Fan Filter Units

Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Air quality is a dominant factor in any clean environment. Fan filter units (FFUs) are often used in “clean zones” because of their ability to be added to existing areas without major refitting. Advances in the control and monitoring capabilities and increased energy efficiencies help achieve the highest levels of contamination control.

Motorized ceiling filter modules

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Clean Air Products introduces Series 109BL motorized ceiling filter modules. The low-profile units are designed for use in tee-bar ceiling grid systems and allow ease of installation when overhead space is limited. Available in three sizes (2×4 ft, 2×3 ft, and 2×2 ft), with a variety of filters and other options, the Series 109BL has an integral backward curved blower/motor assembly for maximum energy efficiency. The aluminum filter frame, pre-filter, self-powered blower, and HEPA filter module offer simplicity, reliability, and quality. The units are well suited for cleanrooms of Class 10,000 to Class 10. Additional features include an all-metal filter housing and 90 fpm average face velocity. These units are tested to provide 99.99 percent DOP at 0.3 µm.

Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

Energy-efficient fan filter units

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SAM FFUs made by Clean Rooms International meet the most exacting cleanroom specifications. Powered by energy-efficient EBM motors and compatible with the company’s exclusive Airlink Control System, SAM units are routinely used for cleanrooms, clean benches, and workstations worldwide. SAM units are offered in a wide array of models for meeting specific needs, such as standard units with HEPA or ULPA filters replaceable from roomside, ultra-low power consumption, reverse flow units, or models for hazardous locations. Most units carry the UL Mark with all electrical components UL Listed or UL Recognized. For more information, call one of the company’s cleanroom experts in your area or consult with the factory sales department at 616-452-8700.

Clean Rooms International
Grand Rapids, MI

Modular, horizontal fan systems

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The HEPAir® horizontal series by Cleanroom Systems can be mounted directly or remotely to most manufacturers’ fan filters for process level control of temperature and humidity. Available in half-ton to 2-ton capacities, HEPAir is modular and can be quickly installed, relocated, or added onto. Its multi-panel design allows for variable duct connections, making it suitable for plenum, once-through, and recirculating installations used in softwall cleanrooms, upgrades, problematic areas, additions, spot cooling, and process isolator applications. The system’s lightweight, all-aluminum outer body features a self-contained design that is factory tested prior to shipment under process load conditions and is ETL and CSA approved. Mechanical components are accessible from the front or through removable access panels for ease of start-up and maintenance. Options include air- or water-cooled condensers; integral stainless-steel humidification; electric reheat; high static pressure plug fans; integral HEPA filtration, chemical filtration, and UV lighting; PID control; and duct collars.

Cleanroom Systems, a division of Air Innovations
Syracuse, NY

FFUs for stand-alone or ceiling grid installation

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Connecticut Clean Room Corp. (CCRC) offers FFUs that are designed for stand-alone or cleanroom ceiling grid systems. Available in standard sizes or built to specification with room-side accessible variable speed control, motor running light, plugged power cord, and room-side replacement HEPA or ULPA filters. With nearly 30 years of experience in cleanroom products, CCRC can assist in selecting the right FFU for the customer’s application. CCRC’s new catalog features an assortment of special products that meet all critical manufacturing, industrial, and sanitary standards. To receive a catalog or for information on BEE SMART, call 860-589-0049 and ask the Customer Care Team for more details.

Connecticut Clean Room Corp.
Bristol, CT

System controls for networked FFUs

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Envirco’s Small System Controls offer a cost-effective and simplified method for monitoring and controlling a network of cleanroom FFUs, especially for applications that require frequent adjustment of airflow rates. These control systems provide intelligent speed control and a versatile design; they also enable control of an array of Mac 10-installed Envirco Phase Controllers, providing a “Smart Mac10” system solution. Features include a seven-segment LED control console display; global standby feature for energy savings; pre-programmed user access levels and passcode to prevent tampering or accidental system changes; soft-start power-up; FFU error reporting; and alarm signals/emergency shutdown capability. To place an order for The Mac10 “Smart” Original (standard 2×4 ft format), call 800-545-6589.

Envirco Corp.
Albuquerque, NM

Motorized and terminal ceiling filter units

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Innotech Products is a complete source for motorized and terminal ceiling filters. The company’s 112-424 HEPA filtered recirculation system will create a positive-pressure cleanroom in new or existing spaces. The self-contained filter draws air in through a top-mounted pre-filter, then blows the air out the other side through a HEPA filter (ULPA filters available) into a controlled space. This model can be installed into a 2×4 ft ceiling grid system, mounted on support frames, or suspended from support structures. Innotech’s recirculating 112-424AR HEPA filter system with an air return grill offers an easy and low-cost solution for retrofitting existing rooms into cleanroom spaces. The “closed-loop” airflow system eliminates the concern of drawing in air from a drop-ceiling, which can be too warm or too cold for comfort. A “T” fitting can be installed onto the blower inlet. One leg connects to the pre-filter return; the other connects to the HVAC system. As the thermostat calls for heating or cooling, the air flows through the HEPA filter and into the cleanroom. The unit is UL Listed, USP <797> compliant, and draws only 3.5 A at 115 V. To speak to a cleanroom specialist regarding these and other cleanroom needs, call 888-270-0458 or e-mail [email protected]

Innotech Products
Minneapolis, MN


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