(January 3, 2010) — For the "more than Moore" domain, Leti researchers at IEEE’s IEDM 2010 (12/6-12/8/10, San Francisco, CA) focused on RF applications in the paper #2.6, "Engineered substrates and 3D integration technology based on direct bonding for future More Moore and More than Moore integrated devices." Laurent Clavelier, head of solar technologies department at Leti, discusses the RF research with Debra Vogler, senior technical editor, ElectroIQ.

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They transferred piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials such as LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 on metal-on-insulator (LNMOI and LTMOI, respectively), for RF filters and probe memory applications.

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Figure 1. Ladder filter simulation based on extracted material parameters from experimental LiNbO3, HBAR, compared to AlN. SOURCES: Leti and J.P. Mazellier, et al., SOI Conf. 2009, pp. 1-2.

The transfer was accomplished using ion implantation (He ions for LNMOI and H ions for LTMOI). The results obtained by the group led them to conclude that the technology could be a breakthrough for ultra-wideband RF filters (Figure).

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