New Products

Compiled by Carrie Meadows

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Dry-block calibrator
The new JOFRA™ ATC-125 Ultra Cooler from AMETEK T-Americas is the first dry-block calibrator capable of reaching -90°C and also is able to reach temperatures as high as +125°C, for a total temperature range of 215°C. The ATC-125 achieves cryogenic temperatures quickly, quietly, and efficiently through its patent-applied-for Free Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC) technology. Together with a special heating element for elevated temperatures, these technologies allow users to perform five-point calibrations up to five times faster than an equivalent liquid bath. The calibrator is supplied with mains power variance immunity (MVI) technology, which avoids stability problems by immediately identifying and correcting variations in the mains input voltage in order to maintain a constant energy flow to the temperature block. The ATC-125 is engineered for use in laboratory and industrial environments for pharmaceutical, medical, food, food ingredients, hospital, and other applications.

AMETEK T-Americas
Albany, NY

Optical gas detection system

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The ChemLogic 8 is a continuous eight-point gas detection system targeted for the detection of low-level toxic and corrosive gases. The ChemLogic 8 has an optimized flow system that draws samples 250 ft at 2.5 LPM. This system offers a built-in touch-screen and a CF flash memory that records event history. It incorporates technologically advanced optics, which reduces maintenance. Improved technology has reduced the initial investment to 50 percent less per point and the cost of ownership is 36 percent less than related products in the field.

DOD Technologies, Inc.
Crystal Lake, IL

High-pressure controller for particle counting

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Designed using the latest technology in high-pressure gas components, the Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions HPC 1100 allows attachment of Lighthouse 0.1 μm particle counters to high pressure (30-150 psi) inert gas systems. This provides monitoring capability for process gases, a possible source of contamination. The HPC 1100’s low audible noise and small footprint allow installation in areas where diffusers were thought impractical. The HPC 1100 zero counts in less than 5 minutes and does not induce spurious or random 0.1 μm counts due to oscillations as other designs can. The HPC 1100’s stainless steel design is rugged, reliable, and requires almost no routine maintenance and never requires any calibration. During normal operation, no inert gas is wasted; 100 percent of the gas supplied is used for the sampling process.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
Fremont, CA

Laminar flow workbenches

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Laminar flow workstations provide dust- and particle-free work areas for sensitive testing and assembly. IAC Industries’ laminar flow industrial workbenches are recommended for any Class 100 (ISO 5) area. The workbenches are offered in both vertical- and horizontal-flow versions. Horizontal-flow workbenches provide the best product protection since the individual using the workbench is always downstream of the work area. The laminar flow workstations include 90 fpm air velocity, HEPA filters to capture particles as small as 0.3 μm, easy-access pre-filters, magnehelic gauge to monitor static air pressure, fluorescent lighting, and cleanroom-sealed work surfaces. Fans are centrifugal, direct-drive with static capacity up to 1.2 inches W.G. at rated flow and are mounted on rubber isolators for smooth, quiet operation. A variable-speed control allows users to adjust airflow.

IAC Industries
Brea, CA

Ultrafiltration cassettes for bioprocessing

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Biopharmaceutical manufacturers require efficient, high-throughput ultra-filtration technologies to handle higher protein concentrations. To address this need, Pall Corporation introduces the new Omega™ T-Series Membrane Cassettes. The cassettes are constructed with high-performance materials that reduce extractables to reduce the amount of rinsing volumes required prior to cassette use and ensure effective mass transfer of proteins, which is critical to keeping costs manageable in drug production. Pall also introduces single-use Minimate™ II encapsulated membrane cassettes. The Omega cassettes incorporate Pall’s high-yield Omega membranes and a new polypropylene screen to increase processing flux rates and product recovery. Materials of construction chosen for the Omega T-Series cassettes ensure a low level of extractables.

Pall Corporation
East Hills, NY

Bulk gas purification system

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The Entegris Aeronex® Gas Purification System (AGPS) Z2 series brings advanced contamination control technology to bulk gas purification for dry and immersion-based lithography tools. As part of the Entegris Clarilite solution, the AGPS will also help increase protection against reticle haze. The AGPS is designed to meet the capacity requirements of current as well as next-generation tools, which are expected to require more than four times the current volume of gas. Using multiple purifier beds working in parallel to maintain a continuous flow of pure gas, the beds automatically regenerate in sequence to help ensure optimal removal of targeted molecular contaminants. The new Z2 purification technology provides outlet purity in sub-ppt levels and reduces environmental impact because it is longer lasting than other media.

Entegris, Inc.
Chaska, MN

Tabletop cleanroom robot

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KUKA Robotics Corporation has introduced its KUKA KR5 Sixx CR six-axis cleanroom and splash-proof robot. The Sixx robot family was designed for customers with applications requiring six-axis functionality for long-reach tasks. Due to its small size, the robot can be integrated easily without unnecessary space consumption and satisfies numerous requirements of cleanroom applications. When combined with the company’s PC-based control platform, the robot will give customers a user-friendly pick-and-place automation tool for extreme cleanroom requirements. With a 650 mm reach and payload capacity up to 5 kg, the KR5 Sixx CR meets the appropriate ISO and DIN standards for cleanroom operation and is compliant to ISO 5 and Class 100 standards.

KUKA Robotics
Clinton Township, MI

Vacuum pump traps

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A new series of replaceable filter elements for the full line of MV Products vacuum-pump inlet traps, which target specific types of process byproducts, includes four new types: a proprietary activated carbon media for ammonia vapors, SodaSorb® for HCL, Resisorb® for mercury vapor absorption, and activated charcoal for organics. Utilizing 2.75-inch diameter by 4.5-inch or 90-inch tall filter element shells, they are suitable for applications ranging from 25 to 1,000 CFM and may be used in any combination. MV Filter Elements are designed to fit the Posi-Trap®, which comes in sizes that hold from one to four filter elements, and the MV Multi-Trap® featuring a large knockdown stage and up to six separate stages, each holding multiple filter elements. Other filter elements offered include stainless steel and copper gauze, molecular sieve, activated alumina, and pleated polypropylene.

MV Products, a division of Mass-Vac, Inc.
North Billerica, MA

Abrasion-resistant nitrile gloves

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Sempermed® now offers SemperGuard® industrial nitrile powdered and powder-free gloves as an alternative to natural rubber latex. SemperGuard gloves are suitable for individuals who are at risk of becoming sensitive to natural rubber latex. Nitrile gloves are made from a synthetic polymer exhibiting rubber-like characteristics when vulcanized; SemperGuard gloves are designed to provide the fit, feel, tensile and tear strengths, and other properties of natural rubber latex gloves. The micro-rough textured surface enhances tactile sensitivity with increased gripping characteristics, and electrostatic charges are effectively dissipated. Because of their resistance to abrasion, nitrile gloves slough off fewer particulates, resulting in reduced potential for contamination in critical manufacturing environments. The gloves feature a high solvent resistance and comply with FDA 21 CFR Guidelines and Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada Requirements, making them appropriate for food, food processing, pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications.

Sempermed USA, Inc.
Clearwater, FL

Aseptic filling machine

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Fast, accurate dispensing of pharmaceutical and biotechnology serums and fluids, easy product changeover, elimination of cross-contamination, and simplified aseptic filling and cleaning validation are possible in a seamless process with the new Disposable Filling Machine™ available from Flexicon America Inc. The machine combines ready-to-use, fully disposable DAFPA™ (disposable aseptic fluid path) assembly with Flexicon Peristaltic Technology. A gamma-irradiated assembly is mounted onto a stand and threaded through the peristaltic pump head and secured into a disposable filling needle. The closed, disposable DAFPA system dispenses the fully contained product in a gentle transfer through sterile tubing. The used product bag, tubing, and filling needle are simply discarded and new components are set into position on the machine.

Flexicon America Inc.
Burlington, VT

Grounding monitors for electronics assembly

A new family of monitors from 3M provides complete surveillance of grounding in electronics assembly, particularly for soldering irons and process tools. The 3M Down to Earth brand Monitor Series, which features devices smaller than a cell phone, instantly alerts workers of a problem as it occurs, allowing corrective action to restore grounding and prevent further damage to sensitive electronics. The series consists of the Iron Man™, which monitors circuit boards that can be damaged by improperly grounded soldering irons, tweezers, and other hand tools; the Iron Man™ Plus, which adds monitoring of the worker’s wrist strap and mat; the Ground Man, which monitors process tools in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor environments; and the Ground Man Plus, which adds monitoring of the operator’s wrist strap.

Austin, TX

Capped single-tip swab

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Qosina introduces a new swab with cap (Part # 17647). The 6-inch long, single-use cotton-tipped applicator is well suited to collecting contamination-free samples and specimens. The polypropylene vented cap slides down the wood shaft to allow easy sampling, then slides back to cover the swab head with a snap-on cap. Qosina has more than 5,000 SKUs in its inventory, including many varieties of swabs, brushes, vials, tubing, pipettes, clamps, caps, syringes, and adapters. Custom sourcing service is available through Qosina’s specialists using the company’s extensive resources.

Edgewood, NY

Disposable plastic module with positive seal

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Purafil, Inc. has released the 2nd Generation MediaPAK disposable plastic module. The module features the new taper fit closure (TFC), which offers a quick-connect positive mechanical seal providing a leak-free zone. In addition to the TFC, the module also features Posi-Track technology (patent-pending), an angled notch in the modules’ frame that fits onto a corresponding angled frame to create a positive seal. The TFC appears on each side of the 2nd Generation MediaPAK module. When two or more modules are adjacent within the application, the TFCs also unite to form a positive connection or seal. The TFC and the Posi-Track combine to increase efficiency and reduce air bypass and are available with Purafil’s MediaPAK PK-18 and PK-12 modules.

Purafil, Inc.
Doraville, GA

Combination steam and distillation system

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The combined pure steam and distillation unit Combitron from Christ simplifies the provision of ultra-pure media: Instead of using two units, pure steam and water for injection (WFI) can be generated in a single unit. This is made possible by the use of a first column with a larger diameter and of the natural circulation principle. The media can be produced simultaneously or separately in all columns and with an output of about 1,000 kg of pure steam and up to 4,000 L of WFI per hour. Combitron complies with the requirements laid down in cGMP and the various pharmacopoeia and is equipped with an individually programmable stored-program controller. Production data can optionally be documented in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Christ Water Technology Group
Aesch, Switzerland

Solvent cartridge filters

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Millipore Corporation has announced the availability of Fortis SL cartridge filters. With broad chemical and caustic compatibility of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), these filters are appropriate for use in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) containing methylene chloride, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, and other organic solvents. Fortis SL cartridge filters are available in 10-, 20-, and 30-inch sizes. They can be autoclaved or steamed in place up to 135°C. The robust design delivers high bacterial retention and particle removal for bulk processing needs. The cartridge filters are manufactured with a consistent, repeatable manufacturing process that is characterized by high capacity, low extractables, and resistance to thermal and hydraulic stress.

Billerica, MA

Germicidal UVC lamps

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American Ultraviolet Company offers a high output (800 mA), low mercury (≤8 mg) UVC lamp for improving the efficiency of indoor air-quality systems. The easily disposable “green” lamps, which are also available as standard output (425 mA) lamps, have been tested and validated to effectively perform for 17,000 hours when operated on high-frequency electronic ballasts from American Ultraviolet Company. Low-mercury UVC lamps are available for numerous germicidal products from American Ultraviolet Company, including the CC, CC-R, DC, TB, and Mobile Room Disinfection Series commercial units as well as the Sapphire™ and Eliminator RPT Series residential units. The germicidal lamps provide safe, direct exposure to 254 nm UVC radiation, which inactivates the DNA and RNA of micro-organisms, making them unable to reproduce.

American Ultraviolet Company
Lebanon, IN

Tabletop vial-filling system

Bosch Pharmaceutical USA, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, augments its vial-filling line with the FLT1020, a system designed for increased efficiency in clinical trials. The new filler is a downsized alternative to larger vial filling systems, specifically designed for the clinical/trials phase. The system offers a flexible vial processing range (diameter 16-52 mm, height 25-95 mm, neck finish 13-20 mm) and variable tray size options, with a maximum throughput of 30 VPM. The linear table-top design allows for a smaller footprint and mobility during the beginning clinical phase of drug development. It is also the only small-scale filling system that offers integrated capping and a linear “v-cleat” transport, eliminating the need for vial size parts and improving machine access while reducing overall width.

Bosch Pharmaceutical USA
Minneapolis, MN

Cartridge dust collectors featuring explosion vent

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Farr Air Pollution Control is now offering its popular Gold Series® dust collector with a new high-performance explosion vent for applications involving the capture of explosive dusts. The new “X-vent” is manufactured in accordance with NFPA standards and carries CE and ATEX certifications. The multi-ribbed vent delivers a very high negative static operating pressure rating of -80 inches WC for enhanced performance, and is designed to open up at +1 psi (30 inches WC). Rated for 350°F operating temperature, the X-vent is standard on all new Gold Series collectors that require explosion protection and is also suitable for retrofit use. Made of sanitary food-grade stainless steel, it has application in the food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, and thermal spray industries. Features include rugged 10-gauge construction for durable performance, reversible easy-to-open access doors, and a patented cambar system that allows fast, trouble-free filter change-out with no tools required.

Camfil Farr
Jonesboro, AR

Long-life silicon tubing

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AdvantaPure’s APSPG silicone tubing is designed for peristaltic pumps. APSPG is made to withstand repeated compression and release for consistent, dependable performance in pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotech, chemical, laboratory, and R&D applications. It offers smooth surfaces for uniform fluid flow, resistance to bacteria build-up, and consistent pump performance. Manufactured in a certified Class 1,000 (ISO 6) HEPA-filtered cleanroom, the tubing is made from low-volatile-grade, platinum-cured silicone that meets USP Class VI and FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 standards. The tubing handles temperatures as high as 400°F (204.4°C) and is sterilizable/autoclavable.

Southampton, PA

Vibration-canceling system

Technical Manufacturing Corporation’s Electro-Damp® PZT active inertial vibration cancelation system combines features of the company’s STACIS® active hard-mount and its Electro-Damp® active air-mount systems; piezoelectric actuators and a stiff suspension achieve efficient vibration isolation for microlithography, inspection, and metrology tools. Available in either 3 DOF or 6 DOF, the system installs easily with no feedforward required.

Technical Manufacturing Corporation
Peabody, MA


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