Thermo Fisher Scientific launches products to accurately and rapidly characterize carbon nanomaterials

(July 27, 2010) — Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. released two DXR Nanocarbon Analysis Packages for the characterization and microcharacterization of carbon nanomaterials. Both packages offer large-scale chemical and materials producers complete systems for carbon nanotube analysis. Incorporating the Thermo Scientific DXR Raman platform, the packages provide information on the molecular structure and morphology of carbon nanomaterials.

Click to EnlargeDesigned to simplify the Raman technique for non-specialist instrument users, the packages are said to enhance productivity and provide accurate, rapid and reproducible results. Thermo Fisher packages contain hardware, software and sampling accessories. The DXR Nanocarbon Microanalysis Package, featuring the DXR Raman Microscope, is a complete system configured for microcharacterization. The DXR Nanocarbon Analysis Package, which leverages the Thermo Scientific SmartRaman, is a full system for bulk materials characterization.

The new packages are designed to produce accurate and reproducible results by incorporating rigorous automated calibration and alignment routines, control of laser power and sophisticated quality checks to every spectrum collected. High reproducibility and control of critical measurement parameters provides confidence in results so that analysts know that unexpected occurrences are due to the sample rather than user error. In addition, the packages are designed to guide users through data collection as quickly as possible, allowing more time to focus on results and enhance productivity. The system also includes intelligent software to optimize many measurement parameters, as well as hardware designed so that users can simply load a sample and then return later. Experiments that may take hours to set up on other instruments can often be completed in just minutes.

The packages have an advanced targeting mechanism, offering the spatial resolution and sensitivity needed to handle the weak signals often generated by carbon nanomaterials. The analysis packages are also highly flexible and can be customized to accommodate a wide variety of applications and sample forms covering important areas of carbon nanomaterials such as fundamental research, nanomaterial production, functionalization, applied research on end-applications and end-application production.

Carbon nanomaterials offer a range of useful properties, including electrical conductance, thermal resistance and exceptional strength. They have applications ranging from nanotechnology and electronics to optics. Raman spectroscopy characterizes carbon nanomaterials during processing and modifications.

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