Particle counters

Particle monitoring is an integral part of maintaining adequate cleanliness levels. Here’s a selection of the latest particle counting equipment available.

Compiled by Angela Godwin

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New line of remote particle counters
Adams Instruments announces the introduction of its new line of remote particle counters. The R-Series Remote Particle Counter can be integrated using either Ethernet (TCP/IP) or Serial Modbus RTU communications, and it can be powered over its Ethernet connection (Power-Over-Ethernet compliant with IEEE 802.3af) to simplify installation, or via a local power supply. The R-Series can be configured locally with a PC or via a Web browser and no dip switches or jumper settings are required for set-up. The instrument reports up to four particle sizes simultaneously, as well as other key information for Total Monitoring System Management™ such as laser current, laser accumulated on-time, background light level, date of last calibration, serial number and date of manufacture for easy warranty management. Calibration is performed digitally, allowing for consistency when managing a large number of instruments. With the optional Temp/RH sensor, users can avoid cabling and powering a separate sensor into a monitoring or building automation system. Each R-Series Remote Particle Counter also includes an alarm output, which allows users to alarm locally from the particle counter. Additional features include: compliance with JIS Standards; storage of up to 500 sample records; optional flow alarm; RoHS compliance; low outgassing and ionics; stainless-steel enclosure; flexible mounting options; use of external vacuum source; and a three-year limited warranty.

Adams Instruments
Boston, MA

Portable airborne particle counter

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The APC M3 from Biotest is a portable airborne particle counter that samples at a rate of 100 LPM (liters per minute). It is capable of measuring one cubic meter of air in only 10 minutes, thereby helping pharmaceutical manufacturers increase productivity and lower labor costs. The APC M3 can also be used with the company’s APCOne11 download utility software, which features secure electronic transfer of data to reduce operator error and meet FDA compliance for data protection. It also has an audit trail to log critical events, password protection features, and digital signature application for authentication of files.

Denville, NJ

Particle counters for controlled production environments

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For forty years, CLiMET has manufactured particle counters to validate and monitor airborne particles in controlled production environments. With seven patents in the field of particle count, CLiMET offers such products as: CI-150t, a portable, battery-operated, 0.3 micron at 1 CFM particle counter; CI-450t, a portable, battery-operated, 0.3 micron at 50 LPM particle counter (shown here); CI-750t, a portable, battery-operated, 0.3 micron at 75 LPM particle counter; CI-3100, with remote sensors with sensitivity of 0.5/5 micron at 1 CFM; the +RS series, with small remote sensors for house vacuum application; and the +OPT series, with medium-sized remote sensor with an internal vacuum pump. Now available with Ethernet Modbus.

CLiMET Instruments Company
Redlands, CA

Portable APC with long laser life

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The Met One 3400 Series Portable Airborne Particle Counter from Hach Ultra features faster sampling, ease of use and reduced technician time. Available in two flow rates, 50 L/min or 28.3 L/min, and a sensitivity range of 0.3 to 25 microns, the 3400 offers flexibility for QA/QC and technical managers to verify critical processes and environments, including cleanrooms. The 3400 Series also contains Long Life Laser™ technology, extending the instrument’s average laser life to more than 10 years. Lightweight and compact, the 3400 features handles for easy lifting and it can relocate to various sampling sites for data collection throughout a facility. Both horizontal and vertical orientations of the instrument are possible, and dual hot-swappable batteries minimize downtime. The instrument’s stainless-steel construction and unobstructed surface facilitate quick and frequent wipe-downs. With PortAll Version 2 Life Sciences Version, the 3400 provides the necessary regulatory documentation for 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

Hach Ultra
Grants Pass, OR

Air sampler calibration

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According to Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices, the functionality of a microbiological air sampler should be evaluated regularly to ensure that it’s working according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The new Pyramid Flow Check from international pbi is an easy-to-use, battery-operated system for calibrating an air sampler. The instrument comprises two separate units: a fan and a flow meter. The Pyramid is positioned on the top of the sampler and the propeller produces an electric field that is proportional to the speed of the air. The system measures the electromagnetic field and calculates the airflow, which is displayed in liters per minute or cubic feet per minute. The unit is available with IQ/OQ documentation.

international pbi
Milan, Italy

Synthetic paper for particle counters

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For nearly 15 years, Liberty Paper has been a custom converter of direct thermal recording papers made of a clean, synthetic, polypropylene substrate, which will not emit particulates into the clean environment. Custom sizes and packaging are available, and the company also has the capability to perforate and punch paper for specialty applications.

Liberty Paper Products LLC
Phoenix, AZ
[email protected]
(Rick Bellack, Sales Manager)

Remote particle counter

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The Lighthouse Remote Particle Counter 5104V, the latest release from Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, meets the stringent requirements of today’s aseptic processing applications. It was designed to operate in CLASS 1 DIV 2 hazardous environments and uses a critical orifice and external vacuum source for flow control. Built-in flow monitoring assures accuracy and reliability of the sensor’s performance. With a sensitivity of 0.5 micron and a monitored flow rate of 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM), the 5104V provides real-time continuous data collection and integrates seamlessly with large facility monitoring/management systems. It is capable of transferring up to 4 channels of simultaneous particle count data using RS-485 Modbus. Other features include: VHP compatibility; stainless-steel enclosure; small size; and a two-year warranty.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
San Jose, CA

Portable particle counter

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The SOLAIR 1001+ from Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is a portable particle counter with a sensitivity of 0.1 micron and a flow rate of 0.01 CFM (0.283 LPM). It features a wide dynamic range up to 20.0 microns. Utilizing a color, 5.7-inch (14.47 cm) touch-screen interface, the SOLAIR 1001+ is easy to configure and operate. It can store a large amount of particle count data from 8 channels and data from up to 4 environmental sensors (4-20 mA). All data can be downloaded to a computer or printed to its built-in thermal printer. It can be used as a portable instrument or integrated with a larger facility monitoring system.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
San Jose, CA

Handheld particle counter

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The HandiLaz Mini from Particle Measuring Systems is an ergonomically designed, simple-to-use handheld that counts particles as small as 0.3 micron. Designed to be a cost-effective, quality handheld, this counter weighs only 1.5 pounds and features easy data transfer to Excel, making it accessible to all users. Particle measurements are made in seconds and up to 10,000 samples can be stored.

Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, CO

Particle instrument trade-in program

TSI offers a particle instrument trade-in program, available through the end of 2007. For select instruments, TSI offers a trade-in discount of up to 15 percent, credited toward the purchase of a new instrument, when you tender an equivalent older model in trade. The program is intended to replace older instruments that no longer represent the latest technology and have become increasingly expensive to maintain or impossible to repair due to the age of the instrument’s components. Qualifying instruments include: CPC Models 3020, 3022, 3022A, 3025, 3025A, 3760, 3760A, 3762, 3010, 7610 and 7620; APS Models 3300, 3310 and 3310A; Electrostatic Classifier Models 3071 and 3071A. These older models do not need to be operational to qualify for the trade-in.

TSI Particle Instruments
Shoreview, MN


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