New Products

High-purity foams for insulation and construction applications

Kynar® PVDF-based closed cell foam is the first polymeric foam to meet the requirements for Factory Mutual (FM) 4910 test protocols for cleanroom materials flammability. The flame propagation and smoke generation values obtained for the foams were well below the requirements imposed by the FM protocols. The high-purity foams are easily cut without creating dusts or particles and have very low thermal conductivity and a wide operating temperature range. The foams also resist mold and fungi, as well as most solvents, chemicals, and typical sterilization methods. In addition to cleanroom pipe and duct insulation, Kynar® foams can also be used to construct lightweight, sound dampening structures and partitions, seals and gaskets, and chemical wet benches. They are suitable for use in pharmaceutical, biological, nuclear, semiconductor, or chemical industries, and can be used in processing food, dairy and cosmetics.

Arkema, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

Dusting system and microfiber wipers

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Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a new line of KIMTECH SCIENCE* brand products for laboratory maintenance: the KIMTECH SCIENCE* dusting system, lens-cleaning microfiber wipers, and large microfiber wipers. The products are designed to pick up more dust in more places, meeting the cleaning needs of laboratories and other controlled environments. The dusting system features a duster head, with 380,000 soft, flexible, dust-trapping polyester fibers that change shape for dust pick-up in crevices and contours where dust cloths can’t reach. The environmentally friendly system dusts without the need for chemicals and leaves no residues. Large, disposable microfiber wipers have excellent wet and dry strength and excellent water and oil absorbency (absorbing 4.5 times their weight). The lens-cleaning microfiber wipers are designed for high-end optical lens cleaning. Both types of wipers are extremely low-linting and clean without streaking, smearing, or scratching delicate surfaces.

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Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA

Nitrile, powder-free exam glove

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Sempermed, a leading manufacturer of hand protection, now offers the SemperCare Tender TouchTM nitrile powder-free exam glove, as an alternative to natural rubber latex. The product delivers fit, feel, tactile sensitivity, strength, and value in a latex-free glove. The company designed the glove to improve comfort to help customers reinforce hand hygiene, compliance, and safety at their facilities. SemperCare Tender TouchTM is 4.0 mils in the textured fingertips. A standard-sized box holds 200 gloves.

Clearwater, FL

Custom-colored hose allows quick identification of process lines

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AdvantaPure’s APSM reinforced silicone hose is now offered in custom colors for easy line recognition. APSM is used for applications involving elevated pressure levels in pharmaceutical, bioprocess, biomedical, food, beverage, chemical, cosmetic, and pure fluid transfer. The hose is constructed of a core of low volatile, platinum-cured silicone for purity. APSM is durable and heavy-duty yet flexible for pressure-rated discharge applications. It may be sterilized by autoclave, CIP, SIP, and gamma radiation processes. The material has undergone extensive testing and meets USP Class VI, FDA, ISO, European Pharmacopoeia, and 3-A standards. In addition to custom colors, AdvantaPure offers a wire-reinforced version of the same hose, called APSW.

Southampton, PA

Wet-vacuum sample collection system

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Microbial-Vac Systems®, Inc., an innovator in pathogen surface sampling, has released a new tool for pathogen collection. The Microbial-Vac (M-VacTM) wet-vacuum collection system utilizes LAMDACTM principles (Liquid and Air-assisted Microbial Detachment and Capture) to collect laboratory or field samples–typically from 1 to 2 sq. ft. of surface area per sample in 100


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