January 26, 2011 – PR Newswire — Steed Technology, thermal processing equipment provider for semiconductor, LED, and solar cell manufacturers, acquired all of the outstanding stock of Applied Technology Specialists, Inc. (ATSI), an advanced engineering firm that specializes in developing advanced pollution control equipment and technology to render safe volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic exhaust gases found in high-tech industries.

As part of the acquisition, both companies will share the Steed name. The manufacturing of all products will remain in Northern California with research and development of new products and technologies remaining in Oklahoma. Sales channels will be expanded both domestically and internationally to accommodate existing and new customers, focusing on regions with new air quality restrictions.

With the acquisition, Steed will incorporate the ATSI EcoGuard line of Point of Use (PoU) gas abatement/scrubber and pollution control equipment. Steed is currently working to combine these technologies to work in unison. Customers of Steed and ATSI will soon be able to purchase diffusion/LPCVD process and abatement equipment as a totally integrated system with onboard environmental control features developed by ATSI.

With new, increasingly strict, environmental regulations such as the Greenhouse law (AB32), many companies in the semiconductor, LED, solar and other industries are closely examining ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their current abatement systems. Environmental control will play a major roll with manufacturing companies in the years ahead. To help meet this need Steed will, in addition to offering products that help companies meet such strict requirements, offer Green consulting and solutions services to help companies reduce emissions of gasses such as Perfluorocarbons (PFCs), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), and Carbon dioxide (CO2), to levels that comply with local and federal laws, while reducing consumption of utilities such as fuel and water. The merger adds considerable value to this consulting service through the addition of the ATSI solutions team with a combined 50 years of gas abatement and clean-air solutions experience.

Existing abatement solutions aim to scrub then dispose of hazardous byproducts created during the production of LCDs, semiconductors and solar cells. With increasing regulations, and the high cost associated with utilities such as power and water the common "wet scrubbers" and "chemical adsorption" methods utilized by such technologies have become inefficient. Steed’s EcoGuard products are designed to destroy and eliminate hazardous by-products, vs. capturing the by-products for further, costly, hazardous waste disposal. Steeds abatement product line also offers a low-operating-cost solution for process and abatement savings through an innovation known as the "On-Demand" Control Program. Using sensor-driven process signals, operators can control the type of abatement required for the particular gas and only use what is necessary to abate and emit clean air to the environment.

Steed Technology provides thermal processing equipment and environmentally responsible Point of Use (PoU) gas abatement products for the semiconductor, LCD and solar industries. Learn more at

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