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Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Ozone generation and purification system

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In pharmaceutical and cosmetics production, purified water forms the basis of all processes. Ozone ensures an effective disinfection of deionized purified water. With the Steritron, ozone is produced by electrolysis from the purified water available. The oxidation potential of the gas destroys the cell wall and membrane of microorganisms without chemically or physically modifying the water. The system’s process generates ozone in highest concentrations–up to 18 weight percent of ozone in oxygen. The electrolytic ozone generator is easy to install, low maintenance, and eliminates operating stops for rinsing cycles. It also removes the need for steam sterilization of the plant distributing purified water. The appliance meets the EC directives for electromagnetic compatibility and is CE compliant.

Christ Water Technology Group
Mondsee, Austria

Increased liquid and vapor protection with garment

DuPont’s Tychem® BR garment, certified to NFPA 1994 Class 2, is lighter in weight and less cumbersome than a traditional fully encapsulated suit. It provides increased vapor and liquid protection, is easier and faster to change into, and is more cost-effective than traditional garments. Tychem® BR fabric has been successfully tested against more than 240 chemicals. It provides durability and tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance. The NFPA 1994 Class 2 Standard defines an intermediate level of chemical, liquid, and vapor protection. Class 2 garments are certified for situations where there is an immediate danger to life and health and must be worn with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The garment is designed to be used with NIOSH-approved chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) SCBA respirators.

Wilmington, DE

Reusable duct covers

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Keeping duct work clean from the start is the first step in IAQ and being able to reuse a temporary end cap is an economic advantage. Ductcaps’ easy on, off, and back on again design allows the contractor to nest spirals and keep all of them clean with the use of only two Ductcaps. It is also easy to carry the duct by putting some slack in the cover. Ductcaps are now offered in 70-, 80-, and 100-in. versions.

MEZ-TECHNIK GmbH air system products
Reutlingen, Germany

Mat adhesive strips

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Grip Strips are slip-resistant strips that adhere to sponge-backed mats placed on smooth, polished, or painted floors. The antimicrobial polymer is permanently tacky; only a few are needed, even in high traffic areas. The adhesives help keep anti-fatigue mats in place for safety and comfort of personnel. The glue is “active” and becomes more sticky over time. Strips can be cleaned with Simple Green® or a similar cleaner.

Smyrna, TN

Low-linting wipes

LITE WIPES are made with absorbent, low-linting cellulose. Two sizes are available: LW6414 (comparable to Kimwipes® 34155) are 4.5×8.3 in. and are available in 300/box quantities; LW6425 (comparable to Kimwipes® 34256 and 05514) are 15.0×16.6 in. and are available in 140/box quantities. Push-up dispensers are available for the wipes.

High-Tech Conversions
East Windsor, CT

Durable flooring with fast-curing sealant

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Stontec TRF is a flooring solution for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The versatile flooring can be laid over concrete, wood, brick, quarry tile, or metal. Its durable, stain-resistant surface is suited for pharmaceutical production and laboratories, washdown areas, corridors, and other high-traffic areas. Vinyl flakes meld into the high-performance epoxy bonding coat. A fast-curing, UV-resistant urethane sealer resists sun damage and discoloration. The quick cure time–as little as 4 hours for foot traffic–keeps shutdown time to a minimum.

Maple Shade, NJ

Particle-free cleanroom labels

UltraTape Industries, a division of Delphon Industries, has added cleanroom labels to its product line. The same strict cleanroom standards used to manufacture the company’s existing tape products are used for its new line of labels. Available in a variety of substrates and adhesive options, labels are particle- and residue-free and are appropriate for use within the most critical environments. UltraTape manufactures adhesive tapes and labels for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, medical, and electronics industries.

UltraTape Industries
Salem, OR

Airborne particle counters

The ELITE™ Sensor Technology has been incorporated into several Lighthouse products, including the REMOTE 2000 Series airborne particle counters. The REMOTE 2000 Series design combines a dual-mirror patented optical system and the ELITE™ Sensor Technology resulting in a small, accurate, and reliable 0.2-μm sensor. The airborne particle counters integrate seamlessly into large facility monitoring and management systems. Using Pulse, 4


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