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Compiled by Angela Godwin

Magnifier for static-sensitive environments

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Luxo introduces the KFM ESD Magnifier, designed for use in static-sensitive environments. Its ESD-safe lens and body guard against uncontrolled static dissipation. The glass lens of the magnifier is protected with a special coating that alters the electrical characteristics at the surface of the material. The shade and arm are powder-coated with a metal-laced paint that measures approximately 1010 ohms/square (static dissipative). Since the surfaces are therefore no longer insulative, triboelectric charging will result in drastically lower voltages. With die-cast aluminum housing, these magnifiers are suited for heavy-duty applications, especially those that require a combination of optimal illumination and magnification. Each model embodies a five-inch-diameter, 3- or 5-diopter optical glass lens. Electronic ballasts improve efficiency by producing 15 percent more light output than traditional ballasts. Secondary add-on lenses in 4-, 8- or 10-diopter magnification are also available. The 4- and 8-diopter lenses slide into position and away from underneath the cover via a sturdy lens holder, while the 10-diopter accessory lens is attached to the top of the magnifier via a swing-away lens mount. A triple-jointed, counterbalanced, concealed spring-arm is available in 30- or 45-inch lengths, in clamp-on or circular weighted base. KFM Magnifier lenses are mounted in an aluminum housing that is non-corrosive and durable. The inside is finished in white to optimize and evenly distribute light. All Luxo illuminated magnifiers are UL/CUL listed.

Elmsford, NY

Portable APC

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Biotest has recently introduced the APC M3, a portable airborne particle counter that samples at a rate of 100 LPM (liters per minute). Measuring one cubic meter of air in only 10 minutes, the APC M3 is designed to monitor cleanroom environments-especially aseptic filling operations. It offers users significant productivity, reliability and cost savings by reducing the time required to take samples by as much as 70 percent. The unit features custom size channels (0.3 μm to 100 μm); extended laser life; isokinetic probe with tripod; and optional removable
echargeable lithium-ion battery. It is available with stainless steel or aluminum coating.

Denville, NJ

ESD floor coating

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The ROMEX company group has introduced ROMPOX® 1107, an ESD floor coating designed to prevent damage resulting from electrical discharge. The product is available in all standard colors and in particular, light colors up to RAL 9001 (cream). The newest-generation ESD coating is applied in one layer only and fulfills all the DIN norms (including DIN EN 61340-4-1, 5-1, 5-2 and DIN EN 61340-4-5) regardless of layer thickness.

Euskirchen, Germany

Body box for garment testing

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Technovation has introduced its ISO Class 2 or Class 3 Body BoxTM with HA3STM (High Accuracy Averaging Aerosol Sampler), which meets or exceeds IEST-RP-CC003.2. The HA3S sampler has an almost unity calibration factor, even when tested with a calibrated point source aerosol, which simulates garment shedding better than by using a dispersed aerosol. The airflow design minimizes footprint and enables the body box to be optionally integrated into the cleanroom for significant cost savings. The body box features a digital, programmable drive-fan speed control for ease of operation and velocity control. Technovation also provides expert consulting and training.

Midlothian, VA

Split-configuration fluid processor

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Microfluidics has introduced the Split System Microfluidizer® Processor for all M-700 Series models. In this split-configuration version of the processor, the Power Module, which contains the electric motor, cooling fan, hydraulic oil reservoir and cooling system, is separated from the Processing Module. With no electrical requirements, the Processing Module can safely operate by interconnecting pneumatic and hydraulic lines from the remote Power Module. Separating the two modules eliminates concerns about atmospheric conditions, contamination, space issues and hazardous environments within the processing area. Additionally, audible noise levels are well below OSHA limits, thus eliminating the need for operators to wear hearing protection. The Split System offers the same features, options and accessories as the standard integral models. Capable of producing flow rates anywhere from two gallons per minute (GPM) at 40,000 psi to more than ten GPM at 5,000 psi in batch or continuous mode, the M-700 Series is a suitable alternative to expensive high-pressure fluid processors or traditional homogenizers. With the aid of the dual synchronous intensifier pumping system, the product is kept flowing at high velocities and near constant pressure through the patented fixed-geometry interaction chamber, resulting in shear forces intense enough to reduce particles and droplets to submicron sizes with narrow and uniform distribution, usually in a single pass. Additionally processors are capable of uniform deagglomeration, dispersing and distributing particles to create stable emulsions and solid-in-liquid suspensions. The optional Ultra-Clean-in-Place (UCIP) feature thoroughly cleans the system between batches or before storage. Because the interaction chamber employs no moving parts, no disassembly is required for cleaning.

Newton, MA

Safety cabinet for shop floor

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Lyon Workspace Products, an ISO 9001 registered firm and a leading manufacturer of storage and related workspace products, recently introduced its new Safety Center Cabinet. When a spill or an injury occurs on the shop floor, the time it takes to respond can be critical. By strategically placing Lyon Safety Centers on your shop floor, you can cut emergency response time by keeping critical safety supplies nearby and at the ready. Features and benefits include: 14-gauge, all-welded construction for superior strength and durability; heavy Lexan® door inserts permit evaluation of safety supply inventory without opening the doors; bright, safety yellow finish as a reminder that emergency response tools are nearby; forklift base for easy movement anywhere in your facility; and an extra heavy padlock attachment to prevent pilferage during non-working hours.

Lyon Workspace Products
Aurora, IL

Antimicrobial-coated fabrics

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CMI Enterprises, a leading supplier of soft-trim textiles and fabrication solutions to the healthcare, contract furniture and transportation industries, has announced the development and availability of its new environmentally friendly Nanocide™ Antimicrobial. The company’s newly released “Dimensions” line of coated fabrics for upholstery and bedding will feature the Nanocide Antimicrobial. Test results for CMI’s “Dimensions” line have shown that 99.9 percent of resistant Staphylococcus germs that come in contact with it are killed within 30 minutes. When compared to arsenic- and cyanide-based biocides used in most seating and bedding products today, Nanocide is a more effective and comprehensive “killing” antimicrobial. It is also environmentally friendly, while biocides using arsenic are not. Other biocide treatments can vary within the coated upholstery fabric and slowly migrate to the fabric’s surface, where they are fugitive and can be washed and/or worn away over time. But the nanotechnology and process developed by CMI permanently places or embeds the nanoparticles into the surface area of the product. When the recommended cleaning and care instructions are properly followed, the nanoparticles cannot be washed away, worn off or depleted overtime.

CMI Enterprises
Miami, FL

Pressure transducer for low-range apps

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Setra Systems, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure measurement devices, introduces the Model 201 Pressure Transducer. Its rugged design, wide operating temperature range (-40°F to +175°F), and high 45 psi overpressure capability make it ideal for the most demanding applications, including vapor recovery systems, exhaust gas control systems and industrial scrubbers. The Model 201’s all-welded, no o-ring construction results in a leak-free design and is ideal for critical low-range applications. Based on Setra’s patented variable capacitance sensor design, this unit is used to measure very low differential or gauge pressures in ranges as low as ±2.5 in. W.C. up to 20 psi, and provides a 4 to 20 mA output that is linear with applied pressure. The transducer features an Inconel® diaphragm and an insulated electrode, which forms a variable capacitor. As the sensor pressure increases or decreases, the capacitance changes. The change is detected and converted to a fully conditioned linear current output signal. All of Setra’s pressure transducers are CE compliant.

Setra Systems, Inc.
Boxborough, MA

Antibacterial, antiviral handwash

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HEALTHPOINT Surgical has announced the latest addition to the company’s asepsis product line for healthcare personnel handwashing, SURGICEPT™ Waterless Surgical Hand Antiseptic. Healthcare workers can spread a variety of viral and bacterial diseases with their hands while performing routine patient care duties. Killing both bacteria and viruses is critical, especially as related to nosocomial infections and surgical site infections (SSI). Recent study results confirm that the handwash kills viruses in addition to fighting bacteria. The formulation includes ethyl alcohol at a concentration of 70 percent as well as a patented preservative system. According to research, SURGICEPT kills a variety of viruses, including: adenovirus, herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2, influenza A virus, rhinovirus, vaccinia virus, bovine viral diarrhea virus, murine leukemia virus, hepatitis A virus, rotavirus, human respiratory syncytial virus and feline calcivirus virus, as well as the bacterium Clostridium difficile. Current results indicated that frequently 99 percent or more of the listed infectious agents were readily destroyed by the treatment.

Fort Worth, TX

Hardwall modular cleanrooms

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Clean Air Products introduces Series 583 Vertical Flow Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms. These cleanrooms can be constructed for Class 100,000 to Class 10 (ISO Class 8 to Class 4) operating conditions and feature a smooth metal wall and metal ceiling designed to be wiped or washed down. The walls can be made of either painted steel, painted aluminum, or stainless steel. Halogen or teardrop lights are available and are designed for wash-down applications. The HEPA filters are room-side replaceable for easy maintenance and replacement. Gel seals are available for HEPA filters on stainless-steel rooms. Wall returns include a drainage duct to drain water and facilitate easy cleaning. An optional pressure damper can be located in the duct to automatically close in the event of loss in room pressure. The walls and ceiling are tightly sealed for easy wipe-down. The ceiling is strong enough to be walked on, allowing service of prefilters and HEPA filter blower motors.

Clean Air Products
Minneapolis, MN

Vapor purifier

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RASIRC, the steam purification company, introduces the RainMaker™ Humidifier, a device that controls the transfer and purification of pure water or ammonia hydroxide directly into a carrier gas stream. With the RainMaker, controlled and purified vapor can be delivered into most carrier gases, including hydrogen, at flow rates as low as 18 micrograms per minute or as high as 1 kilogram per minute depending on the model, carrier gas, and delivery pressure. The temperature of the carrier gas and the liquid source, the system pressure, and carrier gas flow rate are tightly controlled for precise delivery of a purified carrier gas for use in the semiconductor industry. The humidifier consists of a nonporous membrane that excludes particles, microdroplets, volatile gases, and other opposite-charged species from being transferred to the carrier gas and ensures only water vapor is added. The membrane is designed specifically to select only the source gas molecules. Other contaminants in the liquid source cannot permeate across the membrane or enter the carrier gas stream, resulting in a saturated product that is consistent and pure. Because the RainMaker works on 100 percent saturation of the carrier gas, the system can be cycled on and off without significant effect on accuracy. It fully saturates the carrier gas based on the temperature of the gas, providing for accurate delivery of water vapor. Applications include rapid thermal processing (RTP), atomic layer deposition (ALD), plasma stripping, immersion lithography, diffusion, wafer cleaning, and control of humidity in cleanrooms.

San Diego, CA

Lightweight, autoclavable valves

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BioPure Technology has announced the launch of its new 1/2-inch and 1-inch BioValveTM. The valve is moulded from glass-reinforced nylon to facilitate lightweight and easy manipulation. Tested with shore 50, 60, 65 clear and braided silicone, the precision restriction flow controller is designed to minimize flow path turbulence. The thread pitch of the flow controller is calibrated to 2 mm per turn, providing an accurate estimate of flow restriction with a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi. The BioValve can be irradiated at 60 kGy (6 Mrad) with no detectable weakening and can be autoclaved repeatedly at 134°C for 30 minutes. The valve is manufactured and packaged in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms, and the natural version of the material grade used in the manufacture has been tested to the requirements of the U.S. Pharmacopeia, Plastic Class VI. Compliance statements are printed on each pack of 5 and separate certification is issued.

BioPure Technology
Hampshire, U.K.

Static eliminator

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The Vessel SDJ-08 Static Eraser from JDV Products is a workstation static eraser with a detachable pivotal clamp for targeted static removal. It is ideal for removing static from plastics, printed film, electronics, optical devices, food service, cosmetic processing or anywhere static charge is an issue. The built-in microcomputer notifies the user with display-lamp alarms if the safety circuits detect voltage or fan trouble. The SDJ-08 also features full-range fan speed control, auto-start mode, low noise and ozone, easy maintenance, compact and lightweight design, and it is UL & CE approved.

JDV Products, Inc.
Fair Lawn, NJ

Personal ESD control

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3M’s Electronic Solutions Division has introduced a family of dual conductor cords as part of a personnel ground-monitoring system to control personal electrostatic discharge (ESD) when used in conjunction with ESD workstation monitors. As part of a personal ground-monitoring system to control static electricity, dual conductor systems allow for a monitored loop-resistance measurement, which includes the wristband contact to the wearer and a redundant grounding path. If one conductor of the system fails, the other can still function to maintain the grounding of the person. As a result, this prevents static from being generated by the individual, eliminating possible exposure to static-sensitive electronic components. The 3M Dual Conductor Cords 2300 Series features a new cord construction with a double-insulated jacket that improves the cord’s durability, enabling it to withstand repeated flexing, and making for a lighter-weight cord. Further, the “positive” plug grip makes it easy to insert and remove the cord from a remote input jack. The family includes cords that are available in 5-, 10-, or 20-foot lengths and are compatible with all existing 3M dual conductor fabric, metal, and thermoplastic wristbands. Several styles are available, including straight and right-angle plug designs, and plug tip diameters of 3.0 mm and 3.4 mm.

3M Electronics
Austin, TX

ESD wrist straps

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ESD now offers Jewel® MagSnap Wrist Straps. The cord attaches to the band with a permanent magnet and a machined pivot allows the cord to rotate on the band for flexibility. The magnetic connection is more reliable than spring sockets, which can wear out, fail, and cause loss of continuity. MagSnap wrist straps feature: one-million-plus coil cord flex cycles; compliance with ESD S1.1, including disengagement force test (1 to 5 lbs); adjustable elastic or adjustable metal wristbands; and patented no-collapse banana plugs on coil cords. The wrist straps are UL listed and made in America.

Marlboro, MA

ESD shielding bags

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Protektive Pak introduces its new Statshield® Metal-In ESD shielding bags. These bags have low-charging interior and exterior layers. The inherent static-dissipative properties will not wear off, and are not humidity dependent. Thermotransfer printing will not flake off or particulate, thereby reducing cross-contamination, and the proprietary film has very low NVR and ionics characteristics. The product’s 40 percent light transmission allows for easy identification of bag contents. The bags are made in America and meet MIL-PRF-81705D Type III and ANSI/ESD S541 6.2 requirements. Ten standard sizes are available in both zipper and non-zipper varieties to cover most applications. Independent lab chemical analysis is available.

Protektive Pak
Chino, CA

Concentration monitor for semi processes

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Swagelok has introduced its CR-288 concentration monitor to address a critical requirement in the semiconductor industry for improved monitoring and control of liquid chemicals employed in device manufacturing. Installed in the process stream or at point of use where chemicals are delivered or blended, the technology delivers real-time, highly accurate measurements of the concentration and temperature of process fluids. The CR-288 provides in-line analysis of liquid chemical concentration. Designed specifically for the semiconductor industry, it is physically small, easy to install, and serviceable in the field. Proprietary software enables the technician to calibrate the unit for chemical mixtures used in semiconductor laboratory or manufacturing processes, including etching, wafer cleaning, and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP). The software provides a graphical readout that the technician may customize for data logging over time. According to the company, the technology can help the industry reduce chemical consumption, improve process control and visibility, detect process problems, reduce wafer scrap, and improve productivity. In addition, it facilitates point-of-use spiking, blending, and mixing and help ensure chemical and ultrapure water quality.

Swagelok Company
Solon, OH

Handheld particle counter

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Adams Instruments, a new contender in the contamination control monitoring industry, announces the immediate availability of its Handheld Particle Counter Model 3013. With a sensitivity of 0.3 μm and a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM), the unit can display up to 3 channels of simultaneous particle count data, temperature and relative humidity. Data can easily be transferred via USB or an optional printer. The Model 3013 is designed to offer both quality and cost effectiveness, providing functionality and meeting users’ budgetary requirements. Applications include: indoor air quality monitoring, hard disk drive manufacture, cleanroom monitoring, pharmaceutical manufacturing, hospital surgical rooms, and many more.

Adams Instruments, LLC
Boston, MA

Holographic control technology

Since issuance of its U.S. Patent 7,054,045 in May 2006, HoloTouch has augmented its service offerings to include partnering with OEMs to evaluate how best to integrate the company’s patented touchless, holographic control technology into OEMs’ electronic products. While partnering with OEMs, HoloTouch combines its understanding of its revolutionary technology with each OEM’s detailed knowledge of its own products and markets to cooperatively enhance competitive positions of client OEMs. In cleanrooms, HoloTouch® powers touchless human-machine interfaces in switches, door controls and alternatives to conventional controls such as keypads and touch screens, improving durability (no moving parts) and neatly bypassing hygiene issues (nothing to actually touch) at a reduced cost.

HoloTouch, Inc.
Darien, CT