It’s showtime, folks!


I’m thrilled to formally announce the return of the CleanRooms USA Conference & Exhibition After a two-year hiatus, CleanRooms USA will return to Boston, MA on May 12???13, 2009 at the Hynes Convention Center. The contamination control industry’s largest, and only, event wholly dedicated to contamination control science and technology in North America, CleanRooms USA will follow on the heels of the hugely successful CleanRooms Europe show held earlier this year in Stuttgart, Germany, and which will take place again there in March of 2009.

In fact, it was the enthusiasm and vitality demonstrated by the European contamination control industry at CleanRooms Europe, together with widespread encouragement from the U.S. vendor and user communities, that led to the decision to bring our industry’s premier domestic show back in 2009. And with all the new market opportunities now emerging for contamination control products and services, the timing and location of the event couldn’t be better.

But, that’s not all. CleanRooms is also taking the trade show world to a whole new level with the premier of our first ever, completely virtual conference and exhibition. Taking place on October 21 of this year, the “CleanRooms Worldwide eVent” will include a complete, fully interactive, virtual exhibition floor, online live conferences and demonstrations, opportunities for private meetings, and an extensive information and literature library–all readily accessible from your desk or laptop from anywhere in the world. This event will be the first completely globally accessible show in the history of the CleanRooms franchise and will provide an excellent lead-up to our follow-on events in the spring of 2009.

I’m truly excited and optimistic, and all of us here at CleanRooms are totally committed to making these conferences and exhibitions truly premier showcases for our industry. Yet even with all the positive preliminary feedback, encouragement, and support I have received for these events from many of you, I still must also actively appeal for a renewed commitment and cooperative effort on the part of the entire contamination control industry, together with the user industry professionals we serve, to work with us to ensure the success of these and future CleanRooms conferences and exhibitions. We as an industry, and as a profession, have to decide whether we will abandon all the important work of those going before us, who so well represented and communicated the uniqueness and value of contamination control science and technology; if we will allow the profession of contamination control to be divided and segregated across any number of disconnected user industries–its importance to also ultimately be diminished and marginalized. Or, if will we instead renew and revitalize our efforts throughout the world to advance our profession by actively reaching out to and educating potential new users, demonstrating and learning about new products and technologies, and sharing best contamination and infection control practices and accomplishments between colleagues and industries. In other words, to support and take advantage of our own industry’s professional events.

It’s my firm belief that this community will choose the latter path and it will be an exciting and productive time for contamination control now and in the years ahead. Let’s all get on with the show.

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John Haystead,
Publisher & Editor