps entry-level pharmacy personnel through the fundamentals: proper washing, gloving, gowning, syringe drawing techniques and more. The program also demonstrates recommended procedures for labeling, inventory control and receiving of pharmaceuticals. It’s available in VHS and DVD formats with a companion workbook. Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs is a newly updated, popular training tool that is now fully compliant with ASHP and NIOSH guidelines, as well as USP <797>. This program helps organizations reduce risk by demonstrating recommended procedures for cytotoxic and hazardous drug preparation, administration, spill cleanup and waste management. It’s available in VHS and DVD formats with a companion workbook. Compounding Sterile Preparations 2.0: A Multimedia Learning Program is ASHP’s popular network-based training program. It provides a fast and easy way to train staff members and facilitate compliance with USP <797>. By creating a realistic simulated workplace experience, this software program allows users to absorb key material and practice essential techniques at their own pace. To order, visit the ASHP Web site or order by phone at (866) 279-0681.

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

Bethesda, Md.

Plastic cap for vials

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Secure Packaging Systems, Inc. has announced the introduction of its Patented Intelligent Polymer, RFID Pharmaceutical Vial Cap. Developed in partnership with the Tyco Electronics Menlo Park R&D facilities, this cap helps provide both the pharmaceutical companies and their patients a high level of assurance against product counterfeiting and tampering, while at the same time allowing for fast, simple access to medications. Designed as an alternative to the current crimped-on aluminum caps, the Intelligent Polymer snap-on caps offer several manufacturing benefits including the ability to seal vials inside the Class 100 [ISO Class 5] cleanroom environment, right after stoppering, with existing tooling. The Intelligent Polymer construction provides a consistently strong and reliable seal, while at the same time clearly indicating any attempts at product tampering. The product line is currently available in three levels of security protection for the industry-standard 20 mm-size vials. The cap’s design includes a permanent peripheral cap with a tabbed and scored center section allowing for fast access and a complete removal of the RFID chip with the tear-off tab. The cap includes a choice of RFID modules according to the client/manufacturer’s preferences and supply-chain constraints. Coding and reading of the RFID is enhanced due to the RFID inherently logical position on top of the cap, as well as the fact that there is no aluminum or metal mass to interfere with the proper high-speed, consistent reading and writing to the chip.

Secure Packaging Systems, Inc.

Cupertino, Calif.

Digital ionization sensor

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MKS Instruments, Inc. has introduced the Ion Systems Model 5200-SR Digital Ionization Sensor for use in semiconductor equipment front-end modules (EFEMs) or in-process modules. The sensor, combined with AeroBar ionizers and integrated IonMonitorTM software, provides a unique, closed-loop controlled ionization system, guaranteeing that tool calibrations remain in compliance with industry guidelines such as SEMI E78. Compliance with E78 improves yield by minimizing particle attraction to wafers, as well as eliminating ESD damage during wafer handling. The software runs on the tool controller and can be customized to integrate into any process-tool controller using the software developer’s kit. Setup and control is intuitive and conveniently performed. Ionization parameters are adjustable to be as detailed and customized as necessary to ensure the best uniformity in the face of changing conditions in wafer-processing environments. The sensor can be set to alarm at user-specified thresholds or under specified process conditions. The small footprint and flexibility in mounting position ensures ease of integration into almost all tool configurations. Sensor feedback indicates when preventive maintenance of the ionization system is necessary.

MKS Instruments, Inc.

Wilmington, Mass.

Stainless-steel ceiling-mount enclosure

Hoffman offers WaterShed®, a new 4X stainless steel ceiling-mount enclosure specifically designed to eliminate pooling water that may harbor contaminants that could negatively impact a food or beverage processing operation. The enclosure incorporates a unique cover design that eliminates pooling liquids, speeding line changeovers and reducing the opportunity for contamination. Additionally, captivated screw covers provide a smoother surface than typical clamp cover enclosures, supporting a more thorough wash-down. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, this enclosure features foam-in-place gasketing and sealed screw wells to assure a UL Type 4X seal.


Anoka, Minn.

Wet process station

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Clean Air Products has introduced the Series 1414 Wet Process Station. Designed to satisfy the stringent cleanliness requirements of semiconductor process facilities, the station achieves a high degree of flexibility by mounting components on support rails, facilitating the use of proven, highly reliable components positioned for easy replacement or repositioning for optimal product flow through the station. The Series 1414 includes modular electrical devices and plumbing systems that provide an orderly maintenance program with minimal service inventory. The stations are available in white stress-relieved polypropylene, natural polypropylene, fire-retardant polypropylene, stainless steel and PVC. The station is designed for in-wall placement, allowing total laminar clean airflow to the work deck. Maintenance may be performed from the front, rear or both. The Series 1414 also features state-of-the-art touch-tone microprocessors, as well as a flexible, acid- and solvent-resistant membrane that protects the face of the controller. Heated tanks come with liquid-level sensors, high-limit overrides, ground fault interrupters and other safety overrides. DI water flow bypass diaphragm valves inhibit bacterial growth.

Clean Air Products

Minneapolis, Minn.

Bleach dilution system

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Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corporation has introduced its ActivateTM 5.25 percent Institutional Bleach Dilution System featuring a unique two-bottle trigger sprayer that automatically dilutes 5.25 percent sodium hypochlorite with water to a 5,000 ppm solution as you spray. The user fills the water cartridge with tap water and locks in replaceable 11 oz. Activate bleach cartridges as needed. The system does away with the time and bother of having to mix a fresh bleach solution every day and eliminates the waste involved in daily disposal of any leftover bleach mixture. The sealed bleach cartridges eliminate closed-cap concerns and the hazard of spilling bleach on skin, clothing and carpets, as well as the danger of breathing fumes while mixing bleach.

Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corporation

Merlin, Ore.

Gowning benches

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Cleanroom gowning benches from Eagle MHC provide a wide range of functionality to meet the needs of Class 1 to Class 100,000 [ISO Class 3 to 8] cleanroom operations. Models include the basic wire shelf, the better solid stainless steel, and the top-of-the-line stainless steel with perforated tops. The design of these gowning benches allows for superior laminar flow and provides ample storage capacity. Also available are gowning benches that feature a special wire undershelf for under-the-seat storage of booties and other articles of clothing. Perforated tops are available and dividers can be added to the undershelf. Choose from stainless-steel or chrome-plated wire benches featuring a three-sided channel frame and offering 62 percent laminar flow. Other models, including solid-seat gowning benches, feature front-to-back crossbracing for handling employee donning and doffing activities. The stainless-steel construction of these gowning benches provides corrosion-free performance in addition to long-life durability. Benches are available in five standard lengths ranging from 36 inches to 84 inches, featuring either a brushed finish or electropolished stainless steel.

Eagle MHC

Clayton, Del.

Air filtration system

Dectron Internationale Inc. has developed Bio-Circ®, a full-spectrum air filtration system designed for critical applications. Dectron Internationale’s R&D team has taken its expertise in gas-phase air purification technology and combined it with leading-edge ultraviolet germicidal properties to create Bio-Circ®. According to the company, the patent-pending integration of UV-V and UV-C technologies achieves a reliable solution for controlling airborne biological agents and reducing steady-state concentrations of particulate and gaseous pollutants, resulting in a effective hygiene alternative for hospitals, clinics, and medical centers where air security and quality are priorities.

Dectron Internationale Inc.

Montreal, Quebec

High-efficiency filter media

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The new HemiPleatTM HE (high efficiency) filter from Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) offers an unsurpassed Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of 15, coupled with up to twice the service life and half the pressure drop of standard dust collector cartridge filters. Available in filter sizes to fit any cartridge collector, the HemiPleat HE media is ideal for the capture of toxic and other ultrafine dusts, and for applications where process air is recirculated downstream of the collector for energy savings. The filter combines the HemiPleat technology with an HE synthetic fine-fiber media that yields a filtration efficiency of 99.999 percent on 0.5-micron particles and larger. A patent-pending design holds the pleats of the filter open, making virtually all the media surface available for filtration. The wide, uniform spacing results in lower pressure drop for more efficient performance, and it allows dust to eject readily from deep within the pleats during pulse cleaning.

Farr Air Pollution Control

Jonesboro, Ark.

Filters for helium leak detectors

Helium Leak Testing, Inc. has announced its new line of MaxPTM particle filters for Alcatel, Balzer, Dupont, Edwards, Leybold, Varian, Veeco, and VIC systems. The filters are specifically designed to improve the reliability, useful life, and increase the mean time between maintenance (MTBM) of the mass spectrometer helium leak detectors (MSLD) and associated vacuum pumps. Models are available for most MSLD systems. These filters minimize the operational inefficiency that can result from particle contamination of the pump oil in MSLDs. The reusable stainless-steel filters are easily installed by replacing the centering ring in the inlet port. HLT’s MaxP filters capture most of the debris that harm both the leak detector and vacuum pump systems, minimizing loss of performance while extending system life.

Helium Leak Testing

Northridge, Calif.

Laboratory homogenizers

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Microfluidics offers the HC-2000 and HC-5000 Sanitary Laboratory Homogenizers. Lightweight, versatile, portable and easy to use, these patented Microfluidizer® homogenizers are ideally suited for a range of applications, including: emulsions, dispersions, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, liposomes, and food and beverage products. The homogenizers combine high flow with fixed-geometry homogenizer modules to impart high shear rates on product formulations. They produce up to 8,000 psi with standard lab air, and deliver excellent results with easy handling and a small footprint. With no moving parts, they feature air-powered intensifier pumps that supply the desired pressure at a constant rate to the product stream. Other features include Type 316 stainless-steel construction, in-line cleaning of pressure tubing, a durable plunger seal for wide compatibility and extended seal life, and a process stream temperature of 165°F (75°C).


Newton, Mass.

New Literature

2006 resource catalog

The newly updated 2006 Property Loss Prevention Resource Catalog has been released by business property insurer FM Global. This full-color catalog offers the widest selection of high-quality FM Global publications, learning kits, videos, CD-ROMs, and training courses to help manage property-related threats, prevent facility damage, and minimize business interruption at an organization. These materials and resources also cover construction and maintenance, equipment hazards, facility and warehouse protection, as well as emergency planning. To download a free copy or to order a free printed catalog, visit the company’s Web site.

FM Global

Johnston, RI


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