New Products


Compiled by Jason Andrukaitis and Carrie Meadows

Process analyzer

Waters Corp. has unveiled its new PATROL™ UPLC™ process analyzer, a real-time liquid chromatography online process analytical technology system. The analyzer is able to detect and quantify complex multiple component manufacturing samples and final product on the production floor. The system moves existing liquid chromatography analysis from off-line quality control laboratories directly to the manufacturing stream, resulting in significant improvements in production efficiency with real-time analysis, reducing process cycle times and ensuring product quality. Early analysis supports that the system can enable process recovery increases during major manufacturing steps, virtually eliminating the need for any reprocessing.

Waters Corp.
Milford, MA

Mobile particle counter

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With its comprehensive software and large, easy-to-use touch-screen, the Lasair III particle counter establishes a new level of functionality in portable particle counters. The large, 8.4-in., liquid-crystal display (LCD) infrared touch-screen makes it easy to see data and navigate through the screens. The navigation structure is intuitive and easy to use. This counter is available in 1 cfm and 50 LPM flow rates from 0.3- to 25-μm size particles. The 100 LPM flow rate is suitable for monitoring 0.5- to 25-μm size particles, capable of sampling 1m3 in only 10 minutes. This comprehensive unit is ISO 21501 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, CO

High-purity semiconductor materials

Los Angeles-based American Elements announces expanded production capacity for certain high purity semiconductor materials. Materials include zinc telluride, bismuth telluride, cadmium telluride, and several other telluride and selenide products essential to many next-generation optics, electronic, and photovoltaic applications. Marketed under the trade name AE Semi-Conductor MaterialsTM, the new bulk manufacturing unit is designed to produce these materials in several forms including powder and in lump or chunk forms for use in thin-film deposition applications. American Elements is a leading manufacturer and supplier of engineered and other advanced material products with distribution offices in Europe, Asia, and South America.

American Elements
Los Angeles, CA

Gas analyzer vacuum oven

Cascade TEK has paired its industrial flagship vacuum oven, the SVO-9, with a residual gas analyzer to create the SVO-9 RGA. By incorporating a residual gas analyzer into a production vacuum drying oven, it is possible to determine exactly when a part is sufficiently outgassed. This helps identify the appropriate endpoint in the vacuum drying process when dealing with inconsistent batches where residual moisture, gas, and contamination levels may vary from one batch to the next. Each vacuum oven drying system has a high-resolution display panel that communicates with the gas analyzer to calculate and display the various VOCs, solvents, and moisture that a component may outgas during the drying process. The supplied software makes it possible for outgassing levels to be visually graphed and displayed on the unit’s high-resolution display panel or on a PC monitor. Utilizing ideal time, temperature, and vacuum levels improves drying process efficiency. As the frequency of over-cooking decreases, overall drying times will also decrease, lowering costly energy consumption and increasing production yields.

Cascade TEK
Hillsboro, OR

Work surface system

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Eagle MHC announces the introduction of its new AdjusTable® work surface systems. The systems’ “clean” design incorporates stainless-steel components in addition to unidirectional airflow and ESD control, making them well suited for the special needs of cleanroom and electronic assembly operations. The basic unit begins with a rugged stainless-steel tabletop and either an H-frame or C-frame base combination. An undershelf is available that adjusts in 1 in. increments for easy, level positioning without the use of tools. Users can create any number of custom configurations by adding additional wire or solid stainless steel undershelves and overshelves. Standard models are offered in 36-, 48-, and 60-in. lengths, and in 24-, 30-, and 36-in. widths. Optional full-wire overshelf choices include 14-in. standard overshelves mounted to four posts or 12-in. cantilevered overshelves mounted on two posts; both are available in a choice of chrome, stainless steel, or electropolished finish.

Eagle MHC
Clayton, DE

Sealing films

Excel Scientific introduces its new ThermaSeal A™ sealing film. These films are an advanced version of classic ThermalSeal polypropylene films. ThermalSeal A films incorporate a stronger and thicker adhesive layer for more secure sealing of microplates in PCR and storage applications. Although shaped to fit within the rim of raised-rim plates for more reliable sealing of all wells, ThermalSeal A films can also be used for sealing standard microplates. Each film has two removable end tabs that aid in positioning the film to the plate. Recommended temperature range is ???40?? to +125??C.

Excel Scientific, Inc.
Victorville, CA

Class 100 cleanroom oven

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Grieve announces the No. 949, a 500??F, electrically heated Class 100 cleanroom oven used for heating glass vials at customer facilities. Workspace dimensions measure 36x36x51 inches. A 1,500 cfm, 2HP recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the workload. The oven features a type 304, 2B stainless-steel interior with continuously backwelded seams, stainless-steel exterior with #4 brushed finish, and 4-in. insulated walls throughout the unit. A 12x12x 6-in. HEPA fresh air filter with 2-in. pre-filter, a 12x12x6-in. stainless-steel high temperature HEPA filter on the exhaust outlet, and two 24x30x6-in. stainless-steel high temperature HEPA recirculating air filters are also included. The oven has a minihelic pressure gauge and DOP validation port across the recirculating blower air filter bank, and a recording and programming temperature recorder is also onboard the unit.

The Grieve Corp.
Round Lake, IL

Liquid-proof PC accessories

Studies like those at the University of North Carolina, Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and others have repeatedly shown that computer keyboards and mice may be contaminated with MRSA, influenza, and other viruses and bacteria that can cause serious harm. iKey’s liquid-proof medical keyboards and computer mice are specially designed to prevent cross-contamination. A 2006 Ball State University study demonstrated that iKey keyboards infected with MRSA, hepatitis C, and E. coli bacteria are easily decontaminated with readily available commercial disinfectants. Features of the products include cleanable design, low-profile keys, compatible with hospital cleaning agents, compact design, backlit keys, and availability in PS/2 and single cable USB.

iKey Ltd.
Austin, TX

Humidity and temperature transmitter

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The HTZ Smart HART® humidity and temperature transmitter from Moore Industries simultaneously measures temperature and humidity in processes that require extremely close monitoring of
humidity, temperature, and dew point, which include cleanrooms, assembly areas, and storage facilities. The unit can be programmed or queried from any point along one of the transmitter’s dual 4 to 20-mA loops. The loop-powered HTZ provides measurement accuracy in a single instrument, eliminating the cost of using multiple transmitters. Accuracy of the relative humidity measurements is up to ??0.75 percent RH, temperature measurements up to ??0.036??C, and the dew point calculation is within ??0.5??C. The HTZ incorporates a sensor module that consists of two parallel probes and can be mounted on any surface or pipe, such as an HVAC duct or a cleanroom wall. The HTZ also incorporates a humidity and temperature display module that can be mounted up to 30 feet away from the sensor module.

Moore Industries-International, Inc.
North Hills, CA


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Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces HiPace™, a new line of fast, compact, and powerful turbopumps. Available in pumping speeds that range from 10 to 700 L/second, the pump features a new rotor design that reduces run-up time and provides high gas throughput and exceptional compression for light gases. The pump is well suited for use in analytical instrumentation and vacuum processes; semiconductor technology; research and development; coatings; and industrial applications. The rotor design provides up to 30 percent faster pumping speeds with up to 200 percent better throughput, and the powerful drive reduces run-up time by 40 percent. The higher foreline pressure tolerance and lower weight also reduce set-up costs. The pump is offered in a variety of drive versions, including Profibus and DeviceNet, without an increase in package size. The integrated drive electronics reduce bulky and costly cabling. Innovative materials have doubled drive service life, while proven Pfeiffer Vacuum bearing design ensures reliability, even in harsh applications. The turbopumps can be installed in any orientation and are also available in corrosive-gas versions.

Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc.
Nashua, NH

Sanitary RTDs

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REOTEMP’s CIP (clean-in-place) sanitary RTDs are designed for temperature sensing in food, beverage, dairy, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications. Sanitary RTDs are used where material contamination, accuracy, and integration to a control system are critical factors. The RTDs have highly polished 316 stainless steel wetted parts that exceed 3A requirements. Their quick-connect tri-clamp design makes for easy installation and removal. The RTDs are available with a variety of termination options and stem configurations, including a fast-response tip. 3A certificates of conformance are available upon request.

REOTEMP Instruments
San Diego, CA

Garb and parts dispensers

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Terra Universal, designer and manufacturer of modular cleanrooms, also supplies innovative solutions for keeping cleanrooms organized and tidy with a whole host of garb and parts dispensers. These dispensers save space and organize gloves, safety glasses, wipers, bouffants, files, and cleanroom garb. The dispensers work well as benchtop or wall-mounted storage bins for small parts used in cleanroom processing. The dispensers come in stainless steel, clear acrylic, or static-dissipative PVC, which eliminates static charges and the particles they attract. All units come in various sizes and can be quick-shipped to wherever they are needed.

Terra Universal, Inc.
Fullerton, CA

Hazardous location industrial vacuums

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Nilfisk CFM’s new line of explosion-proof vacuums strive to protect manufacturers’ most valuable assets–their employees. The line is composed of two electric models, the CFM 118 EXP and 118 EXPW, and two intrinsically safe pneumatic models, the A15 EXP and A15 EXPW. The 118EXP is for pick-up of dry materials; the 118 EXPW is equipped for picking up liquids and other wet hazardous materials. They are composed entirely of 304 stainless steel and equipped with conductive accessories to eliminate percussion arcing and static charge. In addition, the 118 EXP-series has undergone extensive testing and is CSA approved for use in Class I, Group D, and Class II, Groups E, F, and G environments. For use in environments where electricity is undesirable or unavailable, the pneumatic A15EXP-series also consists of two separate models for dry or wet pick-up. Like the 118EXPs, both the A15EXP and A15 EXPW are composed of stainless steel, and although testing agencies do not currently exist for air-operated machines, the pneumatic A15EXP-series meets the requirements for use in Class I, Group D and Class II, Groups E, F, and G environments. With no electrical components and few moving parts, these vacuums are easy to use and maintain.

Nilfisk CFM
Malvern, PA

Weldable, heat sealable tubing

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AdvantaPure introduces AdvantaFlexTM, a new tubing designed specifically for high-purity fluid transfer. The tubing is manufactured from a biopharmaceutical-grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, and critical processing industries. AdvantaFlex addresses the need for a flexible, weldable, and heat-sealable tubing for fluid processing. The tubing’s unique properties help it perform better than other tubing in high-purity fluid lines and peristaltic pumps. The tubing is specially formulated for low permeability and to withstand repeated compression and release for consistent, dependable performance. AdvantaFlex complies with USP, ISO, EP, and FDA standards and is free of animal-derived ingredients. Applications include sterile filling; vaccine production; pharmaceutical sampling and delivery systems; peristaltic pump transfer systems; bioreactor processes; cell media and harvesting; pharmaceutical production and processing; high-purity water transfer; and filtration.

Southampton, PA

Stainless-steel containment systems

Dunreidy Engineering Ltd.’s new HYCON product range of stainless-steel cable containment systems is used in industrial applications for the installation of electrical, instrumental, and pneumatic services. The products are divided into two ranges. The HYCON (O) range offers fully sealed systems to IP 68 Category 1 rating as per BS EN 60529. The HYCON (S) range offers enclosed, semi-enclosed, or open-ended systems. Both systems can be used separately or in combination, depending on the particular installation requirements. Advantages of the systems include increased hygiene, aesthetics, cost savings, fast installation, and minimum welding. The company also offers a stainless-steel fabrication service that enables it to produce special request items. The systems are suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, semiconductor, and food processing plants, as well as cleanroom environments.

Dunreidy Engineering Ltd.
Kilkenny, Ireland

Sanitary pressure gauge

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The Series SG3A sanitary pressure gauge is made to 3A sanitary standards and offers several size and pressure range options for many sanitary applications, such as in the dairy, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries. The gauge is available with 2-, 2.5-, 3.5-, or 4-in. dials with an accuracy of 1.5 to 2 percent depending on range. The dials are available for vacuum, compound, and positive-pressure applications. The 0.75-, 1.5-, or 2-in. fittings create a sanitary process connection and can be mounted on either the back or bottom of the dial. The gauge can also be ordered with food-grade glycerin in the dial to reduce inaccuracies caused by vibration to the dial indicator.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Michigan City, ID

Benchtop heating device

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Eraser’s benchtop Glo-Ring® is ideal for many applications including heat shrinking, plastic tube bending, soldering, adhesive curing, solder preforms, and butt welding. The Glo-Ring incorporates quartz encapsulated heating elements that open and close to encircle work pieces with instant radiant heat at temperatures up to 1,500??F (815??C). No RF interference is generated, and the ring is suitable for use in cleanrooms and testing areas. The unit can be used as an alternative to a heat gun; it uses less electrical energy, does not blow hot air, and is simple to maintain. The Eraser Co., Inc. is ISO 9001:2000 certified. For customers’ unique processing needs, the company can design custom products.

The Eraser Co., Inc.
Syracuse, NY

Infrared analysis device

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduce the IRAffinity-1 Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometer with high-throughput optics and a dynamic alignment mechanism to increase sensitivity, stability, and usability. The device is used for high-precision infrared analysis to confirm, identify, and detect foreign matter in raw materials, medical products, packages, and coatings. It offers a signal-to-noise ratio of 30,000:1, with a maximum resolution of 0.5 cm-1. The device includes optimized electrical and optical systems to minimize noise levels, and its moving mirror is run smoothly and precisely by a flexible joint system. The interferometer is optimized and stabilized by a dynamic alignment mechanism, and its optical elements are protected from humidity by continuously removing moisture with a reactive polymeric desiccator and a moisture-resistant coating on the beamsplitter. The unit executes self-diagnosis at initialization and monitors the state of the instrument during operation. Users can check basic performance using a standard feature validation program.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
Columbia, MD

Cleanable filters

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A new series of in-line filters from Industrial Specialties Manufacturing allows filters to be quickly and easily inspected and cleaned without disturbing the tubing connections. By loosening the threaded collar on the filter housing, the filter insert can be cleaned while remaining connected to the tubing. This saves the time and expense of disassembling the tubing and replacing the filter. Color-coded, threaded collars can be supplied to identify the filter’s micrometer rating. The 65-μm is a white nylon element, the 149-μm is a red nylon element, and the 250-μm is a green nylon element. All filter screens are polyester. The filter housing is constructed of durable, opaque nylon material with a 3/8-in. beaded barb. Special end configurations are also available.

Industrial Specialties Manufacturing Inc.
Englewood, CO

Low-profile air curtains

Marley Engineered Products has launched the new Leading Edge® Contemporary and Architectural series of low-profile air curtains. Useful for commercial applications, the air curtains create an open door atmosphere, repelling outside air while maintaining conditioned interior environments and reducing infiltration of exterior air, fumes, dust, and insects. The Contemporary series is offered with a choice of electrostatic powder paint over galvanized steel or natural finish, high-quality stainless steel. The Architectural series includes an extruded anodized aluminum design that can be painted to match architectural sill-height convection heaters. The curtains have cross-flow blower wheels for maximum outlet uniformity, easily adjustable air directional vanes, and a two-speed motor with convenient selector switch. They are available in 36-, 42-, 48- and 60-in. lengths and 120 or 240 VAC. Installation and servicing is made easy with pre-wired cords, Quick-Mount mounting plates, and patented swing-down front panels.

Marley Engineered Products
Bennettsville, SC

Ozone sensor

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Mettler-Toledo Thornton announces its new dissolved ozone sensors for optimal and reliable monitoring of pharmaceutical water sanitization. The sensors connect to the company’s new M300 transmitter, which also measures conductivity
esistivity, dissolved oxygen, flow rate, pH, ORP, and temperature. The ozone sensor provides consistent and accurate response and requires only infrequent, simple maintenance. The sensor also assures stable measurements in continuous ozonation sequences, periodic ozone dosing cycles, and at near zero applications (after ozone destruction). The M300 series offers high-purity temperature compensation of conductivity and pH and pharmaceutical water conductivity set points for USP, EP, and JP requirements.

Mettler-Toledo Thornton, Inc.
Columbus, OH

Mixing process services

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Millipore Corp. introduces a new service designed as a flexible toolbox to help customers find the most efficient solution for their specific mixing applications. The PreValidationSM service package combines the experience of the company’s application specialists with an extensive portfolio of test equipment enabling simulations of full scale mixing processes. The PreValidation Center outside Gothenburg, Sweden, and the Bioprocess Manufacturing Sciences Group lab in Billerica, MA, facilitate comparative studies, particle downsizing, and emulsification efficiency trials, as well as optimization of mixing efficiency and suspension of solids. The company can conduct on-site trials using a range of portable test equipment. The modularized concept makes this a convenient alternative for evaluations of new mixing technologies, low-shear mixers, upstream mixers, and high-shear mixers in a real production environment.

Millipore Corp.
Billerica, MA

Surface preparation system

PVA TePla introduces the PlasmaPenTM atmospheric plasma system. The system activates surfaces in order to increase the surface tension of the material, enhancing the adhesion of glues, inks, and paints during subsequent surface cleaning. The device generates genuine, non-filamentary plasma under atmospheric conditions, at temperatures low enough to safely treat low-melting-point polymers. The device works well in in-line applications such as the treatment of fibers and spooled wire, or in on-board applications where it can be mounted to dispensing equipment or wirebonders for in situ surface treatment. The plasma plume emitted from the nozzle does not contain any voltage or current, making it safe for treating electronic devices. Applications for the device include surface activation prior to liquid dispensing; surface cleaning and activation prior to encapsulation and potting; surface cleaning and activation prior to wirebonding; cleaning and activating wires, cables, and fibers; and cleaning and activating caps and closures. The PlasmaPen reduces the inefficiency, safety hazards, and product damage often found in technologies such as corona discharge, open flame, and chemical surface preparation.

PVA America, Inc.
Corona, CA

Stent coating system

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Sono-Tek Corp. introduces the MediCoat II standalone stent coating system for coating arterial stents with polymers containing anti-restinosis drugs. The system offers expanded features and higher volume production capabilities than previous systems and incorporates the MicroMistTM ultrasonic nozzle, which produces a very thin, precise, straight spray pattern (with a diameter of 0.010 to 0.030 in.), and the company’s ultra-low-flow AccuFlowTM liquid delivery system. Customers have the option of attaching a custom stent holding device onto the rotating mandrels. The number of horizontal passes made is programmable. A low-velocity exhaust maintains a negative air pressure to ensure that any unwanted mist beyond the target area is removed. Large, unobstructed viewing windows and high-intensity internal LED lighting allow for clear observation during the entire process.

Sono-Tek Corp.
Milton, NY

Remote particle counter

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Hach Ultra’s new MET ONE 6000 Series remote airborne particle counters offer accurate and reliable continuous particle monitoring. With a sensitivity range of 0.2 to 5.0 μm at 0.1 cfm flow rate and 0.5 to 10 μm at 1.0 cfm flow rate, the series is designed to meet the specific needs of cleanroom operations within the semiconductor, hard disk drive, and flat-panel display industries. The MET ONE 6000’s diagnostic features and Long Life Laser™ technology enable reduced troubleshooting and downtime related costs. Supporting a broad range of communication options such as RS-485 Serial Modbus, Ethernet, analog, pulse, and RS-232, the MET ONE 6015 is easy to integrate with any facility monitoring system and enables future upgrading as the communication needs of a facility change. These communication choices and an array of mechanical installation options also reduce downtime related to instrument removal and re-installation during routine calibration and preventive maintenance work.

Hach Ultra
Grants Pass, OR

Ergonomic pipettors

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The design of the new Ergopet® pipettors allows adjustments for maximum comfort as well as minimal arm strain and fatigue when working inside a hood or on the bench. Models are available in a range of sizes and allow users to support the arm and pipettor, especially under the hood sash. The swiveling head of the Ergopet® can be positioned straight ahead in-line with the hand or rotated up to 90?? left or right, minimizing wrist strain. The hydrophobic filter within the chuck protects the pipettor from inadvertent backflow and can be easily replaced without tools. The pipettors are available in four different powered models and 14 sizes to meet the needs of any laboratory setting.

Bel-Art Products, Inc.
Pequannock, NJ

Aseptic filling suite

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A turnkey Clinical Trial Filling Suite™ system from Watson-Marlow Flexicon features a self-contained restricted access barrier system (RABS) that simplifies automated aseptic filling of clinical trial injectables. The totally enclosed Class 100 modular unit features the Watson-Marlow Flexicon FPC50 universal filler with unique peristaltic dispensing pump and a ready-to-use disposable fluid path (DAFPA™) within an aseptic, fully enclosed RABS. The easy-to-operate, easy-to-clean system segregates the aseptic filling area from human and ambient contaminants to greatly reduce the risk of a sterility failure and to permit simple cleaning validation and quick product changeovers. The filling suite is a fully assembled, enclosed platform that incorporates accurate, reliable, single-use Flexicon peristaltic filling and crimping technology.

Watson-Marlow Flexicon
Burlington, VT