ULVAC launches dry vacuum pump accessory ECO-SHOCK ES4A

ULVAC, Inc. announced that it has recently developed and started selling the ECO-SHOCK ES4A, a power saving accessory for dry vacuum pumps that can reduce power consumption substantially by attaching to the dry vacuum pump exhaust line.

Dry vacuum pumps consume particularly large amounts of electricity in production lines. Therefore, it is important to reduce their power consumption. ULVAC has already released the ECO-SHOCK ES10, which reduces power consumption when attached to a dry vacuum pump exhaust line. However, it has been difficult to reduce power consumption of dry vacuum pumps that are used for frequent pumping down of loading/unloading chambers of vacuum systems and use large amounts of sealing gas. To resolve this difficulty, ULVAC has launched the ECO-SHOCK ES4A.


  • The ECO-SHOCK ES4A makes possible a substantial reduction in power consumption of dry vacuum pumps used for the following purposes: Dry vacuum pumps that are used for frequent pumping down of loading/unloading chambers; dry vacuum pumps that use large amounts of sealed gas.
  • There is no degradation of pumping speed because any control such as rotation speed adjustment is required when attaching it to dry vacuum pump. Also, even if the ES4A was broken down, there is no decrease in performance of dry vacuum pump.

The ECO-SHOCK ES4A can be attached to dry pump exhaust lines that have already been installed. It can be used to pump down air, nitrogen, argon and other stable and safe gases. However, it cannot be used in applications such as flammable, burn ability and toxic gas exhausts, or for solid/fluid suction. It can also be used for a dry vacuum pump, which does not affect performance when making exhaust port under vacuum.


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