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Half the battle in maintaining necessary cleanliness levels is reducing the amount of microorganisms and particulates that are tracked into the critical environment in the first place. The following is a selection of flooring mats that provide protection against foot- and wheel-borne contamination.

Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Antimicrobial-coated adhesive contamination control mat

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The new IdealMat™ from ITW ALMA is an adhesive-coated contamination control mat that captures particulates from foot traffic and equipment wheels, providing the most effective dirt and dust removal method available. The new mat offers a consistent adhesive coating on each layer, is available in 30 and 60 layers, and has an antimicrobial agent in the coating to reduce the potential for spreading germs and bacteria in the controlled area. ITW ALMA’s technical expertise and exact formulations ensure a consistent adhesive coating on each layer of the mat.

Kennesaw, GA

Mats custom manufactured to order

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Connecticut Clean Room Corporation (CCRC) provides cleanroom PolyTack Entrance and Message Mats. CCRC developed the first seamless one-piece PolyTack Entrance mat in 1979. Made-to-order mats allow CCRC the flexibility to produce a variety of sizes and messages depending on customer needs. The company also has an assortment of mat frames for those applications where mats cannot be adhered to the floor. Industries using these mats include pharmaceutical, high-tech, industrial, and others. Ask about BEE SMART information for customizing mats and many other products. To receive a catalog or for information on BEE SMART, call (860) 589-0049.

Connecticut Clean Room Corporation Bristol, CT

Polyester compound offers high coefficient of friction

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The Dycem Protectamat has been independently tested, showing greater ability to remove and hold particulate and bacterial contamination from foot and cart traffic prior to entering the critical environment. Made from a polyester compound with an exceptional coefficient of friction, Protectamat removes even the finest of contaminating particles from shoes and wheels. Its optically smooth, natural high-tack surface conforms to the shape of the shoe sole or wheel. The mat has no adhesive carryover, will not damage or pull off shoe covers, and requires no frame. It is easy to maintain within the established cleaning SOPs using the customer’s facility approved disinfectants and detergents. Protectamats are available in a standard 4-ft width and various lengths up to 13 ft. For samples and more information on Dycem’s contamination control mat and flooring products, e-mail [email protected] or call (800) 458-0060.

Dycem Warwick, RI

Adhesive mats feature antimicrobial protection

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High-Tech Conversions Inc., a manufacturer of wiping products and a supplier of consumable items used in cleanrooms, assembly lines, laboratories, and manufacturing, announces Tackified Entrance Mats that are made with an incinerable polyethylene film to remove both wheel-borne and foot-borne particulates before entering the cleanroom area. The mats feature seamless, one-piece construction that allows for full surface coverage and easy mobility for carts and wheeled machinery. Numbered tabs provide easy identification and sheet separation; the mats also contain an antimicrobial agent to provide long-lasting protection against bacterial growth. The mats come standard with full adhesive backing; 1 1/2-inch adhesive strips can be substituted upon request. Four mats come in each case (clear, white, blue, and gray), with 30 sheets per mat. Mats are available in sizes ranging from 18×36 inches to 36×60 inches.

High-Tech Conversions Inc. East Windsor, CT

Reusable, washable flooring and disposable mats available

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Innotech Products offers two types of quality contamination control flooring systems: reusable, washable flooring systems by Dycem and disposable flooring such as sticky peel-off mats. Both systems effectively capture dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels before they enter the controlled environment. Reusable, washable sticky flooring systems will collect and retain more than 99 percent of particles, ranging from larger than 100 μm to smaller than 0.2 μm. Sticky peel-off mats will remove up to 95 percent of particles at the 0.3-μm range. Innotech also offers a line of ESD, anti-fatigue, and standard mats available for use with or without perforated flooring.

Innotech Products Minneapolis, MN

Framed and frameless adhesive mat offerings

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Liberty Industries introduces the Model #1021 All-In-One Tacky Mat®, a portable entrance mat, 24×30 inches, designed to remove small dirt particles and dust from feet. Frames are manufactured in either white or black high-impact polystyrene. Each individual sheet contains a microbial agent providing protection against growth of organisms such as mold, mildew, and bacteria. When the top sheet is soiled, simply peel away. Refills are easy to install and consist of a 60-sheet layer. Model #800030 series of Tacky Mat® offer maximum protection for foot-borne contamination. Each sheet has a strong adhesive coating that removes dirt on contact and protects sanitary conditions in cleanroom areas. Each mat consists of 30 disposable sheets. The mats install in seconds and can last weeks depending on the amount of traffic. No frame is required; the mat adheres to the floor.

Liberty Industries East Berlin, CT

Adhesive-coated contamination control mat

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The PIP Technical Cleanteam® adhesive-coated contamination control mat is specifically designed to reduce foot-borne dust and particulates from entering the cleanroom. The mat is recommended for all controlled environments and offers multi-layer protection in 30 and 60 layers, four- and eight-pack configurations, and three colors (white, blue, and gray). For additional information, visit the company’s web site, call (800) 262-5755, or e-mail [email protected]

PIP Technical Uniontown, OH

Low-density polyethylene layered mats

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Purus Mat is an advanced cleanroom mat with multi-layered adhesive that removes dirt and dust from foot traffic and wheels prior to their entry into a critical manufacturing environment in the electronics, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. Purus mats are produced in an ISO 9000 factory; the completely integrated manufacturing process with extrusion, coating, laminating, and converting ensures consistent and superior quality. Quality control data and reports are available for each shipment or case of product. The mats are available in 30 or 60 layer versions. Each layer of the mat is fully coated with a particle-grabbing adhesive and constructed of 1.8 mil (50 μm) low-density polyethylene film. A low-profile numbered tab indicates the number of remaining layers and ensures removal of one layer at a time.

Purus International Inc. Indio, CA

Sticky mats provide high performance in clean zones

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Value-Tek offers mats that feature high-performance attributes such as tack level, adhesive softness, and adhesive thickness to trap and contain particles successfully. The tack level determines the amount of force required to remove particles from a surface and works in conjunction with the adhesive softness to embed particles into the mat. This will ensure that they are not later released onto another surface, while the adhesive thickness ensures that the adhesive has adequate depth to embed the particle. Value-Tek mats offer the most economical and effective particle reducing system by significantly reducing traffic-borne contaminants, and removing up to 95 percent of particles 0.3 μm and larger. The company offers a variety of sizes ranging from 18×36 inches to 36×72 inches in 30- and 60-layer configurations in white, blue, and grey. Mat frames are sold separately.

Value-Tek Phoenix, AZ


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