Proposed Consortium Seeks to Improve TIMs


BINGHAMTON, NY and ATLANTA - The Packaging Research Center (PRC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta is partnering with Binghamton University, NY, to develop and promote a possible industry consortium addressing thermal interface materials (TIMs). The consortium would involve OEM, IC packaging, and materials companies with academia in pre-competitive, leading-edge research.

To improve interface thermal resistance substantially (a projected 10×) the consortium would focus on thin-film materials and processes involving carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and metallics, TIM surfaces and interfaces, bonding characteristics, characterization methodologies, prototype testbeds and characterization, and TIM reliability. Especially in mobile end-products, reduced size and increased functionality generate exponentially higher amounts of heat than in previous generations. Without proficient thermal interface technology, heat could potentially cause shorts or otherwise incapacitate devices.

Six academics, three research faculty members, and six Ph.D. students from materials science and engineering (MSE), mechanical engineering (ME), and chemical engineering (ChE) disciplines will participate in the proposed consortium. A dozen industry companies have thus far expressed support. “The consortium will be fruitful in promoting mutual understanding among all participants,” noted Jin Hwang.

Interested parties may contact Chong Yoon, Ph.D.; Jin Hwang, Ph.D.; or professor Yogendra Joshi at Georgia Tech for a white paper on possible research projects and information on full (with access to intellectual property) or supply-chain membership in the 2-year, Phase 1 Industry-Academia TIM consortium program.