High Conductivity Thermal Greases

LORD Corporation’s high thermal conductivity greases are designed to maximize heat transfer from high-end chips to the heat spreader. As chips continue to significantly increase in heat, they need more efficient methods of heat removal. Thermal grease reportedly saves time and energy costs as it does not require a cure step. Unlike most high thermal conductivity thermal greases, which contain solvent to improve dispensability, 5W and 6W thermal greases are solvent-free, to reduce energy needed in process and the potential for component contamination during use.

LORD Corporation’s grease is said to improve performance. When the grease is heated, its viscosity reduces, thus allowing the material to flow and self-heal any cracks or voids that may have been created. In contrast, a cured material, such as a traditional thermal interface filled polymer adhesive, is locked in place and can’t move around to self-heal cracks or any delamination. This material is suited for use in automotive and consumer electronics. LORD Corporation Cary, NC. www.lord.com


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