New Products

Compiled by Jason Andrukaitis

Dust emissions monitor

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The new Series PMT particulate transmitter is a reliable dust collector emissions monitor and leak detector. The standard particulate transmitter is designed for general maintenance planning and process protection applications, while upgrades can be made to enable low level monitoring and early warning leak detection. Adjustable linear or logarithmic output scaling enables trending of both the baseline emissions and the high peak emissions that are caused by filter cleaning cycles and developing leaks. The device also features a field-proven combination of induction and protected-probe technologies. The protective layers on the probe work in combination with induction-sensing to ensure reliable operation with all types of particulates, including moist powders and highly conductive dusts.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Michigan City, IN

Single-use process systems

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AdvantaPure now provides single-use process systems to the pharmaceutical industry and other markets that can benefit from single-use technology. Consisting of silicone tubing, molded silicone components, and other processing-related parts, the systems offer cost reductions and increases in productivity. The company has long been manufacturing platinum-cured silicone tubing, hose, and molded silicone components such as Tri-Clamp® style fittings, container seals, and bottle stoppers. The advantages of single-use process systems over traditional stainless steel systems include reduced cross-contamination, decreased downtimes for cleaning, simplified cleaning validation procedures, flexibility for process system changes, and reduced material and labor costs. AdvantaPure also offers GammaTags that may be attached directly to process systems and components for reliable, electronic identification from manufacture through disposal.

Southampton, PA

Liquid handling verification system

ARTEL presents its MVS® multichannel verification system with new features, including an advanced automation function for streamlined performance verification of automated liquid handlers. A rapid, easy-to-use system that provides NIST-traceable results, the MVS is now able to automatically measure target volumes in groups of microtiter plates to minimize manual intervention during liquid handler volume verification. The system’s improved user interface allows for more frequent volume checks and easy integration with existing liquid handling platforms.

Westbrook, ME

Self-wringing mop

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Connecticut Clean Room Corp. is now offering the new self-wringing Roll-O-Matic® mop with ergonomic extendable aluminum and stainless-steel handle. It is suitable for applying disinfectant to floors, walls, and ceilings in controlled environments or for general use. Handles and refills are available in cold rolled steel and stainless steel. CCRC offers special products that meet all critical manufacturing, industrial, and sanitary standards.

Connecticut Clean Room Corp.
Bristol, CT

Ceramics for medical applications

CoorsTek, one of the world’s largest technical ceramics manufacturers, announces its new CeraPure™ line of ceramic materials developed specifically for medical and surgical applications. Including alumina, zirconia, and zirconia toughened alumina, all CeraPure materials are USP Class VI compatible. These ceramic materials also offer better dielectric strength, thermal stability, strength, hardness, and insulating capabilities compared to traditional non-ceramic medical component materials. Applications include electro-surgical, laser systems, and fluid handling.

CoorsTek, Inc.
Golden, CO

Exhaust management system upgrade

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Edward announces the availability of “idle mode” for its ATLAS™ and TPU families of combustion exhaust management systems. Idle mode allows the abatement system to go into a standby mode with reduced fuel and water consumption when exhaust is not flowing from attached process equipment. The new capability is part of a continuous improvement program initiated by Edwards to reduce the operating costs and environmental impact of its vacuum and abatement systems. In idle mode, the system only consumes fuel to maintain the pilot flame and water to refresh the recirculation system once per hour. On an ATLAS, these levels represent a reduction of 89 percent for fuel and nearly 100 percent for water. Idle mode can also be provided as an upgrade to existing TPU systems where an even higher percentage of fuel reduction can be achieved. The system monitors signals from process equipment to determine active and idle status. It enters idle mode automatically and can return to full operational status within 10 seconds.

Edwards Ltd.
Wilmington, MA

R&D, process development system

Finesse Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications, has announced the general release of its TruViu™ RDPD system for biotech R&D and process development applications. The system consists of an I/O tower and a pump tower, with an optional junction box and TruFlow™ gas manifold, all the components required to control a typical R&D or PD bioreactor. The product is designed to be flexible and modular with plug-and-play configuration in order to maximize ease-of-use, simplify installation, and provide scheduled maintenance. The modular design allows its components to be installed on, under, or above the laboratory bench, thereby permitting a significant footprint reduction and greater lab space efficiency.

Finesse Solutions, LLC
Santa Clara, CA

Aseptic pumping system

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The single-use aseptic, peristaltic pumping system from Flexicon America utilizes a closed fluid pathway in which the containment tubing becomes the pump. The closed tubing system and gentle peristaltic motion permits contained cytotoxic liquids to be installed and dispensed within a convenient, easy-to-use, easy-to-change, fully contained fluid product pathway. Unlike traditional piston-pump filling operations, in which manual loading and unloading of materials requires CIP and SIP processes that exposed workers to cytotoxics, the single-use closed peristaltic system eliminates measuring and filling of cytotoxic liquids by workers on the filling line and requires only a simple change of tubing with no CIP wash-down required prior to loading or changeover within the isolator. By pairing the single-use peristaltic system with an isolator, a biopharmaceutical manufacturer or contract filler is able to eliminate physical plant expansion costs, land acquisition, and time delays associated with construction of a dedicated cleanroom.

Flexicon America, Inc.
Burlington, VT

Air samplers

SAS-ISO from International pbi is the new generation of SAS samplers for the microbiological testing of air. The principle is the impact of microorganisms onto the agar surface of a contact plate or standard Petri dish. The air sampler uses a single certified aspirating head made in stainless steel or aluminum or Dispo-Head certified sterile, disposable plastic head. The disposable head complies with official guidelines requesting a traceable document of certification for sterility. The Dispo-Head may be used for each sampling or for each group of sampling cycles in the same environment. The SAS-ISO offers traceability functions such as date, operator name, sampling location, volume of aspirated air, and more to be transferred to a printer or PC. Several SAS-ISO air samplers of different locations can be connected all together to a PC for centralized control over environmental monitoring.

International Pbi S.p.a.
Milan, Italy

Multispectral imaging workstation

Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc. (CRi) announces the launch of Nuance 2, an affordable, breakthrough system that converts any brightfield or fluorescent microscope into a multispectral imaging workstation. For multispectral imaging analysis of larger specimens, such as embryos, zebrafish, plants, tissue cultures, and microtiter plates, the Nuance 2 can be mounted onto a fluorescent macroscope. The Nuance 2 features new analytical software providing the user with enhanced spectral unmixing tools and more efficient CCD cooling for better low-light imaging. Spectral library building is now easier, automatically identifying spectral signatures and properly identifying true spectral signatures when combined or overlapping. Nuance sensitivity has also been improved, allowing discrimination of co-localized markers.

Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc.
Woburn, MA

Continuous mode emulsifier

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The KD Scientific Model KDS 330 is designed to operate unattended to emulsify eleutherosides and other components of the adjunct composition. The product can create viscous fluids/suspensions by forcing fluids back and forth through a micro-emulsifying needle. The pump eliminates the fatigue and time required to manually prepare emulsions. The KDS 330 also prepares adjuvant/antigen mixtures to the correct viscosity for injection. Through the menu-driven program, the user enters the syringe diameter, flow rate, and dispense volume. The pump automatically performs the calibration and control functions. When in emulsion mode, the pump cycles from infusion to withdrawal continuously. The unit automatically infuses and withdraws the preset volume. The pump is based on the Model KDS 210 in continuous mode for cycling back and forth and is specifically designed for a 10cc glass syringe and emulsion needle. Two syringes and one emulsifying needle are supplied with the pump.

KD Scientific, Inc.
Holliston, MA

Disposable mixing system

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The Mobius™ MIX100 disposable mixing system is now available featuring a configurable 100-liter container. Its integrated impeller enables risk-free cell culture, media, and buffer preparation; magnetic motor technology eliminates warm-up time. The mixer can be easily and economically configured with a wide array of containers, filters, connectors, and tubing for a completely validated disposable system. The MIX100 system offers all the advantages of Millipore’s scalable, ready-to-use systems and processing technologies: including decreased risk of contamination; reduced downtime for cleaning; validation, quality, and regulatory compliance support; and enhanced flexibility. Millipore will also launch additional mixers in various sizes over the next several months.

Millipore Corp.
Billerica, MA

Vacuum inlet trap

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A low-cost, vacuum inlet trap that is designed to prevent pump failures in smaller laboratories and features a new, optional wall mount bracket is being introduced by MV Products. The Visi®Trap vacuum inlet trap has a clear sump for visually monitoring filter condition and accepts a variety of replaceable filter elements for trapping foreign materials that could damage the pump. Suitable for pumps up to 20 CFM, this see-through inlet trap can adapt to different processes and is now offered with an optional wall-mount bracket for easy installation. Available with all popular port terminations, the trap can be supplied with copper gauze, stainless-steel gauze, molecular sieve, Sodasorb®, activated charcoal, activated alumina, and PolyPro 2-, 5-, and 20-µm filter types to protect pumps from particles, acids, solvents, or water vapor. Other options include a dial gauge assembly and vent valve.

MV Products, Division of Mass-Vac, Inc.
North Billerica, MA

Ultra-clear PET bottles

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A new “Special Round” 16-oz. ultra-clear PET bottle intended for packaging of personal care, household, automotive, and industrial products has been introduced by Novapak Corp. The bottle (Mold 1076) has an M28SP410 neck finish, measures 6.978 inches in height, 2.750 inches in diameter, and has a 3.710-inch high recess for adhesive labeling. It is injection-stretch blow molded from a 36.5-gm universal preform in a two-stage process that increases blow ratios, PET molecule orientation, and strength of the blown container.

Novapak Corp.
Eatontown, NJ

ESD-safe swabs

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Puritan Medical Products, LLC, a leading manufacturer of specialty-tip applicators, announces the introduction and general availability of the company’s new electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe swabs. The new products, an extension of the PurSwab line, feature ESD-safe polypropylene handles and include dissipative foam and ultra-clean microfiber-tipped applicators in both 3- and 6-inch lengths. With primary applications in microelectronics and critical environments, ESD Safe Swabs protect electronic circuitry and devices from the negative effects of electrostatic discharge. Puritan Medical Products will expand the ESD Safe Swabs product line in 2008 by manufacturing ESD Safe Swab versions of its most popular critical environment swabs.

Puritan Medical Products, LLC
Guilford, ME

Electrical safety testing application

QuadTech, a leading provider of electrical safety test and passive component measurement solutions, reveals CaptivATE 3.2, the latest version of its electrical safety testing automation software. A key feature in the updated software is the ability to output test data to a .csv file for easy import from CaptivATE into any enterprise system, such as a manufacturing execution system (MES). The following QuadTech products are supported by CaptivATE 3.2: All Sentinel systems; Guardian 6100 and 6100 Plus electrical safety analyzers; Guardian 6000 Plus electrical safety analyzer; Guardian 6000 electrical safety tester; Guardian 1000 multi-purpose AC/DC/IR/SC series hipot testers (CE Mark); and the Hybrid 2000 AC/DC/IR/DCR analyzer.

QuadTech, Inc.
Maynard, MA

Antimicrobial-treated lockers

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Lyon antimicrobial lockers are finished in an advanced powder coating technology from DuPont and Agion® Antimicrobial that inhibits bacterial, mold, and odor build-up on locker surfaces as well as the touch transfer of microbes on locker handles and doors. Moisture triggers the controlled release of powerful silver ions to provide superior antimicrobial protection for decades. These silver ions are noxious even to the drug-resistant MRSA bacteria. The antimicrobial compound is completely inorganic, less toxic than ordinary table salt, less irritating than talcum powder, and has been approved for medical devices and food contact applications. The cost for this protection is nominal, since it is reported to last for the estimated 20-year lifecycle of the locker.

Lyon Workspace Products, LLC
Aurora, IL

Recirculating chiller for clean process and research applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has expanded its line of recirculating chillers with the addition of the NESLAB ThermoFlex 2500 unit. With continuous cooling capacities of 25,000 W, this recirculating chiller can be used for diverse applications in a variety of environments, including semiconductor, packaging, analytical instrumentation, laser, laboratory, medical, and research. A variety of configurable options is available to tailor the chiller to specific applications. Each chiller incorporates a recirculation system with integrated funnel, full flow filtration, and visual fluid level indication for easy maintenance. Most chillers must be taken off-line for up to an hour during scheduled maintenance, but the air and fluid filters on ThermoFlex units can be changed while the equipment is running, eliminating downtime. The shipping container incorporates an integrated ramp that allows a single person to unpack and install a unit in minutes. Efficiencies achieved with the new platform design provide up to 20 percent more cooling than units of similar size and power. The chillers can maintain temperatures from 5


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