New Products

Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Aerosol photometer

DOP Solutions’ new SP200lite aerosol photometer, which has a digital readout, is easy to use and quick to set up. The instrument offers a unique damping system that ensures stable readings even when measuring highly variable concentrations. The photometer is fitted with a recorder output and fully adjustable audio alarm as standard. The software package available to use with the SP200 instrument range also encourages customers to report real HEPA filter test data in a certificate format and meet FDA, MHRA, and other regulatory requirements.

DOP Solutions
Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK

Rotary vane pumps

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Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces PentaLineTM rotary vane pumps with a new optimized drive system that provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly vacuum for applications in the low and medium range of 10-3 mbar. Available in pumping speeds up to 35 m3/hour, the pump is designed for use in analytical instrumentation, research and development applications, and critical industrial and coating processes. The optimized drive system reduces power consumption by up to 50 percent, resulting in significantly lower operating costs. The new standby operating mode assures longer service life as well as cost savings in maintenance. The pumps are hermetically sealed, which prevents oil leaks, and incorporate a motor concept that makes them easy to deploy anywhere in the world. The pumps run cool with minimum vibration, ensuring a quieter work environment.

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.
Nashua, NH

Disposable dosing system

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The Prevas disposable dosing system is designed for installation on liquid filling lines for vials, ampoules, and syringes. The system features a completely disposable product path and incorporates a bulk product bag, a positive displacement-rolling diaphragm pump, filling needles, and tubes into one assembly. The company says the Prevas system is the first completely pre-assembled, pre-sterilized, and pre-validated single-use system available for the pharmaceutical and biotech market. The product path assembly is attached to the filling system and connects to the product stream via sterile plug-and-use connections. This eliminates preparatory steps associated with stainless-steel construction, such as cleaning, assembly and disassembly, autoclaving and clean-in-place (CIP) or sterilize-in-place (SIP) operations, minimizing the costs and labor associated with these cleaning procedures. After the fill process is completed, the product path assembly is removed and replaced, with minimal downtime and increased productivity.

Bosch Packaging Technology
Waiblingen, Germany

Recirculating lab faucet

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Designed to provide clean water at the point of use, GF Piping Systems has introduced the new Type 530 AquaTap™ recirculating laboratory faucet. Featuring a patented flow-through head design that eliminates dead-legs and optimizes flow, the faucet offers high recirculating capacity at a minimal pressure drop to the main water line with inline flow diverter (IFD) technology. Developed with water quality in mind, the new faucet is intended for laboratory dispensing applications in a variety of UPW markets, including life sciences, semiconductors, and food and beverages. The faucet eliminates the need for extensive water purging by providing continuous flow through the faucet head and preventing the formation of harmful bacteria.

GF Piping Systems
Tustin, CA

Tape sample kits

UltraTape Industries, a division of Delphon Industries and manufacturer of adhesive tapes for critical environments, has announced the availability of sample kits for purchase through its web site. There are currently five sample kits available, including those designed for general purpose cleanroom tapes, cleanroom construction tapes, ESD tapes, medical and pharmaceutical tapes, and wafer box sealing tapes. Each kit contains a variety of tape samples with different levels of adhesion, carrier films, and adhesive types that are appropriate for a particular application. UltraTape specializes in particle- and residue-free adhesive tapes that are required for semiconductor and medical applications.

UltraTape Industries
Salem, OR

Real-time gas analyzer

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Picarro has introduced what it says is the world’s most sensitive real-time gas analyzer for trace HF detection, capable of measuring down to 10 ppt (lower detection limit) in ambient air. In addition to its high sensitivity, the analyzer operates with no requirement for frequent calibration and with complete immunity to crosstalk from any other ambient gas component, including varying moisture levels. The simple-to-use analyzer can be operated remotely with sampling rates as fast 1 Hz, producing drift-free data with up to four digits of precision. Its high dynamic range means it can deliver a linear response for HF concentrations as high as parts per million, with an absolute accuracy better than 1 percent. The device is based on Picarro’s wavelength-scanned cavity ring-down spectroscopy technology (WS-CRDS), which measures near infrared absorption in a flow cell using an internal laser beam over an effective path length of up to 21 km. The HF analyzer is targeted for use in semiconductor fabrication facilities and cleanroom applications where ambient air must be rigorously monitored for HF.

Picarro, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA

Gowning room furnishings

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Terra Universal manufactures a comprehensive line of gowning room furnishings, including laminar flow storage cabinets, stainless-steel benches, and garb and parts dispensers that help ensure organized, space-efficient, effective garbing procedures. Stainless or powder-coated steel garment cabinets come with adjustable shelving or garment rods and an optional fan/filter module that washes the materials with HEPA-filtered air to dislodge contaminants. Benches feature ultra-smooth, non-particulating surfaces that are easy to wipe down and disinfect, and solid, perforated, or rod tops, all in electropolished 304 stainless steel. Terra also provides hand and shoe cleaners, peel-off contamination mats, and convenient dispensers for organized storage of gloves, face masks, cleanroom coveralls, and other apparel.

Terra Universal
Fullerton, CA

Process development and sample prep system

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The new Cogent® µScale tangential flow filtration (TFF) system for process development and low-volume sample preparation is an easy-to-use, semi-automated benchtop system that has been designed to fully support TFF process development at the “microscale” using up to three Pellicon® 3 88-cm2 cassettes (264 cm2). With a low minimum working volume, the ability to operate at feed pressures up to 80 psig (5.5 bar), and very low pulsation, the system fully supports both scaling studies and low-volume ultrafiltration and diafiltration (UF/DF) work using Pellicon 3 cassettes. The system can also be configured to process up to three Pellicon XL-50 TFF devices, and is well suited for purifying and concentrating monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines, gene therapy constructs, blood serum products, and other cell derived components.

Millipore Corp.
Billerica, MA

Antimicrobial ergonomic pipette

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The Finnpipette F1 Series incorporates ergonomic features to effectively prevent the occurrence of repetitive strain injury (RSI) symptoms. The soft handle contours to the shape of the user’s hand, and the improved 120


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