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Compiled by Carrie Meadows

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50-nm liquid particle counter
The NanoCount 50 from Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is an ultra-small-footprint liquid particle counter with a sensitivity of 50 nm and flow rate of 100 mL/min. The unit measures just 9x6x9 inches and includes the sensor, counting electronics, and flow meter all housed in a NEMA rated enclosure. The small footprint permits the instrument to be easily integrated into process equipment for point-of-use semiconductor process applications. The particle counter uses the industry-standard RS-485/Modbus communication protocol to allow easy integration with facility monitoring systems.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
Medford, OR

Manual purge station

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Entegris has added the RSPX Manual Purge Station to its Clarilite Certified Solution for preventing reticle haze in 193 nm lithography. The station helps manufacturers prevent reticle haze by purging the reticle pod as it awaits the next process step. The Clarilite Certified system provides a continuous cleansing environment for the reticle using purified gas. With a capacity of up to 10 pods with phase-shift masks, the RSPX is RFID capable and can operate as a stand-alone unit with integrated purge.

Entegris, Inc.
Chaska, MN

Industrial protective eyewear

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Kimberly-Clark Professional has extended its KleenGuard* brand with the launch of a new line of protective eyewear. The introduction includes 20 new KleenGuard* Brand eye protection products. The eyewear offerings are impact-resistant, ANSI Z87.1+ compliant, provide 99.9 percent protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and are both comfortable and stylish. Uses include general maintenance, manufacturing, warehousing, construction, materials handling, masonry, clean manufacturing industries, and food processing.

Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA

Series of angle and in-line valves

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A new series of angle and in-line valves from Pfeiffer Vacuum features a robust design that resists contamination, increases service life, and makes them suited to industrial applications in the high vacuum range. The valves are available in DN 16, 25, and 40 ISO-KF sizes. The manually, electropneumatically, and electromagnetically operated angle and in-line valves feature improved conductivity, resistance to differential pressure, and short response times. The electromagnetic and electropneumatic models are equipped with an integrated position indicator. The electromagnetic valve has the pressure pilot integrated into the case.

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.
Nashua, NH

Pharmaceutical/life science product line

With its acquisition of Amesil, GORE PharmBio recently debuted a combined portfolio of products suitable for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. GORE™ LYOGUARD® freeze-drying single-use trays and containers help improve sterility and drug containment with a proprietary ePTFE membrane that creates a “closed” system. GORE® filtration products offer a wide range of high-efficiency, all-ePTFE options for product collection. GORE™ Amesil components include high-purity tubing, hoses, clamps, manifolds, connectors, and assemblies for fluid transport, containment, and sampling.

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Elkton, MD

Custom line of air handlers

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Clean Rooms West, Inc. manufactures a custom line of air handlers in the 1,000 to 10,000 CFM range with particular emphasis on the smaller specialized units in the 1,000 to 3,000 range. With tight temperature and humidity control and higher static capability, these units are ideal for the facility requirements of cleanroom environments. Units can be equipped with DX coils, chilled water coils, humidifiers, reheat coils, face and bypass control for airflow, and special pre-filters. Indoor and outdoor units are available with a full one-year factory warranty. Coils are configured for straight sensible cooling or significant latent cooling for humidity control. Standard units with coils have stainless-steel drip pans or they can be configured as simple booster blowers. Motors are vibration isolated and large insulated doors provide access to the blower and pre-filters for routine maintenance. All filters are synthetic mini-pleat with antimicrobial media.

Clean Rooms West, Inc.
Tustin, CA

Acoustic floor coverings

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Freudenberg Building Systems, Inc. has enhanced its noraplan® environcare™ product line to include noraplan® environcare™ al and noraplan® environcare™acoustic floor coverings, specifically designed for health care facilities. noraplan environcare al keeps static generation consistently lower than 10 V (ESD STM 97.2), so it is suitable for use in rooms with electronic devices and equipment that must be protected from static discharge. Extremely durable, noraplan environcare al is resistant to most oils and grease and can also withstand the heavy rolling loads of carts and portable machines. In addition, it is easy to maintain and there is no need for conductive wax. Noraplan environcare products also feature the exclusive “nora cleanguard® plus,” which provides a ready-to-use surface that is extremely dirt and stain resistant. The floor covering is also GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®.

Freudenberg Building Systems, Inc.
Lawrence, MA

Trace moisture analyzer for ultra-high-purity gases

Tiger Optics LLC, a manufacturer of laser-based trace gas analyzers, recently released the HALO+™, a mini-cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) analyzer capable of measuring at parts-per-trillion (ppt) levels in industries such as semiconductor fabrication, laboratory calibration, and industrial process control. The HALO+ is suited to many challenging processes where accurate moisture measurement is particularly critical, including fixed bulk gas continuous quality control, portable mobile analytical carts, process tool monitoring, air separation, and gas cylinder quality control. Based on the Beer-Lambert Law, Tiger’s analyzers do not require costly and frequent calibration, nor do they require consumables.

Tiger Optics LLC
Warrington, PA

Aerosol photometer

TEC Services, Inc. has just released its latest aerosol photometer to the market. The PH-4 digital photometer offers the smallest size and weight in a self-contained cabinet (probe included) available today. The simple menu-driven software system utilizes command prompts on the digital display to inform the user of each setup process, making it user friendly. The plug-and-play scanning probe features remote control of alarm options, including visual, audible, and the new vibrating alarm. With standard features such as a detachable shoulder strap and cabinet storage for the probe, the PH-4 aerosol photometer has been designed with the filter test certifier’s overall ease of use and reliability in mind.

TEC Services, Inc.
Westminster, MD

Single-use manufacturing system and collection containers

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Pall Corporation continues to target disposable processing with the launch of its Allegro™ system, an integrated single-use manufacturing system, and the Allegro biocontainers for collection and transport of process solutions, product intermediates, and cell culture media. The Allegro system is gamma irradiated and ready for use, enabling quick start-up and scale-up to accelerate time-to-market. The biocontainers feature a unique design and materials that help maximize product recovery and minimize contamination risk. The comprehensive Allegro portfolio includes disposable filters, tubing, and instant aseptic connection devices in addition to the biocontainers.

Pall Corporation
East Hills, NY

UL1604-compliant liquid optical particle counter

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Particle Measuring Systems announces UL1604 compliance for its HSLIS M65e liquid optical particle counter, allowing it to be installed in Class I, Div II environments without modification or additional enclosures. The HSLIS is used for measuring filter efficiency and particulate contamination in process chemicals. The particle counter comes with Ethernet capability, which can lower overall costs by using existing Ethernet networks to control and monitor multiple particle counters. RS-485 capability is optional. The Hitachi laser diode substantially increases the laser life as well as providing improved mechanical stability and a lower operating temperature for the laser. Sizing thresholds for the HSLIS M65e UL1604 start at 0.06 μm for process chemicals.

Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, CO

Advanced medical-grade fabric

PGI’s MediSoft® Ultra™ high-performance fabric for medical garments and other single-use apparel exceeds the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) gown and drape industry standard (PB70) for Level III garments of 50 cm in hydroheads, a measurement of barrier properties, and achieves greater than 75 cm in internal testing. All MediSoft® products meet the highest-quality medical industry standards, including European standard EN 13795, IST 80.6, and EN 1149 for surface resistivity. In addition to medical uses, the fabric is suitable for protective apparel, including that used by homeland security, law enforcement, and specialized industrial applications where single-use garments are worn for extended periods of time.

Polymer Group, Inc.
Miami, FL

High-efficiency filter assemblies

Donaldson Company has introduced Superplus filter assemblies, equipped to provide efficient and cost-effective purification of compressed air and gases in industrial applications. The filter assemblies are available in two models. Donaldson AG Superplus has a three-part aluminum housing and the SH Superplus has two-piece steel housing with flanged connections. Both are design to allow for easy disassembly and element change-out. Low pressure drop is achieved through optimal flow-path design. Its tapered bowl and non-turbulent lower filter zone assure that no condensate gets re-entrained in the airstream. Patented Ultrair® binder-free borosilicate glass fiber media achieves retention rates of 0.01 μm particulates in the Donaldson SMF element at 99.99999%.

Donaldson Company
Minneapolis, MN

Pharmaceutical stability simulation services

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Multisorb Technologies has made available its SimulSorb™ service in North America. The simulations that comprise SimulSorb enable the company’s technical experts to determine the ideal amount of sorbent required to combat chemical and physical degradation of sensitive drug formulations in a packaged environment. This value-added service helps pharmaceutical manufacturers enhance product stability and brand integrity. Multisorb’s approach includes analysis of all aspects of the moisture protection process, from formulation to the packaging environment and throughout the distribution chain.

Multisorb Technologies
Buffalo, NY

HEPA, ULPA filters with ‘poured-in-place’ gasket

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Camfil Farr has updated its line of Absolute HEPA and ULPA filters with a “poured-in-place” gasket that ensures leak-free performance. The sealing method is uniform in depth and encompasses the entire filter sealing surface, eliminating gasket junctures, blemishes, and other corner leaks that occur with conventional high-efficiency filters. A very small leak path can allow thousands of contaminated particles per minute to bypass the filter, compromising critical environments such as operating suites, clean manufacturing processes, and clean spaces. The polyurethane gasket technology eliminates these leak paths to ensure that efficiency is maintained at 99.97 percent on 0.3 μm particles (HEPA filters) or 99.99997 percent on 0.012 μm particles (ULPA filters).

Camfil Farr
Riverdale, NJ

Latex-free elastic nonwoven fabric

DuPont has introduced Engineered Elastic Nonwoven Technology, a new offering that is latex-free and contains no elastomeric polymers or chemical additives, resulting in a versatile fabric that can meet a variety of industry needs. Fabrics produced from DuPont Engineered Elastic Nonwoven Technology can be high stretch or high stretch with varying degrees of elastic recovery power, depending on end user needs. Potential applications and benefits include knit-like stretchable gown sleeves and cuffs for use in protective and cleanroom apparel; elastic protective covers that fit better, reducing the number of sizes needed; elastic interlinings that are resistant to deformation; and elastic composites that are versatile and stretchable.

Wilmington, DE

Cartridges for decentralized vacuum systems

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COAX® vacuum technology is easily integrated into the body of manufacturing machinery with multi-stage cartridges. Designing the ultimate decentralized vacuum system is made possible by positioning vacuum power exactly where it is needed, making maximum use of energy and increasing speed by eliminating line losses and inefficiencies. Customized integration is a simple process that involves drilling a hole in the machine where the cartridge is then inserted. Vacuum systems based on COAX® technology provide up to three times more vacuum flow than conventional systems, allowing for improved speed and reliability. The cartridges are offered in three versions. The Bi cartridge has been developed to operate at a relatively high vacuum level and very low feed pressure. It is recommended for pick-and-place applications that require a high level of safety. Developed to achieve a high vacuum level at low feed pressure, Pi cartridges are ideal for the handling of non-porous products. Handling porous materials is possible with the Si cartridges, designed to provide extra vacuum flow. Each version is available in multiple sizes.

Hingham, MA

Compact linear actuator

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Parker Hannifin’s LCB Series of compact linear actuators incorporates a low-friction, dry running, sliding bearing carriage that provides long, reliable travel life-even at 100% duty cycle. Coupled with Parker motors/controls, the linear actuators offer full programmability, high performance, and reduced space requirements at a competitive cost. An external maintenance-free sliding guide, with integrated dry-film lubricant, is incorporated as part of the aluminum profile to eliminate two-rail adjustments. A robust, reliable solution for various motion control applications, the LCB Series is designed to improve operations performance in industries including packaging, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, research and testing, semiconductor, computer/electronics, and factory automation.

Parker Hannifin Actuator Division
Wadsworth, OH

Inflatable semiconductor foundry seals

Pawling has developed a “no-compromise” inflatable seal material for loadlocks and associated chambers used in semiconductor processing. The inflatable design provides excellent barrier performance, extends service life, and eliminates the contamination, outgassing, and wear problems of silicone inflatable seals. The material, called VT606, is the first high-cycle fluoroelastomer seal material available for semiconductor chamber applications. In accelerated life tests, prototype VT606 seals have lasted more than 700,000 cycles vs. 70,000 for other fluoroelastomer materials.

Pawling Engineered Products
Pawling, NY

New Literature

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Hand/arm protection reference
Best Manufacturing Company has introduced a new product catalog showcasing its hand/arm protection products at work. Intended as a hand/arm protection guide, the newest products are listed up front, and all products are grouped into five categories: Best N-DEX® and other disposable products; chemical-resistant products; general purpose products; cut-resistant products; and specialty insulated products. Complete specifications are included.

Best Manufacturing Company
Menlo, GA

Cleanroom product catalog and revamped web site

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Connecticut Clean Room Corporation’s new catalog and redesigned web site of special products that meet all critical manufacturing, industrial, and sanitary standards are now available. Product categories include mats, rollers, cleanroom paper, face masks and veils, apparel, gloves, wipers, swabs, furniture, air showers, softwalls, laminar flow, HEPA, and maintenance supplies. The company has been manufacturing, converting, and distributing more than 3,500 specialty products since 1979.

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation
Bristol, CT

Cleanroom equipment and components supply

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Clean Rooms International’s 2007 catalog is now available to order. The user-friendly format features 10 sections of products devoted to cleanrooms, including Legend modular hardwall cleanrooms, Flexible Solutions softwall cleanrooms, SAM Group fan filter units, cleanroom ceiling systems, clean benches and workstations, isolation products, and various other cleanroom components. CRI is a manufacturer and designer of cleanroom components specializing in “built-to-order” workstations and enclosures to meet customer requirements. For more information, consult with the factory sales department at (877) 380-1860 (toll free).

Clean Rooms International, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

Leakproof valves and fittings

For critical liquid or gas process applications to 10,000 psi, CPV Manufacturing offers a broad range of valve and fitting systems that provide reliable “leakproof” operation. A four-color product line brochure is now available that can help engineers identify the exact valves and fittings a particular application may require. CPV’s O-ring, flat-faced positive sealing system can deliver years of trouble-free operation from -65°F to +400°F. The unique “slip-in, slip-out” design also makes line maintenance and valve change-outs a snap. The new brochure details information on products such as vibration-resistant Mark VIII O-Seal tube fittings and shut-off and regulating valves; O-Seal system valves and fittings; and FloMaster™ air-operated shut-off valves, among others.

CPV Manufacturing
Philadelphia, PA

Hose and ducting catalog intros 10 new products

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Flexaust’s new, free catalog features flexible hoses, ducting, and accessories for a range of industrial and commercial applications involving air, dust, fumes, and light material transport. The catalog introduces 10 new products: self-extinguishing hose; wire-reinforced PVC hose; polypropylene A/C defroster hose; thermoplastic rubber-coated, non-woven, wire-reinforced polyester fabric hose; acrylic-polyester utility blower hose; white hose for food and pharmaceutical use; highly compressible clear PVC; and other heavy-duty hoses. New accessories include pin- and latch-lock connectors.

The Flexaust Company, Inc.
Warsaw, IN

Online filter design resource

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The new web site for Universal Air Filter is easier for design engineers to navigate. Popular design applications are featured on separate landing pages to find specific information faster and more efficiently. Product page banners have been updated to provide clear pictures of various filter frame styles and options. Tools such as 3D CAD models, a free prototype service, and aftermarket filter information can now be quickly found on a series of easy-to-locate banners prominently displayed on the UAF home page. Universal Air Filter products meet the following standards and classifications: UL 94 HF-1; UL 900 Class 2, CE; Telcordia NEBS GR-78-CORE and GR-63-CORE; and RoHS compliance. When used as part of a fire enclosure, they also may be configured to comply with flame-drip requirements described in UL 60950 and EN 60950.

Universal Air Filter
Sauget, IL

New catalog highlights vibration isolation systems

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Technical Manufacturing Corporation’s (TMC) comprehensive 2007 General Catalog showcases its versatile line of precision vibration isolation systems. The catalog details TMC’s many standard products and their recommended applications. Featured in the catalog are the STACIS® 2100 active piezoelectric vibration-cancellation system and the Electro-Damp® II active pneumatic vibration-damping system, specifically designed for OEM applications with motorized X-Y stages. The 124-page guide also includes CleanTop® II optical tops, breadboards, and supports; laboratory tables and tabletop platforms; floor and sub-floor platforms and stands; magnetic field cancellation and electric field shielding systems; acoustic enclosures; and custom configurations. Also included is a technical background section that serves as a primer on vibration control.

Technical Manufacturing Corporation
Peabody, MA


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