WLP start-up combines SunPower solar silicon fab with Cypress semiconductor interconnect

November 9, 2011 – Marketwire — Deca Technologies, a new company backed by Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ:CY) and SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ:SPWRA, SPWRB), will combine solar wafer manufacturing methods with semiconductor manufacturing support to create wafer-level chipscale packaging (WLCSP) derivatives.

Dig deeper into the new company’s technology in senior technical editor Debra Vogler’s blog from the unveiling event: Deca lands a 1-2 WLCSP punch

The company’s aim is to eliminate supply chain, cycle time, and integration problems with wafer-level packaging (WLP). Advanced interconnects will be formed using SunPower’s silicon solar cell wafer processing methods, which were themselves born out of Cypress’s semiconductor manufacturing technologies.

The new company is part of Cypress’s Emerging Technology Division, which acts similarly to venture capital companies in funding autonomous businesses. SunPower was spun out of Cypress in 2008 in a $2.6-billion tax-free shareholder distribution. Tim Olson is Deca president and CEO.

Moore’s Law is held back by an economic problem, noted Cypress president and CEO T.J. Rodgers, as semiconductor chips become too specialized to be integrated on one die. "The process for one type of chip, for example, a 0.35-micron RF chip, may cost $0.02 per square millimeter — making it horribly uneconomical to integrate an RF block onto a microprocessor wafer costing $0.10 per square millimeter." Deca will integrate dissimilar chips using silicon interconnect technologies at drastically lower costs, competitive with PCB-level interconnect.

Olson said, "We have met stringent reliability requirements and are now fully qualified for production with first revenue expected in early 2012. Given the high level of customer interest and engineering activity, we anticipate multiple additional customer qualifications in the next few quarters. With typical handset OEM PCN (Product Change Notice) acceptance windows averaging around one additional quarter, we are planning for our production ramp in late 2012."

Deca Technologies is an advanced electronic interconnect solutions provider that initially provides wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) services to the semiconductor industry. Deca Technologies is a majority owned and fully independent subsidiary of Cypress. For more information, please visit www.decatechnologies.com.

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