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Compiled by Carrie Meadows

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Swabs for critical environments
Puritan Medical Products has expanded its PurSwab line with applicators designed to meet the unique needs of those who work in critical environments, such as medical, electronic, and communication device manufacturing. The applicators come in a range of tip styles and a variety of materials, including chemical-resistant microfiber and precision-cleaning foam. For example, PurSwab special fiber-optic applicators feature tips made of soft, finely woven, lint-free microfiber cloth that is low in NVRs. Non-abrasive, lint-free polyester-tipped PurSwab applicators provide good wear resistance and can be used with deionized water, isopropyl alcohol, and solvents. Soft, foam-tipped PurSwab applicators feature reticulated open cells for particle entrapment. Many styles are thermally bonded to the shaft, using no contaminating adhesives. New glass-filled polypropylene handles provide extra rigidity.

Puritan Medical Products Company LLC
Guilford, ME

Wiper dispenser

Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a dispenser for pre-saturated alcohol wipers. It provides one-handed dispensing and features a self-closing, self-sealing lid that helps prevent dry-out of wipers, eliminating waste. An extractor arm automatically lifts each wiper for easy pick-up without damaging the wipers. According to the company, the design does not generate particles and makes refilling easy. The KIMTECH PURE* W3 Pre-Saturated Wipers feature laser-sealed edges and are available in three formulations to meet a variety of cleanroom needs. The wipers are 100 percent continuous-filament, double-knit polyester, cleanroom laundered, and solvent- and abrasion-resistant. All formulations are compatible for use in ISO Class 3 cleanrooms or higher. They can be used with or without the KIMTECH PURE* dispenser.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA

Optical particle counters

TSI Incorporated has introduced three new models of optical particle counters designed for a wide range of applications, including cleanroom testing and certification, aerosol research, pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturing, food processing, filter testing, and indoor environmental assessment. The Model 8220 is a handheld version with a 2.83 LPM (0.1 CFM) flow rate that counts in up to six user-selectable size ranges from 0.3 to 10 microns in diameter. Two portable models are also available: the Model 8240 with a 28.3 LPM (1 CFM) flow rate and the Model 8260 with a 50 LPM (1.77 CFM) flow rate. Both feature an isokinetic probe, integral thermal printer, and data analysis software. The portable units also feature six user-adjustable size ranges from 0.3 to 10 microns in diameter. Optional temperature/humidity and air velocity probes are available for the portable models.

TSI Particle Instruments
Shoreview, MN

Particle filters

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Helium Leak Testing, Inc. (HLT) has announced its new line of MaxP™ particle filters for Alcatel, Balzer, DuPont, Edwards, Leybold, Varian, Veeco, and VIC systems. The filters are specifically designed to improve the reliability, useful life, and mean time between maintenance (MTBM) of mass spectrometer helium leak detectors (MSLD) and associated vacuum pumps. Models are available for most MSLD systems. According to the company, the filters minimize operational inefficiencies that can occur due to particle contamination of the pump oil in MSLDs while minimally affecting pumping speed. The reusable stainless-steel filters are easily installed by replacing the centering ring in the inlet port.

Helium Leak Testing, Inc.
Northridge, CA

Cleanroom robots

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Adept Technology, Inc. has released its Adept Viper™ s650 and s850 Class 1 cleanroom robots, suitable for solar, disk drive, LCD, semiconductor, and life sciences applications. The robots bring high-performance, precision motion and six-axis dexterity to cleanroom assembly, handling, testing and packaging applications. The robots run on the company’s SmartController™ CX controls and software platform, which provide path following, faster cycle times, better repeatability, integrated vision, and embedded networking. The robots are backed by a two-year warranty.

Adept Technology, Inc.
Livermore, CA

Source for processes, product data

The Joint Service Solvent Substitution Working Group (JS3WG) has announced the availability of an Internet-accessible resource to maintain and distribute solvent substitution efforts by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to eliminate products that contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from cleaning operations, and to prevent duplication of efforts. Evaluations of cleaning agents that are not volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) or have very low levels of VOCs are also included. Industry is invited to visit the database, to submit comments and questions, and to contribute independent test results, particularly tests based on recognized standards. To tour the database, visit:

Joint Service Solvent Substitution Working Group (JS3WG)

Overhead air ionizer

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3M has introduced a new air ionizer that mounts above the electronics assembly workbench and delivers ionized air over a 2-foot-by-4-foot work area, neutralizing static charge that can damage sensitive components. The Overhead Air Ionizer 991 uses steady-state DC ionizing technology that offers an intrinsic balance of <±20 V. The speed of the unit’s three fans is adjustable to control ionization rate and worker comfort. Turning the unit off and on again activates an automatic cleaning system that sweeps the air emitter points, reducing the need for manual cleaning. During operation, the brush cleaners automatically retract to prevent emitter point wear. The unit is 44 inches long, weighs 10 lb., and is RoHS compliant.

3M Electronics
Austin, TX

Enhancements to 797 software

Pharmacy OneSource, Inc. has announced the addition of new custom task and batch-processing features to Simplifi 797, a web-based application that simplifies meeting the quality requirements of USP Chapter <797>. In addition to pre-loaded quality-related tasks, the software now allows administrators to create customized tasks and schedule them with any frequency. E-mails for overdue tasks can be sent to the appropriate group of individuals, ensuring that tasks are completed. Simplifi 797 administrators can set up drug templates for batches routinely made at their facilities. Once completed and saved, the template for a specific drug automatically fills in many fields. Technicians can keep an ongoing log of all preparations made in the cleanroom.

Pharmacy OneSource
Bellevue, WA

Aseptic connectors

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Pall Corporation is expanding its line of Kleenpak™ Aseptic Connectors with two new sizes, 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch. The new sizes enable vaccine manufacturers to apply the safety and efficiency benefits of instant aseptic connections throughout more of their disposable operations to help speed time-to-market and comply with good manufacturing practices. The connectors feature an audible snap to signify that a sterile connection has been established.

Pall Corporation
East Hills, NY

Stainless-steel countertops

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Eagle introduces new stainless-steel countertops in both standard and custom configurations to meet the needs of users in healthcare establishments, cleanroom operations, laboratories and other operations where sanitation or chemical resistance is important. The countertops are made of high-performance, 16-gauge, type 304 stainless steel, and possess excellent stain-resistant properties, along with resistance to a wide range of chemicals and corrosives. Standard countertop models are offered in a width of 30 inches, and in lengths ranging from 35 inches to 144 inches. All countertops are die-formed and feature either square or boxed-marine front edges. Backsplashes are available with turndown and z-clips. Customers may also order units with optional endsplashes and cut-outs. The countertops are suitable for use with fume hoods.

Eagle MHC
Clayton, DE

Flat-bed scale and platform

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The MoveLine platform, part of the IF flat-bed scale series from Sartorius, features a patented design and meets NIOSH occupational safety regulations. Wheels located directly below the platform are controlled through a specialized lifting system to enable thorough cleaning. As the wheels are lowered, the scale is raised, providing access to the floor underneath it. With a profile of only 25 mm, the platforms are designed for hopper or vessel weighing and are compliant with FDA requirements on materials, surface finish, and cleanability according to HACCP and EHEDG guidelines. The scales and platform are available in AISI 304 or AISI 316 Ti stainless steel, with contoured edges and no welded seams. An optional electropolished finish (Ra <0.4 μm) is available for increased corrosion resistance. The scales are suitable for precision weighing from 150 kg to 3,000 kg at a resolution of 15,000 d for standard applications.

Sartorius Corporation
Edgewood, NY

Ionizer for flat-panel, solar markets

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MKS Instruments, Inc. has introduced the Ion Systems® AeroBar® VF Model 5359 for eliminating static charge on glass panels in the flat-panel display (FPD) industry, solar industry, and in other large-surface applications. Its patent-pending nozzle technology improves efficiency and reduces maintenance costs, and user-settable controls provide mounting flexibility with distances ranging from 50 mm to 1.5 m away from the panels. The nozzle design provides better discharge time performance while reducing the number of emitters. The system features power and timing controls that provide a wide range of performance settings to meet users’ requirements for balance and decay times. The Model 5359 can be customized to fit various glass substrate spacings in new-generation FPD fabs.

MKS Instruments
Wilmington, MA

All-surface mop for clean environments

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Contec, Inc. has introduced the EasyCurve™ mop designed specifically for cleaning floors, walls, and ceilings in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Consisting of a flat, fabric-laminated mop head attached to a curved, stainless-steel frame, EasyCurve provides high performance, ease of use, and effectiveness compared to other all-surface cleaning systems. Designed for use in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing plants, hospitals, compounding pharmacies, and other similar critical environments, the EasyCurve is an upgrade alternative for applications where sponge roller and self-wringing mops are currently used. The mop is available in non-sterile and validated sterile versions. All hardware and mop heads are autoclavable. The EasyCurve mop uses a separate “sling” style wringer that installs over a 6.5 gallon (25 L) polypropylene bucket to completely and easily remove liquid from the mop head. According to the company, since the wringer is not on the handle like traditional sponge roller mops, weight and resulting operator fatigue are significantly reduced.

Contec, Inc.
Spartanburg, SC

Hydrogen peroxide monitor

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Particle Measuring Systems has announced the Air Sentry-IMS® for monitoring vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP). The use of aseptic manufacturing technology has led to a requirement for increased control over clean devices to ensure sterility. VHP is used both to sterilize environments between batches and to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur. The measurement of VHP in these environments is required for proof of two functions: a high concentration level to ensure sterilization and a lower limit that identifies a purged environment. Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) is a technique that overcomes monitoring hurdles faced by other technologies, including sensitivity limitations, loss of accuracy at extreme concentrations, and drift. The AirSentry-IMS® provides a single analyzer technique for the broad tasks of monitoring and ensuring sterilization and purged concentrations, as well as worker safety levels. The analyzer can be configured to monitor only low levels of VHP (0 to 1,000 ppb) or can be used in a dual-range mode, offering accuracy and precision at both low and high concentrations of VHP (0 to 20 ppm and 0 to 2,000 ppm). Optional onboard calibration allows for fast and accurate calibration verifications.

Particle Measuring Systems, Inc.
Boulder, CO

New literature

Ergonomic seating
BEVCO’s new brochure features its complete line of functional, dependable, and stylish ergonomic seating products for office, industrial, and technologically sensitive applications. BEVCO specializes in custom fabricated, made-to-order seating to fit customers’ exact requirements. All models comply with ANSI/BIFMA standards and California standard 117 for fire safety. No tools are required for assembly except Value-Line models, which require only a screw driver. Most BEVCO models carry a 12-year warranty; pneumatic cylinders are covered under lifetime warranty. Contact BEVCO at 1-800-864-2991 to request a free copy of the brochure or visit the company’s web site.

Waukesha, WI

Process-monitoring tools, services

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A new product catalog from Millipore Corporation highlights tools and services to meet process-monitoring needs. The 92-page color catalog (CA1002EN00) includes products that test for liquid and airborne contaminants, including systems, media, methods, validation protocols, and rapid detection tools for time-sensitive applications. For more information or to request a copy, visit the company’s web site or call 1-800-MILLIPORE.

Millipore Corporation
Billerica, MA

Hose, tubing brochure

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AdvantaPure’s newly updated Products & Services brochure features the company’s product line of high-purity tubing, hose, fittings, assemblies, molded components, and RFID solutions. Designed for industries such as pharmaceutical, biotech, biomedical, food and beverage, cosmetics, chemical, and other clean-application uses, many of the products meet standards set by organizations such as USP, FDA, ISO, 3-A, and European Pharmacopeia.

AdvantaPure, a division of NewAge Industries
Southampton, PA

Lab casework catalog

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Duralab Corporation has released its new Laboratory Casework & Fumehoods catalog. With more than 40 years of experience, Duralab offers both traditional and contemporary styled casework. The company’s engineering department is staffed to provide assistance in project planning, design, and cost estimating. Engineering drawings for approval can be provided prior to fabrication of the furniture. A factory-trained labor force is available for non-mechanical installation.

Duralab Corporation
Parlin, NJ

Products for labs, cleanrooms

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A 35-page, full-color catalog is now available from Kimberly-Clark Professional. The free catalog provides detailed information on the company’s products designed for laboratories, cleanrooms, and clean manufacturing environments. Products include wipers, gloves, protective apparel, and face protection. The catalog can be downloaded from the company’s web site.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA


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