New Products

Computerized Tomography

Dage’s computerized tomography (CT) option for digital X-ray inspection systems uses a digital geometric process to generate a 3-D image model from a series of individual 2-D X-ray image “slices” taken around a single axis of rotation. The captured images are fed in real-time to a dedicated reconstruction server that creates a 3-D image. Developed for analytical inspection of interconnections for stacked die, MEMS, package-in-package (PiP), package-on-package (PoP), and other dense applications, the CT option enables efficient conversions between 2- and 3-D modes for different inspection purposes. Dage Precision Industries, Freemont, CA, Booth 408

Measurement Systems

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Scan CT Suite 7.1 and AScan Automated Application Software Version 3.1 represent the next generation of CyberScan Vantage measurement systems. Scan CT 2- and 3-D profiling software includes roughness algorithms that meet ISO EN 13565 and 11562 standards, automatic edge detection, user-created macros, and flexible results-recording techniques. The suite performs and combines multiple scans into one worksheet for data comparisons. Hardware upgrades for Scan CT and AScan eliminate mechanical noise and vibration for accuracy within 20 nm. Cyber Technologies, Minneapolis, MN, Booth 201

Design Software

The Master Foundry Designer offers solutions for stacked die, flip chip, leadframe, system-in-package (SiP), and package-on-package (PoP) design. The software was developed with input from various packaging companies and includes full technical support. Two-way compatibility with major IC layout tools, advanced DRC checks, and 3-D visuals improve package design workflow. CAD Design Software, San Jose, CA, Booth 731

AOI System

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The STRATUS II automatic inspection model performs inspections on wet or dry substrates and adhesives after printing, burn-in, or laser trimming. The system finds screen aging, screen shift, excessive print, contamination, missing print, mouse bites, bleed-outs, and other problems on ceramic hybrids, LTCCs, wet adhesives, dielectrics, and flex PCBs. It features 4-megapixel cameras, linear motors, and a proprietary illumination subsystem. Operators can load substrates manually, from a conveyor, or from magazines and cassettes. Electronic Production Partners GmbH (EPP), Graefelfing, Germany, Booth 407


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Ultra-fine-precision stencil systems for microelectronic applications, from Murakami, suit LTCC, MLCC, inductor, resistor, and capacitator printing applications. A proprietary surface pretreatment on stainless steel wire mesh, high-resolution customized emulsion system, and trampoline stencil configuration enable printing specifications as low as 30-µms L/S. The stencils offer uniform paste deposit thicknesses, dimensional stability, and accuracy. Murakami Screen, Monterey Park, CA, Booth 816

Aqueous Cleaner

Kyzen Corp.’s µmox MX2188 Low COD aqueous precision cleaner is designed to clean lead-free, water-soluble fluxes within RoHS and environmental safety restrictions. The cleaner will remove flux under low-standoff devices and in tight pitch applications. It suits batch, in-line, and immersion usage. Kyzen Corporation, Nashville, TN, Booth 904

Leak Testing System

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The 2020 single footprint (SF) optical leak test system for hybrid, MEMS, and optoelectronic packages automates leak testing of hermetic electronic packages. The 2020 SF provides simultaneous, full-matrix gross and fine leak testing on up to 200 hermetic devices. Using digital holography, the system measures small changes in package stiffness and leak results as the packages are placed into a helium pressure cell. Optical leak testing is said to exceed conventional helium mass spectroscopy and fluorocarbon bubble testing in repeatability, accuracy, and direct measurement of leak rates (cc-atm/sec. helium). NorCom Systems, Inc., Norristown, PA, Booth 814

Die Bonder

The 2200 evo twin-head multi-chip die bonder incorporates a modular machine concept, optional advanced tape feeder cutter (ATFC), and more than 98% uptime. A bonding area for die attach and flip chips, and an epoxy dispensing area with integrated camera, fit into the small footprint. The machine handles 300-mm wafer magazines. Flux dip and heated bond head options facilitate flip chip bonding. Datacon Technology GmbH, Radfeld, Austria, Booth 923

Ball/Wedge Wedge/Wedge Bonder

The Model 4700 convertible dual-process machine, based on the K&S 4500 series, features a proprietary transducer for wedge and capillary mounting. Changeover from ball/wedge to wedge/wedge bonding is accomplished by swinging an SEFO assembly into position and pressing a switch. The machine’s dials are analog for ease-of-use. Kulicke & Soffa, Fort Washington, PA, Booth 308

Wedge Bonder

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The BONDJET BJ820 automatic wedge bonder groups all fine pitch wire-bonding applications in one platform. Applications such as radio frequency (RF), microwave, chip-on-board (COB), multichip module (MCM), hybrid, and fiber optics can be bonded using aluminum or gold wire at rates of up to 6 wires-per-second. The product’s piezo bond head is coupled with intelligent automation solutions to reduce indexing time. Hesse & Knipps GmbH Semiconductor, Paderborn, Germany, Booth 505

Manual Die Bonder

The Fineplacer Lambda manual version is used for die-attach tasks including flip chip bonding, MEMS, MOEMS, and sensors – bonding to substrates of up to 180 × 136 mm. Placement accuracy reaches within 0.5μm. Optional viewing equipment includes a LEICA microscope or camera-monitor magnification system. The manual version features an FA7 50 × 50 mm heating plate – programmable up to 20˚C/sec. – with an option for heated inert gas integration. FINETECH, Berlin, Germany, Booth 724

Screen Printer

The TF-100 precision stand-alone stencil and screen printer for hybrid microelectronics provides prototyping precision. The machine’s control module allows a variety of print parameter adjustments, including four automatic cycles. A squeegee-up delay of up to 2 seconds allows the stencil to peel off behind the squeegee. MPS’s Mylar alignment system provides one-print registration; a three-point frame registration system simplifies stencil removal and cleaning. A pneumatically raised print head with stencil tilt-away feature provides full access to the stencil and squeegee assembly. The TF-100 is designed with a single squeegee and a pre-set hop-over, which increases squeegee stroke length. Micro Printing Systems Intl., Hacienda Heights, CA, Booth 831

Multipurpose Wire Bonder

Wedge bonder for wedge/wedge; ball bonder for ball/wedge; peg bonder for tacking down pre-aligned leads, ribbons, and bare or insulated wires; and bump bonder for gold stud bumping, the Model 626 multipurpose wire bonder adjusts to each task without switching electrical or mechanical components. Servomotor control and linear vertical movement allow the bond head to move within a 0.750" vertical range without readjusting stage or platform height. It features an LCD display with parameters in actual units, memory for up to 75 recipes, and independent digital parameter settings. HYBOND, Inc., Escondido, CA, Booth 332

Flip Chip Package

The CoreEZ package, built on a HyperBGA manufacturing platform, offers thin core build-up flip chip technology. The core via density reaches 199 µm via-to-via core pitch – an essentially coreless structure – through use of smaller pads and 50-µm laser-drilled holes. CoreEZ features a 25-µm LW/LS. It allows full strip line signal layers on both sides of the core. Die-pad pitch reduction of down to 150 µms enables die shrink, while the thin core is said to improve power distribution and heat dissipation into the PCB. Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc., Endicott, NY, 534

Silver Platelets

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A suite of next-generation silver nanoparticles includes spherical powders ranging from 40 to 80 nm in diameter, as well as a 600-nm-long silver platelet. All of the nanomaterials are available as dry powders or pre-dispersed in a solvent. The silver products enter low-fire printed conductors and hybrid microelectronics through ink-jet or direct printing. The material’s conductivity exhibits below 175˚C to creates conductive surfaces on flexible, disposable substrates. NanoDynamics, Buffalo, NY, Booth 537

Acoustic Microscope

The Gen5 C-SAM acoustic microscope offers a two JEDEC tray, 1 sq. ft. scan area, turbo-mode feature to scan 2.5× faster, and meets ESD- and clean-room-compatible specifications. The microscope includes gated trigger mode and bright, ambient sample stage lighting. An active sensor detects installed transducers. Wafer analysis, bondline analysis for zero-level packaging, flip chip underfill void, and solder bump support are all enabled with region-specific analysis and an improved TrayScan. Sonoscan, Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL, Booth 607

Package Sealing Furnace

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The Model 3150 high-vacuum package sealing furnace seals discrete MEMS packages, for the device’s entire lifecycle, with a contained vacuum. At temperatures as high as 1,000˚C, the process chamber attains vacuum levels of 10-07 torr. The furnace can activate lid-mounted getters at temperatures up to 500˚C while maintaining a cool MEMS chip and package. The fully-programmable system also performs low-moisture sealing, void-free die attach, brazing, and glass sealing. SST International, Downey, CA, Booth 273

Hermetic Package

A discrete hermetic package targeting broadband applications, the G2420M-1 features four leads grouped on one side and three more spaced one per side. Glass/ceramic walls frame a 5.21- × 6.22-mm body, with a 2.67- × 3.68-mm cavity. A glass-to-metal sealing process creates the package and protects the device from its environment. It accepts a copper composite insert or base for high-power applications. StratEdge, San Diego, CA, Booth 735

Automatic Die Bonder

The Model 3500-III performs adhesive dispense, component placement, die-attach, and flip chip operations. Its automated eutectic die-attach system uses backside metallized die or preforms and enables thin-die bonding with air bridges. A pulse heat process controls heat througout the process. Look-up and look-down cameras, relative-to-die algorithms that place die and substrates relative to the location of the last-placed component, coincide with a sub-micron axis resolution to create placement reliability of ±12 µm at 3s with fluids; and ±5 µm at 3s with pulse heat. Palomar Technologies, Carlsbad, CA, 409-11

Dispensing System

Asymtek’s compact dispensing system, the DispenseMate 550 series, does potting, dispenses solder paste and adhesive, and performs gasketing in a benchtop unit. It features closed-loop brushless DC motors, pump and valve controls, digital gages, and an optional vision system. Software for the unit includes FluidMove for Windows NT, CAD Import, and Automatic Pattern Recognition. The model 555 dispenses over a 525- × 525-mm area, while the 553 covers 325 × 325 mm. Asymtek, Carlsbad, CA, Booth 711

Thermal Interface Material

NuSil Technology’s EPM-2493 is an electronic packaging material (EPM) designed for low outgassing applications. The thermal interface material has a low viscosity and low outgassing properties to meet requirements for high-temperature, high-stress, and low-contamination products. It is designed to handle drastic temperature cycling. The company created a formula with dispensing ease in mind. NuSil Technology, Carpinteria, CA, Booth 834


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new products

Compiled by Angela Godwin

Stainless-steel pry bar

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Steritool has expanded its line of critical industry-specific stainless-steel tools with the introduction of their new stainless-steel pry bars in three sizes. Designed for applications where contamination from ferrous tools is a critical concern, the bars are manufactured entirely from electropolished 17-4PH stainless-steel hex stock, without plating or coating of any kind. The bars are available in lengths of 13.5 inches (337 mm), 16 inches (400 mm), and 18 inches (450 mm), with shaft diameters of 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 5/8 inch, respectively.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Body box for garment testing

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Technovation has introduced its ISO Class 2 or Class 3 Body Box™ with HA3S™ (High Accuracy Averaging Aerosol Sampler), which meets or exceeds IEST-RP-CC003.2. The HA3S sampler has an almost unity calibration factor, even when tested with a calibrated point source aerosol, which simulates garment shedding better than a dispersed aerosol. The airflow design minimizes footprint and enables the body box to be optionally integrated into the cleanroom for significant cost savings. The body box features a digital, programmable drive-fan speed control for ease of operation and velocity control. Technovation also provides expert consulting and training.

Midlothian, Va.

Split-configuration fluid processor

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Microfluidics has introduced the Split System Microfluidizer® Processor for all M-700 Series models. In this split-configuration version of the processor, the Power Module, which contains the electric motor, cooling fan, hydraulic oil reservoir and cooling system, is separated from the Processing Module. With no electrical requirements, the Processing Module can safely operate by interconnecting pneumatic and hydraulic lines from the remote Power Module. Separating the two modules eliminates concerns about atmospheric conditions, contamination, space issues and hazardous environments within the processing area. Additionally, audible noise levels are well below OSHA limits, thus eliminating the need for operators to wear hearing protection. The Split System offers the same features, options and accessories as the standard integral models. Capable of producing flow rates anywhere from 2 gallons per minute (GPM) at 40,000 psi to more than 10 GPM at 5,000 psi in batch or continuous mode, the M-700 Series is a suitable alternative to expensive high-pressure fluid processors or traditional homogenizers. With the aid of the dual synchronous intensifier pumping system, the product is kept flowing at high velocities and near constant pressure through the patented fixed-geometry interaction chamber, resulting in shear forces intense enough to reduce particles and droplets to submicron sizes with narrow and uniform distribution, usually in a single pass. Additionally processors are capable of uniform deagglomeration, dispersing and distributing particles to create stable emulsions and solid-in-liquid suspensions. The optional Ultra-Clean-in-Place (UCIP) feature thoroughly cleans the system between batches or before storage. Because the interaction chamber employs no moving parts, no disassembly is required for cleaning.

Newton, Mass.

Portable air filtration unit

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XenGenn introduces MEDIQAIR, a self-contained, portable air filtration unit made especially for ISO 14644-1 controlled environment facilities. The unit cleans and removes particles from the surrounding air by capturing and holding contaminants, using a 99.97 percent efficient HEPA filter. It has two operating speeds (1,400/2,200 CFM) and can be operated in the horizontal or vertical position. The unit weighs less than 135 pounds and is easy to set up and operate. A built-in sensor indicates when the filter needs to be changed. The unit is a low-cost alternative to traditional cleanroom construction and can be fully operational within hours of receipt. When used in conjunction with existing cleanroom systems, MEDIQAIR can be positioned at the point of contamination to target “hot spots,” to reduce or contain the affected area. Field-tested for three years, the unit has consistently demonstrated the ability to achieve ISO 8 (Class 100,000) operation in a production-manufacturing environment when used in conjunction with traditional cleanroom GMP. It plugs into a standard 110 Volts/15 Amp Outlet and is available for purchase or rental. The outer body comes with a lifetime warranty and contains integrated wheels for easy transportation. It is available from stock, and overnight shipments are available within a limited area.

Trumbauersville, PA

Industrial vacuum cleaners

Nilfisk-Advance America has launched its newest line of industrial vacuum cleaners, the SL Vac series. Designed to meet cost and performance concerns, the SL Vac features solid construction and strong performance. Through its high efficiency levels, the SL Vac effectively reduces the overall cost of cleaning. This vacuum simultaneously addresses cleanliness standards and the health and safety concerns of employees. Lightweight and highly maneuverable, the vacuum features rear swiveling wheels with locking brakes and a unique release lever, which lowers the wheeled collection container for fast and easy disposal of collected debris.

Nilfisk-Advance America
Malvern, PA

Cleanroom plenum sections

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Clean Air Products introduces Series 150 Vertical Flow Modular Plenum Sections. These cleanroom components combine functionality with flexibility to create modular systems that meet cleanroom application needs. The Series 150 consists of full-ceiling HEPA-filter plenum sections that provide filtered laminar flow air to clean areas. These sections are designed to deliver filtered air through 100 percent of the ceiling’s available surface area. Sections are available in a number of configurations, including units with blowers on the end (with or without legs), and units with blowers on top (with or without legs).

Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

High-purity water production

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Ultrapure water specialist Christ, Member of the Christ Water Technology Group, introduces the Osmotron Inject for the production of high-purity water (HPW) by means of two reverse osmosis stages and electrodeionization. The safe, closed system is compact and entirely hot water-sanitizable. For applications requiring an integrity test, the second reverse osmosis stage can be replaced with an ultrafiltration (UF) stage. In either configuration, softened water passes the security filter and reaches the reverse osmosis at a high pressure. Most of the water passes through the membrane with a residual salt content of approximately 2 percent, leaving most of the dissolved and any suspended matter behind. Next, the permeate passes to the patented, temperature-stable Christ electrodeionization module, Septrosan, where it is fully demineralized. This treatment also reduces pyrogens and microbial contamination due to the very high pH gradients (pH2 to pH12). The last process step is reverse osmosis or UF. The hollow fiber UF module is also sanitizable and can be completely drained. The cut-off rating used (MWCO) is 6,000 dalton. The double-skinned, asymmetrical membranes and the deadspace-free, entirely resin-potted construction offers the highest security. The Osmotron Inject produces a water quality that meets or exceeds the limit values of USP 27 and EP 5. The conductivity reaches a value of approximately 0.1 μS/cm and the TOC value is typically less than 20 ppb. The relevant microbial values are typically less than 5 CFU/100 mL and endotoxins levels are less than 0.06 EU/mL. The standard product range provides 500 to 10,000 liters per hour and customized configurations are available for higher flow rates. The Osmotron Inject is manufactured using 316 L, orbitally welded, sanitary pipework with a surface roughness Ra of less than 0.8 μm.

Christ Water Technology Group
Aesch, Switzerland


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