Since human-generated contamination plays a large role in critical environments, special care must be taken to provide appropriate garments to minimize the human impact on the cleanroom. Other important factors include specialty fabrics to safeguard technicians, as well as proper laundering and care of reusable attire.

Compiled by Carrie Meadows

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Personal protective apparel
Ansell has long been recognized for innovation and leadership in the personal protective clothing industry. Best known for its protective gloves, the company also provides heavy-duty coat aprons and both medium and lightweight disposable aprons in a variety of lengths and closure options. In addition, while bouffants and beard and shoe covers may be commonly overlooked accessory products, they are indispensable in any cleanroom environment. Ansell has these protective items in a variety of colors and styles. For more information about Ansell’s Critical Environment products, visit the web site or contact Customer Service at (800) 800-0444.

Ansell Healthcare Products LLC
Red Bank, NJ

Cleanroom garment services

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ARAMARK Cleanroom Services, Inc., a division of ARAMARK Uniform Services, Inc., is a provider of cleanroom garment services to technically demanding customers throughout North America. The company has developed exacting standards and tightly controlled systems and procedures, leading to all of the company’s processing plants obtaining ISO 9001:2000 certification. Each facility has a comprehensive documentation system, disaster recovery plan, a dedicated QA manager and staff, as well as a web-based garment management system. ARAMARK understands the critical importance of having the right garments and disposable products for cleanroom facilities. All of its products undergo rigorous evaluation and product testing. Industry experts are available to help you find the right products for your needs.

ARAMARK Cleanroom Services, Inc.
Burr Ridge, IL

Quantus® line of cleanroom garments

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basan, a full-service supplier of cleanroom consumables and equipment, offers a series of cleanroom garments, called Quantus®, that has been tested and confirmed by renowned textile institutes. The premium quality, high-integrity fabric complies with Ökö-Text Standard 100 and ensures wearing comfort. The garments are extremely durable due to quality workmanship, lapped seams, and the use of high-quality threads and special textile structures such as linen weave. In addition to that, they offer permanent antimicrobial properties and an ESD model for cleanroom class ISO 5 and higher. The long-term functionality of the garments has been confirmed by thorough testing.

Kriftel, Germany

Garments provided with recommended clothing standards

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Connecticut Clean Room Corporation provides quality cleanroom garments for many different industries including cleanroom, critical manufacturing, industrial, and any environment that requires sanitary standards. Choose from lab coats, coveralls, frocks, aprons, isolation gowns, bouffants, hoods, face masks, and covers. The company carries Tyvek™, DuPont Suprel™, KleenGuard*, Vidaro, Worklon, polypropylene, and SMS, and offers both disposable and reusable garments depending on your needs. The Customer Care Team provides information on Recommended Cleanroom Clothing Standards and will help you to select the right garment for your specific application. Modifications may be required according to individual processes and other factors affecting garment usage and frequency of change. All garments meet or exceed the stringent requirements needed in a critical environment ranging from Class 100,000 to Class 1.

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation
Bristol, CT

ISO 9001:2000 certified apparel supplier

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As an ISO 9001:2000 certified national supplier with an extensive network of regional distribution centers, Cintas offers a large selection of cleanroom apparel, including aprons, beard covers, boot covers, bouffant caps, shoes, coveralls, face masks and veils, frocks and lab coats, hoods, shoe covers, and sleeve covers. In addition, Cintas offers custom-managed inventory programs and launders garments in accordance with IEST-RP-CC003.3. All reusable products are durable, cleanroom compatible, and gamma compatible to 200 megarad gamma sterilization and 100 launder cycles. For more information, call 1-800-CINTAS1.

Cintas Cleanroom Services
Mason, OH

Garments for high demand environments

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Particle retention, anti-static properties, comfort, abrasion resistance, and air permeability are characteristics that significantly influence the efficiency of a cleanroom textile. Dastex, a leading European manufacturer for cleanroom garments, offers a wide range of products and services. Dastex has invested in a variety of test equipment to guarantee professional advisory service to its customers. In addition to a body box, the company has its own filter test facility for cleanroom textiles, supplemented by Helmke Drum (image shows pump effect on cleanroom garments); a modified ASTM suction method; and in future plans to incorporate a further measuring system to determine the contamination on textile surfaces.

Dastex Reinraumzubehör GmbH & Co. KG
Muggensturm, Germany

Composite fabric offers breathability and barrier protection

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DuPont provides a complete line of apparel designed to protect workers, products, and processes from harmful materials. Tyvek® Isoclean™, Suprel® LS and ProClean® garments-available in bulk, clean, or clean and sterile-and accessories create effective barriers against particles, micro-organisms, and non-hazardous liquids. Developed specifically for professionals in the life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics, food processing, and medical device manufacturing industries, and based on DuPont’s proprietary Advanced Composite Technology, Suprel® LS is a patented bi-component fabric that offers breathability and barrier protection, possessing a softer feel and allowing for greater comfort than comparably priced offerings for this marketplace. The company also offers a range of cleanroom accessories including SureStep™ shoe and boot covers for exceptional skid resistance.

DuPont Contamination Control
Wilmington, DE

Liquid and particle protection lab coats

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KleenGuard* A40 Liquid & Particle Protection Lab Coats (right, in photo) from Kimberly-Clark Professional are made from a microporous film laminate fabric that offers superior particle holdout while allowing excellent breathability. They provide a variety of advantages of liquid and particle protection over lab coats made of Tyvek®: better liquid barrier, better particulate barrier, and lower linting. The KleenGuard* A40 Liquid & Particle Protection Lab Coats meet the ANSI/SEA 101-1996 sizing standard and pass NFPA 99 criteria for anti-stat materials. The lab coats feature a snap-front chest and hip pocket.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA

Cleanroom laundry processing

Since 1960, Prudential Cleanroom Services has provided cleanroom laundry processing services. Prudential’s network of ISO 9001:2000 certified, ISO Class 3 cleanliness rated cleanroom laundry processing facilities provide services throughout North America, and also include operations in Malaysia. Businesses of all types rent, lease, and buy employee uniforms from Prudential Overall Supply. The company also consults with its customers to develop uniform programs by providing expertise in the latest fabrics applicable for uniforms, and the fabrics’ performance under varying workplace conditions and physical job demands. Prudential offers cleanroom sterile garment and protective wear processing for companies that manufacture products and operate in controlled environments in industries such as bioscience, semiconductor, paint spray, and pharmaceuticals.

Prudential Cleanroom Services
Irvine, CA

Distributor for apparel manufacturer

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Satesa Corporation represents the Medtecs Group in North, Central, and South America for cleanroom garments that are made to order to customers’ exact requirements. Medtecs weaves its own fabrics and produces garments in its own plants in Southeast Asia with headquarters in Taiwan. Medtecs manufactures coveralls, hoods, and booties with hard and soft soles. The company has been supplying the U.S. market since 1990. Moreover, it was the first to introduce just-in-time delivery to several plants in North America from its strategic warehouses. The company also can provide breathable membrane laminations in either monolithic polyurethane film or expanded Teflon® film. Temperature-regulated garments and special finishes are a hallmark of the Medtecs Group.

Satesa Corporation
Englewood, NJ

High-technology garments and accessories

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Transforming Technologies provides high-technology garments, cleanroom fabric, cleanroom boot soles, and specialized cleanwear accessories. Hypalon™ shoe covers, temperature-resistant Nomex™ gloves, and other performance wear are designed for controlled environments and other critical applications. Serving semiconductor, disk drive, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers, Transforming Technologies works continuously to develop improved products for meeting the most demanding requirements. The company’s technology partners include Guardner Co. Ltd. (Japan/China), Asiatic Fiber Corporation (Taiwan), and Uni-stat Pte. Ltd. (Singapore). Recent product innovations include cleanroom soles in the 10e6 range and gamma compatible Hypalon™ shoe covers.

Transforming Technologies, LLC
Sylvania, OH

Jumpsuit designed for pharmaceutical needs

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Based on the needs of its customer partnerships and the industry’s ever evolving safety standards, Tronex has released a new fluid-resistant USP <797> suitable jumpsuit. Manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art ISO 9001 Certified factories, these meticulously constructed and comfortable protective jumpsuits are made from a durable and breathable polypropylene spunbonded (PPSB) non-woven, fluid-resistant material. Available in two styles-open ankles and cuffs, and elastic ankles and cuffs-with four sizes (L to 3XL), this jumpsuit is crafted with precision stitching and colored in white and blue with pointed shirt collar and zipper front. Other choices include SMS and polyethylene coated for full fluid-impervious protection suitable for high-risk environments.

Tronex Pharmaceutical
Parsippany, NJ

Skid-resistant boot covers

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Value-Tek Ultra-Clean Boot Covers (item VTBTCVPPLVW) combine cleanliness and quality into a highly durable product that provides a less expensive alternative to Tyvek®. The non-skid bottom can be especially useful in places where additional traction is needed. The outer layer is coated with polyethylene, while the inside features a comfortable polypropylene lining. The sole is both durable and skid-resistant PVC, providing protection from slips or falls. The disposable boot cover-liquid impervious and autoclavable-is ideal for critical environments.

Phoenix, AZ


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