Vacuum systems

From pumps to complete central vac systems, vacuum technology is an important element in cleanroom or clean-processing applications. This month’s spotlight features the latest vacuum accessories, tools and systems for your contamination-sensitive operations.

Compiled by Angela Godwin

Vacuum pump traps

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MV Products has introduced a line of vacuum traps that absorb toxic mercury vapors in laboratory and manufacturing applications ranging from material analysis to lamp production. MV Posi-Trap® Vacuum Traps are constructed from stainless steel and feature Redisorb® filters with a treated activated carbon media that absorbs mercury vapors. Providing a positive seal that prevents blow-by, these traps can be used at the pump inlet to protect the vacuum pump and can be installed at the discharge to protect people and the environment. Suitable for applications from 25 to 800 cfm, depending upon the system configuration, the traps are available in four sizes: 4-inch diameter (houses one filter), 8-inch (four filters), and 10-inch (ten filters). Equipped with quick-release clamps, they can be opened in-line to change the filter elements. Available in straight-through and right-angle designs.

MV Products, Division of Mass-Vac, Inc.
N. Billerica, Mass.

Vacuum cleaner system for liquid recovery

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Tiger-Vac, Inc. offers a cleanroom vacuum cleaner system for recovery of liquid with broken ampules and glass. Compatible with ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom conditions, the Pharmavac vacuum system is static-free and ESD-safe. Designed to be grounded during use with electrical resistivity less than 10 ohms, the system effectively discharges to ground any static produced while vacuuming. The vacuum is EMI/RFI-shielded below the Class B limits for computing devices, and will not disrupt computers and sensitive electronic equipment. The system also features dual ULPA filtration to filter both the working and cooling air. It exhibits a filtration efficiency of 99.9995 percent on 0.18 micron-U15 as per MPPS method EN 1822. Constructed entirely of electropolished stainless steel AISI type 304/316, the vacuum is autoclavable-including the floater system. Broken ampules and glass are separated from the liquid and recovered in an autoclavable sieve basket that allows for easy and safe emptying. The Pharmavac includes an EPDM ø2” autoclavable suction hose, drain hose and ø2” food-grade accessories in stainless steel and silicone.

Tiger-Vac, Inc
Dania, Fla.

Complete vac solutions

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From stand-alone portables to sophisticated central vacuum systems, Dustcontrol provides complete solutions for cleanroom vacuum applications. Customized collection points for automated systems, automatic monitoring of the system functions, and energy-relief systems integrated into an efficient central system are a few examples of what Dustcontrol can provide. Central systems are custom-designed to fit the size and specifications of the client’s cleanroom environment. A central vacuum system eliminates the need for multiple portable systems and the redundant labor to clean and transport them into and out of a cleanroom environment. Central vacuum systems also provide a common waste location for multiple rooms, reducing system maintenance. With all systems, antistatic hose protects the operator from static shock and reduces static cling of particulate. All components located inside the cleanroom are stainless steel and specially designed to enhance the effectiveness of the system. Computerized monitoring can integrate with other monitoring systems to optimize performance. Dustcontrol provides design, installation, service, support and preventive maintenance programs.

Dustcontrol, Inc.
Wilmington, N.C.

Central vacuum systems

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The Spencer Turbine Company provides central vacuum systems with intensive cleaning power to remove contaminants from cleanrooms and other areas of manufacturing and research buildings. These systems are vented to the outside, so that ultrafine particles passing through the filters are not able to recirculate and recontaminate the facility. Outdoor venting also prevents accidental contamination due to an upset condition, such as a filter break in an indoor unit. Each system is custom-engineered with a central vacuum producer connected to specially selected separators. Many types of separators and filter systems are available, including HEPA filters, ULPA filters, and BIBO HEPA filters for toxic materials, or liquid in-line filters for wet-vacuumed materials. Specialized separators include bag-in/bag-out types, liquid separators and models equipped for automated filter cleaning or collection bin emptying. Spencer offers a comprehensive selection of tubing, hoses and fittings, along with vacuum attachments and tools for specialized cleaning of walls, floors, benches, overhead surfaces and equipment. Spencer systems can also be used for vacuum hold-down and pick-up of components, pneumatic conveying, recyclable materials collection, dust evacuation, scrap removal and many other tasks.

The Spencer Turbine Company
Windsor, Conn.

Rotary screw vacuum packages

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Kaeser Compressors has expanded its line of ASV, BSV and CSV rotary screw vacuum packages. All units feature the proprietary Sigma Profile airend, designed to achieve optimum efficiency and lower energy costs for the life of the equipment. These units are suited for a wide range of applications, including vacuum forming and packaging, CNC machining, dust suction, bottle and tube filling, drying, degassing and filtration, in industries such as food processing, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Available in six models from 10 to 40 HP with capacities ranging from 168 to 555 cfm, these units are fully equipped with TEFC motors, starters, cabinets and more. Maximum vacuum is 99.9 percent. Switchable modulation/dual control allows maximum flexibility to meet changing demands or applications. An oversized intake filter with extended service life is standard. Kaeser’s Vacuum Packages are fully enclosed and feature wide-opening doors and removable panels with easy access to all major components for maintenance convenience. These units are completely piped and wired and require no special foundation.

Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Fredericksburg, Va.

Vacuum pump systems for semi applications

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BOC Edwards offers a unique range of process materials, equipment, support services and technical expertise to meet application needs in the manufacture of microelectronics devices, including silicon semiconductors, compound semiconductors and flat panel displays. The company’s EPX range of compact, on-tool dry pumps is designed for fast pump-down of load lock and transfer chambers. Using a unique patent-protected mechanism, the EPX is capable of pumping from atmosphere to ultimate pressures of <7×10-7 Torr, with very low noise and vibration levels. The EPX pump’s unique form factor and small footprint enable OEM customers to closely couple this pump in tool mainframes, reducing fore-line conductance loss, eliminating costly fore lines and reducing subfab space requirements. All pumps are designed for high reliability and performance, extended service life, improved efficiency and increased productivity while minimizing space requirements and lowering cost of ownership. The company’s STP range of magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps are multistage, axial flow turbines capable of achieving high to ultrahigh vacuum levels. Producing an ultimate vacuum down to <5 x 10-10 Torr, these turbo pumps are compact and lightweight with very high rotational speeds. The magnetic bearing system eliminates the need for conventional oil or grease lubrication, thereby eliminating contamination sources and associated routine maintenance. STP pumps are ideal for applications such as plasma etch, thin film deposition, sputtering, ion implantation, and metrology/wafer inspection.

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BOC Edwards
Wilmington, Mass.

Dust extraction systems

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Eurovac offers a variety of housekeeping and dust extraction systems for a wide range of applications or budgets. The company’s full range of regenerative and centrifugal multistage pumps from 4.5 HP to 75 HP are made of heavy-duty construction for consistent operation and minimal or no required maintenance. Eurovac also has a wide range of filter separators available in painted carbon steel or stainless steel. Also available are PTFE-coated bag filters (with manual or automatic cleaning), or a cartridge filter separator with PTFE or polyester filters, featuring a bag-in/bag-out removable design for safe removal of contaminated dust. All Eurovac separators are equipped with pressure-equalized canisters. The company also provides a full range of preseparators and interseparators in painted carbon steel or stainless steel. In addition, a wide selection of 11/2” and 2” cleaning and dust extraction tools are available for both wet and dry pick-up. As for controls, the company can supply a simple stop/start panel, or a state-of-the-art PCL-based control panel with a touch-screen operator interface. Optional control features include: explosion-proof NEMA 7 or NEMA 9, electronic “soft-start,” and a filter monitoring system. The control panels can be interfaced with building maintenance automation systems. Eurovac offers a wide range of additional options, including; pneumatic hopper, vibrator, bin level detector, heavy-duty gate valve, explosion-relief venting (meeting NFPA requirements); explosion-proof surge controls; stainless-steel housing; final HEPA filters; and custom hoods and vacuum arms, in painted carbon steel or stainless steel.

Eurovac, Inc.
Concord, Ontario, Canada


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