Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Environmental control sensor with added barometric pressure capability

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The T7511 Ethernet sensor from Comet Systems has barometric pressure measurement capability in addition to temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, mixing ratio, and specific enthalpy. The sensor has been installed in applications for pharmaceutical and food processing. The large, dual-line LCD simultaneously displays selected measurements. The state-of-the-art capacitive sensor features excellent calibration, long-term stability, and inertia against water and condensation. Communication modes include Modbus TCP, Telnet, World Wide Web pages, SNMP, and SOAP.

Comet Systems, s.r.o. Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic

Bioprocess control platform

Bioreactor system manufacturer and supplier Applikon Biotechnology B.V. has launched i-ControlXL for the bioprocessing market. Specifically designed for the bioprocess industry, the easy-to-use platform offers industrial power, reliability, and expandability using standard controllers (PLC) and distributed control systems (DCS). Benefits of the system include intuitive navigation; a color touch-screen; options for bioreactor controls, pumps, and sensors; the ability to use the same system to control autoclavable vessels, single-use bioreactors, or SIP/CIP systems; and the power to meet today’s needs but with sufficient expandability to meet future process control needs.

Applikon Biotechnology B.V. Schiedam, the Netherlands

High-shear fluid processors

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Microfluidics has introduced six standardized offerings of the M-700 series Microfluidizer® high-shear fluid processors. The M-7125 and M-7250 machines can now be purchased in any of six configurations designed to cost-effectively meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry. Configurations begin with the standardized Basic package, which includes a skid-mounted pharma-grade feed pump, a sanitary flush diaphragm pressure transducer with digital readout, and certified product contact surfaces, and range to an advanced Constant Pressure system, with facilities for aseptic processing, data acquisition and recording, closed-loop temperature controlled product heat exchangers, and real-time product flow measurement. In keeping with cGMP guidelines, all packages come with IQ/OQ documentation, a document turnover package, on-site startup and training, and CE compliance. Options such as pharma-grade heat exchangers, PLC control, temperature sensing with digital readouts, ultra-clean in place (UCIP), and motor starter panels are available.

Microfluidics Newton, MA

Fiber-reinforced coating

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Valspar Flooring, a division of Valspar Corporation, helps facilities and contractors achieve smooth, seamless environments with its new Descoglas® RF reinforced wall and ceiling coating system. Field proven for connecting unlike substrates without the use of joints or sealants, this high-build surfacing system wraps walls and ceilings into the floor, eliminating corners, cracks, and crevices that harbor dirt and bacteria. Suited for a variety of substrates, Descoglas RF features built-in fiber reinforcement for dimensional stability and long-term resistance to impact and abrasions, thermal shock resulting from high-pressure steam cleaning, and exposure to aggressive chemicals. The coating creates a static-resistant surface that inhibits particle buildup, making it suitable for pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing plants, cleanroom environments, food and beverage processing facilities, and health care operations.

Valspar Flooring Wheeling, IL

Mass spectrometer

The Hiden HPR-60 molecular beam mass spectrometer (MBMS) is specifically designed for investigative research of quantitative analysis of reactive and neutral gaseous species sampled directly from processes as diverse as plasma and combustion/flame chemistry, catalytic reactions, chemical vapor deposition, semiconductor gas abatement, and environmental chemistry. The compact, low-footprint system is supplied in both two- and three-stage differentially pumped versions for applications operating up to atmospheric pressure. The close-coupled multi-stage pumping and precision-aligned skimmer cones rapidly reduce pressure to the UHV regime, forming a well-defined molecular beam and minimizing intermolecular collisions of both reactive and condensable species for optimum analysis integrity.

Hiden Analytical Warrington, U.K.

Anaerobic system for clinical labs

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Advanced Instruments’ subsidiary, Spiral Biotech, now offers the Anoxomat™ Mark II anaerobic system for the cultivation of anaerobic, microaerophilic, and capnophilic bacteria in laboratories. The system’s automatic jar evacuation/replacement technology is an alternative to anaerobic chambers and gas bags currently used in clinical laboratories. Users have reported that the Anoxomat delivers significant savings in terms of consumables, time, effort, and money vs. anaerobic jars, anaerobic glove cabinets, or CO2 incubators. Each Anoxomat cycle involves an evacuation phase, followed by replacement using an oxygen-free gas mixture. One cycle achieves 70 to 80 percent removal of the original atmosphere and gives a microaerophilic environment in one minute. Three cycles achieve an anaerobic atmosphere in less than 3 minutes. A built-in quality assurance system checks for leaks before incubation. The system also checks whether the catalyst is capable of achieving the desired conditions and warns the user of a threat of gas failure.

Spiral Biotech Norwood, MA

Contamination risk assessment kit

HardyVal™ kits include all the products needed to easily assess the risk of microbial contamination of compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) according to USP <797> requirements for media-fill challenge testing. The kits are available in three versions: low-, medium-, and high-risk levels. Each ready-to-use kit contains what is needed to test the proficiency of one technician or pharmacist. Clear instructions and diagrams, as well as a result logsheet, are included in each set.

Hardy DiagnosticsSanta Maria, CA

Industrial terminal with touch-screen

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MGR Industries announces the new APC Technology™ ET41150 sealed industrial terminal with 10.4-inch touch-screen. Designed for use in harsh environments, the ET41150 is impervious to dust, airborne particulates, and liquids with a face sealed to IP65. The touch-screen can be used with and without a glove. The terminal was designed as a drop-in replacement for the 3M Dynapro™ ET3170. It provides operators with a user-friendly, highly accurate touch-screen for interface with host computers using ANSI-based control code protocols. The terminal comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

MGR Industries Fort Collins, CO

Chemically inert sapphire tubes and rods

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A line of optical quality sapphire tubes and rods for demanding optical, medical, laboratory instrumentation, and research applications has been introduced by Meller Optics, Inc. The tubes and rods feature Moh 9 hardness, are chemically inert, and optically clear, targeting them for critical applications where glass or other materials are not acceptable. Available with a clear or frosted finish, the tubes permit visual monitoring of fluid transfer and the rods are ideally suited for use as light guides, plungers, and spacers. Featuring an 80-50 scratch-dig I.D. finish and a 60-40 scratch-dig O.D., the sapphire tubes come in 1/8 to 2 inch diameter sizes up to 500 mm long, with walls as thin as 0.020 inch and can be provided with one end sealed. Rods are offered in sizes from 0.080 inch to 1 inch diameter up to 800 mm long.

Meller Optics, Inc. Providence, RI

Particle-free dry wipe board and accessories

Click here to enlarge image, a web-based cleanroom consumables supplier, has recently expanded its product line by securing exclusive distribution of a new range of chalkless boards from Pilot for the European health and cleanroom market. The innovative, antibacterially coated chalkless boards offer a contamination-free alternative to drywipe and flip charts. The CleanWriter panel is made up of micro-magnetic particles, which respond to a magnetic stylus and eraser, allowing the board to be used like a conventional white or black board. The use of magnetic stimuli negates the need for dry wipe markers, cleaning fluid, and tissues, eliminating the generation of particles altogether. A range of accessories are available to complement, maintain, and facilitate the use of the chalkless boards.

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Ta, Connect 2Cleanrooms Ltd.Cumbria, United Kingdom

Class 100 cleanroom cabinet oven

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No. 962 is a 500°F (257°C) electrically heated, Class 100 cleanroom cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for pass-through depyrogenation of glassware. Workspace dimensions measure 24x36x27 inches. The oven features 4-inch insulated walls; a Type 304, 2B finish stainless-steel exterior with 1/2-inch inside radiused corners; and welded, ground, and polished interior seams. The unit has single access doors, front and rear. It also includes a red pilot light to indicate when the oven’s opposite side door is open, solenoid-operated door locks, and 650 CFM intake pressurizing blower. The oven features a HEPA fresh air filter with 2-inch pre-filter; a stainless-steel, high temperature HEPA recirculating filter; a minihelic pressure gauge; and DOP validation port across each set of filters.

The Grieve Corporation Round Lake, IL

Stainless-steel tube insulation for clean environments

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UFP Technologies, Inc. has launched T-Tubes®, its stainless-steel tube insulation for clean processing environments. Molded to fit industry standard tubes and fittings, T-Tubes are thin, easy to install, chemically resistant up to pH12, require no jacketing, withstand temperatures of -55° to +311°F, and achieve better than industry performance for ASTM E84 with a flame spread index of 5 and a smoke developed index of 5. The insulating products are made from ZOTEK® F, a family of closed cell foams from Zotefoams, plc based on Kynar® PVDF. T-Tubes will not wick or absorb moisture, are entirely washable, and are crush resistant. They provide critical protection for personnel working around hot processing lines in the biotechnology, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, and food and beverage industries.

UFP Technologies, Inc. Georgetown, MA

Clinical water purification system

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The RiOS-DI from Millipore Corporation is a water purification system that provides consistent and reliable purified water for low-volume clinical analyzers requiring between 10 and 30 L/day. It provides users with a reliable alternative to buying, storing, and handling bottled water. RiOS-DI efficiently combines reverse osmosis (RO) technology with deionization (DI) resins to produce CLSI® Special Reagent Water (SRW). With high resistivity and low TOC (typically >10 MΩ·cm at 25°C and <50 ppb before storage), this product water is of higher quality than either water produced by stills or service DI water. A built-in, 254-nm UV lamp ensures low bacterial levels (typically <10 cfu/mL after UV).

Millipore Corporation Billerica, MA

Acrylic flowmeters for process systems

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KOBOLD’s KFR line of flowmeters provides low-cost, accuracy, and range availability, bridging the microflow and large flow ranges. The KFR has a one-piece acrylic body with PVC or metal fittings for durability. Large lettering and extra hash marks make the scale clearly visible. The low-flow meters offer an inherently stable float design, while the larger meters feature a float stabilization mechanism. In the larger flow ranges, the stabilization mechanism allows a smaller installation footprint and a correspondingly lower price. The low volume flowmeters (models KFR-1000 through KFR-4000) are available with integral needle valves.

KOBOLD Instruments Inc. Pittsburgh, PA

Pulsed UV light decontamination system

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Xenon Corporation offers a modular, non-toxic, in-line sanitization system that employs pulsed UV light to kill DNA and prevent microorganisms from replicating on virtually any surface or package. The SteriPulse-XL® Surface Sanitization System employs pulsed UV light to achieve up to 6 log kill, which kills DNA and prevents replication. Featuring modular construction with high peak energy lamps to destroy DNA, this non-contact system typically generates less than 100°F heat to prevent damage to plastic surfaces. Providing a low-temperature, non-toxic, non-chemical, and mercury-free way to fully sanitize surfaces, the system consists of one or two lamps, a power supply, and controller that can be easily integrated into process systems. Typical applications include sanitizing materials, filling and sealing processes, and packages.

Xenon Corporation Wilmington, MA

Vented balance enclosures

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Air Science USA has introduced a new line of balance enclosures designed for precision containment/operator protection when compounding and powder weighing. The units exceed OSHA, ANSI, and all relevant international standards for vented enclosures designed to handle potent compounds with toxicity levels of Class 1, 2, and 3. The enclosures incorporate the Air Science turbulence-free design that provides a smooth transition of airflow into the enclosure. In addition to balances, these enclosures are suitable for microscopes and robotic equipment. They are constructed of PVC and acrylic with epoxy resin work surfaces. Six models are available from 24×23 inches to 48×23 inches, with a choice of 19.5 or 30 inches in height.

Air Science USAFort Myers, FL

Stainless-steel connection system for sensors and control devices

Woodhead Industries, a division of Molex Incorporated, now offers a stainless-steel version of the BradConnectivity™ Ultra-Lock™ Connection System, which is designed and engineered to meet the stringent sanitary requirements, including high-pressure washdown, for manufacturers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The threadless, M12-compatible system comprises a series of integrated cordsets, distribution boxes, and receptacles built on a patented “push-to-lock” technology that enables fast, easy installation without turning the coupler. This positive locking feature, combined with a unique radial seal, assists in reducing downtime related to failed sensors and other control devices subjected to severe washdown. Ultra-Lock connectors stay fully mated, even under the stresses of machine vibration and cable pulls, reducing the risk of intermittent connections.

Woodhead Industries Lisle, IL

Modular aluminum framing for contamination-sensitive environments

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Bosch Rexroth offers modular aluminum framing components specifically designed for cleanroom applications and other contaminant-sensitive environments. As an alternative to welded steel components, the system uses easy-to-assemble, bolt-together construction for maximum configurability using only simple hand tools. Independently cleanroom-tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation in Germany, this series includes smooth-surfaced aluminum extrusions and aluminum cover strips that eliminate particle traps and minimize outgassing in cleanroom structures. A range of accessories designed to ensure maximum airflow with minimum turbulence lets users build tables, carts, enclosures, and more for reasonable start-up and operating costs. The modularity of the Rexroth aluminum structural framing system lets manufacturers reconfigure cleanroom structures as needed.

Bosch Rexroth Buchanan, MI

Deep-drawn sinks with corrosion-free construction

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The new Euro-style sinks from Eagle MHC combine advances in highly functional design with corrosion-free construction to optimize sanitation and efficiency in the industrial workplace or lab settings. Euro-style edging on these sinks makes it easier to keep the surrounding work and floor areas clean, while a new bowl design provides more space and maneuverability for washing compared to competitor’s sink models. Offered with a choice from one to four bowl compartments, the sinks feature heavy gauge stainless-steel construction, including the bowls, drainboards, and backsplash components. Custom sink configurations are available to meet special layout requirements, including drop-in bowl configurations. Sound deadening is also available. All models are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Eagle MHC Clayton, DE

Airflow modeling software

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ANSYS, Inc. has released version 3.0 of its ANSYS® Airpak® airflow modeling software, which introduces key enhancements that increase productivity, improve the meshing technology, and enhance the realism of displayed results. The tool introduces a new and intuitive user environment, which features a model manager, advanced object wizards, alignment tools, and four-window simultaneous views. Version 3.0 also offers a mixed meshing capability in which the user can utilize mixed tetrahedral and hexahedral meshes. The new automatic hex-dominant mesher can be used to mesh geometries quickly and efficiently. It uses advanced meshing algorithms to allow the most appropriate cell type to be used to generate body-fitted meshes for the most general geometries.

ANSYS, Inc. Southpointe, PA

Peel-packaged sterile gloves

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Sempermed offers SemperCare® CR Sterile exam gloves. The non-latex examination gloves provide a quality solution for professionals who are at risk of becoming sensitive to natural rubber latex. Manufactured using an advanced synthetic formula, SemperCare® CR Sterile imparts physical characteristics more closely approximating those of natural rubber latex. The gloves have a textured surface that offers a secure grip, wet or dry. The beaded cuff increases its strength and protection. Single ambidextrous gloves are packaged within sterile peel pouches.

Sempermed Clearwater, FL

Hydrogen peroxide gas disinfection technology

Global Ecotek’s CIMR™ infection and mold control technology creates 0.02 ppm of hydrogen peroxide (HP) gas from the oxygen and humidity already in the air. The HP gas is then supplied to the protected area where it diffuses everywhere air goes, disinfecting microbes in places unreachable with other technologies. The HP molecules have both localized positive and negative charges; they are drawn to viruses and bacteria by electrostatic attraction. The gas is odorless and safe to use in occupied areas. According to OSHA, 1 ppm of HP gas is safe throughout the workday. Ozone-free CIMR™ Infection Control Technology only uses one-fiftieth of that amount. A duct-mounted unit designed to protect up to 40,000 cubic feet draws less than half an amp of electricity and requires maintenance only once every 33 months.

Global Ecotek Glen Mills, PA

VOC analyzer

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ETG Risorse e Tecnologia’s uVOC-CAM is a gas chromatography (GC)-based system that continuously detects volatile organic compounds (VOC) at up to 16 sampling points with a detection limit of 0.1 ppb. The system has been successfully used in semiconductor cleanrooms to detect VOC contamination. The GC technology is most suitable for identification of complex molecules, providing a direct reading of the detected compound as well as its concentration. Examples include 2-Butanone, acetone, ethanol, isopropanol, N-hexane, ethyl benzene, and many others. The system features an H2 generator, on-board calibrator, and a PC and software based on an HMI interface.

ETG Risorse e Tecnologia Montiglio, Italy

HEPA mobile storage carts

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Vectech Pharmaceutical Consultants, Inc. has announced its stainless-steel HEPA mobile storage carts, with patented horizontal laminar flow design, that meet Class 100 (ISO 5) conditions. The HEPA carts are equipped with large modular storage compartments divided into multiple shelf areas that are easy to load, use, and clean. The carts come in standard sizes to allow safe movement of products through 3×7-ft door openings without expensive facility modifications. Vectech can also custom-design a HEPA cart to meet size, application, or specific product requirements. Units can be operated continuously by standard 120‑V power by using an integrated cord and reel system or stand-alone for up to 4 hours of operation by onboard batteries. The carts are factory tested to high performance standards, require low maintenance, and allow easy access to all serviceable components. Carts include magnahelic monitoring across the filter and integrated ports for challenging the integrity of the filter.

Vectech Pharmaceutical Consultants, Inc. Farmington Hills, MI


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