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Dry Film Photoresist

WBR 2000 Series dry film photoresist material from DuPont Advanced Packaging Lithography, was developed for advanced semiconductor packaging applications, including electroplated solder, photostencil and copper pillar bumping. Unlike liquid resists, these dry film photoresists do not require drying of solvents and can be applied in a single uniform layer across the entire wafer with no edge bead. These properties enable higher productivity and yields, particularly for manufacturers requiring thicker layers, which are reportedly difficult to produce with liquid resists. The WBR 2000 Series is said to deliver improved resolution, speed, and consistent resist thickness across the wafer, as well as simpler processing and a reduced environmental footprint.  Due to its high heat resistance, chemical compatibility, and easy removal, WBR 2000 is suited for multi-purpose use, including in-via and mushroom plating, photo-stenciling and copper pillar metallization. Films are available in 50, 75, 100 and 120-μm thicknesses. DuPont Electronic Technologies, Research Triangle Park, NC

Materials for Wafer Bumping Applications

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Umicore EPM introduces Microbond Docfish, a product family of wafer bumping materials that includes solder paste, tacky flux and solder spheres. UltrafinePitch paste reportedly demonstrates uniform printing behavior with tight coplanarity. It is available in solvent clean (no clean) and water soluble series. All standard lead-free alloys are available with standard solder powder particle size of type 5, 6, and 7.

Designed to be used in all standard reflow soldering systems, the tacky flux series is adjustable for a variety of customer processes with different activation grades. Available in solvent clean (no-clean) and water-soluble series, it is suitable for printing, dipping, spraying or jetting applications.

Aurora Solder Spheres are microspheres from Duksan Hi-Metal (standard diameter range from 300 μm – 70 μm) fabricated from sophisticated, recently developed, alloys for reportedly excellent drop test and thermal cycling results. All standard lead-free alloys are available. Umicore EPM, Hanau, Germany

CSP/BGA Underfill

Hysol FP6200 is a CSP/BGA underfill designed to improve thermal cycling reliability. The material is reworkable, allowing for additional process window and recovery of high-cost substrates and PWBs. The removal procedure for FP6200 involves heating the underfill to approximately 240


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