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Compiled by Angela Godwin

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Sterile tubing welder
The Sterile Tube Fuser from Wave Biotech allows for welding of fluid-filled tubing. With up to 7/8‑inch OD, this sterile tubing welder for large-bore tubing is ideal for transferring inoculum, media, buffers, process intermediates and products. STF-IRc features include user-programmable parameters for different types of tubing, LCD display for prompts and data, infrared blade temperature sensor, aseptic connections without a laminar hood, improved blade holders and cover. It offers a PC interface for data printing and parameter download, and uses new PTFE-coated blades for better welds. Applications include vaccine manufacture, sterile media transfer, pharmaceutical process fluid transfer, filling and formulation, and more.
Wave Biotech
Somerset, NJ

Peristaltic pumps

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Peristaltic dispensing pumps from Flexicon America, Inc. enable precision dispensing of shear-sensitive pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and cell products. The closed fluid path assures that sterile product never comes in direct contact with any moving parts before being dispensed. Product passes from the bulk tank directly into sterile medical-grade silicone tubing that is placed onto the circular track of a Flexicon filling head. Product changeover requires only a change of the sterile tubing and filling needle. Eight tube diameters are available to meet a wide range of viscosities and fill volumes.
Flexicon America, Inc.
Burlington, VT

Flow, temperature switch

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The new Series FTS Thermal Flow and Temperature Switch from Dwyer Instruments, Inc. is designed for all types of cooling systems as a reliable alternative to failure-prone mechanical flow switches. It continually samples the temperature of the coolant and automatically adjusts the low flow set point, providing a solid-state switch if the coolant flow rate falls below the set point value. In addition, the FTS will provide an alarm output if the coolant temperature rises above acceptable levels.
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Michigan City, IN

Lamp for UV-sensitive processes

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Shat-R-Shield has announced the availability of a specially formulated fluorescent gold lamp for critical UV-sensitive processes. The lamp filters out UV emissions and wavelengths below 520  nm and offers higher lumen output than traditional phosphor gold lamps. Applications include semiconductor fabrication, photo processing, and research and testing laboratories. The gold lamp is shatter-resistant, and the plastic safety coating does not affect the life of the lamp and will contain virtually all glass, phosphors and mercury if a lamp is broken. The lamp is available as T8 and T12 fluorescents through the company’s network of electrical distributors.
Salisbury, NC

This algae production system is a 100-liter, air-lift unit that produces pilot-scale quantities for animals undergoing nutritional studies. The unit is 88 inches high, with a tank diameter of 12 inches. The diameter of the contained bioreactor is 10 inches.

Disposable bioreactor

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A disposable bioreactor developed for the aquaculture industry has been introduced to the biopharm industry by Coastal BioMarine. Bag bioreactors, which have been employed in shellfish hatcheries for more than 10 years, have evolved into rugged, dependable producers of marine algae. Coastal BioMarine uses an improved version for the production of marine algae cultured under sterile, heterotrophic conditions. These units can also be employed to produce cells for biopharm applications and feature scalability, ruggedness, low cost, small footprint and customizability. For more information, contact Loy Wilkinson via e-mail at [email protected]

Coastal BioMarine
Bridgewater, CT


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