Merger Consolidates Prototyping Services


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PLANO, TX - A merger between CV Inc. Business Solutions, FIB-X, Microtech Analytical Labs LP (MAL), and Fast Semiconductor, Inc. (FAST Semi), has created a full-scale prototyping house for chip-scale, flip chip, BGA, and QFN packages, with bumping and wire-bonding, assembly, failure analysis, design debug, and other packaging services.

CV Inc., FIB-X, and MAL are headquartered in Plano, TX, while FAST Semi operates out of Anaheim, CA. CV Inc., focused on die bumping and chip-scale packaging, partnered with the analytical laboratories to broaden service offerings and develop a comprehensive prototyping facility, according to CEO, Terence Q. Collier. MAL and FIB-X both offer failure analysis through X-ray, focused ion beam (FIB), reverse engineering-construction analysis, decapsulation, and cross-sectioning, with consultancy and training. FAST Semi does failure analysis, can package devices, and performs flip chip bumping and wire bonding. The companies prioritize fast device turnaround.