SRC to host TECHCON conference in September

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), a university-research consortium for semiconductors and related technologies, is poised to celebrate its 30th anniversary at its annual TECHCON conference Sept. 10-11.

Hosted in Austin, Texas, the technology conference features next-generation research progress among hundreds of university students, faculty and industry experts. The conference brings together those involved in microelectronics research to exchange news about the progress of new materials and processes created by SRC’s network of more than 100 of the top engineering universities.

At the conference, SRC will also celebrate its 30-year anniversary of successful collaboration between industry leaders and university researchers to conduct basic research intended to accelerate semiconductor advancements that enable future generations of chip technology.

Two recognized experts—Charles Vest, president of the National Academy of Engineering and president emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and John Kelly, senior vice president and director of IBM Research—recently expressed strong support for SRC accomplishments over the decades at a SRC 30th anniversary banquet in June.

“SRC has strategically brought together industry, government and academia to both advance technology and help to educate and train the next generation of engineers, scientists and leaders,” said Vest.

“(SRC) has perfected the management of creating complicated technology alliances that others only can hope to imitate,” said Kelly. “Moreover, in these times of tight budgets— both in industry and government—the SRC continues to find new ways to partner between the public and private sector to maximize the value of every dollar spent on both sides.”

SRC President Larry Sumney applauds luminaries like Vest, Kelly and the many others for their support in helping SRC build a successful collaboration among industry, academia and government.

“Collaboration among industry, academia and government accelerates knowledge advancements, lowers risk and enables growth and innovation to continue for the benefit of industry and society as a whole. It represents a win-win-win,” said Sumney. “Industry taps into the expertise and pipeline of talent in academia. University researchers gain understanding of industry needs. And government investments leverage the industry investments and result in research that enables new applications in electronics, health, energy, mobility, transportation and many other areas.”

Along with showcasing the progress of critical industry-guided university research, SRC annually announces two significant awards at TECHCON for professors in SRC-supported, chip-related research. Selected by SRC’s member companies and the SRC staff, the award-winning faculty and research teams are honored for their exemplary impact on semiconductor productivity through cultivation of technology and talent.

At TECHCON 2011, Stanford University professor Robert Dutton received the SRC Aristotle Award for outstanding teaching in leading his research team to pioneer the development of a suite of technology computer-aided design (TCAD) tools for simulation and modeling of integrated circuit fabrication processes.

Additionally, University of California, Berkeley research engineer Alan Mishchenko and professor Robert Brayton received the SRC Technical Excellence Award for their SRC-funded work advancing the synergy of synthesis and verification steps used in testing and validating semiconductor chips.

More than 9,000 students have been prepared by SRC programs, professors and mentors for entry into the semiconductor business. These students provide a path for technology transfer and a source of relevantly educated technical talent for the industry.

“Semiconductors are the building blocks of the digital age, and university research has been instrumental in advancing the industry,” said Dr. Steve Hillenius, SRC executive vice president. “The highly valued researchers and teams we are showcasing and honoring at TECHCON are driving the semiconductor industry forward.”

Check out last year’s coverage of TECHCON, featuring video interviews with students and professors taking part in semiconductor research projects, as well as talks with SRC about the conference and the research organization’s energy initiative.


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