Park’s new XE-NSOM/Raman AFM combines topographic and chemical info

The XE-NSOM/Raman AFM. (Photo: Park Systems)

November 30, 2007 — Park Systems Corp. demonstrated its new XE-NSOM/Raman-Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) during this week’s MRS Fall Meeting (Boston, November 26 – 30). The XE-NSOM is designed to provide a complete AFM system setup with unsurpassed versatility for advanced near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) and Raman spectrometry experiments. Unlike conventional NSOM systems that provide shear-force feedback by means of tuning forks, the XE-NSOM uses cantilever-based, closed loop feedback, available with a high-performing Z-servo scan.

It is, the company says, the only commercially available tool with these capabilities. Its upgradeable, modular design supports AFM, NSOM, Raman, and confocal imaging; and it offers various reflection/transmission modes.

The combination of Raman with an AFM microscope promises new understanding about sample composition and structure. For instance, the XE-NSOM can provide topographic sample information on the molecular level and enable increased atomic resolution. When this is combined with the chemical information obtained from Raman images, a more comprehensive sample characterization emerges. NSOM applications include near-field fluorescence and near-field Raman; confocal applications include microfluorescence and micro-Raman.

Additional features of the XE-NSOM/Raman-AFM include:
– Cantilever-based aperture/apertureless NSOM
– Seamless integration of NSOM and XE-AFM
– Optical head with large solid angle side-access
– Versatility supporting various reflection/transmission modes
– Allows convenient alignment of entire AFM with respect to NSOM laser

Technology for the XE-NSOM’s Raman capabilities is provided by HORIBA Jobin Yvon, respected manufacturer of analytical and spectroscopic systems and components.


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