CyberOptics Semiconductors vibration monitoring software

(January 7, 2011) — CyberOptics Semiconductors updated its wafer vibration monitoring software, offering new capabilities for data analysis and third-party data interfaces. CyberOptics’ AVS 2.0 vibration monitoring software provides engineers with the data needed to predict equipment failures related to vibration during semiconductor fabrication to improve process yield and cycle times.  

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The newest capabilities of the AVS 2.0 vibration monitoring software include enhanced trace plotting (actual graphical data representation) that improves the visual analysis of data and data exportation capabilities that support third-party applications. 

The AVS 2.0 software works in unison with CyberOptics’ Auto Vibration System (AVS), a wireless, wafer-like device that measures vibrations of wafer transfers in x, y, and z dimensions during semiconductor processes and fabrications. Using the AVS, engineers can establish yield-based vibration standards for equipment and technicians, identify vibration sources, and set acceptable acceleration parameters for equipment.

Vibration anomalies can be identified during wafer processing by filtering out acceptable vibration frequencies produced by regular slow-moving equipment or high-frequency noises between 1 to 200 Hz. The vibration monitoring software allows engineers to set  low, high and band pass filters of equipment vibration frequencies to filter out vibrations of 20Hz and below and monitor vibrations of 21Hz and above to troubleshoot for vibration-related contamination. Engineers can use the AVS’ three-axis data to protect deposition uniformity and optimize yield and equipment productivity, reducing qualification time and maintenance expenses.

CyberOptics Semiconductor develops automated products that seamlessly measure critical parameters in semiconductor fabrication processes and equipment. Information on the Auto Vibration System can be found at Registered website users can also access a live demonstration of the AVS 2.0 software at

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