Glovebox market to reach $126.8M by 2015


By Jason Andrukaitis

According to market research firm Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA–San Jose, CA), the glovebox segment is projected to reach $126.8 million by 2015. Gloveboxes are sealed enclosures in which processes are conducted through the use of long, relatively impermeable gloves attached securely to ports in the walls of the enclosure. These enclosures are implemented in semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, forensics, drug manufacturing, biochemistry, and other applications and industries where the handling of hazardous or “clean” materials requires that the materials be isolated from the operator or environment.

Gloveboxes are available in various makes including flexible vinyl, epoxy-coated aluminum, and clear polycarbonate. Various chambers are offered for applications with requirements such as specifically anaerobic, hypoxic (oxygen control), humidity control, and temperature control. Accessories include gas analyzers, monitors, and controllers; humidity controllers and monitors; incubators; and PCR workstations. The liner material can be made of fiberglass or stainless steel. Although the equipment may incur high capital expense initially, it becomes cost effective over the long term, according to the research firm. Gloveboxes reduce the expenditure for apparel and equipment related to cleanrooms. They also promote R&D and manufacturing technologies requiring controlled environments, which could lead to greater profitability and yields, better quality control, and additional cost savings, says GIA.

The estimated global glovebox market stands at $85.7 million. GIA’s report states that Europe currently dominates the global glovebox market with an estimated $37.3 million in sales for 2008, which correlates to 43.5 percent of the global market share. France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom account for more than 70 percent of the European market. The U.S. market for 2008 is estimated at $30.4 million and is projected to reach $44.6 million by 2010.

According to GIA, “The ‘current’ analysis’ covering the period of 2001 thorough 2015 has been drawn from an extensive list of secondary sources combined with primary source feeds.”

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Primary sources consisted of focused and detailed letters sent to senior management in companies worldwide. According to the company, questionnaires were also sent to marketing and sales executives in the glovebox industry.

Major companies profiled in the report include Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.; Coy Laboratory Products, Inc.; Glovebox Technology, Ltd.; Innovative Technology, Inc.; Labconco Corp.; Laminar Flow, Inc.; MBraun GmbH; Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc.; Terra Universal; and T-M Vacuum Products, Inc.

The report, titled “Glove Boxes: A Global Strategic Business Report,” enumerates recent developments, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic industry activities. Analysis is presented for established and emerging markets including the United States, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Asia-Pacific, and rest of world.